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And The Budget Will Balance Itself

Get ready for higher taxes and economic uncertainty, as the Trudeau debt bomb rolls our way.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new government is set to impose higher taxes on Canadians, which will help fund some campaign promises but are not broad enough to also start paying down the country’s record levels of debt, leaving Canada vulnerable to the next economic crisis, analysts say.

But it’s not all bad news!

This could be a risky strategy for the country, which piled on new debt at a faster pace than any of its Group of Seven peers during the pandemic. The high level of indebtedness could limit Canada’s ability to manage long-term challenges that require massive government funding, like transitioning from a fossil fuel-reliant economy to a green one.

I Hypocrite

Jonathan Kay

canadians arent mad bcuz Trudeau took a vacation. they’re mad bcuz he annointed himself high priest of reconciliation, spent years hectoring us about our original sin, then comes Easter Sunday, we’re in church ready for prayers, & we hear his car peeling out of the parking lot…