24 Replies to “Okay, that wire tapping thing.”

  1. Have a look at the interview with Mark Levin on Fox & Friends this AM. As usual, “The Great One” makes a very compelling and legally knowledgeable case. For sure this is going way farther than were we are now.

  2. Around 20 years ago, there was similar legal wrangling concerning allegation that Bill Clinton was up to no good with certain ladies. Ultimately, it ended with Monicagate.
    It’s going to be interesting to see how Barrygate turns out. (“I did not wiretap that man….”)

  3. Mark Levin says “The evidence is overwhelming.” (I recommend you watch him on Fox & Friends if you haven’t already.)
    Will be interesting to see what comes of this. Anyone bet “nothing”?
    Or has Obama gone one step too far? Can only hope.

  4. I’m going to put my bet on President Donald J Trump.
    The globalist elite cabal, funded in no small part by the Soros consortium, is really put out; that for all the billions they’ve spent trying to put in their ‘controllable’ candidate they have come up completely ‘snake eyes’.
    President Donald J Trump doesn’t need the money, likely can’t be be bought, and so the globalist elite come up with ever more outlandish twaddle in an effort to unseat him from the President’s chair.
    They want a ‘controllable’ president ie one bought and paid for to do their bidding; the Donald has told them in so many words: “Ya got BUPKIS for BILLIONS, yer gutting of the American people is SO OVER!” (see SOTU speech)
    That is why they are getting ever so shrill, now President Donald J Trump has called their bluff on the “Russian connection” which will quickly turn up a giant “nothing burger”.
    The globalist cabal are tremendous excellently qualified complete and utter bad losers…
    You heard it here first!
    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group ‘True North’

  5. Here’s Andy McCarthy’s take from National Review, hardly described as a Trump ‘fanboy’:
    FISA Is Not Law-Enforcement – It’s Not Interference with Justice Department Independence for White House to Ask for FISA Information
    In my earlier post, I explained that the Obama camp is disingenuously responding to revelations that, during the presidential campaign, the Obama administration conducted an investigation, including wiretapping, against Trump associates and perhaps Donald Trump himself. As I elaborated, one avenue of response is to conflate the Justice Department’s two missions – law-enforcement and national security. We can see this strategy playing out in the New York Times coverage of the controversy. According to today’s Times report, a Trump official said that White House counsel Donald F. McGahn II is “working to secure access” to what is believed to be “an order issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court authorizing some form of surveillance related to Mr. Trump and his associates.” Presumably, this means the Trump White House is seeking to review the Justice Department’s applications for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) surveillance of Trump associates, and perhaps Trump himself, from June and October 2016, including any orders issued by the FISA court – as my post explains, it has been reported that the Obama Justice Department’s June application was denied, but its October application (which apparently did not name Trump) was granted. The Times report continues (the italics are mine): It would be a highly unusual breach of the Justice Department’s traditional independence on law enforcement matters for the White House to order it to turn over such an investigative document. Any request for information from a top White House official about a continuing investigation would be a stunning departure from protocols intended to insulate the F.B.I. from political pressure. It would be even more surprising for the White House to seek information about a case directly involving the president or his advisers, as does the case involving the Russia contacts. After the White House received heavy criticism for the suggestion that Mr. McGahn would breach Justice Department independence, a different administration official said that the earlier statements about his efforts had been overstated. The official said the counsel’s office was looking at whether there was any legal possibility of gleaning information without impeding or interfering with an investigation. The counsel’s office does not know whether an investigation exists, the official said. To re-emphasize what I explained earlier: a FISA investigation is not a “law-enforcement matter” or “case.” –– ADVERTISEMENT –– A law-enforcement matter is a criminal prosecution. That is the mission in which there should never be any political interference because it involves the strictly legal matter of whether there is evidence that penal statutes have been violated. In such a situation, White House intrusion would be political interference in a proceeding that is essentially judicial in nature, involving the potential removal of liberty from a citizen. National security surveillance is not a judicial proceeding by nature. The point is not to remove a person’s liberty – the focus is not the citizen and his rights at all. National security surveillance is about the political responsibility (i.e., the duty assigned to the political branches in our constitutional system) to protect the national security of the United States against threats from foreign powers. This function is not judicial in nature. There was no judicial role in it at all until 1978 when Congress, in the post-Watergate era, enacted the constitutionally dubious FISA law. Let’s assume that, after nearly 40 years, FISA is irrevocably part of our system. It did not turn a presidential national security duty into a judicial proceeding. It imposed on the exercise of the president’s national security power a layer of judicial oversight, in order to ensure that Americans were not subjected to electronic surveillance and other searches in the absence of probable cause. Significantly, underscoring the fact that we are talking about national security and not law-enforcement, in FISA the probable cause showing is proof that the target is acting as an agent of a foreign power, not proof that a crime has been committed. Again, not only was there no judicial role in national-security surveillance until 1978; even after FISA was enacted, administrations of both parties insisted that the president maintained constitutional authority under Article II to direct surveillance without judicial authorization. The FISA Court of Review (the appellate court in the FISA system) appeared to endorse this proposition in a 2002 opinion (“The Truong court, as did all the other courts to have decided the issue, held that the President did have inherent authority to conduct warrantless searches to obtain foreign intelligence information.[Footnote omitted.] … We take for granted that the President does have that authority and, assuming that is so, FISA could not encroach on the President’s constitutional power.”) I point this out not to wade into the constitutional argument over the president’s authority to conduct surveillance without judicial warrant. I am simply emphasizing that national security surveillance is a presidential function, not a judicial proceeding. The point of conducting FISA surveillance is not to build criminal cases; it is to enable the president to carry out his personal executive duty to protect the United States against foreign threats. Consequently, it is specious to claim that, if the White House asks to see FISA court applications and orders, this would be a form of political interference in the law-enforcement mission of the FBI and Justice Department.
    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group ‘True North’

  6. Trump is very good at taking control of the narrative and using the left’s tactics against them. In the short term at least, he will force dems to state this investigation is not necessary. This is a complete 180 for the left, and will make them appear inconsistent and clearly partisan. How can they keep calling for an investigation of trump/trump is russian when they say Trump’s calls for complete investigations aren’t necessary?
    Longer term, the left controls its peeeons by force and intimidation. But it works both ways. There are many low level bureaucrats that have the goods on their bosses, as insurance. When you know your boss is doing something doing the vast majority will keep a trail.
    Trump’s call for an investigations has seriously rattled that whole tree full of peeons. It will only take one to break and release info, I suspect that several already have.
    I would suggest that about 2-3 weeks from now, Trump state a short 2-4 week amnesty for low level staff to come forward with information on illegal activities in gov’t depts. My, I don’t think I would have enough popcorn to truly enjoy that show.

  7. Would love to see JugEars & VJ frogmarched right out of their new Georgetown manse. MAKE IT HAPPEN TRUMP.

  8. you do know that all kinds of snooping and wiretapping is possible without any approval from anyone.

  9. I am beginning to see a pattern here. Trump wants something started, but he knows he can’t do it or he will be called names and it won’t be as effective. Trump floats some easy targets. Bait is taken, lying press runs with it and scores own goal. Then the long game becomes obvious, and it was all Trump’s plan from the beginning.
    So the Democrats want a special prosecutor… beginning to look like Trump wanted the special prosecutor from the beginning.
    Step one; pretend you don’t want one.
    Step two; get them to pile on, with calls for investigating everything.
    Step three; appoint the one person they absolutely, positively, do not want, looking at things they thought they wanted looked at.
    Step four; what was it you said you want investigated? What’s this now, this money trail leads back to the DNC? What’s this, the DNC has been in communication with who now, for this long…
    Step five; hey, it was their idea, how can you reject everything that was found?
    Wonder if Flynn is going to be tapped to be the special prosecutor? Maybe Ted Cruz? Bannon? Who is the person who is the absolute worst news for Soros and his agents of international socialism in the USA? Who is the end of the world scenario for the ninth circuit? How far could an actual “house un-American” investigation go in the modern world, and what exactly would it reveal? Did Pelosi vacay on pedo island with Bill and Hillary? How many people in Washington actually take orders from foreign governments?
    Have they thought this through? Do they actually want someone not on their payroll looking into all foreign influence and communication with officials of the US government? How many people had a Clinton.com email address anyway? Do they really want everything Sid Blumenthal every emailed to anyone brought to light?
    Pretty obvious Flynn knew from the beginning that they were listening to all his phone calls. He likely suspected Trump Tower was illegally tapped, so he would have floated a suggestion to Trump. Flynn is a career spy master, so moving him to the backroom and out of the front office is counter intelligence 101.

  10. “Why is James Comey still heading the FBI?”
    I suspect he is about to be caught in a spider web and fired for cause.

  11. “Obama knows he is in deep shit and only one thing he can do.”
    I wouldn’t doubt that Trump hasn’t taken unusual measures against committing Arkancide.

  12. Could be a no win for Trump. Either there was wiretapping which means the DOJ/FBI had enough evidence to suggest potential criminal activity to obtain a warrant. Or, the accusation is bogus which will only further damage Trump’s credibility. How does Trump win here? Nothing like blowing all the good will he got form last week’s speech to Congress! Take away his Twitter Account now!

  13. “Trump is very good at taking control of the narrative and using the left’s tactics against them.”
    Yes, I agree. Instead of defensive cringing, The Donald has decided to come out swinging with his own wall of white noise too.
    Is it true?
    Is anything they’re saying about Trump true?
    Does it even matter?

  14. I agree. And maybe it doesn’t really matter. Except the divisiveness increases daily and the country is being damaged by all this crap.

  15. Those are my thoughts too; Trump continues to affect &/or control the narrative.
    If the wireptapping accusation has legs, the Dem brand is seriously damaged as I understand Americans detest their government spying on them.
    It will be hard to remove the stench of a government using the power of the state to spy on a political opponent, indeed the candidate for POTUS.
    If there’s nothing there, Trump has put the whole Russian nonsense into political limbo. The weak denials portend there is something though.
    We cannot yet be sure if this is a signal the Dems can or won’t deny wiretaps happened. Steve Bannon just tweeted damaging revelations await.
    Meanwhile WikiLeaks shows the Obama administration has not followed the “cardinal” rule, wiretapping everyone they could from Merkel to Netanyahu.
    Meanwhile the Dems play into Trump’s game. The hate the guy, they detest everything he does, yet they play along, with the media playing the old game.
    I have a wildly speculative theory about the final days of Obama’s presidency. He and the Dems put into place a number of investigating tools, doing so somewhat covertly, to gather intelligence and law enforcement dirt on Trump and probably other GOP enemies.
    My theory is they planned to punish Trump et al for electoral insolence and temerity at challenging the statist status quo of growing the leviathan.
    Then something went terribly wrong; they did not march off to victory and final vanquishing of Trump and anything resembling populism.
    They lose the POTUS election. They lost the Senate. They lost Congress. They lost the states. They lost the counties. They lost the country.
    Now, having lost access to politicized “investigators,” they have to fill that hole back in and Trump keeps throwing the dirt back at them.
    If he is so stupid why does he beat them every time? Because he is a master tactician and they follow a rote Alinsky modus operandi, which is easily recognized and has lost its effect because Trump won’t play nice and take his beating from the left.
    “Someone said if fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.” Ronald Reagan. Yes, but it calls itself progressivism.

  16. The two-for lottery… President Carter is no longer the worst President… President Nixon is no longer the most corrupt… The Obama “lizard” Administration have been Branded.. can’t (de)-ring a bell.. The Mold has set for all time.. Suck it up asshole…Obama was a coward in the face of Putin, it is that fear that allowed Russia to do what ever it did during the Obama Administration…The role of double Russian spies advising US spies is comical… Our spies in Russia tell us What?
    The NYT kept pushing raw-Intel & now possessing raw-Intel may trigger search warrants and treason…

  17. I believe you’ve got it EXACTLY right Kevin … Trump has been continually underestimated because of the superficial brashness and apparent “off the cuff” nature of his comments. I believe it is a tactical RUSE by Trump. It is not surprising that the political LEFT ALL think Trump is a buffoon because he doesn’t seem to know how to say … “please pass the sweet and sour shrimp” … in a polite, refined tone. They believe Trump cannot engage in “political speak” therefore … he is a moron. This is because the LEFT is fully immersed in the FAKE scholarship of useless college degrees and policy. They live in a fantasy world with rules being ignored by President Trump. Say that again … President Trump. Yeah … he is a real dumb-ass, eh Libs ?
    The LEFT believes this because they are quite simply … DUMB. And they are superficial SNOBS. There is NO WAY Trump builds the business EMPIRE that he has without being on the RIGHT SIDE of the vast majority of tens of thousands of business decisions he has had to make. As for the political class ? They fkcu-up MASSIVELY with IDIOTIC decisions like; Obamakkare, Benghazi, Isis, FAKE economic recovery, etc. And they continue to “work” in our government.
    This whole eavesdropping charge by Trump is going to be fully verified, just as it has been demonstrably verified that Sweden is a BASKET CASE. The media has gone quite SILENT on that one … and they will eventually go completely and totally SILENT on the whole “Russian conspiracy” nonsense.

  18. Moonbat Nancy has come to the defense of Big Ears. The Washington Wildebeest’s best laid plans are turning into a life of a serpent’s disgrace. Go Trump Go.. don’t give those 2 phonies a minute’s rest.