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Transgender Is A Stalking Horse For The Normalization Of Pedophilia

I can find no mention of this in the local news.

Saskatoon parents are protesting after a man who identified as a female repeatedly walked around naked in the girls changing room during young children’s swimming lesson times at the Shaw Centre.

The protest happened at Saskatoon City Hall on Saturday and had about 25 people at it in the frigid weather. And they vow they will be back next Saturday at 2 pm..

Buffalo Party’s Mark “Grizzly Patriot” Friesen said the weather did not help with the turnout and they will be back.

“-33C with windchill kept some people away, I guess. Next weekend it’s on again. We can’t stop until we get the policy changed. We have to protect the kids. #stopthepedos Thanks to everyone who braved the cold!” tweeted Friesen.

The man has walked repeatedly around the changing room with no towel or underwear. So, everything can be seen by little girls while they change for their swim classes.

“A male that identifies as female was in the female change room and walking around completely naked. No towel, no underwear,” said a parent in a Facebook group.

Parents have complained to the Shaw Centre about the man who identifies as transgender.

The Shaw Centre staff told parents that anyone could use whatever change room aligns with their gender identity.

“I have spoken with a supervisor and was told anyone can use any change room based on what gender they identify with,” said a parent in a Facebook group.

The Western Standard called the Shaw Centre and was told the same policy.

That’s what normalization looks like.

Harry Potter And The Prison Penis Pretzel Pickle

JK Rowling draws and quarters.

She tweeted: ‘So in Nicola Sturgeon’s Scotland, trans women AREN’T women if they’re convicted double rapists, like Adam ‘Isla Bryson’ Graham. 

‘However, trans woman and paedophile Katie Dolatowski, who covertly filmed a 12-year-old and attempted to rape a 10-year-old, both offences committed in women’s public bathrooms, IS a woman and remains in the women’s prison from which Adam Graham is to be removed.’


Meanhile, in Canada: 44% of incarcerated “Transwomen” are sexual offenders.

Transgender Is A Stalking Horse For The Normalization Of Pedophilia


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) must provide the state of Florida with documentation on why it supports gender transitions for minors and any communication with its members about that decision-making process, a District Court ruled.

The AAP is involved in a lawsuit against Florida over a new rule established last year that prohibits the use of Medicaid funds on sex changes and other transgender-related care. The AAP signed on in support of the plaintiffs, leading Florida to subpoena it and numerous other organizations for information on their policies toward individuals with gender dysphoria and how those policies were developed, as first reported by the Daily Caller.

Was The Pope Catholic?

Yes, yes he was: Secret Pope Benedict book is published blasting progressive Pope Francis, reveals US Catholic seminaries are havens of ‘gay clubs’

In a book by the late Pope Benedict XVI, published posthumously, the pontiff wrote that homosexual clubs openly operate in Catholic seminaries, which prepare candidates to become priests. Much of this activity is specifically in the United States, he wrote. 

Benedict’s posthumous writings also heavily criticize current Pope Francis, who Benedict says is pushing a progressive agenda. Benedict, who died on December 31 at 95, wrote that the church was on the verge of “collapse” and said that priests and bishops were being permitted to watch porn at the seminaries.

The current one, not so much.

Now Is The Time At SDA When We Pay Homage To The Las Vegas Nostradamus

“I’ve just flown in from California, where they’ve made homosexuality legal. I thought I’d get out before they make it compulsory.”

The Spite Is Inexhaustible

When bedlamites want you fired:

Kara Lynne, the now-ex community manager of [games distributor] Limited Run, was reportedly fired following complaints from a trans activist on Twitter who had dissected Lynne’s social media history. Jonathan “Jessica” Blank, a trans-identified male better known in the My Little Pony fan community as Purple Tinker, published a Twitter thread on January 6 accusing Lynne of “transphobia” and tagging Limited Run Games in an apparent effort to have her penalised.

The so-called infractions Blank levelled against Lynne included that she had been following popular conservative social media account Libs of TikTok, and had posted a tweet expressing opposition to self-identification laws in 2016. Other alleged examples of transphobia included that Lynne had expressed support for the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy video game.

One of these.

Transgender Is A Stalking Horse For The Normalization Of Pedophilia

Post Millenial;

A Dutch investigative report has revealed that the 2006 study upon which the entire medical experiment of child sex changes is based was funded by a maker of puberty blockers.

The NRC article, published on Dec 31, takes aim at the treatment approach known as the “Dutch protocol,” which involves blocking the puberty of adolescents who are suffering from gender dysphoria and forms the basis for the “gender-affirming care” model adopted by pediatric gender clinics all over the world.

The Dutch protocol was the result of a deeply flawed 2006 study which it has now been revealed was funded by Ferring pharmaceuticals, the company that markets the drug Triptorelin as a puberty blocker.