29 Replies to “New Rules”

  1. I think it is disgusting that Starbucks treated these two black individuals as if they were Trump supporters.
    Live by the SJW sword, Die by the SJW sword.

  2. I don’t patronize Starbucks although I did kill some time there a month back sitting in a comfy chair waiting for an appointment I had down the street. I definitely felt guilty not having bought one of their overpriced coffees. It’s nice to know I can now just hang out there all day guilt-free using their free wifi and watching pretty girls walk by on the street and not having to spend a dime.

  3. As a former business owner i had to ask people to leave who were just taking up seats and not ordering. they were usually civil and left. these guys could have ordered a small coffee while waiting.

    1. Actually, that would have been the reasonable thing. This has been blown all out of proportion, and just sitting there without buying is a fair reason to ask people to leave, especially if actual customers are looking for seats. Starbucks should post a sign indicating what the policy is.

      1. I stopped going to Starbucks because I could never find a seat. People park themselves in a seat and stay there for hours, busying themselves on their laptops. At least they’re bona fide customers, since they all buy at least one cup of coffee – I can’t imagine people who feel free to sit there without buying anything. Would they go to a restaurant and do the same thing? Somehow, I don’t think so.

  4. Why does the Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson refer to these people as “customers” when they didn’t make a purchase?

    I go to Starbucks on an almost daily basis, the regular black coffee I buy for about 20 cents more than Tim’s is always much much better than the swill they serve at the nearby Tim’s, or any Tim’s coffee I’ve actually tasted. When I refer to Tim’s coffee as “swill”, know that I’m being charitable. They (Starbucks) know I’m a conservative but rarely challenge me on this as they don’t seem to enjoy the mocking they endure. My daughters do the same, and never in a soft tone. Never in my “indoor voice”.
    I like Second Cup coffee as well, it’s as good as Starbucks and doesn’t come with nearly as much social baggage ..

    Ace of Spades commentary is very much a “that’s the spirit” … very well done.

    Sorry, “no washrooms for assholes” isn’t directed at just “your people” it’s for all of you’s …

    1. hay marc, I used to own a horse farm and could have provided you with free “star bucks” AKA horse piss.

      Tim’s is a real man’s coffee. Tried SB once when there was no other around, parking lot drank that cup O horse piss

      1. I’ve owned a lot horses in my life and have drank a lot of coffee. If Hortons is a man’s coffee I guess I don’t measure up.

        1. I don’t like Tim Horton’s coffee* or Starbuck’s coffee (not just because it’s Starbucks) but I’ll have to take NME666’s word on the comparison because I haven’t tasted horse piss.

          * You know why you can usually find cops in Tim Horton’s in the middle of the night? It’s because there aren’t any good places open.

      2. If you have to be a real man to have the fortitude to down the ‘coffee’ Tim’s serves…

        Starbuck coffee is pretty good. I still look for other coffee shops around, but they are usually even more commie than SBux.

    2. The absolutely worst coffee I ever had was during a well logging job I was on while I worked for a certain oil company over 40 years ago.

      The crew in the logging truck had installed a coffee urn in the rear and someone decided it was time for some caffeine. One of them went into a nearby town and returned with some packages of coffee. Someone else figured that there was enough water in the urn and poured in about half a package (about a 1/4 kg).

      The brew was stiff and tasted similar to motor oil (and, yes, I know what it tastes like). No amount of sugar or Coffeemate could make it palatable.

      After the crew was done taking their measurements late that evening, I drove back home. I’m sure I scarcely blinked during the two-hour trip and I’m sure I didn’t fall asleep until well after midnight.

    3. We typically refer to TH as “training coffee”. Realy on drinkable with a couple of espresso shots in it, and only if I’m desperate.

      My usual is 4 shot espresso, long pull, tall cup with milk. When I’m lazy I’ll just get an Americano.

      I could care less about their politics, I’m really only there for the coffee…

  5. Restaurants are not public washrooms, they are there for people who are customers. Why is this a story about racial bias?
    Who decided it was about racism? If two white men did the same thing the same thing I’m sure the same action would be taken and there would be no story.
    If we are all equal, and we are, how can we stop activist types calling people racist for going by the rules in any situation if the whiners keep setting up situations to get attention for something that doesn’t exist?

      1. Not exactly the same. The officer was told he wouldn’t be served and left. He didn’t try to play a SJW card.

  6. How will Starbucks or anybody know when, or even if, this invisible racism has been exorcised from all of their employees?

  7. I can’t believe this business remains successful with such idiots at the helm. I hope the board fires the CEO on behalf of the shareholders. What about the employee fired for doing their job and the franchise owner, Hopefully they can sue some sense into the upper management.

  8. The police chief is black and some of the cops were black. Apparently people are thrown out of businesses all the time and it’s nothing to do with race. Buy a frigging coffee. How could someone who grew up in our society no understand a simple social responsibility. Maybe they were self entitled foreigners. Anonymity usually means a religion of peace. I can’t count the times I’ve taken a whiz at a gas station and bought something as a courtesy.

  9. they really could have just bought a friggin small coffee and do like I used to at a bar, just let it sit there on the table. one teensy sip at a time.
    but I dont go to bars anymore, and do starbucks about once a yr.
    the cops could have ‘exercised’ some ‘discretion’ about the sit’n; ie did these 2 REALLY intend to meet up?
    mebbe they still weren’t going to buy any coffee.
    I like the defense atty’s sound bite, “Im waiting for the 911 call we got a couple white wimmin want to use the lady’s room widout buyin anyting, send cops forthwith”. it does sort of point out the reason for the brooha.
    or is that ‘brew? ha!’

  10. “Starbucks’ CEO on Monday called for “unconscious bias” training for the coffee corporation’s employees . . .” Odd, I would have thought they’d gotten that in the Liberal Arts degrees they graduated with before working there!

  11. I love it love it love it when ‘progressives’ eat their own. Progressives (and waaay too many conservatives), believe appeasement will win them friends, when just the opposite is true. Show weakness and you become prey.

    Cave on one thing and they just up the ante, because their desired outcome does not change regardless of accommodation or the promise of compromise. How did all that ‘social licence’ work out for PM Trudeau and premier Notley?