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Bombs Away

I just learned there’s a debate on.


Now he’s asking their favorite TV show.

Siri, How Do You Spell “Boondoggle”

Despite spending a gazillion dollars worth of taxpayers money over multiple generations to try and ship things out of Churchill its never really worked. But this time it will be different…

Mackay- Manitoba could become Europe’s not-so-secret weapon against Russia

The port of Churchill, Man., could supply our allies in Europe with Canadian energy to free them from reliance on the Russian oil that fuels Putin’s war machine.

There are challenges, of course, ranging from building pipeline infrastructure and railroads through muskeg and melting permafrost, to contending with winter ice. But none of the challenges is insurmountable with modern engineering and environmental expertise.

In terms of infrastructure, new railways and pipelines would be needed, as would roads, telecommunications infrastructure, a new terminal with an underwater pipeline (mono buoys) and emergency services infrastructure.