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Tulsi Gabbard vs. The Totalitarian Thugs

Read the comments from the keyboard warriors who welcome the incarceration of half of America.

Gabbard talks with Tucker Carlson

Pleasing Your Enemies Does Not Turn Them Into Friends

Backbone sighting;

Embattled rookie MP for Hastings and Lennox and Addington Derek Sloan says his controversial criticism of Canada’s top doctor’s handling of COVID-19 was about her job performance, not about race.
The leadership candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada is standing by his assertion Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, should be pink-slipped for following slow-footed COVID-19 counter measures by the World Health Organization he believes delayed swifter protection for Canadians against the disease. […]
“When I made the statement, obviously, the idea people would think it was racist was not even on my mind. I would have said those statements about any public health officer that made those decisions in her spot,” Sloan said. “It had nothing to do with her background.”
“I have concerns about the way Dr. Tam has responded to the pandemic, I have concerns about the World Health Organization being sort of beholden to China, at least parroting this information from China. It has nothing to do with Dr. Tam’s background, what her ethnicity is. Outside of there being a lot of hysteria right now, I’m not sure where all of the confusion came from,” Sloan said.
Sloan asked, “what information is she using and who is it benefiting? I’m not questioning her motives, I’m saying as public health officer, she needs to avail herself of all public information.” […]

Sloan said it is his fiduciary duty to hold those in political power accountable on behalf of his electorate in his riding, many of whom, are facing personal and financial hardship amid self-isolation measures to stem the spread of the virus.
“Keep in mind, I get calls from businesses every day that are on the brink of failure in our very riding. To me, I’m sorry if I’m chomping a little bit too much here, but I’m concerned about people in my riding. And if I can raise issues that talk about how we could have done things better or how we can get out of this, that’s my duty to do so and I will always do that,” Sloan said.
“I won’t be issuing an apology. We’re going to be issuing additional communications to party members and doing additional interviews so that may help to clarify. I never mentioned her race and in no way was it part of my comments,” he said.
“People who are making that connection are being disingenuous.”

The first step to recovery is to recognize and call out bad faith arguments for what they are.

Preview of Coming Attractions

You read it here first:

Law Enforcement versus the Intel Community. That’s the battle we will likely see unleashed when the Horowitz report comes out next week. The New York Times came out Saturday with info clearly leaked from DOJ that can be summarized simply–the FBI was relying on the intel community (products from the CIA and NSA) under the leadership of Jim Clapper. If they relied on bad, unverified information it ain’t their fault. They trusted the spies.

More here

Update: Watch the blame game begin!

YNoKyoto: (Not) Showing Up To Riot

AP News;

The president of the Oregon Senate said Tuesday there weren’t enough votes in his majority Democratic caucus to approve a landmark climate bill that has sparked a walkout by Republicans and exacerbated tensions between urban and rural areas.
All 11 Republican senators extended their walkout involving the issue for a sixth day, denying Democrats enough lawmakers to muster a vote on the plan that calls for capping and trading pollution credits among companies.
Hundreds of protesters flooded the capitol steps to protest the GOP walkout then unexpectedly found themselves pushing back against Democratic Senate President Peter Courtney, who disclosed that the climate plan has lost support among members of his own party.
The legislation “does not have the votes on the Senate floor,” he said. “I’ve done as much as I can, and I’ll continue to try.” […]
Conservative senators have fled the state to avoid taking a vote on what would be the nation’s second statewide cap and trade program after California, saying it will kill jobs, raise the cost of fuel and gut small businesses in rural areas.
Senate Minority Leader Herman Baertschiger said in a statement that Republicans still won’t return to the Capitol until they receive further assurances from Democrats that the legislation is dead.

Good for them.

March Of The Deplorables

Associated Press;

Brazil’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal has declared far-right congressman Jair Bolsonaro the next president of Latin America’s biggest country.
With 96 percent of ballots counted, Bolsonaro has 55.5 percent of the votes. Leftist Fernando Haddad of the Workers’ Party has 44.5 percent.
Voters in Sunday’s runoff election apparently looked past warnings that the brash former army captain would erode democracy and embraced a chance for radical change after years of turmoil.

“…wants to privatize state companies in an ailing economy, liberalize gun ownership and mine the rain forest.”

Let the hyperventilation begin!

QOTD: “The guy who almost stabbed him to death a month ago must feel like like the biggest failure in the world”


“In the midst of this death rattle has come a group of thinkers”

That night, my son tried to explain the thing to me, but it was a buzzing in my ear, and I wanted to talk about something more interesting. It didn’t matter; it turned out a number of his friends—all of them like him: progressive Democrats, with the full range of social positions you would expect of adolescents growing up in liberal households in blue-bubble Los Angeles—had watched the video as well, and they talked about it to one another.

Justice Kavanaugh

After days of frenzied lobbying and speculation, President Donald Trump decided on federal appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh for his second nominee to the Supreme Court, setting up a ferocious confirmation battle with Democrats as he seeks to shift the nation’s highest court further to the right.

Just now, via Fox: “a judge must be independent, must interpret the law, not make the law… ”

Law prof Glenn Reynolds;

With a narrow majority, Trump goes for a safe pick. Of course, he’ll still be Hitler. Because whoever the nominee was, he or she was going to be Hitler.

5 Things to Know About Brett Kavanaugh.

Update: Postcards from Tolerant Peaceland