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We Don’t Need No Stinking Giant Mirrors

Scientists unearth a consequence of solar panels in the Sahara…

While the black surfaces of solar panels absorb most of the sunlight that reaches them, only a fraction (around 15%) of that incoming energy gets converted to electricity. The rest is returned to the environment as heat. The panels are usually much darker than the ground they cover, so a vast expanse of solar cells will absorb a lot of additional energy and emit it as heat, affecting the climate.
If these effects were only local, they might not matter in a sparsely populated and barren desert. But the scale of the installations that would be needed to make a dent in the world’s fossil energy demand would be vast, covering thousands of square kilometers. Heat re-emitted from an area this size will be redistributed by the flow of air in the atmosphere, having regional and even global effects on the climate. […]
Covering 20% of the Sahara with solar farms raises local temperatures in the desert by 1.5°C according to our model. At 50% coverage, the temperature increase is 2.5°C. This warming is eventually spread around the globe by the atmosphere and ocean movement, raising the world’s average temperature by 0.16°C for 20% coverage, and 0.39°C for 50% coverage. The global temperature shift is not uniform though – the polar regions would warm more than the tropics, increasing sea ice loss in the Arctic. This could further accelerate warming, as melting sea ice exposes dark water which absorbs much more solar energy.

Y2Kyoto: The Province Has A Fever

February 13th;

Broadview, -41.4 (previous record was -37.2 set in 1967)
Coronach, -37.2 (previous record was -33.1 set in 2020)
Elbow, -40.1 (previous record was -33.3 set in 1973)
Hudson Bay, -41.9 (previous record was -40.6 set in 1974)
Indian Head, -41.1 (previous record was -38.9 set in 1906)
Kindersley, – 36.4 (previous record was -34.4 set in 1951)
Last Mountain Lake, -42.5 (previous record was -34.0 set in 1990)
Lucky Lake, -36.3 (previous record was -31.7 set in 1973)
Meadow Lake, -37.6 (previous record was -37.5 set in 2020)
Melfort, -41.7 (previous record was -39.4 set in 1936)
Nipawin, -43.9 (previous record was -42.8 set in 1936)
Rockglen, -32.9 (previous record was -31.2 set in 2020)
Rosetown, -38.1 (previous record was -36.7 set in 1922)
Watrous, -41.5 (previous record was -35.1 set in 2020)
Weyburn, -38.4 (previous record was -33.9 set in 1970)
Wynyard, -39.2 (previous record was -33 set in 2007)
Yorkton, -39.2 (previous record was -35.6 set in 1951)

Green Fools

More here:

Natural gas shortages and frozen wind turbines were already curtailing power output when the Arctic blast began knocking generators offline early Monday morning.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, which is responsible for scheduling power and ensuring the reliability of the electrical network, declared a statewide power generation shortfall emergency and asked electricity delivery companies to reduce load through controlled outages.

More than 4 million customers were without power in Texas, including some 1.2 million in the Houston area, the worst power crisis in the state in a decade. The forced outages are expected to last at least through part of Tuesday, the state grid manager said.

What Would We Do Without Tech Billionaires?

Bill Gates will do for climate what Steve Jobs did for cancer;

Microsoft’s MSFT +0.5% billionaire founder Bill Gates is financially backing the development of sun-dimming technology that would potentially reflect sunlight out of Earth’s atmosphere, triggering a global cooling effect. The Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), launched by Harvard University scientists, aims to examine this solution by spraying non-toxic calcium carbonate (CaCO3) dust into the atmosphere — a sun-reflecting aerosol that may offset the effects of global warming.
Widespread research into the efficacy of solar geoengineering has been stalled for years due to controversy. Opponents believe such science comes with unpredictable risks, including extreme shifts in weather patterns not dissimilar to warming trends we are already witnessing. Environmentalists similarly fear that a dramatic shift in mitigation strategy will be treated as a green light to continue emitting greenhouse gases with little to no changes in current consumption and production patterns.

Y2Kyoto: Himalayan Meltwater

Because if there’s one thing that defines “expert” it’s the ability to reach instant conclusions;

Indian rescue crews struggled to reach trapped victims Sunday after part of a glacier in the Himalayas broke off and released a torrent of water and debris that slammed into two hydroelectric plants. At least nine people were killed and 140 were missing in a disaster experts said appeared to point to global warming. […]

A hydroelectric plant on the Alaknanda was destroyed, and a plant under construction on the Dhauliganga was damaged, said Vivek Pandey, a spokesperson for the paramilitary Indo Tibetan Border Police. Flowing out of the Himalayan mountains, the two rivers meet before merging with the Ganges River.

Seems legit.

Not everyone’s convinced.

Video here.

Y2Kyoto: Enjoy The Decline

A Remarkable Decline in Landfalling Hurricanes:;

Last week a paper published in Science concluded that worldwide, “To date, there has been no firm evidence of global trends of the frequency of tropical cyclones with maximum wind speed above the hurricane-force wind (64 knots) at landfall.” That finding, which confirms our work, was based on data since 1982. But what happens when we take a look further back in time? What we find might surprise you.

New York City on track for fourth heaviest snowfall since 1869

Whether it’s the Wuhan pandemic reaction, or Gamestop-gate, or “Antifa is just an idea”, or countless other topics, it’s beyond amusing to see Facts smash the phoney narratives spun by Lefist-friendly “experts”, be they in the media, academia, or government.

Now, the Global Warming pundits will have a difficult time explaining Storm Oriena.  You can watch the balmy weather here.

The umbrella question for ALL of these things is: “Why do otherwise intelligent people keep getting fooled by all of these lying propagandists?!?”

Update: Not Photoshopped.  Observed on the Times Square “crossroads” webcam @ 6:57pm EST.

The Nemeth Report: A New Global Paradigm

Via email;

The province of Alberta last year commissioned a report to understand the influence of foreign entities working against the Alberta Petroleum industry. While the final report is not yet released, some of the supporting documentation and reports are now online.

The site is: and the most damning of the supporting reports is

It is a long read and there is an addendum report that is also available (below) as this initial supporting report was produced early last year. The addendum was produced in November.

Needless to say, the lefty sites have been going nuts trying to discredit the inquiry and the reports, so someone is certainly hitting the nail on the head. Vice, CBC, G&M, etc are all going after the authors and trying to block the report in court.
Thus is the addendum report:
Note, one needs to click through the engagement process button to get to all the files.
People need to read these files, unfortunately they are quite in-depth and so it is not a light reading session.

Let’s do a crowdsource on this one: the comments are open for that purpose and directly related commentary only.


Y2Kyoto: The Rain In Spain

Falls mainly in sheets of snow and ice;

Spain registered its coldest temperature in recorded history on Wednesday, January 6 with the Catalan Pyrenees logging a bone-chilling -34.1C (-29.3F).
Yesterday’s reading busted the all-time low temperature record for the Iberian Peninsula–which also includes Portugal. The record had stood since February 2, 1956 (solar minimum of cycle 18) when a reading of -32C (-25.6F) was observed in Estany-Gento, located in the province of Lleida.