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You Must Pretend He Isn’t There, Madam

When an 80-year-old lady encounters the pointy end of transgender ideology:

When [Julie] Jaman asked… why no signs had been posted informing women that males could potentially be in the locker rooms, she says she was told: “‘We post pride signs, and we assume that lets women know what to expect.’”

What is expected, it seems, is that women who are not entirely comfortable with dysmorphic men using ladies’ changing rooms and showers, and watching small girls undress, should simply pretend that it isn’t happening. As is the custom, a kind of farce ensues, including accusations of “hatred,” bigotry, and being “unscientific.”

One of these.

Pandemics And Passports And Pilots, Oh My!

A fish rots from the human resources department;

Members of the Canadian aviation industry say growing backlogs at Transport Canada are making it more difficult for new and existing pilots to get their licences, and the federal government has failed to address the issue.

“They’ve completely dropped the ball,” said Dario Matrundola, president of Canadian Flyers Aviation College — a flight school based at Buttonville Airport northeast of Toronto.

“They don’t answer the phone, they don’t call you back, and you’re lucky if they answer emails.”

Transport Canada’s civil aviation department is struggling to issue the paperwork necessary to fly, effectively grounding an unknown number of Canadian and foreign pilots who train here. Of particular concern are unacceptable delays with Transport Canada’s issuance of medical certificates.

While applicants normally receive their certificates between 30 and 40 days after submitting their paperwork, some of Matrundola’s students have been left waiting more than a year.

“They’re still working, we’re still working — its just Transport Canada and actual government employees who aren’t doing anything,” he said.

Show Me The Man, I’ll Show You The Gun Crime

If America had the same laws that Trudeau is promising, Hunter Biden would never have been able to lie on a Form 4473 in his illegal purchase of a handgun. His girlfriend wouldn’t have had the opportunity to drop it in a garbage can across the street from a school, and law enforcement wouldn’t have had to stonewall an investigation into Joe Biden’s son lying on a background check — a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

He’d have just bought it off the street. Like his drugs.


Tom MacDonald vs. Justin Trudeau

More people with more video recording devices need to get to Ottawa to protect the Freedom Protesters. If Trudeau’s henchmen cut off cellular service, then start recording directly onto your phones.

“On Thursday four senior Downing Street aides resigned.”

On Friday another aide followed…

When the great 19th-century Tory leader, Benjamin Disraeli, came to his friend (and fellow-novelist) Edward Bulwer-Lytton and asked for his political support in a forthcoming parliamentary debate, Lytton said: “Well, I will support you if you’re right.”

“That’s no use to me,” responded Dizzy. “Anyone can support me when I’m right. What I want is people who will support me when I’m wrong.”

That’s the unenviable position in which the U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson finds himself today. He is seeking support from MPs in his own Tory party when he’s in the wrong. And not just mildly, mistakenly, accidentally, or partly in the wrong, but massively, seriously, undeniably, and stonkingly in the wrong.

It’s John O’Sullivan, just keep reading.

Your creditors can go pound sand

Given this precedent, will student loans effectively be “forgiven” by the simple expedient of endlessly rolling the payment pause? Perpetually denying investors access to their capital will pause any economic recovery as well.

The Biden administration will relieve Americans from paying their federal student loans through the end of January, extending the pause for what it says is the last time as the government seeks to keep the economic recovery rolling.

The move continues the suspension of payments for all loans owned by the Education Department, maintaining a 0% interest rate and keeping in place a freeze on the collection of defaulted debt.

Free Hits

“In… schools,” we’re told, “the desire to punish is racialised,” and “white people’s feelings often have outsized consequences on People of Colour.” The example given to illustrate this alleged phenomenon is of a white, female art teacher, Dr Stabler’s immediate predecessor, who “was said to have wept at the end of every school day” and who pursued assault charges against a black student who forcibly cut said teacher’s hair. This assault, presumably intended to humiliate the woman and assert dominance over her, is passed over with remarkable ease by Dr Stabler, as if the “white feelings” of the teacher in question, and the implications of such behaviour – and its accommodation by leftist educators – are unworthy of exploration.


Apparently, hearing that your immediate predecessor was assaulted, and reduced to tears on a daily basis – by the same teenagers you’re hoping to teach about art – couldn’t possibly be a warning sign, or have any informational content, beyond a belief that those indulging in the disruption and assault must be steeped in “cultural knowledge,” and are obviously oppressed, and therefore deserving of further latitude.

The woke art teachers are here. Saving us all. 

Covid: the political virus

Will the province of Manitoba issue arrest warrants for the organizers of this rally as they did for an anti-lockdown rally last week? That’s not likely to happen if past experience is a guide. It would seem that the science is settled: Covid is not a threat when gatherings are in support of an approved political cause.

The organizers said they would not grant interviews — they included justifications for holding the rally in the midst of the pandemic in the social media posts.

When asked how the no gathering rule will be enforced at the rally, a provincial spokesman said nothing official is on the books — but the public health order is clear.

The story paywall goes up in the next 24 hours.