Up in the air.

I’m a little torn about this story.

While conducting a welfare check, police found Macke’s four children – two 12-year-olds, a 6-year-old and a 7-year-old — alone.
Police discovered that Macke left the U.S. a day earlier and wasn’t set to return until Oct. 1, the Register reported. She did not arrange any supervision for the children, authorities said.

On one hand I firmly believe that two twelve-year old kids should be more than capable of taking care of themselves and two younger children for a week.
On the other hand is the qualification in the previous sentence, should be.
On the gripping hand is the unstated question…how in the heck did a welfare case with four children get the money to go to Europe for a week?

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  1. *
    well, it’s not like she didn’t put some thought into this… newspaper
    reports she also left a pistol for the kids to defend themselves.
    that and a sh!tload of honeynut cheerios and they’re good to go.

  2. It’s the advanced version of the movie “Home Alone”.
    I mean what 6/7 year old shouldn’t be well trained in weapons handling of a Glock 9mm to clock some potential intruder?
    Clearly, this poor woman was missing out on Oktoberfest and a boat cruise of the Rhineland wine tasting tour.
    I’m sure some LIEberal will nominate this poor deprived soul as “Mother of the Year with a BEER”.
    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group ‘True North’
    Captcha hilarity: SANTA 1812

  3. I disagree. Twelve is too young to not only take care of yourself but to be 100% responsible for two young children for a week. I had my 12yo babysit their siblings for an evening but that’s the extent of their ability. I think parents are too overprotective these days but even in the relatively laid back 70s this would have ended up involving social services.
    I’d certainly expect a child old enough to drive to be capable of babysitting younger siblings for a few days but I can’t think of a single 12yo I’d be confident would provide adequate parental supervision and care for a week. Twelve year olds are still pretty immature.

  4. .how in the heck did a welfare case with four children get the money to go to Europe for a week?
    Maybe she told welfare she was a Muslim and wanted to visit back home. Seems to work for Muslims in a lot of places.

  5. If she was black or Muslim she would walk, with an uplift in payments to provide better childcare when she vacations.
    It must be Trumps fault someone will probably sue him over this.

  6. Yeah, I’ve gotta agree. If I had been left alone at 12 for a week, I’d have not gone to school, ate cereal all week and would likely have completed a season for all 30 teams in Tecmo Super Bowl. Overnight, sure. A week? No chance.
    As far as the money, either one of the baby’s daddies or the guy wanting to be daddy of #5.

  7. “…how in the heck did a welfare case with four children get the money to go to Europe for a week?”
    Perhaps she didn’t get the money to go Europe for a week, but rather she got money for going to Europe for a week. With someone. Maybe she’s trying to get off welfare.

  8. I’m sorry but you have children by choice, wonder what kind of choice those 12 year old had to be responsible for their little siblings? I don’t expect children that age to have to handle every possible crisis that can come up in a week..
    Ok Captcha is melodrama sunset…

  9. But … but … but … she made a weeks worth of casseroles and left them in the freezer ? With reheating notes … And doesn’t every mom DESERVE a little “me time” (sarc. off).

  10. And don’t look to me for any sympathy for this woman … because my wife and I were both, simultaneously, self-employed for 12 years. We NEVER took a vacation for those 12 years … because, instead, we spent our money … lots of it … out of pocket … buying medical insurance for our 3-children and ourselves. And, unfortunately I have “genetically” high blood pressure which I’ve had since the age of 18 … aka pre-existing condition. We were morally and economically RESPONSIBLE … and simply could NOT AFFORD a vacation … let alone a European vacation.

  11. My sister, three years younger, and I were left at home during the Summer for three or four days fairly regularly when I turned 11. There was no oversight until a couple of years later when I was officially a teenager. That was the year we forgot the pan of spuds on the stove. Normally, we luxuriated in unlimited Campbell Soup and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese but decided that day to augment with mashed potatoes. The pan melted onto the burner elements, and the ceiling was a black that a stepladder and sponge could not mitigate. Subsequently, a co-worker and friend of Dad would keep an eye on us by way of radio communications amongst the adults. It was a railroad town.
    Brutal Captcha on a tablet: PENTLEPOIR CARRIL.

  12. The story doesn’t give all the details. Apparently she traveled to Hamburg, Germany where she picked up her new Montblanc ”Petite Oiseau” hand made watch. Hamburg is the world headquarters for Montblanc.
    She had the watch built to celebrate the one year anniversary of her new Harley Softail Deluxe.

  13. I say 12 is too young. Kids these days tend to mature later in life.
    Also, if I’d been left alone with my snot nosed younger brother at the age of 12 I would have killed him.

  14. As with many posters, I would say twelve years old is too young to mind smaller children for a day or several days. Perhaps for a few hours while the parents are out to dinner but not for anything longer than that.

  15. Seriously: There’s a part to this story that most likely isn’t being told. There is no law against a welfare recipient going to Europe or anywhere else if her boyfriend or someone else was paying for the trip, just as long as they aren’t living common law. Then it could considered shared income. You can’t imagine the concoctions that people will come up with to get handouts from the government.
    A single Mom on welfare?? Hell will freeze over and she won’t be prosecuted! And I doubt it that there’s a law that says that kids at 12 years old can’t stay alone for a few days and cook Kraft Dinners for their underlings??
    A few years ago I was eating at a local café. The owner arrived at my table in a panic and asked if I could assist her to her house, that the place was on fire. Her daughter and a friend (10-12 years of age) were having lunch. They were supposed to make ham sandwiches, instead they chose to make French fries on a gas stove.
    It took about a minute to get there. The oil was on fire. I shut the burner off, grabbed oven mitts, and slowly walked outside with the pot of burning oil. I threw it on a snowbank, and much to my surprise, the flames rose up about 25 feet. Nobody was hurt. The girls were reprimanded, the house smelled like a Shell refinery, but all was well. Just one of those things. What saved the house was a large copper hood over the countertop stove that was connected to a fan. Had they phoned 911, the firemen would have most likely destroyed the house. Today, both girls are married, they have kids, and every time we meet, we laugh at the incident.

  16. Every law someone proposes, every new rule, every appeal of “won’t someone please think of the children”; STOP AND THINK.
    Do you really want to give that power to government? When people who hate you get hold of the levers of power, how will that power be used against you? You thought it would be a good idea to give power over children to government; this is the only way it ever could have ended.

  17. “…And I doubt it that there’s a law that says that kids at 12 years old can’t stay alone for a few days and cook Kraft Dinners for their underlings??”
    I doubt it, too. But unless there’s a law that says you can leave them, social workers can make up a policy that you shouldn’t, and then take the children into custody if you don’t comply with their policy. (E.g. the fellow in B.C. recently who had trained his kids to take the bus to school together then left them to it.)

  18. first, NO, you do not leave a couple of 12 year olds to their own devises for a week, looking after younger siblings. Your story about the cooking oil fire is a classic example of why. Second, learn about putting out fires. What you did was just plain stupid, carrying a “fire” around like that. What you should have done was wet a towel, or some such cloth, and then just slid it over the top, starting at one side of the pot, till you chased the flame over to the other side, and out!

  19. Re: ”What I did was stupid.” Cooking oil, unlike gasoline or other flammables, burns rather slowly. But you never want to douse the pot with water. And as a kid, my Dad owned a filling station and a bulk fuel plant. I took a special course on how to handle petroleum fires. I drove a tow truck, in the 60’s car fires were quite common because of carburetors that were flooding engines, and SGIO that paid claims out without investigations.
    We always carried a CO2 fire extinguisher in the tow truck. In the French fry fire case, the smart thing was to get rid of the oil. What really sparked the fire was when the pot hit the snow, but I had run away by then. In hindsight, yes it was stupid. But I saved her house. I did get a major reprimand from the fire chief who arrived ”after the fact.” Ironically, he died from lung problems caused by cigarette smoking, and I’m still alive.
    There was a joke about our fire Dept. ”Every fire they went to, they always saved the concrete foundation.”
    It’s all in the past now!!

  20. There’s no reason to think she’s on welfare. “Welfare check” is a term of art; it means the police are called out, not to investigate a crime, but to make sure somebody is okay.