“Progressive” Callousness on Display

Years ago a self-described feminist told me to F*ck Off for the heinous crime of opening a door for her. In my mid-twenties at the time, I was deeply confused by this. Later I told a friend of mine, a clinical psychologist, about the incident. His advice was simple:

If this ever happens again, look the woman straight in the eyes and say, “Just because you’re a feminist, doesn’t stop you from being an asshole.” Then walk away.

The original event, and the follow-up advice has never left me, but thankfully it has never happened again. My friend’s advice came to the fore when I read what Maclean’s and Globe & Mail writer, Nora Loreto, recently tweeted. So, in the interest of community service:

Ms. Loreto, just because you’re a feminist, deem yourself to be “progressive”, clearly loathe the colour of your skin, and obviously hate non-urban Canadians, doesn’t stop you from being an asshole. The fact that you have zero sympathy for the families of all who died and are injured and seem to treasure the attention you’re now getting because you sickly believe that YOU are the main victim surrounding this tragedy, speaks of a deep seated narcissism that a team of psychiatrists would be hard pressed to ever cure. Your parents have clearly failed you and, even worse, Canadian society for unleashing such a selfish spoiled brat into our midst. Shame on them.

52 Replies to ““Progressive” Callousness on Display”

  1. She’ll get some nasty tweets & emails in response then make herself the victim here.

    It’s all planned that way.

    1. Could see that coming five hundred miles away. Nothing more contemptible than a narcissist who attempts to hijack a tragedy and make it all about MUH AGENDA. Like I said before, go back under your rock, Nora.

      1. “Nothing more contemptible than a narcissist who attempts to hijack a tragedy and make it all about MUH AGENDA.”

        But isn’t that what SDA does like, every 8th post or so?

  2. Remember all those … “Sticks Out”? Despite being an old, hack, of a Hockey Player … I would like to borrow one of those sticks and practice my “Enforcer” skills on that c()nt! A little high-sticking, cross-checking, slashing … and then … GLOVES OFF!!! I’d go all Medieval on that b!tch. Not to worry … she doesn’t consider herself the “weaker” of the binary sexes. So it is a FAIR fight.

  3. How many SJW feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?

    – Just one; she holds the lightbulb, and the world revolves around her…

    1. my suggestion to any SJW who has never deigned to perform such a gauche procedure as change a lite bulb, after removing said fizzled bulb, one must then insert a finger into the socket to, you know, clean out any contaminants or debris that may impede a proper contact.

  4. I saw this three days ago. It made me so angry I thought it better not to comment. This person is an attention whore and the best way to punish her is to starve her of attention. She is also a neo-marxist, progressive so there can be no appealing to logic. She uses the language of blackwhite and doublespeak. She sets up a suffering olympics based on a hierarchy of victim hood and denies it all when she’s called on it. If she truly believed in the equality of suffering and tragedy then she wouldn’t have needed to say anything. But she doesn’t believe in equality at all. She’s a very sad excuse for a human being lacking the basic empathy that will make her a fine Madame Defarge some day. These jacobins are the ones who really bring the suffering in a socialist society.

  5. Could have been some First Nation hockey players on the team so she is showing her ignorance besides everything else. Plus a young woman trainer just died of her injuries. But who cares? Such a waste of so many lives.

  6. Odd that people here are claiming that this Nora person was making inflammatory remarks just to gain attention and notoriety, when she’s trending on Twitter only because conservative blogs and media have been spreading her comments far and wide — and then acting outraged by those same words.

    Also, this person’s original set of tweets, read in their entirety, makes it clear that, first and foremost, she thinks the bus crash is a complete tragedy and sympathizes with the victims’ families and communities. She was pointing out only that the GoFundMe amount raised was substantial, and likely helped along by the fact that, in (white-majority, hockey-worshipping) Canada, the victims were, in fact, by and large, white hockey players. Her message wasn’t a criticism about the Humboldt incident or its public response, it was a lament that (other equally tragic) losses of life often don’t seem to attract the same collective outpouring of grief and support.

    She’s not wrong. How many of you sent money to support the families of the victims of these tragedies?:

    Anyway, what do folks think about the fact that she’s now receiving death threats, private messages wishing for her to be raped, etc. How is that an ok response?

    1. Hey, if Twitter is fine with death threats against Trump, plays where Republican POTUS gets killed, they have to be OK with any and all other threats.

    2. What your missing Barb is that many people believe that trying to score social justice “look at me” points off this trajedy even before the first funeral is symptomatic of someone very small and self centred.

      Regards, Bart

    3. Hey Babs, maybe the bi*ch would do well just shutting the fcuk up, there was/is no need to bark that garbage all over twitter. Throw in the fact she did a pi$$ poor job of considering backlash. Yup, she’s getting what she deserves, and I’m not even saying her take is wrong, it’s her timing that is wrong

    4. My Hanson Brother hockey fantasy … was (mostly) just a JOKE. Just like a “feminist” SJW to be unable to take a JOKE!!!

    5. I read her full thread and her Facebook feed and she makes no such explanation.
      You’re defending her because you agree with her.
      Those with true empathy for fellow humans and even a modicum of common sense know that before the bodies are buried is not the time to publicly lament on what you perceive to be its ‘injustice’.

    6. I think her first tweet was her actual opinion. The next ones, that clarified the controversial one, were her futile attempt to soften her original tweet once she realized how awful it sounded. I think she really believes that people are mourning the kids’ deaths because they were white boys ; that young Canadian aboriginal soccer girls dying on a highway wouldn’t produce the same generousity and heartfelt sadness. Apparently, it never occurs to her that it’s the young age and number of young athletes killed so suddenly that people are responding to, not their sex and skin color.

      When I read her tweet, my first thought was wondering what goes on in a social justice fanatics brain that makes them think it is ok to guilt and scold thousands of people for mourning the deaths of kids based solely on presumptions, without evidence, that those feelings are based on systematic racism and sexism. Even the word arrogant doesn’t quite describe her. She has an indescribable twisted and ugly her view of the world and us “unwoke” fellow citizens.

      I’d bet she’d be offended but she and her intersectionalist brothers and sisters are the progressive, social justice version of the cultists of the Westboro Baptist church. Both groups are hearse-chasing opportunists.

      1. Who knew progressive stack, allowing people talk and contribute to discussions based on their intersectional oppression points (aka. White male oppressors speak last), has now expanded to human tragedies. Progressive Death Stack?

      2. LC, I agree.

        I would go on to observe that this is evidence of the one redeeming feature of twitter. Just think for a moment, over the last number of years, how many utterly objectionable people have outed themselves as unfit because of stupid things they’ve uttered on twitter? We benefit from this by finding out all the noxious types there are out there. They out themselves by being twits for tweets.

        1. Yes and the important point that anti-male progressives and anti-female conservatives need to learn is that normal people love their sons as much as they love their daughters (mother/father, wife/husband, etc). Demonization of either is doomed to end in failure.

      3. She has also led a very insulated life; never sent a young’un off to camp, or school, or school outing on a bus. Quite apart for the mourning because so many young lives were extinguished in one incident, there’s a realization among a lot of Canadians that it could have been their kid, their classmate, their bud who waved good-bye, hopped on the bus, and never came home again. We’ve all been there – ridden the bus as kids, sent our own kids off on the bus later on. Fortunately, for the vast majority of us, we and our kids came home safely after a great time.

    7. No, Barb, Ms. Loreto is wrong. You are too. Loreto’s “cynicism” was driven by “whiteness”, “maleness”, “youthfulness”. Two of those are current attack points of the SJW crowd. Most of us here get her meaning.

      If it makes you feel better, the Wikipedia entry for GoFundMe uses the “Times Up” legal defense fund as an example of what it does. $21 million for women who want to start legal action against we evil, neanderthal, white supremacist harassers.

    8. Regarding your comment. Good to know you support such idiotic drivel. I am certain there are people of colour, females, gays, and/or people with compassion who have donated to the fund. Hopefully you don’t vote and never have since someone of your limited intelligence should refrain from making such important decisions.

      Regarding your links. I don’t recall any Gofundme accounts pertaining to either of those tragedies and in doing a quick search of Gofundme.com I couldn’t find any such fundraising items(not sure if old ones remain active). Therefore it would have been hard to support a campaign.

      Making foolish and ill-advised comments to a potential world-wide audience can lead to foolish and ill-advised responses.

    9. furthermore babs, the part about ignoring the textbook narcissist comes AFTER the hoopla subsides. then in her very own privileged isolation she can contemplate in her own highly selective sjw manner that actions AND words have CONSEQUENCES.
      the preliminary stuff she posted about the tragedy is just a COVER, *propaganda* to then excuse the highly offensive stuff that came after, and which YOU fell for.
      the rapy death threat stuff is also unacceptable, but was also another consequence of her words in the global village.

  7. A human would react differently to such a tragedy than a crustacean reaching out of the identity politics bucket with claws gnashing at random. Such is the condition of the compliant product of modern liberal arts indoctrination campuses.

  8. Nora Lorento FYI the Internet has a very long memory.
    I am an ardent supporter of free free free speech for the simple fact that you, I and everyone should be allowed to say what we think and feel. You have done society including many current and future employers, friends and casual acquaintances a tremendous favour and time saving with your poker hand tipping tweet.
    Your future looks so bright being employed by those of your ilk and those stupid enough not to Google your name prior to a job offer or call.
    You are the SJW equivalent of an ambulance chasing solicitor. Better call “SAUL” ooopp’s NORA , (sorry strike through not available on my tablet)
    Congratulations you are one of the first on the scene handing out your business cards and letting all know what you stand for and how you truly think and feel. Don’t congratulate yourself too much as NOT EVEN dirtbag ambulance chasing lawyers are following you to this human tragedy.
    Yours in the absolute freest of speech.

  9. It is our duty to contact MacLeans and the Globe and Mail and tell them of our displeasure with this ‘writer’. And that we will no longer buy their product, visit their websites, and we will make sure we contact their advertisers to know what lurks in their papers.

    1. Sorry Grok,way too late for that.
      As for the poor wee victim syndrome of this so called journalist, Presstitutes gotta presstitute.
      Really, that is the “news Media’s” problem,they believe it is all about them,all the time.

  10. This happened to me, opening a door for a friend’s cousin at a amusement park. I was so surprised that I didn’t know what to say. Later, she came over and apologized to me, perhaps realizing how ridiculous she behaved.

  11. Frankly, I’m surprised anyone is surprised the Globe & Mail and/or MacLean’s publishes such messages. It’s what they do.

    The idea that folks should be shamed into supporting what they care about … because it doesn’t appear on the list of Progressive “causes” is preposterous/cultural Marxism, take your pick.

  12. Many people are getting sick of the anti-male, anti-white mentality that seems to characterize the agenda on the left. They have pushed the feminist agenda too far, so that we are now getting reverse discrimination and unfairness. It is creating a backlash.

  13. there’s some good replies to her tweet. i liked one from someone named @haley_millard:

    “I’m trying to not get cynical about what is a totally disgusting tweet but the feminism, the immaturity, and the whiteness of the writer are, of course, playing a significant role.”

  14. Back in the day a younger me, approaching a local drinking hole frequented by the moral and intellectual superiors from the local university campus, was waved over by a friend. My friend introduced me to her female companion whose relative good looks held my gaze. It turned out I recognized the young companion’s last name as it was shared by a deceased politician from my home province — a politician who had died an untimely death in a plane crash. Curious, I asked the youngish lady if the dead politician had been her father. I was assailed with a tirade of feminist bullshit about how she was her own woman and I had no right to diminish her womanhood by associating her with her Father. I walked away without comment to avoid further abuse. I wish now, Robert, that someone had given me the advice you had received.

    To my bemusement that Woman was happy to invoke her Father’s good name recently when she thought it would help her get elected premier of our province. Back in the 1980s she was happy to deny the usefulness of that connection in order to swing her feminist sledgehammer at unsuspecting me. In both cases she was engaging or denying her identity to gain power. It is just about the power. I still think of her as Grant’s little Girl.

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  16. I was wondering how long it would take for another femi-nazi to try to out do Kathy Griffin. Next move, cry the victim on YouTube how her life has been ruined by the white hockey world.

  17. I used to know Nora. She was an SJW at Ryerson on student council while I was there ~the year 2000. She’s the kind of person that just walked around muttering “F*cking Mike Harris” (former Ont. premier) for no good reason (true story). Nice to see she hasn’t changed.

  18. I live in an apartment building in Burlington with lots of us old white folks. Hard to remember how courteous and kind we were to each other in earlier times. Everyone is friendly and talkative and it is a real pleasure to live here. Don’t miss living in Toronto at all with a muslim stabbed to death not far from my old home there and the growing gang culture.

  19. The day that tweet first came up…early in the morning, now what 5 days ago..? I sought her out on twitter and had to read that tweet a few times to try to understand where this person was coming from. Looking at her profile pic, reading the tweet, look again a the profile pic and re-read the tweet.

    It came to me that she had similar eyes as Mr. Anti-Gun Hogg in the US, Eyes like that, tell me the owner has Zero Empthay for anything let alone those that perished in this Tragedy. It’s always been my understanding that lack of Empathy is one of the warning signs of psychosis….no?

    As such I advised her to seek professional help. Being concerned an all as I was, about her being/becoming a potential serial killer – aka a Psychopath with a hate on for White Youthfull Males.

    Sick Sick little puppy – but keep her name on your list – it will pop up one day on a police radio – I’m sure.

  20. Ms. Loreto’s journalistic “masterpiece” is so astoundingly callous, so inappropriate and so downright stupid that it cannot be debated or analyzed and should simply be ignored. I would compare it to coming across a steaming pile of dog crap on the sidewalk. Don’t discuss it and don’t bring attention to it because it’s not going to change. Ignore and walk around.

  21. I thought the fact that Nora describes herself as a “happy socialist” said it all. I am again reminded of the old line, that if one is not a socialist at 18, one has no heart, but if one is still a socialist at 25, then one has no brain. Nora, I’m thinking, is obviously older than 25.

  22. Well, they stopped talking about Trump at least. It is the one good thing. But why do they fixate SO HARD?