Justin Trudeau: I Clearly Didn’t Say What I Clearly Said

Justin Trudeau in Vancouver on April 30, 218:

“The incentives that come from better behaviour, better choices, making choices to be cleaner and greener is exactly what we want. When you put a price on what you don’t want, which is pollution, you encourage people to make better choices.”

Justin Trudeau when asked about that in the House of Commons.

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41 Replies to “Justin Trudeau: I Clearly Didn’t Say What I Clearly Said”

    1. Relax,neo,there are only 60 more just like our Abu roaming about freely in Canada. Makes you wonder when one of these bastards is going to go off the rails, and who Ralph and Justin will blame when he does.

  1. The fact that Trudeau and ‘Climate Barbie’ continue to refer to CO2 as “pollution” shows their utter ignorance of the subject. How long would life on Earth last without CO2? Not very long…

    1. It is a rhetorical slight-of-hand. No one wants soot, so let’s confuse CO2 wth”carbon pollution”.

      One should extol the virtues of CO2 and point out that all living creatures produce it, even plants although they consume it at a greater rate and provide us with food.

      Trudeau wants to reduce “carbon pollution” to stop global warming. Ask him if he doesn’t find Canada cold enoguh already?

    2. They continue to do it because a sycophantic press allows them to. If every time Barbie mouthed “price on pollution” reporters interrupted to ask her to stop breathing, eventually she would tire of it. She is sensitive to her bubble head image and nickname, if reporters constantly ridiculed her for this foolishness, she would get the point. Semantics are part of the liberal agenda, think of “tar sands”. But the press won’t do this because they are on the same team as Barbie and Jr so her vacuous talking points will continue to irritate.

      1. This is true, but at some point the media must start getting getting concerned that they are backing such losers. McKenna and Trudeau: Dumb and Dumber.

  2. I agree, most of what comes out of a politicians mouth may be garbage, but it’s not pollution.

  3. A Canadian politician saying one thing in one part of the country and then something else in another. What a shocker. Both major parties have been guilty of that particular deception numerous times over my adult lifetime….. but our lapdog media only ever calls out one of them.

    And yes, calling CO2 ‘pollution’ clearly displays an utter ignorance of basic biology OR it displays the depth of their commitment to the MMGW fraud. Hell, maybe it’s even both.

  4. So what is this “better behavior”? Not going to work? Not getting food delivered to our grocery stores?

      1. Yes,it is incumbent on every decent Canadian to quickly expire after his working life and tax paying years are over. Say, work until you’re 65, then do the decent thing and die at age 67. That’s TWO whole years of freedom! If you’re having trouble expiring, the government can help. We have all types of medication.

        Gotta keep that CPP account healthy.

        Oh, I almost forgot, politicians are exempt from this rule.

    1. Better behaviour = private jets to private islands, flying your entourage and family all over the planet to play dress up, etc

  5. The stupid people voted for this, why are they complaining now?
    Maybe they should have made better choices in the voting booth.

    1. Stan: You are so right Stupid people voted for this idiot PM. They don’t seem to understand when prices go sky high, they will not be able to afford the things in life you once did. But the rich whom fly, drive expense cars and travel on vacation with their family and friends to private islands… will continue do just that while you and your family just might have trouble feeding your family.

    2. it is difficult to make a good choice in the voting booth because 65% of those running are socialists, and all embrace the same BS.

    1. You really think we’re getting rid of him in a year and a half? I admire your optimism.

  6. I’m remembering an exchange with a brilliant long ago star commenter here: Virtruvius. I had excoriated the Obama-era asshole, Cass Elliott, for his thesis about nudging people into better beha …. making better choices.

    Virtruvius, self-described as a libertarian, was in Cass’s corner on this one. I was crestfallen. I mean, if you’ve lost Virtruvius …

    Let’s hope that the dauphin decides in future to make better choices in restricting his globe trotting to video conferencing. It is, after all, 2018!!!

    1. Vit was an arrogant a$$hole, and he constantly worked hard to prove it. Butt then again, you ain’t far off that mark, as you like to attack ET, who was/is far more brilliant than you.

    2. Dhimmi: With all due respect, if I may correct you, you do not mean Cass Elliot. She passed away in 1974, and was a wonderful folk singer with the American group named the Mamas and the Papas. You actually mean Cass Sunstein. He was part of Obama’s era in politics. You may want to look him up, to refresh your memory.

        1. Dhimmi: I chuckled at that one too, you got the info correct about, Sunstein’s thesis nudging people into better behavior or rather making better choices. I didn’t think Trudeau thought it up, himself. I thought perhaps Gerald Butts may have been his source. So, you see I learned something too today.

  7. The planet is within a couple/few hundred parts per million CO2 of being a barren wasteland where no life can exist and even the “Conservatives” are too scared to go against AGW dogma being put forth by barely literate liberals and their media cheerleaders.

    Canada is about to become just another “shithole” country. Enjoy the decline.

  8. I think you all know when a Liberal people is lying. You are right, it (gender neutral pronoun) is talking.

  9. In ontario liberals (wynne) are still blaming mike harris for ontario’s woes, never mind the fact that her and
    Her mentor have been in power with majority govt. For 15yrs
    And in ottawa trudeau has been on a consistant all stephen harpers fault.
    And the topper is they say conservatives are fear mongoring.
    No fact is liberals love to blame others for there f ups and they are the ones that are fear mongoring.

  10. So then … “good” “green” behavior is … “necessarily expensive”. Best hope you can knit (your own sweater). Better yet! Have a high paying government job.

    1. Even better than the government job is to join the Party. Membership has its benefits.

    2. it is difficult to raise your own sheep in socialist Canada. there are too many regulations.

  11. “When you put a price on what you don’t want, which is pollution, you encourage people to make better choices.”

    When you put a TAX on what you don’t want, which is (CO2, sugary sodas, tobacco, liquour, tea) you encourage people to make better choices……. Well, maybe not always. Tea for example. That did cause some resentment and did lead to an armed rebellion after all. Unintended consequences.

    Canada needs a hero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBwS66EBUcY

    1. Don’t tax him, don’t tax me … tax that guy behind the tree.

      Tax small groups, and the weak … who don’t fight back.

  12. “making choices to be cleaner and greener is exactly what we want”

    No it isn’t. If you, Zoolander, and Gang Green did any due diligence you’d know that; wind farms, solar farms, biofuels, hybrid cars, electric cars, etc…
    AREN’T GREENER. They aren’t even as efficient or clean as oil, gas, coal, or nuclear. And don’t get me started on the hydroelectric dams that are being dynamited in areas where Gang Green has triumphed in ISIS-Like-Glory to implement their Commie Agenda in TOTO.

    What you, Zoolander, want is to wreck and kill us peons until we stop using up the resources of the Earth that you Elites regard as yours.

      1. Ain’t mine, but I like it too.(sorry can’t attribute) It’s apropos and sizes them/describes them how I sees them.

        1. On second thought it may have originally been mine. I’ve said some rum inspired things that have been noted, regardless, Gang Green is how they should be known because they are Gangsters and illicitly steal the future with deceit, falsely claiming scientific basis. It’s very sad. It undermines science and undermines a faith that I personally have had in the Canadian government as being Champions of Truth and the right way of life.
          (yeah, reads stupid as I write it, but as a child born in the ’50s it meant something at one time when the Russian Commies threatened to NUKE us on a regular basis)
          “We will bury you.”~ Nikita Khrushchev quote at the United Nations in November 1956, 2 years before I was born

          and the Snowflakes today feel ‘triggered’. KMA Snowflakes, you don’t know what it feels like to wake up to an AIR RAID SIREN
          in the Nuclear Age. ….I do.

          1. Gang Green is to society what gangrene is to a body.
            Amputation may be the only way to save most of civil society.
            Another similarity, you can negotiate with neither.