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The Othering of People Has Dire Consequences

In times past, people with different political views could agree to disagree. Then when #OrangeManBad came into office in 2016, folks of a Left-leaning bent developed a mental illness called “TDS” and essentially went crazy. Symptoms of TDS include overly large eyes when engaged in a political rant, an incapability to deal with facts and process them logically, a complete lack of self-awareness, an inability to realize rampant hypocrisy emanating from their TDS-infected brains, and a host of others.

Agree to disagree became You’re a Racist/Bigot/Sexist/Homophobe/Islamophobe/Transphobe if you dare disagree with any of my views, which more recently became You’re Evil if you disagree with The Narrative™ and must be dealt with accordingly.

Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden and their countless legacy media apparatchiks can pretend that their inflammatory rhetoric is not directly fueling all of this but they’re lying.  They know it.  We know it.  And they know that we know it.

Which brings us to a recent politically-motivated murder: Biden’s Demonic Speech Leads to Teen Murdered for Being MAGA:

At the beginning of September, in his second year in office, Joe Biden desecrated our nation’s birthplace with a hate-filled speech that can only be described as demonic, on sacred ground at Independence Hall. In this speech, Biden laid out all issues of the country at the feet of his target scapegoat group – MAGA Americans. Biden warned that MAGA Americans were a threat to democracy itself within our nation.

Two weeks later, a left-wing adult in rural North Dakota murdered a teenager for being Republican. He admitted this to police while seemingly unaware he had done anything wrong. In fact, he complained about his bail being too high. At this time, he has not even been charged with murder. Biden has claimed repeatedly to be interested in unifying the country, but perhaps what he really means is unifying the Left against anyone who disagrees with them.

Crowd Sourcing a Theory

Brett Cooper, a rising star at The Daily Wire, recently published this video (apologies that it’s on Facebook).

After watching the video, I got to thinking: We’ve all known for a long time that various governments launched PsyOps programs to frighten the hell out of their citizens over Covid-19.  Here’s but one example. A careful scrutiny of politician press conferences, “news” reports, and rhetoric from pundits in the legacy media all contributed to hype up the fear over the disease and suppress any dissenting voices.

Cooper’s video got me thinking: Is the growing violence in American cities, particularly “blue” cities completely random, or might it have been allowed to flourish, possibly even amped up because the fear over it actually benefits Democrat politicians?

Sorry for being late to the party on this, but only now did I have that lightbulb moment.  So, what do you think, am I in Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Theory territory or do you think there’s some validity to it?

A Martha’s Vineyard Hypocrite on Display

Woke Leftist Lisa Belcastro and other Martha’s Vineyard elitist hypocrites are an interesting lot.  Apparently it’s fine for the Southern States to take care of an unlimited number of illegal immigrants and it’s okay for Joe Biden to fly them anywhere around America but “dare” send just 50 (fifty) illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard and you are veering towards being a Nazi.

Much more here.

Update: Martha’s Vineyard Tourism Video – h/t andycanuck

The Abject Failures of Los Angeles Public Health

Barbara Ferrer is the head of Los Angeles County Public Health. She is a complete failure, yet has kept her job. Like Theresa Tam, Bonnie Henry, Deena Hinshaw, Kieran Moore, Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Leanna Wen, and so many other public health “experts”, history has proven that their policies were never based on “data and science” but simply pulled from their posteriors with one purpose in mind: Scare the hell out of the public so as to control them.

Featured Comment: How Covid Policy Has Hurt Children

Further to this recent post about the disastrous (and highly politicized) policies of the American Academy of Pediatrics, SDA regular ‘Kenji`, an SF Bay resident, posted this shocking comment:

The impact of all this BAD public policy toward our children? My 1st Grade Teacher wife just completed comprehensive testing for her kids. 60% are behind grade level and 20% are TWO grades behind. Yes … you can actually be two grades behind in 1st Grade. The kids cannot even do work expected of TK students … Transitional Kindergarten. What do they need to know? Things like words that Rhyme.

So, 80% of her students are behind Grade level. This is something like her 30th year of teaching and NEVER … EVER … have her students been so far behind. Quite literally … my 2-1/2yo grandson has better language skills than 20% of her 6yo students.

So, 80% of her students will probably never catch up to grade level. And these are mostly poor *ahem* “urban” children … who will claim that it’s the white man’s biased curriculum that is at fault. So the UNIONISTAS will demand a further lowering of academic standards because equity or something. And the divide between Gavin Newsom’s privately educated children and 80% of California’s children will widen further.

The people responsible for these policies should be in prison. Politicizing our children’s … err, YOUR children’s education and health should be a criminal offense.

Hoping an intrepid journalist, like @KimIversenShow, @megynkelly, or @AlexBerenson would be willing to explore this further!

Is The Doctor Always Correct?

Apparently not:

Here’s a non-medical diagnosis: Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and DeSantis Derangement Syndrome (DSDS) appear to impair the logic portion of the human brain, as well as shut down human conscience altogether.

In his related substack article, Dr. Prasad writes:

The facts are simple. The AAP initially put forth the right decision, “recommending that education leaders and policymakers “should start with a goal of having students physically present in school” by fall of 2020.

Then Trump famously voiced his full-throated support for reopening schools 100% by the fall, and cited the AAP report as evidence he was correct. (For the record: Trump was correct about this one issue).

The AAP immediately began walking back support for children. The AAP president said, “local coronavirus infection rates and hot spots have to be taken into consideration to safely reopen schools.” But, this was inaccurate. European experience showed that reopening was possible irrespective of local infection rates; Kids could benefit from school, even in places with high spread, and schools could safely reopen even there.

Finally, if there are any enterprising lawyers who specialize in class action lawsuits, this link and this one may be of particular interest to you!

The Covid Industrial Complex™ vs. Natural Immunity

The CDC has finally realized that there’s such a thing as Natural Immunity. Why did it take so long?

In August 2021 Science Magazine, a peer-reviewed academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, highlighted groundbreaking research out of Israel that upended the public health establishment.

The research, which relied on a database enrolling some 2.5 million Israelis and was led by Tal Patalon, head of the KSM Research and Innovation Center at Maccabi Healthcare Services, and deputy Sivan Gazit, found that previous infection from Covid-19 conferred considerably stronger and longer-lasting protection against the Delta variant than vaccines.

“The newly released data show people who once had a SARS-CoV-2 infection were much less likely than never-infected, vaccinated people to get Delta, develop symptoms from it, or become hospitalized with serious COVID-19,” Science staff writer Meredith Wadman noted.

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