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Woke Wednesday

Justin’s Canada is being examined. What should we do with Canada?

We must cancel maps and science. Captain Cook was a colonial racist or something.

Mentioning terrorism is Islamophobic.  Sick and tired of terrorists being known to authorities.

I’m sure its nothing to worry about. Soros general demands purge of the military.

We don’t need parliament in Justin’s Canada.  Questioning the Liberal government is a security risk.

Embrace Hollywood!

Yum Yum. The left continues so eat its own: NBC cancels Golden Globes for 2022

In a letter Sunday to [Hollywood Foreign Press Association ] President Ali Sar, executives at WarnerMedia, which includes HBO, Warner Bros. film and TV studios, TNT and TBS, said the company “will continue to refrain from direct engagement with the HFPA, including sanctioned press conferences and invitations to cover other industry events with talent,” until stronger changes are implemented.

As it called for the HFPA to be more inclusive in its membership ranks, the letter also noted that WarnerMedia has had difficulty securing press conferences for Black performers and creators, whose work “has often then gone unrecognized in your nomination and awards process.”

It also cited press conferences “where our talent were asked racially insensitive, sexist and homophobic questions,” along with “demands for perks, special favors and unprofessional requests” from HFPA members. It asked the organization to adopt a code of conduct “that includes zero tolerance for unwanted physical contact of all talent and staff.”

No Oppression Olympics at the Olympics

(AP/WBTV) – The IOC says athlete protests and political messages will remain banned at the Olympics after a survey found that a majority of competitors were in favor of keeping the ban in place. That means raising a fist on the podium or taking a knee would still risk punishment at the Tokyo Games this year.

Here’s the real kicker

The IOC said it surveyed more than 3,500 athletes over the past year and that 70% said it was “not appropriate to demonstrate or express their views” on the field of play or at the opening or closing ceremony.