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Supply of Students Dries Up

Campus Reform- As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into its third year, William Paterson University is now laying off 100 full-time faculty over the next three years.

Colleges and universities across the nation have faced financial hardships due to COVID-19. Decreased enrollment is a contributing factor because institutions rely on tuition payments for their budgets.

Gee that’s funny. Make higher education even more hellish by treating zero risk students like plague rats and less of them want to pay for the privilege. If they had any economics professors left admin could ask them about “incentives”.

The Emperors Reach For Their Underwear

As the public wakes to the fact that vaccination doesn’t prevent viral transmission, the Potemkin Passports collapse…

Israel’s Finance Minister calls for the ending of the Green Pass.

Mask mandates, vaccine passports to end in England.

Just inVaccination against COVID will not become mandatory in the Czech Republic, Prime Minister Petr Fiala said today at a press conference.

Stay tuned for more…

Good Job Everyone!

Financial Post- Canada’s trucker vaccine rule is making freight and fruit pricier: The cost of transporting produce out of California and Arizona to Canada jumped 25%

Shipping is expected to get disrupted in both directions, with the U.S. set to impose its own vaccine mandate on foreign travelers on Jan. 22. Only 50 per cent to 60 per cent of U.S. truckers are vaccinated, according to an estimate from the American Trucking Associations.

Then again…

“I have heard anecdotally that truckers are looking to stop hauling perishable products as there are too many risks if they are delayed in their delivery,” Lemaire said by email, noting the association will be closely watching the impact on the supply chain.

Safe And Effective ®

It’s not just Saskatchewan.

(Sure is taking them a long time to get that fixed.)

Ontario is also experiencing technical difficulties.

Check the other provinces for me, report back in the comments.

David F I’ve been following BC’s Covid information for a while. The “Data summary” report that shows cases, hospitalizations and deaths by vaccination status has not updated since December 16. No reason has been given, but I expect it’s because their ‘risk of getting COVID’ stat plummeted, and someone was proactive about saying “whoa, we can’t publish that”.

Peter Nova Scotia has been meticulous, albeit subject to the ususal caveats about quality, in putting out their data daily. Cases and hospitalizations by vax status were featured prominently on the dashboard. Then a note appeared that data would be updated when Panorama was updated, this was data as at December 14, 2021 updated on December 17, 2021. That has remained unchanged for a month now, methinks the data exists but is un-publishable because of the story it would tell?

Cordilleran – The Alberta “Vaccination Outcomes” data changed a lot from yesterday (Saturday) to this morning (Sunday). (Read on…)

Economic reversal

After it appeared that the federal government had downed a dose of common sense by halting the vaccine mandate for cross border truckers, they have just reinstated economic suicide as official policy. If anyone thought that supply chain problems were bad now, just wait a few months.

After a day of confusion over border rules for truckers, the government confirmed Thursday Canadian drivers will have to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to return back into the country or face testing and a lengthy quarantine.

This Is Not The Two-Tier Health Care System I Was Promised

Tommy Douglas, finally dead.

Tipping point?

At long last, it seems that the Mainstream Media, or at least some segment of it, may be tiring of fear porn. It remains to be seen whether the tipping point in the MSM can be reached before irreparable economic damage occurs.

We are pushing the complex systems upon which we depend and which are miraculously effective and efficient in their often thankless operation to their breaking point.

These systems are now shaking. We’re compromising them seriously with this unending and unpredictable stream of restrictions, lockdowns, regulations and curfews. We’re also undermining our entire monetary system, with the provision of unending largesse from government coffers, to ease the stress of the COVID response. We’re playing with fire.

Good Morning Ontario!

The vaccines, mandates, masks, and passport systems have been such a resounding success you get to start year 3 of the pandemic with another lockdown.

Global- Ontario moves schools to online learning, bans indoor dining and issues new COVID capacity restrictions.

In completely unrelated news a couple of days ago in Australia…

Update: How much thought did you put into this Doug?

The “W” Word

New York is Using Race to Determine Access to a Limited Supply of Life-Saving COVID Treatments

…the policy then states that anyone who is non-white — regardless of age, health or underlying medical conditions — is automatically deemed to have met the requirement that one must have “a medical condition or other factors that increase their risk for severe illness” in order to receive this treatment (“Non-white race or Hispanic/Latino ethnicity should be considered a risk factor.”). That means that a healthy twenty-year-old Asian football player or a 17-year-old African-American marathon runner from a wealthy family will be automatically deemed at heightened risk to develop serious COVID illness — making them instantly eligible for monoclonal treatments upon testing positive and showing symptoms — while a White person of exactly the same age and health condition from an impoverished background would not be automatically eligible.

Related: We must make public-health authorities accountable for their COVID lies

Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors

“The world as we know it is ending.”

The immense popularity of overstating one’s personal risk from Covid, and of structuring one’s whole life around that exaggerated risk, can’t be explained in logical terms. It can only be understood with the animal logic of the force that dictates the living conditions of our entire elite class: their competition against each other.

Bogost’s piece is an absolute classic, maybe the classic, in a particularly strange form of worry porn that progressives have become addicted to in the past half-decade. It’s this thing where they insist that they don’t want something to happen, but they describe it so lustily, imagine it so vividly, fixate on it so relentlessly, that it’s abundantly clear that a deep part of them wants it to happen. This was a constant experience in the Trump era – liberals would imagine that Trump was about to dissolve Congress and declare himself emperor, they’d ostensibly be opposed to such a thing, but they were so immensely invested in the seriousness and accuracy of such predictions that they’d clearly prefer for it to happen. I wrote about Chris Hayes and his bitter yearning for Trump last week, and he’s a good example, someone who ruminates on Trump and the dystopian future he might bring about with such palpable emotional pathology that it’s clear that, on some level, he needs it to happen, so that he can say “I was right.” And so with Bogost here; that level of anxious catastrophizing always carries with it the quiet, throbbing need for the bad dream to come true. Covid is already bad, very bad. I am always so confused that so many people seem desperately to want it to be worse.

Soviet medicine

Several Canadian doctors discuss their frustrating interactions with the Covid cops in the health care regulatory authority in this video. The interactions would be better characterized as harrassment.

Patrick Phillips and Sam Dube discuss the premise that we are in the midst of a mass psychosis.

Patrick Phillips relates an anecdote about being denied the right to prescribe vitamin D to his Covid patients. Just the Covid cases, mind you. He can prescribe it to anyone else.