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When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal

Not in this case: “There are bigger things that affect the nation than a possible lie to the FBI.”

FBI Has Maintained ‘Secure Workspace’ Inside Dem Law Firm Perkins Coie Since 2012

Perkins Coie told the Republicans in the letter that “the FBI is responsible for maintaining a secure work environment,” Fox News Host Tucker Carlson reported Tuesday night. “That work space—whatever it is—is still in operation today,” Carlson added.

Gaetz appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to talk about this shocking new revelation.

The Florida congressman explained that he had learned from a whistleblower that Perkins Coie, “the law firm that received 42 million dollars from the Democrat party,” had been sharing a workspace with the FBI.

“Why in the world would that be the case?” Gaetz asked. “Why would [FBI Director] Christopher Wray allow it to continue?”

Gaetz told Carlson incredulously that a person operating out of that work space for the past 12 months was none other than Michael Sussmann himself.

When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal

Washington Free Beacon;

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton approved a plan during the 2016 campaign to feed false allegations of Trump-Russia collusion to the media, her campaign manager said Friday.

Testifying to a federal court in the trial of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, Robby Mook noted that Clinton signed off on a scheme to send journalists data about possible links between Donald Trump and Russia’s Alfa Bank. The effort was successful, as a news outlet just days before the election published a story that alleged covert connections between Trump and the bank. The allegation has since been debunked, with the FBI finding there was not a nefarious link between Trump and Alfa Bank.

Mook’s testimony is the first confirmation that Clinton was involved in the decision to give the Trump-Alfa Bank story to journalists. Mook said that campaign leaders “weren’t totally confident in” the allegations and wanted to share them with reporters to investigate further. Mook said he discussed the strategy with Clinton, who okayed the plan.

Slate on Oct. 31, 2016, published a report that said a team of anonymous computer researchers had discovered that Trump’s real estate company, the Trump Organization, had a secret communications channel with Alfa Bank. Unmentioned in the story was that the computer researchers were collaborating with Sussmann and other political operatives working for the Clinton campaign.

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When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal


The judge in the case of Democratic cybersecurity lawyer Michael Sussmann has agreed to review dozens of records currently withheld because of assertions of attorney-client privilege by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign to see if they have been improperly concealed.

The agreement is a win for special counsel John Durham in his case against Sussmann, who has been indicted on charges of concealing his clients, the Clinton campaign and tech executive Rodney Joffe, from FBI general counsel James Baker when he pushed eventually debunked claims of a secret back channel between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank.

Judge Christopher Cooper said Wednesday he would grant the government’s motion, arguing he did not believe it was breaking attorney-client privilege for him to review the records in dispute in an “in camera” setting, away from the public and the press.

British ex-spy Christopher Steele created a dossier on then-candidate Donald Trump after being hired by the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which was itself hired by the Perkins Coie law firm and Marc Elias, the general counsel for Clinton’s campaign. […]

The Clinton campaign’s filing last week included a declaration from Elias, who claimed, “Fusion’s role was to provide consulting services” that Perkins was giving related to defamation and libel laws.

Fusion co-founders Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch wrote in their 2019 book that they met with Elias in April 2016.

Fritsch told Elias, “We think you guys will really want to pay attention to the Russia angle.”

“This angle was all new to Elias, and he loved it,” Fusion said.

The judge quoted from an email by Fritsch to a reporter in October 2016 in which the Fusion co-founder said to “do the f***ing Alfa bank secret comms story.”

The judge said: “How is that assisting Mr. Elias providing legal advice? … That is assisting a media strategy.”

The judge said he was “not convinced” that the Clinton campaign should just have a blanket assertion of privilege.

When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal

On Monday night, special counsel John Durham released what could be the smoking gun in the case against Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann in his investigation of Russiagate. According to newly published documents, Sussman, who was indicted last September for concealing his clients, messaged the FBI general counsel on Sept. 18, 2016, and said unambiguously that he was not working for any client while he was, in fact, working for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. […]

Sussmann was charged with lying to the FBI for his false claim that he wasn’t working on behalf of a client when he delivered the bogus Trump dirt to federal agents. Sussmann claimed that Trump had a secret communications channel with the Kremlin. FBI agents found no evidence that such a channel existed. Sussmann’s lawyers have been trying to get the case against him dismissed but likely won’t have any luck since tangible evidence of Sussmann’s lie has now been produced.

Plenty more here.

When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal

Well, this’ll teach them.

The Federal Election Commission has fined the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for lying about the funding of the infamous, and discredited, Russian “dossier” used in a smear attempt against Donald Trump weeks before he shocked the world with his 2016 presidential victory.

The election agency said that Clinton and the DNC violated strict rules on describing expenditures of payments funneled to the opposition research firm Fusion GPS through their law firm.

Ukraine’s Deadly Gamble

After all, Putin’s reputation until this moment has always been as a shrewd ex-KGB man who eschewed high-risk gambles in favor of sure things …

That Ukraine has allowed itself to be used as a pawn against a powerful neighbor is in part the fault of Kyiv’s reckless and corrupt political class. But Ukraine is not a superpower that owes allies and client-states judicious leadership—that’s the role of the United States. And in that role, the United States has failed Ukraine. More broadly, the use of Ukraine as a goad against enemies domestic and foreign has recklessly damaged the failing yet necessary European security architecture that America spent 75 years building and maintaining.

Why can’t the American security establishment shoulder responsibility for its role in the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine? Because to discuss American responsibility openly would mean exposing the national security establishment’s role in two separate, destructive coups: the first, in 2014, targeting the government of Ukraine, and the second, starting two years later, the government of the United States.

In the last year there have been two attempted “pro-democracy” inter-elite coups in pro-Kremlin states on Russian borders: Belarus and Kazakhstan. Both of those so-called “color revolutions” failed, but Ukraine represents a much more pressing concern, especially given the country’s push for NATO membership, which Biden officials like Secretary of State Antony Blinken publicly encouraged last year with no intention or possibility of actually making it possible. Yet rather than compelling the United States to rethink the wisdom of planting the NATO flag on Russia’s border, Putin’s escalating rhetoric—and troop movements—only made the Biden team dig in deeper.

This is a game that Biden and key figures in his administration have been playing for a long time, beginning with the 2013-14 Obama administration-backed coup that toppled a Russia-friendly government in Kyiv. This was the so-called Maidan Revolution, a sequel of sorts to the George W. Bush-backed Orange Revolution of 2004-05. Much of that same Obama foreign policy team—Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Victoria Nuland, Susan Rice, and others—is now back in the White House and State Department working in senior posts for a president who personally ran Obama’s Ukraine policy.

What did all these figures have in mind for Ukraine? The White House and U.S. foreign policy experts from both parties are united in claiming that Ukraine is a U.S. ally, a democracy, and a beacon of freedom, which are no doubt fine words to hear when you have been left to fight Vladimir Putin on your own. But to understand what Ukraine truly is, we must start where all geopolitics begins: by looking at a map.

Grab a coffee. This is a good one.

When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal

The Durham Probe Has ‘Accelerated’

Many have expressed frustration with the lack of developments from Durham’s investigation. “Where’s Durham?” Trump asked in a statement released last March. “Is he a living, breathing human being? Will there ever be a Durham report?”

But the lack of developments prior to Friday was not for a lack of progress.

According to the Fox News sources, John Durham, unlike Robert Mueller, has run his investigation “very professionally,” the investigation’s activities are rarely leaked, and more witnesses are “cooperating” and testifying before the federal grand jury than have previously been reported.

Roger Simon (via Instapundit) – [It] was all instigated by people close to Hillary Clinton or, quite possibly, by Hillary herself. We don’t know yet. One of those involved we do know was Jake Sullivan, currently our national security adviser, charged with overseeing the conflict on the Ukraine–Russia border. Think about that. What a disgrace to our country that is. If you and I know about it, every nation in the world knows it.

Bill’s Wife

There’s nothing that Trump would relish more than beating her twice;

Bad approval ratings, two-dozen Democratic retirements, and nothing to run on is a recipe for a wipeout year. So, how can Democrats turn things around? Pass a compromised spending bill that can get bipartisan support, clamp down on criminal illegal aliens, get saner about COVID? Nope. They’re looking to …Hillary Clinton for salvation in 2024

Deathstyles Of The Rich And Famous

Loose ends, tied in a bow;

U.S. prosecutors decided to end their criminal case against two Manhattan jail guards who admitted to falsifying records on the night the financier Jeffrey Epstein killed himself on their watch.

In a Thursday filing in Manhattan federal court, prosecutors asked a judge to dismiss claims against Tova Noel and Michael Thomas, after both complied with the six-month deferred prosecution agreements they agreed to in May.