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Featured comment from Chris;

The Federal Liberals and the BC NDP government are still ignoring the elected Wet’suwet’en leaders and siding with the radical hereditory “chiefs” in their quest to derail gas pipelines.
They are NOT, however, ignoring their own friends, in the process

“(Former NDP MP Nathan) Cullen is being paid $250 an hour by the province up to a maximum of $2,000 per day, (BC NDP Minister of Indigenous Relations Scott) Fraser told the house, adding: “His rates are at a reasonable average.”
To date, Cullen has been paid $87,805 in fees and $2,593 in expenses, the ministry told Rob Shaw of The Vancouver Sun.
The New Democrats also recruited another federal New Democrat, former MP Murray Rankin, to lend a helping hand with the Wet’suwet’en. Since he resigned his federal seat in June of last year, he has been paid $122,278.87 in fees and $6,696.73 in expenses.

So to recap: a $220,000 payout to two former federal New Democrats and the elected chiefs still remain opposed to the process.”

And that’s why Reader Tips was created — so that others can do my work for me.

Visit Mount Rushmore While You Still Can

The sound of Trump’s second term: … second South Dakota tribal leader called for the removal of the four sculptures on Mount Rushmore, which is carved into land sacred to the Lakota Sioux.

Chief Big Screen TV

Globe & Mail;

“These are First Nations lands. This is Indian land. Stay off our lands unless you are invited,” said Chief Bobby Cameron of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations.
Public-health orders do not supersede First Nations law and treaties, Mr. Cameron says, adding that maintaining tradition and ceremony is even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Our ceremonies, our sun dances, our sweat lodges, our pipe ceremonies will continue and no matter what any government or what the RCMP may try to say or do, those ways are going to continue.” […]
Indigenous Services Canada did not respond to a request for comment.

Related: The Liberal government has created entirely new divisions within the Wet’suwet’en Nation in its effort to sign an agreement with the community, according to elected leaders of the First Nation and one hereditary chief who sees the deal as a power grab by a select few Indigenous leaders.

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We Are All Treaty People$


NOBODY SAW THIS COMING Wet’suwet’en hereditary leader says they remain opposed to the Coastal GasLink pipeline

The Land Is Sacred

Assembly of First Nations

Indigenous peoples are caretakers of Mother Earth and realize and respect her gifts of
water, air and fire. First Nations peoples’ have a special relationship with the earth and all living things in it. This relationship is based on a profound spiritual connection to Mother Earth that guided indigenous peoples to practice reverence, humility and reciprocity. It is also based on the subsistence needs and values extending back thousands of years. It is also based on the subsistence needs and values extending back thousands of years. Hunting, gathering, and fishing to secure food includes harvesting food for self, family, the elderly, widows, the community, and for ceremonial purposes. Everything is taken and used with the understanding that we take only what we need, and we must use great care and be aware of how we take and how much of it so that future generations will not be put in peril.

We Are All Treaty People$

This is Trudeau’s mob.


Chief Big Screen TV

Even as Phillips’ accusations fell apart, the media sidestepped these glaring inaccuracies and provided the Ypsilanti, Michigan man a sympathetic forum in which to air his grievances. After some pushback, the press began reporting on some of the inconsistencies surrounding Phillips’ story. More significant questions remain unasked, though, especially concerning the Native Youth Alliance, the purported non-profit Phillips started.


Oh, Shiny Prime Minister!

Panderstein’s Monster returns to confront him.

“The original plan was eight people around the table or so, representing all the different regions, bringing forward concerns … and the first section took 45 minutes, and every single person spoke around the table,” Trudeau is heard saying in the video.


“That’s not fair. That’s not fair. That’s not the way … I’m really, really upset with this. It wasn’t for me to interrupt previous speakers, but (FSIN Chief) Bobby (Cameron), there shouldn’t have been every single person speaking for eight minutes.


“That is not the spirit of reconciliation, of the nation-to-nation relationship we’re supposed to have,” Trudeau added, noting that his “absolute time cap” was 9:05 a.m. Around 9:45 a.m. on Wednesday he addressed the party’s caucus meeting.

Ha ha ha ha ha…

Why Is There Always A Big Screen TV?

Kamloops-area indigenous activist Kanahus Manuel is from the local Neskonlith First Nation. Over the past couple of years, she has become the figurehead of a Greenpeace-driven activist campaign called Tiny House Warriors. Tiny House Warriors uses extremist language to fan intolerance over “settlers” and the pipeline, gaining publicity as it deploys small structures it calls “tiny houses” on the right of way of the pipeline expansion.


She is also the owner of a gas station.

We Are All Treaty Chihuahuas

A “suspected Indian status scam”.

When Louis Côté became suspicious of a Toronto-based laboratory that tests people’s DNA to determine their ancestry, he decided to try an experiment by submitting a sample from his girlfriend’s dog for analysis.


According to the results, Côté shares more than a friendship with Snoopy the chihuahua; they share the exact same Indigenous ancestry.


“I thought it was a joke,” Côté said. “The company is fooling people … the tests are no good.”

As opposed to the one run out of Ottawa.

Why Is There Always A Big Screen TV?

MMIW inquiry granted 6-month extension

The national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls is getting an additional six months to complete its work. […]


Department officials said they will work with the inquiry to determine the budget. The Liberal government had initially earmarked $53.8 million and two years for the inquiry to complete its work.

They need more money to come to their predetermined conclusions.

Why Is There Always A Big Screen TV?


Louie’s experience is indicative of a widening rift between Indigenous communities and activists over natural resources, particularly in British Columbia, the focal point of major green campaigns generously funded by U.S. interests to thwart oil and gas exports.
The campaigns consistently portray a united Indigenous anti-development front and allies of the green movement, but some Indigenous leaders are becoming alarmed that they could be permanently frozen out of the mainstream economy if resource projects don’t go ahead.
They said in interviews they’ve had enough of activists invading their lands, misleading them about their agendas, recruiting token members to front their causes, sowing mistrust and conflict, and using hard-line tactics against those who don’t agree.
“The best way to describe it is eco-colonialism,” said Ken Brown, a former chief of the Klahoose First Nation in southwestern B.C. “You are seeing a very pervasive awakening among these First Nations leaders about what is going on in the environmental community.”

Lay down with liars, you’re gonna get lied to.

Why Is There Always A Big Screen TV?


The former Liberal candidate appointed by Indigenous-Crown Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett to conduct consultations on First Nation child welfare issues was given a $437,000 contract to do eight months of work, according to internal documents.
Bennett appointed Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux, chair of truth and reconciliation at Lakehead University, as her special representative on child welfare in August 2016. The appointment, which ended on March 31, was made following the January 2016 ruling from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal which found Ottawa discriminated against First Nation children by under-funding child welfare services on-reserve.
Wesley-Esquimaux, who ran for the Liberals in 2011, was required to conduct consultations on child welfare, act as a mediator and conduct media interviews and produce a report on the issue, according to the contract obtained by NDP MP Charlie Angus.

Emphasis mine.

Why Is There Always A Big Screen TV?

Financial Post;

The First Nations Financial Transparency Act is simple: It requires First Nations to publish salaries and expenses for chief and council as well as basic financial documents online — the kind of information the rest of us can get with a Google search. The overwhelming majority of First Nations follow the law, but Onion Lake is one of six bands that have never complied. The previous Conservative government withheld non-essential funding from those bands, but the new Liberal government suspended all enforcement.
Charmaine’s victory enforces the legislation and for her it’s a very personal victory. The stay-at-home mom went on a 13-day hunger strike to demand accountability from her leaders during the summer of 2014. They told her she’d never get anywhere. She now has judicial validation.
The most fascinating parts of this ruling are the arguments Onion Lake left out. Rather than contesting matters of fact, Onion Lake asked the court to stay Charmaine’s application until other court proceedings conclude. Justice B.A. Barrington-Foote rejected the stay application.

Good for her.

Are We Still A Member Of This Thing?

Where every culture is equal, except your own;

Indigenous advocates from around the world are calling on a UN committee to make appropriating Indigenous cultures illegal — and to do it quickly.
Delegates from 189 countries, including Canada, are in Geneva this week as part of a specialized international committee within the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a United Nations agency.
Since it began in 2001, the committee has been working on creating and finishing three pieces of international law that would expand intellectual-property regulations to protect things like Indigenous designs, dances, words and traditional medicines.

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