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Stand Firm, Gretchen!

Now is the time to lead.

Enbridge has secured permits from Michigan Department of Environment Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE), but still need approvals from the Michigan Public Service Commission and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers before they can begin construction.
Gov. Witless and the same gaggle of environmental terrorist organizations have been opposing those permits as well.

Western Canadians can send a note of support and encouragement to the Governor here.

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This Is Not Your Grandma’s Humane Society

Fence Post;

The Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine announced, without input from doctors of veterinary medicine students, faculty or external stakeholders, the cancellation of terminal surgical teaching procedures. For large and small animal owners, this means graduates will have more limited surgical experience upon graduation.
In a letter from Dr. Melinda Frye, associate dean for Veterinary Academic and Student Affairs, professor, Biomedical Sciences, announced the change, the strong support of Dean Mark Stetter, and the implementation of a “longitudinal surgical training program based on multispecies application of foundational principles and skills, using models, cadavers, virtual reality, and authentic clinic and field experiences.”
In response, a group of CSU-trained veterinary practitioners are voicing their deep concern that the change will be detrimental to the students, the veterinary profession, and the general welfare of animal clients, large and small.
Dr. Chad Zadina, a 2009 graduate of the program, said the outcome will be quite the opposite, damaging the welfare of animals. In Zadina’s experience, practitioners, especially in rural areas currently experiencing a grave shortage of veterinarians, a wide range of surgical procedures are often expected of practitioners. Zadina said when he was faced with this wide array of procedures on several species as a new graduate, he wasn’t as prepared as he could have been but possessed adequate skills to perform general surgeries as well as more specialized procedures independently.

Insectavore pod people of the future won’t need animals, so progress.

Clowns With Poison

Or “equity transformation specialists”:

One might instead argue that this supposedly “white” “obsession” with “mechanical time” – which is to say, basic foresight and punctuality – or just adulthood – has very little to do with oppressing the negro, as Mr Moore claims, and rather more to do with courtesy and treating other people as if they were real, just as real as you, and no more deserving of delays, frustration, or gratuitous disrespect.

It seems to me that punctuality is not only about getting things done, about practicality and cooperation, but about getting over yourself. And presumably, Mr Moore – the one reducing black children to strange and otherly beings, unmoored by mere temporal concerns – would prefer his payments for this claptrap, aired to teachers and school administrators, to materialise promptly. Not, say, three weeks late. Or hey, whenever.

The Buzzing In Her Head Just Won’t Stop

“It hurts people when they see a white man bouncing a brown baby on their lap!”

Following the recent item on Robin DiAngelo and her lamentable bestseller White Fragility, some of you may have been wondering, “What kind of person is drawn to and internalises this neurotically demented horseshit?”

Well. Here’s a possible answer, captured for posterity during a live-streamed meeting of the New York City Community Education Council on June 29.