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Wuhan Flu: Now You Can Have Nice Things

Michael Mina;

In bid to lean on science to tackle this virus, @JoeBiden is going to ramp up and ensure access to rapid antigen #COVID19 tests
His executive orders include Nitrocellulose, the major limiting ingredient in the rapid “paper-strip” antigen tests

We’ll never know how many lives were lost due to the actions of Resistance actors within federal bureaucracies delaying vaccine release, and blocking approval of treatments and inexpensive rapid tests – all to deny Orange Man Bad a victory.

Capitol Riot: Evidence Of Preplanning


Catherine Herridge, formerly of Fox News and more recently with CBS News, reports investigators think those pipebombs found at the RNC and DNC on January 6 may have been intended to divert law enforcement away from the Capitol itself at a crucial moment. That would also suggest somebody with a command and control structure for the planned riot.
Herridge also notes that the crucial window for understanding the timeline of January 6 events is between 12:45 and 1:15, before President Donald Trump finished his speech to the gathered protestors. If that is true, and there are abundant reasons to think it is, then it’s difficult to ascribe to Trump responsibility for inciting the riot.

Proving again the first rule of breaking events: nobody knows anything.

Update: Center for Security Policy;

The deadly riot at the US Capitol bore the markings of an organized operation planned well in advance of the January 6 joint session of Congress.
A small number of cadre used the cover of a huge rally to stage its attack. Before it began, I saw from my vantage point on the West Front of the Capitol, what appeared to be four separate cells or units…

Related: Our ruling class really wants us to be like China.

Social Disease

My Twitter account is in Thelma and Louise mode as I post this — a mass deletion app is purging my old content. (

There’s no point in remaining on the platform, even as a source of breaking news. Trump and others have been purged in the past few hours, and the high value accounts like Andy Ngo are surely next.

Apple is threatening to ban Parler. Update: the Google Play store has.

Face it folks, it’s time to rebuild the independent conservative blogosphere.

(I’m on Parler as @katewerk, follow if you choose but I find the platform difficult to read and clunky to use)

Late Night Discussion: Georgia & Pennsylvania

Latest Georgia Election Results – Let’s see if there’s another “middle of the night freeze”, followed by a sudden change of fortune for the Democrats.

@ 9:30am EST (Jan 6th)

@ 12:00am EST (Jan 6th)
@ 11:45pm EST
@ 11:30pm EST
@ 11:17pm EST
@ 11:15pm EST
@ 11:00pm EST
@ 10:45pm EST

When will the hypocrites at the front of the public feeding trough start to feel some of pain they’ve imposed upon others?

Mike Soch recently sent a poignant letter to the Calgary Sun:

Got to love the arrogance in statements by our politicians. That being (Rachel) Notley, (Naheed) Nenshi, (Justin) Trudeau, even (Jason) Kenney or any other public servant: “We are all in this together.” Are we now? To all of you, feeding at the taxpayer-filled trough. How much wages have you lost? How many businesses have you lost? How depleted are your savings? How much stress are you are under because you can’t afford your mortgage or car payments? Are you telling your kids they can’t go to dentist because you can’t afford it? I don’t think so. The only thing that really changes for you, when it comes work and wages, is that you might work less, due to some closures, but your pay hasn’t changed, it is the same. So next time you want to spew that line, bite your tongue. It is insulting to all of us paying for your well being and you sound stupid.

Nashville Christmas Bombing

I think we can rule out both (1) “generalized” terrorism, by which I mean an attack meant to instill fear through causing casualties, and (2) symbolic terrorism, by which I mean an attack that uses violence to send a public message.
Ok, then what’s left?

A person of interest has been identified as Anthony Quinn Warner.

Noted in passing — both this location and another linked to his name have wheelchair ramps.

Nashville: Christmas Morning Explosion

Bomb squad on the scene, as a reported RV explosion in the downtowm… developing

UK Sun: “multiple casualties” as a downtown building collapsed in flames. Other outlets report no significant injuries.

Being treated as an “intentional act”.

More at Zerohedge.

Update: It appears there was a message broadcast from the RV prior to the explosion, warning people to evacuate. This is a strange one.

This was no minor blast. ATT service is down in the region, there’s random speculation the target was their data center.


Update: Who is S McG, (and does it matter)?