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Social Disease

Daily Mail: Twitter saw its shares drop by 12 per cent Monday as the company braced for pro-Trump protesters outside its San Francisco headquarters.

It rebounded, but is still down 5+ and shaky.

More at Marketwatch;

Twitter shares are off 6.6% in Monday morning trading, while Facebook shares are down 3%. Shares of Apple Inc. AAPL, -1.92% and Alphabet Inc. GOOG, -1.52% GOOGL, -1.50%, both of which pulled right-wing social-media app Parler from their app stores citing lax moderation policies, are off 2.2% and 1.7%, respectively. Shares of Inc. AMZN, -1.03%, which booted Parler from its AWS web-hosting platform, are down 1.4%.

Declaration Of War

Amazon Is Booting Parler Off Of Its Web Hosting Service.

In case you haven’t figured it out, the end game is to wall off access to social media tools by conservatives, even those they develop independently, so that the technology can be exploited exclusively by the left for political organizing and message control, in a repeat of their capture of the mainstream press.

So, that’s all that’s happening.

Social Disease


Google-owned YouTube shut down Dilbert Comic strip creator Scott Adams on Friday, stripping a video off the platform from the podcaster’s channel without warning.
“Google (YouTube) just shut me down,” Adams wrote on Twitter featuring a screenshot of the message from YouTube. “The video they deleted is no different from all of my other content. I assume they’ll come for the other videos soon.” […]
YouTube’s censorship of Adams follows a recent company announcement that it would be removing any content critical of the 2020 election process alleging widespread voter fraud tipped the outcome of the November contest.
After preemptively declaring Republican claims of deceptive voter fraud as a conspiracy remaining to be proven in court, YouTube is still host to a wide range of other dangerous conspiracies across its platform, from ideas that President Donald Trump is a Kremlin agent to the idea that aliens build the Egyptian pyramids.

Margin Of Fraud

On the same day as Youtube announces it will disappear all 2020 election fraud content as misinformation:

Seventeen states, led by Missouri, are backing Texas in its bid to have the Supreme Court hear a challenge to the presidential election in four battleground states.
Texas sued Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia on Tuesday, saying the four states altered election laws for the November contest without authorization from state legislatures, violating the Constitution.
In addition to Missouri, the other red states pushing for Texas’s court fight are Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Indiana, Louisiana, North Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, Tennessee and West Virginia.

You can download it here (pdf)

Your Sniveling And Cowering Superiors

Via Instapundit;

The Times let itself become hopelessly slanted. Captive to organized feedback on social media. Beholden to irredeemably conflicted staff members. Consumed by internal demons.
Make no mistake: other media outlets are taking note. In this way, they are motivated to self-censor news and information, lest they draw the wrath of the mobs. One editorial figure at a major international publication who did not want to be identified recounted numerous pieces he has recently killed for fear of the organized backlash.
“They can bankrupt me,” he tells me. “Facebook, Twitter, Google — they can ruin you in a matter of hours. For somebody like us, they can destroy you. So what do we do? We pull our punches. To raise certain issues is to cut your own throat.” He continues, “The newsman in me says, ‘Tell the truth,’ and that sounds great. But if I do that and destroy [my publication] in the process, what kind of pyrrhic victory is that?”

Social Disease

Cruz vs Dorsey: Round 2

@HawleyMO: Under oath, Zuckerberg admits @Facebook DOES have “tools” to track its users across the internet, across platforms, across accounts – all without user knowledge. I ask how many times this tool has been used domestically against Americans. Zuck won’t say … A @Facebook whistleblower tells me it’s called Centra. Example below. Zuck said he couldn’t recall the name … he’s only the company CEO, after all