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I, Pocahontas

At the University of Saskatchewan choosing your gender is science.

The school’s board voted Tuesday to ban discrimination based on a person’s gender identity, two-spirit identity or gender expression.

Also, race is a social construct.

A significant policy change at the University of Saskatchewan is going to implement a documentation verification process to confirm the membership and citizenship of people with Indigenous heritage.

Thus concludes today’s Ways Of Knowing* update.

Great Moments in Trash Talk

The wussification of professional sports continues.

New York Times- White Sox Call Josh Donaldson’s ‘Jackie’ Comments Racist

Donaldson, the Yankees’ third baseman, said his remarks to Tim Anderson referenced a magazine article in which Anderson said he was “today’s Jackie Robinson.”

White Sox Manager Tony La Russa didn’t mince words when he was asked what happened between Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson and Chicago shortstop Tim Anderson on Saturday.
“He made a racist comment,” La Russa said of Donaldson. “That’s all I’m going to say.”

What we need is “insensitivity” training for thin skinned mid-wits.

My “Truth” is nothing but THE TRUTH™

Jonathon Kay- When Disagreement Becomes Trauma

How does one deal with those who claim that debate itself represents an agony beyond human endurance?

Like the report as a whole, the supplied definition of “truthing” contained within is written in a way that makes dissent impossible: It is “the act of stating truths on subject matter considered difficult and/or dangerous knowledge, in contexts of hyper policing, surveilling, and micro-managing of racialized bodies … while simultaneously addressing power relations and injustices which actively interrogate the discomfort, denial, disavowal, erasure, and censure that accompanies truthing the subject-matter.” In other words, to refute a truthing isn’t an act of mere disagreement, but rather a symptom of the truth-denier’s bigotry and intellectual dishonesty.

Not A Biologist

These is a moment of intersectionality opportunity. Do not allow the left the luxury of the word “woman” in the context of this nearly erupted debate wherever it arises. Correct them at every turn. Remind them they are not biologists. Shove their preferred pronouns back down their throats until they gag.

Womyn Against The Occupaaayshun

Mask-wearing outside, check.

Self-identified feminists who have fought so very many, many battles, battle scarred because feminism, gender something, equality something, and war-weary, check.

(Why do they all look like this?!?!)

LITERALLY SHAKING because big man with HONK HONK!




Could I love this clip more?