12 Replies to “Republican religious intolerance”

  1. As long as she hates only the correct people, California gonna keep votting for the reverend Jim Dianne Feinstein Jones. Trump should nominate a hardcore Catholic illegal Mexican national to really grind their gears. Who knows, maybe even splinter off La Raza…

  2. PS … here is proof that there IS NO “War” on Christianity. Nahhhh … leftists just HATE “Orthodox” Christianity.
    Very similar to the claim that there IS NO “Anti-Semitism”. Nahhh … leftists just HATE “Zionists”

  3. Feinstein is a senator from California.
    California is 27% Catholic, mostly Hispanic. These voters are critical for Democratic success there.
    Perhaps she doesn’t care. Feinstein is 84 years old, and presumably will not run for office again.

  4. Feinstein’s casuistry and anti-catholic bigotry is the first acceptable and politically correct prejudice…!
    Heaven forbid that one might take one’s own faith even somewhat seriously.
    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group ‘True North’

  5. .
    This comes as no surprise to me. Liberals hate religion in general but Christianity in particular. That makes sense to me – they have correctly ascertained we are the real obstacle.
    It is also confirmation of what scripture teaches – that Christians will be reviled (tho this is mild actually compared to what Christians are undergoing in the middle east today…)

  6. It may be worth noting the article VI of the Constitution of the United States, states, “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” Senator Feinstein is not simply being anti-Christian – she is revealing either her ignorance of or her contempt for our Constitution.

  7. Meanwhile back in Canada, we have the Conservative Party thrashing the Liberals on Myanmar’s government’s intolerance of Islamic terrorism.
    This will firm up the Conservative base of SJWs.
    This will turn those the soft centre of the Liberal voting block from enemies of the CPC to friends of the CPC.
    This will leave the Liberal’s with just its core white nationalist voters.
    Well played CPC!