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East Bound and Down

Convoy makes its way through Manitoba today. Southern Manitoba shows support for trucking convoy

“We’re not backing down and we are going to Ottawa,” Tamara Lich, a protest organizer from Medicine Hat, Alberta, says in a Facebook Live video posted on Sunday.

Organizers describe the vaccine mandate as an example of political overreach resulting in economic harm, arguing the policy hurts small businesses and denies some workers the means to survive. They also say they are not protesting the vaccine mandates for truckers, but all mandates and lockdowns linked to the pandemic response.

Some good pictures at the bottom of the linked story as well.

John Robson: Justin Trudeau the supreme divider of Canadians, This convoy appears to me to reflect a great deal of legitimate anger and frustration at our pandemic responses


Its Friday On Turtle Island

Trudeau has blood on his hands. Illegal migrants have been flocking over the border because of his and Biden’s messaging to the world. This time apparently its families heading for the States.  Family freeze to death on Manitoba/U.S. border.

Woke effort backfires. Hindu gods on KitKit bars.

Doctor discusses, why do we need boosters?

Obviously we must stay locked down forever. Stealth Omicron variant.

Joe Rogan on how leftists accuse people of being alt-right.

While teacher unions in Ontario are demanding N95 masks in schools, its still a debate in Britain.

Woke church news.  Presbyterian senior official accuses Israel of slavery.

Lithium Batteries are Transphobic

Toronto Star- Ottawa looks on as China buys Canadian lithium operations

The decision is bizarre. Lithium, which is on a list of 31 minerals that Ottawa says are critical to Canada’s economy, is imperative to modern manufacturing, including large-scale battery storage needed for clean energy transition and, significantly, batteries for the flourishing electric vehicle (EV) industry.

Now the Zijin Mining Group Ltd is cleared to buy Toronto-based Neo Lithium Corp.

Our 21st Century Economy

We must have a carbon tax, they said. What could possibly go wrong?

“Despite the dedication and best efforts over many years, Canadian-based operations do not fit within Schneider’s long-term strategic focus. This decision was difficult. The change will affect all 150 Canadian-based associates and drivers. We are working with associates during the transition. Company trucks and equipment will transfer to our U.S.-based network to continue to serve our customers and as we proceed with the sale of the Guelph, Ont., property. We expect Schneider will no longer have Canadian-based operations by the end of March. We have notified all our Canadian associates and will remain in regular communication with them over the coming months.”

Now they tell them: The Bank of Canada warns carbon taxes will cut into workers’ income and hinder economic growth for decades.

He Admires Their Basic Propaganda Machine

As the country’s shipbuilding strategy continues to pile up billions of dollars in extra costs to taxpayers, Public Services and Procurement Canada is quietly seeking what it calls influencers to push out social media messages that the program is a success.

The federal government’s National Shipbuilding Strategy, which will see the construction of new vessels for the Canadian navy and coast guard, has skyrocketed in cost and various projects are facing delays expected to further drive up the price tag.

“We are asking for your help in promoting the values, benefits and impacts of the Strategy by amplifying our campaign messages on your social media channels and throughout your networks,” the Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) recruitment document for social media influencers noted.

Consider it amplified, you dumb socksuckers.

Economic reversal

After it appeared that the federal government had downed a dose of common sense by halting the vaccine mandate for cross border truckers, they have just reinstated economic suicide as official policy. If anyone thought that supply chain problems were bad now, just wait a few months.

After a day of confusion over border rules for truckers, the government confirmed Thursday Canadian drivers will have to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to return back into the country or face testing and a lengthy quarantine.

Y2Kyoto: The Power Of Magical Thinking


Liberal environment minister Steven Guilbeault said in a recent interview that he hopes to phase out fossil fuels within two years.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Guilbeault made the comments to the left-wing outlet The Narwhal, which receives taxpayer funds from the federal government.

“My timeline is two years,” Guilbeault said. “So in the next two years, more stringent methane regulations, zero-emission vehicle standards, net-zero grid by 2035, cap on oil and gas and obviously phasing out fossil fuels – all of these things must be in place in the coming eighteen months.”

“I mean, maybe 2024, but that’s the type of time frame we have to work with and it’s going to be tough because on the one hand some people are going to criticize us for not giving them enough time to be consulted, but the state of climate change is such that we need to learn to do things faster and that’s certainly true of us as a government,” Guilbeault added.

Related: “Did you know that you can now drive coast-to-coast from Victoria, B.C. to St. John’s, Nfld. in an electric vehicle?”