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March 27, 2023: Reader Tips

After sharing a string of live performances from 1970, we dip back one year and present The Who performing at Woodstock in 1969.

Your most fascinating recent tips are much appreciated!

Quick Story from Sunday afternoon: I was volunteering as a photographer for a friend at an event in South Florida.  One of the events was an Easter Egg Hunt.  The “eggs” were just plastic with candy inside.  There were about 100 kids, most all under 10 years old.  There was quite a frenzy when the kids start scouring the grass for the eggs.  Seemed like a fun event.  But afterwards a mother came up to the organizers and complained that none of her 4 children retrieved any eggs.  The organizers said they were sorry but what could they do?  Want to guess what happened next?  The mother found a police officer at the event and insisted that he investigate this “crime”.  Proof positive that Permanent Victim Syndrome (PVS) is rampant!