Umm, Okay.

The award, created in 1989, is given to a public official or group of public servants from any level of government each year “whose actions demonstrate the qualities of politically courageous leadership in the spirit of ‘Profiles in Courage,'”
Sure, if causing the Democratic Party to get destroyed at every elected level is courageous, and then to have President Trump and the Congress roll-back every single plank of your supposed legacy qualifies as ‘courage’.
At least the Americans waited until he’d done something to give him an award, unlike the Norwegians.

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  1. “At least the Americans waited until he’d done something to give him an award, unlike the Norwegians.”

  2. Schlossberg, BCer, could you tell the “heritage” of this lefty fool????
    you have to wonder if sorA$$ made a phone call. This award is probably just another effort to raise obungles profile for the “fight”

  3. Participation Award..
    Brings the meaning of that Award to a new LOW..
    What will it take for these lefties to go away?

  4. Sorry, I won’t be clicking that CNN link.
    Just like the obama’s book deal, most of the money that the publisher is paying them is being funnelled from soros et al, through the publisher, to the obama’s,,,,for all their good work!???
    Just like hillary’s, their book will never sell enough copies to warrant the advertised value of the book deal.

  5. Profiles in Courage?
    While he sits on his half-black ass and plots the overthrow of the American Government with his Wookie “wife” and his Iranian agent and slumlord Jarrett?
    When Trump finally rids the IC of Huseein holdovers I hope he nails his worthless ass to a tree.

  6. At least the Norwegians gave him their award for something before he proved to be a failure at that thing.

  7. Carl – but then you’ll miss that Republican presidents can win this award too.
    George H W Bush was a recipient. So instead of being a participation award, it’s a “furthering the Democratic Party” award.

  8. An uber(inherited)wealthy leftist icon with a famous last name is given an 8-year $$Plum$$ of a job as Ambassador to Japan … who, in return … gives an award to the uber($66million book deal)wealthy former leftist “heroic” ex-POTUS.
    Both actions serve to cheapen the awards that were bestowed. Almost … I repeat ALMOST … as cheapened as a Nobel Prize for Socialism (aren’t ALL Nobel Prizes awarded for that?)

  9. Down there in the good old USA they hand awards to make failures feel good.
    Remember fake news “journalists” Dan Rathernot and Brian Williams?
    The key word is “AWARD” just don’t look who is giving it and for what.
    Award is an award, in parallel with stupid is as stupid does.

  10. Awards for Obama represent that warm and fuzzie feeling that comes from supporting that “magic negro”, you know, the one that sounds articulate, almost as good looking as that Canadian Prime Minister, like, he’s the coolest and my BFF Suzie has a selfy with him and like………

  11. Mr Mulroney may have acted “inappropriately”, but Karlheinz Schreiber was a real piece of work who would say and allege anything to keep his sorry ass from being extradited back to Germany. I wouldn’t believe anything Herr Schreiber said. As PM, Mr Mulroney was decent.
    If you want to query Order of Canada recipients, think of Henry Morgentaler being awarded that honour, while Margaret Somerville has been rejected as being too controversial.

  12. oh gawd, ya. morgentaler. (shudder)
    and yes, Schreiber was filthy. so why did PM Mulruin have anything to do with the filth? oh, ya, 300 grand.