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In Vancouver, the Inmates are Running the Asylum

City of Vancouver apologizes for harm caused during daily street sweeps in the Downtown Eastside:

The City of Vancouver apologized for harm caused during daily “street sweeps” of the Downtown Eastside and vowed to find an alternative way to keep the streets clear in a statement sent to CBC Wednesday.

The apology follows a motion before Vancouver city council Tuesday evening calling for changes to the way sweeps are conducted.

During these sweeps, which occur daily from Monday to Friday, city workers accompanied by police officers clear debris from sidewalks of the Downtown Eastside.

Top comment: “Perhaps the people leaving the mess should be “encouraged” to clean up after themselves, if they want to avail themselves of all the tax-free services thrown mindlessly at them on a daily basis.”

Meet Tammy, Karen’s More Evil Cousin

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Update: Matt Walsh reacts to Tammy the Psycho

The Intentional Sexualization of Children

Anyone who has been paying even casual attention to cultural events surrounding transgenderism and the sexualization of children must have noticed that something very strange has been going on the past few years. This interview of Matt Walsh brings into focus much of it:

After watching the video, I did some searching for more info about Alfred Kinsey and found this eloquent response to a question from Jaco Booyens, who appears regularly on The News & Why It Matters out of Dallas.