You Can Return to the 1950’s. Leftists Can’t.

“If you point out the virtues of 1950’s America they rush to tell you it’s racist, while tripping over themselves to nervously-laugh at the presupposed “barbaric sexism” of the 50’s. You can try to reason with them and point out you’re talking more the familial stability, economic growth, low unemployment, fashion, etc., and would do away with the bigotry of the times. But they will have none of it because if they concede that the 50’s were better times in general, then that would mean they were wrong about their socialist ideology and can no longer collect their government checks.”

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  1. Bunk. Outside of North America the 50s were nowhere near as good as the present.

    North America was making boffo money because all of the competition was rebuilding from the war (and buying North America product to do it).

    1. North America wasn’t even making boffo money. That ‘competition’ is also a source of demand and investment, so their hobblement is not our benefit. Fact is, we are much richer today than than in the ’50s.

  2. We paved and electrified most of the province within a decade back in the day, now it takes over a decade to fill out the paperwork to get permission. I suspect that is a big reason why we don’t have the economic growth now.

    The rest of the world rebuilding had no impact at all on things like family stability and social cohesion here.

    1. Not true. Blue collar workers were fantastically well-paid and there was plenty of growth to pay for public infrastructure (and utilize it). That made one parent staying at home far easier.

      And the environmental damage done in that decade is unrivalled except by the sixties.

  3. Christ this guy is an idiot. First, the ‘familial stability’ was in part borne out by horrific restrictions on divorce that also came with a lot of domestic violence. Women were essentially second-class citizens who didn’t have control over their bodies or destinies. Barefoot, in the kitchen, pregnant.

    Second, the ’50s were not some free-market utopia it was up to the gills in regulations particularly unionization. There were regulations keeping air travel expensive, highway legal speeds down, and cartelizing interstate movers. Did I mention the insane power of private sector unions? They were FAR stronger then than today. Also, guns were much more restricted in America. School choice was nowhere to be found. Then there’s the whole ‘civil rights thing’, as well as censorship.

    Cars sucked back then. Culture sucked too: TV was mostly terrible and rock and roll had yet to happen.

    We’re never going back to the ’50s and thank God. This post does serve as a poignant example of the memberberries mental mush conservaderps are addicted to today.

    1. Ummm…..Rock and Roll began in the ’50s. You know Elvis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly unknown people like that.

        1. Yeah, pasty white guys like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Fats Domino.

          Unless you are thinking of Ray Charles, the Father of Soul, or Rhythm and Blues, as the “real rock and roll.”

      1. I’ve yet to see any evidence of that. Maybe people weren’t getting fat yet because they weren’t following terrible diet advice from Ancel Keys.

    2. Also, guns were much more restricted in America.

      Yeah, other than that whole being able to buy them via mail order or by walking into any Sears, generic hardware store, sporting goods stores, farm stores, drug stores, or any place else that sold them without any kind of background check thing.

        1. Even in places like The Peoples Socialist Republic of Connecticut open carry was legal, so tell me again how being able to mail order a British Mark 1 .55 antitank rifle for $79.95 and the ammo for it ($7.45 for 10 rounds) was more restrictive.

          1. Give it up. The obvious rebuttal from UnMe is that Bob at 323 Main St in Colebrook wouldn’t allow guns in his house, so restrictions back then were oppressive.

  4. Yup. Over the target. Leftist whackjobs gobbing spittle on cue.

  5. when I was a kid growing up in the 1960s in the small town we lived in , a 10 minutes drive from Montreal, everyone was white.

    We were not racist because we never had to deal with other races.

    Now that multiculturalism is shoved deep down our throat and that we are punished for having a gag reflex, that gets us to be called racist.

    Now that celebrities, politicians and a fast growing number of regular people openly say they hate white people and want white people to die, we are called racist for not celebrating our own demise, for not helping in this genocide against us.

    It is not racism, it is self preservation , the most natural thing on earth.

    You liberals can go to hell, you are an anomaly, an error, you have more hate in your heart than anyone else.

  6. “Cars sucked back then. Culture sucked too: TV was mostly terrible and rock and roll had yet to happen.” Unme

    Spoken by a drug scrambled Brain with the reasoning power of Dog shit… The 1950’s Cars are THE classics…. 56 Chev & Fords… I had a 56 Monarch/Mercury that was a Girl magnet….The 1950’s where historical times and set the basic standard of what became the “American Dream”.. V.S. Today’s Communist Nightmare…

    Unme: Update your home boy Russian Knowledge base… You are becoming Silly

    1. ” The 1950’s Cars are THE classics”

      If you have shit taste. Those cars were ugly, unsafe, fuel guzzling, and fell apart while you watched them. Seriously, no one bought used back then for a reason, and a car getting to 100,000 miles was unheard of.

  7. Don’t feed the troll.
    He may fancy himself a provocateur but he’s merely a contrarian – what we used to call a sh!t disturber.

  8. “We don’t want to return to the 50’s…”. Has become such a ubiquitous meme of the “progressives” that it is the reflexive regurgitation of leftists everywhere … as you can see by the multiple squealings of a certain SDA pest. Yet there remain many positives about the 1950’s.

    Primary of those positives is … STABLE families:

    Anyone who looks at the current statistics of Family erosion, absentee fathers, multiple partners spawning multiple children, single mother poverty, etc … and say that our society has “progressed” … is an idiot. In fact, the leftists themselves, admit that intact families (like in the 1950’s) are a “privilege”. A mother and a father, who care for their children … raise them to be good students and citizens represents a … “privilege”. Yet! They HATE the culture, tear-down the culture, and mock the culture … that they acknowledge is BETTER. The reason is simple … doing the right thing is HARDer than being a self-indulgent slacker with no morality.

    And listen … I came from a family that was “broken” … in 1960 … symbolically, the year after the 50’s ended. My father was an alcoholic, abusive man with multiple problems. But to a 5yo child … I can tell you that living inside my broken family was FAR superior to living with (first) my single mother, (then) my single father. I grew up in what I now can say was abject poverty. As a freshman in high school, my brother and I had to shoplift our meals (no, I am not proud of it). But “society” never OWED us anything … our FAMILY did. Our current society has made selfishness into an art form. Buy MORE (you “deserve” it). Leave your spouse (YOUR needs aren’t being met). Gimme. Gimme. Gimme. We have completely lost our most basic human value(s). Yeah, I’ll take a return to the 50’s where families “toughed it out” … “worked” on their marriage … and learned to “value” things that truly mattered.

    I find it ironic that the 60’s launched the whole “self actualization” movement. And what? The 80’s were the “ME” decade? “Winning Ugly” was the big Stones hit. Breaking all the rules, and stepping on each other to get ahead and “Win”. Well we’ve “won” nothing. Nada. Zip. As McCartney-Lennon understood … “the love you MAKE is equal to the LOVE you TAKE”. (close-enough). The EXTREME self-centered society that we have devolved into … think: Clinton Foundation rip-off in the “name” of “charity” … or EVERY government “social program” that simply PAYS $$$ to an ever expanding bureaucracy to siphon taxes into their OWN pockets … is collapsing like a house of cards.

    We are paying a heavy price for DEvolving from the (better) values of the 1950’s.

    1. “Yeah, I’ll take a return to the 50’s where families “toughed it out” … “worked” on their marriage … and learned to “value” things that truly mattered.”

      You can keep it and the spousal abuse and domestic misery it created. For all the pearl-clutching over ‘family breakdown’ in this modern age there’s scant evidence of the problems it’s supposed to generate. No increase in crime (quite the opposite).

  9. Countless Humanities degrees were earned in the 80s and 90s by bashing the 50s. It was low hanging fruit….because the 50s were a good time in America’s history and lefty contrarianism could feed on it sans inhibition. Why? Well, can’t tear down the 20s….too far back. Can’t tear down the 30s….because of the Great Depression. Can’t tear down the 40s….because of WW2. Can’t tear down the 60s or the 70s because doing so would require criticism of leftist policies (and their fallout/legacies, etc): free love, no-fault divorce, busing, affirmative action, inflation, confiscatory taxation, 22 percent interest rates, draconian regulation, grade inflation, credentialism, public-sector unionism, dumbed-down public education, etc, etc, etc. Of course the 50s weren’t perfect….nobody ever said as much. But so many pseudo-intellectuals established themselves by bashing the 50s that it has become a matter of religious faith that the 50s were the embodiment of pure evil. It has to be….all the pseudo-intellectuals said so. To deny that is to imply that the pseudo-intellectuals are/were lazy dimwits.

    1. “the 50s were a good time in America’s history ”

      Unless you were black, a woman, gay, a draftee, or you know remotely interested in freedom, decent cars, and having a culture worth living in.

      1. Thanks for proving my point. How’s that BA in Transgender Studies doing for you?

        Is that dear old mother UnMe I hear calling down to the basement that lunch is ready?