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Hurricane Fiona

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Usually, in winter, when a Nor’easter forms, there is a weak sfc disturbance along a frontal boundary that slowly grows via ocean moisture and heat flux. It happily moves along if and until it can phase with upper level jet stream. Then, all that available potential energy can be converted into eddy kinetic energy. That potential energy reservoir is enormous, and only a small fraction (4%) can be unlocked. But, it’s what creates the explosive deepening of a “bomb cyclone”.

With Hurricane Fiona, you are not starting at square one with a weak, shallow disturbance at 1007 mb. Instead, you have a massive, Category 3+ monster already at 935 mb. The jet energy is tapped during this rapid re-intensification process.

Explosive barely describes it.

The Sound Of Settled Science

Nevermind the eyewitness accounts, Science had explained;

Mysterious mounds in the southwest corner of the Amazon Basin were once the site of ancient urban settlements, scientists have discovered. Using a remote-sensing technology to map the terrain from the air, they found that, starting about 1,500 years ago, ancient Amazonians built and lived in densely populated centres, featuring 22-metre-tall earthen pyramids, that were encircled by kilometres of elevated roadways.

The complexity of these settlements is “mind blowing”, says team member Heiko Prümers, an archaeologist at the German Archaeological Institute headquartered in Berlin.

“This is the first clear evidence that there were urban societies in this part of the Amazon Basin,” says Jonas Gregorio de Souza, an archaeologist at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. The study adds to a growing body of research indicating that the Amazon — long thought to have been pristine wilderness before the arrival of Europeans — was home to advanced societies well before that.

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“A Meaningless Test”

“on its own”

Trust the Evidence- The SARS-CoV-2 transmission riddle – Part 3

Learning point: The lower the Ct, the higher the chance of infectivity: this is due to the nature of PCR which amplifies the target viral components through a series of cycles. The higher the concentration of viral components in the sample, the sooner the amplifications stop and the lower the number of cycles needed to identify the component.

However, those people with pre-existing pathologies or whose immune system is partly compromised may continue excreting infectious particles for a very long time, with a Ct which dips when they become infectious and may go up again when their defences are successfully fighting the virus.

For the vast majority of healthy people, though, peak infectiousness lasts just a few days before the infection wanes. Sometimes it precedes the onset of symptoms, or there are no symptoms at all, or the symptoms are minimal. When their immune systems have successfully neutralized the virus, they may continue to expel fragments for weeks or even months. These are picked up by PCR, but their good health and high Ct should testify to their recovered status – if you record the details.

Herein lies the insanity of mass screening with PCR in the absence of sufficient information and detailed follow-up of each person tested. It explains why so many people still test “positive” even though they are no longer infectious.

The Sound Of Settled Science

Uh oh.

To everyone who sees them, the new James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) images of the cosmos are beautifully awe-inspiring. But to most professional astronomers and cosmologists, they are also extremely surprising—not at all what was predicted by theory. In the flood of technical astronomical papers published online since July 12, the authors report again and again that the images show surprisingly many galaxies, galaxies that are surprisingly smooth, surprisingly small and surprisingly old. Lots of surprises, and not necessarily pleasant ones. One paper’s title begins with the candid exclamation: “Panic!”

Why do the JWST’s images inspire panic among cosmologists? And what theory’s predictions are they contradicting? The papers don’t actually say. The truth that these papers don’t report is that the hypothesis that the JWST’s images are blatantly and repeatedly contradicting is the Big Bang Hypothesis that the universe began 14 billion years ago in an incredibly hot, dense state and has been expanding ever since. Since that hypothesis has been defended for decades as unquestionable truth by the vast majority of cosmological theorists, the new data is causing these theorists to panic. “Right now I find myself lying awake at three in the morning,” says Alison Kirkpatrick, an astronomer at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, “and wondering if everything I’ve done is wrong.”

I’m no physicist, but the idea that all the matter in the known universe had once existed in the form of a particle the size of “nothing” always seemed patently ridiculous.

And In Intersectional Space News

Inevitably, “abstract concepts like ‘civilisation’ and ‘intelligence’” are also deemed frown-inducing, and causes of “real, physical harm,” unlike their opposites, presumably. Though I’m not sure that they’re entirely abstract. I mean, without the realities to which they refer, one tends not to arrive at things like telescopes, maps of the early universe, or probes on other planets. And one might, for instance, contrast the insights of aboriginal astronomy, a wildly inflated term, with those of – dare I say it – more civilised cultures at the same points in history.

In order to succeed, space exploration must be “decolonised,” apparently. Though despite much tutting, why remains unclear.

Oh! OK. Sounds legit.

“Festival officials made sure that this year’s venue was more spread out and that hand sanitization stations were seen…”

It’s pretty safe to assume that more than just the venue was spread out.

But at least hand sanitizer was seen so I think we’re all good in terms of infection control at the “Up Your Alley” festival. Definitely no need for Two Weeks to Slow the Spread (of this particular thing) because that would infringe on rights and stuff. So just move along! Nothing to see here.

P.S: This is not “hypocrisy”. This is showing you who is the boss of you. This is the left, showing you how it’s done, trolling you and shoving their power right into your face. Sadly, the “right” and “conservatives” could learn from this type of thing but they are too busy enjoying losing elections to notice.

A Literature Degree To Rule Them All

Rupa Subramanya- Court Documents Reveal Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis

The court documents are part of a lawsuit filed by two Canadian residents against the government. Until last month, they were under seal.

Among other things, the court documents indicate:

No one in the COVID Recovery unit, including Jennifer Little, the director-general, had any formal education in epidemiology, medicine or public health.

Little, who has an undergraduate degree in literature from the University of Toronto, testified that there were 20 people in the unit. When Presvelos asked her whether anyone in the unit had any professional experience in public health, she said there was one person, Monique St.-Laurent. According to St.-Laurent’s LinkedIn profile, she appears to be a civil servant who briefly worked for the Public Health Agency of Canada. St.-Laurent is not a doctor, Little said.

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