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Rock, Paper, Watermelon

Never let them take your guns knives nail scissors;

Knives and scissors have been removed from supermarket shelves in New Zealand after a recent stabbing attack. Supermarket chain Countdown said on Saturday, a partial “knife control” would be in effect for several weeks to prevent stabbing attacks going forward.

This decision came after a Sri Lankan national injured six people at a Countdown location in Auckland last Friday. Authorities said the attacker was inspired by the Islamic State to carry out the attack.

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But Alex Jones is the Crazy One

Jonathan Kay: Why the Canadian left believes kooky theories about coded messages to Nazis

This has got to be the first election in the history of any democratic nation in which the incumbent self-describes as the leader of a genocide state. Yet he also tells us he’s done a bang-up job. You’d think the whole ongoing-genocide thing would be a significant campaign issue, right? At least up there with high ATM fees and electric-car tax credits. But it’s not, because everyone involved — Trudeau, in particular — knows that most voters inhabit a reality-based existence. And so they’re going to have little patience with Matrix-like conspiracy theories about Canada being a nordic Rwanda.

You can see how this complete reversal in tone generates cognitive dissonance for partisans. One moment, Canadians are history’s greatest monsters. (It’s been three months since Justin Trudeau ordered Canadian flags lowered, following the discovery of bodies of children who attended residential schools. When asked when he’ll put the flags back up, a spokesperson said Trudeau was waiting for some unspecified Indigenous community to make the decision for him.) Then the writ gets dropped. And suddenly, patriotism comes back into fashion, and we’re told that life in Canada — far from being a white supremacist dystopia — is so awesome that our PM deserves another term.

Are You Feeling Better Yet?

When the head of your local rape crisis centre is a trans woman:

Wadhwa, a self-styled “strategic thinker,” insists that “therapy is political” – which apparently means that a woman who’s been raped by a man and then seeks help from other women will be told, on the orders of a man, that she “can’t really… recover from trauma” until she “reframes” that experience to incorporate the most modish and deranging iteration of transgender ideology. Failure to do so is “unacceptable” and will of course be “challenged.” Because priorities.

Oh, there’s more.

There is No Zero

Virus gonna virus. 

Zero COVID, the idea that heavy-handed government edicts and population controls can permanently eliminate a coronavirus from a country, is now failing spectacularly everywhere it is being tried.

You might not read about it in western corporate press agencies, but Zero COVID nations are seeing explosions in COVID-19 cases across the board. The widely praised “success story” countries that followed the radical ideology that is Zero COVID have not only failed to contain a virus, but are now witnessing the uncontrolled spread of that virus in their population centers. The governments committed to this pseudoscientific, totalitarian adventure are scrambling for options, and responding by locking down their nations and further violating the rights of their citizens. The lid has flown off the Zero COVID pressure cooker, revealing the shortcomings of such a reckless ideological endeavor. Let’s take a look at how “Zero COVID” nations are holding up:


Canada’s Wokery Store

Jonathan Kay 

Until recently, such intellectual cultism was confined to a handful of privileged professional silos. But it will be interesting to see what happens now that mass retail corporations are signing on. On Thursday, I received a set of anti-racist training documents that were circulated among employees of Sobeys, Canada’s second-largest food store chain.

The documents urge workers to watch videos on “Deconstructing White Privilege,” support Black Lives Matter and generally spend their free (i.e., unpaid) time reading “books and articles” that are consistent with Sobeys’ new diversity and inclusion regime. (There’s also a section urging employees to “reach out and check in” with Black co-workers — the sketch comedy writes itself.)


What’s The Point?

Is this how we’re going to get back to normal or how we’re going to live with Covid?


The Duchess of Cambridge is self-isolating after coming into contact with someone who has since tested positive for Covid-19, a spokesperson for Kensington Palace told CNN on Monday.

“Her Royal Highness is not experiencing any symptoms, but is following all relevant government guidelines and is self-isolating at home,” the spokesperson said.

UK government guidelines stipulate that anyone who has had close contact with an infected person must isolate for 10 days.

The source said the duchess is tested for Covid-19 twice a week with lateral flow tests, in line with the royal household’s testing system. She has also received both doses of her Covid-19 vaccine, the source added.

Canada is Gay

Summit News

The Canadian government has announced it is expanding ‘Pride Month’ for the entire summer and calling it ‘Pride Season’.

Yes, really.

A post on the official government ‘Canadian heritage’ website reveals the change, meaning that LGBT events and narratives will be promoted every year from June until the end of September.

“In Canada, local Pride events span over the course of several months,” states the website. “Pride Season is a unifying term that refers to the period between June and September when LGBTQ2 communities and allies come together at different times throughout the summer to spotlight the resilience, talent, and contributions of LGBTQ2 communities in many Canadian cities.”

Update: Veterans will continue to have one day. (For now anyways)

She’s Baaaack!

Matt Taibbi

No shit, the reader thinks. Instead of trying to amp down her racial anxiety out of basic decency, this author fed hers steroids and protein shakes, growing it to brontosaurus size before dressing it in neon diapers and parading it across America for years in a juggernaut of cringe that’s already secured a place as one of the great carnival grifts of all time. Nice Racism, the rare book that’s unreadable and morally disgusting but somehow also important, is the latest stop on the tour.

Reading DiAngelo is like being strapped to an ice floe in a vast ocean while someone applies metronome hammer-strikes to the the same spot on your temporal bone over and over. You hear ideas repeated ten, twenty, a hundred times, losing track of which story is which. Are we at the workshop where Eva denies she’s a racist because she grew up in Germany, or the one where Bob and Sue deny they’re racist by claiming they think of themselves as individuals, or the one where the owning-class white woman erupts because no one will validate her claim that she’s not racist, because she’s from Canada?


Bari Weiss

Amazon is turning the making of TV and film into the same woke numbers game played at every other elite institution. (Exhibit A: Sixty-eight percent of the students admitted to Princeton’s class of 2025 self-identify as “people of color.”) Moving right along, the Inclusion Playbook taught me that the Arabic word jihad means to “strive and struggle for God,” and is a term that describes “personal betterment.” Sharia, we are told, literally means “the clear, well-trodden path to water.” I also learned about the Yazidis, who are victims of the apparently non-violent jihad waged by the Arab League (also covered in this document!). Do I even need to tell you that there is no mention of Israel or of Jews? The playbook explains that “the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion requires all of us to disrupt those biases, and the longstanding customs and practices in the industry, in order to achieve real, lasting change. This work is not easy to do, but don’t worry, we’re in this together.”

Took All Our Rights

Put them in a rights museum.

The report pointed to a pattern of gendered racism being perpetuated against racialized men within the museum specifically against Black men, taking the form of sexualizing and fetishizing of certain Black and racialized men and stereotyping Black men as “dangerous and predatory.”

Khan said the museum has spent more than 4,000 hours on employee training in recent months to address sexual harassment as well as systemic racism and colonialism.

I’m still waiting for the Andy McMechan memorial.