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C’mon Doug & Justin, Just Assign Them Yellow Stars and Haul Them Away to the Internment Camps!

It’s not clear why Canada’s illustrious political “leaders” are taking the slow “drip-drip-drip” approach to destroying people’s lives and liveliehoods. They really need to get on with incarcerating these violent criminals. After all, isn’t that what the polls show their supporters want?!

The Leaky Tank restaurant in Sarnia, Ontario.

Let’s Prevent History From Repeating Itself

As we leave 2021 and enter 2022, let’s never lose sight of the step-by-step othering of individuals that has occurred in times past. When you hear a politician or a member of the media or a celebrity or a stranger or a friend or a family member start talking about “us and them” and why “we” must discriminate against “them”, know with every fiber of your being that they are truly no different than their totalitarian ancestors throughout history. If their views go unchecked, really bad things are certain to happen.

Why People Are Against the Current Approach to Managing Covid

Throughout the Western World, there seems to be a shared belief amongst many governments about how to manage Covid.  Their policies have repeatedly proven to be abject failures yet they keep on doing the same things over & over, expecting different results.

A brilliant podcast out of the UK is called Planet Normal.  On their most recent episode, they read a letter from a woman named Sarah.  Does it hit any chords with you?

Dear Copilots,

Thanks for providing me with laughter, tears, and reason this year.  You’ve interviewed some inspirational people and, strengthened by them and both of you, I have found my voice.  I’ve started writing to express my feelings about this whole awful lockdown situation.  And for the first time since the poll tax, I’ve joined a demonstration.  Some 500 of us marched through Bournemouth last Saturday to the bemusement of some Christmas shoppers.  We were there for many and varied reasons.  It was peaceful, if a little noisy. The policing was light touch and the press coverage was even lighter. My reasons for going on the march are not easily summarized but I wrote a short article after I’d attended.

Why am I here? I’m here for the children whose lives may be permanently marred by the masks, the disruptive schooling, the exposure to abuse and the fear that’s been instilled in them. The babies with impaired development because they’ve not been in contact with other people and learned to read faces. I’m here for the working classes, the folk who have continued to work while others have cozied up on their sofa with their laptops: the refuse collectors, the shop workers, the delivery drivers, the care home workers, the engineers that have kept electricity, gas, and water flowing – ordinary people working in extraordinary circumstances.  I’m here for the 50,000+ undiagnosed cancers and the people waiting for much needed surgery, for all the parents stuck at home educating their children in small flats or trying to hold down jobs. I’m here for all the parents with special needs kids, who have cared for them when they should have had some relief by sending them to school; the same special needs children whose mental and physical well being has deteriorated from a lack of social and physical therapy and stimulation. I’m here for the women who have had to go through labour and sometimes birth alone, or receive heartbreaking news about their unborn children as they’ve attended scans all alone. I’m here for those that took their own lives as they couldn’t bear the loneliness and isolation, for those denied the right to communal worship, taking solace and comfort with others. I’m here for those who spent last Christmas alone and watched their relatives’ last moments on a mobile phone whilst Whitehall partied, for the men, women, and children forced to stay inside with their abusers, for the elderly in care homes confused by the absence of family and friends that once visited them. I’m here for the people who’ve lost their jobs, for businesses that have closed and may still close: families and lives that may never recover. I’m here for the students whose higher education dream turned into a dystopia of Zoom lectures and confinement to residence halls. I’m here for all the single men whose pints in the pub was their lifeline; for many, the only time in the day they had conversation and company. And I’m here because I care about my freedom, your freedom, and that of the whole human race. I’m here because I’m angry, human, and because I care.

Shut Up and Stay in Your Place, Bigots!

Do you want fair elections?  Do you believe that governments should be accountable to voters?  Do you disagree with children being indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory?  Do you have issues with Antifa?  Do you disagree with the way that Fauci and Biden have handled Covid?  Then you’re a horrible far-right person and deserve to be destroyed!

So writes Portland, Oregon based journo-activist, Sergio Olmos, in Britain’s version of Pravda, The Guardian.

Do you remember that very peculiar protest in DC by a group calling itself Patriot Front, in which all of the participants looked strangely like FBI officers?  According to Olmos, that event is representative of the far-right threat in America.

This screed in the Guardian is, in actuality, a thinly veiled attempt to criticize Steve Bannon and his efforts to rid the American political system of communists and wokeratis whose aim is clearly set on destroying the fabric of American society.  How dare Bannon fight back against these totalitarian thugs that Olmos and his BFF, Jared Holt, are so fond of!

If you’re looking for an example of a PsyOps Fake News “article” that shapes the opinions of normies and NPCs, look no further than this.

Margin Of Fraud

It’s all just a stupid conspiracy theory, shut up.

In Our Broken Elections: How the Left Changed the Way You Vote , the duo with three decades of voting study between them highlighted the 1,334 cases of fraud and 1,147 criminal convictions Heritage has collected dating to the 1982 conviction of 63 involved in a scheme to stuff 100,000 extra ballots in an Illinois gubernatorial primary.

Fast-forward to 2020: They detailed the allegations of how Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg spent millions on election tricks in mostly Democratic areas to help Biden and how his money is to be used in 2022 to skew elections.

In between, they pointed to politicians, including Biden, who used to decry the types of election “reforms” Democrats and the media are now championing, such as eliminating voter identification.

“They have pushed the false narrative that there is no fraud in our elections or that it is so minimal that we should not be concerned about it. They have also, with their willing allies in the media, falsely labeled any efforts to implement needed reform as ‘voter suppression,’” Fund and von Spakovsky wrote.

“It is hard to see their intent as anything other than to make it easy to cheat and manipulate election results and to do so without getting caught or prosecuted,” they added.

When conservative politicians cede authority to talking head elites of mainstream media over which issues are acceptable for debate, which facts are settled, and which cultural topics are untouchable — they’re falling for a ruse.

They’re being herded away from the very issues they might win on, so that the left can retain their preferred battleground. When media reacts with derision, anger and censorship to suppress a topic or a debate — they’re frightened of it. Nobody, but nobody, tries to shut down an debate they know they’ll win.

Case in point.

An Historic Time of Insanity (and how you can help end it)

Since mid-March 2020, the world has clearly been in a state of mass psychosis. But think back to the 4 years before that and realize that a good portion of the world was in a similar state. Stretch your mind back to the 15 years before that and admit that things were not exactly normal.

The video below examines states of mass psychosis throughout history, going back as far as the Fear of Witches, examining the Mad Men of the last century, and then cleverly touching upon the current state of our world today. This current mass psychosis isn’t really about Covid or Climate Change; these are but mere excuses du jour that totalitarians the world over are using to seize more power for themselves and control ever larger masses of people.

So what can you do to fight back? I, for one, will avoid wearing a mask wherever I’m legally allowed to. I will also avoid getting a Covid vaccine shot; I’ve had Covid and thus have natural immunity to it; full stop. Those are personal choices I’m making based on my own risk analysis. You decide what’s best for you. But where all can join in is to unsubscribe from big tech social media sources and … most importantly … to contribute to mocking all politicians and celebrities and companies that support:

  1. Wokeness and cancel culture
  2. Critical race theory and intersectionality
  3. Trans activists – who are nothing more than thugs in a dress
  4. The suppression of biological women
  5. Mandatory vaccines mandates and vaccine passports
  6. The “othering” of anyone who doesn’t support the official narratives

It is indeed an historic time.  A very, very bad historic time, to be clear.  The ONLY way it’s going to end is step up and contribute to saying “No”, as well as loudly laughing at those pushing anything that suppresses freedom, individuality, and critical thinking.

Kenney the Grinch

Hey Jason, will you personally be stealing turkeys from Albertans at Thanksgiving and then grabbing candy out of the hands of little children at Halloween? The fact that you threw in the caveat about “the vaccinated” but deliberately didn’t include any mention of those with natural immunity, speaks volumes of your ignorance, your totalitarian tendencies, or both. What a truly horrible disappointment you’ve turned into.

The Democratic Republic Of O’Toole

The Counter Signal;

One of the most senior members of the Conservative Party leadership ring has resigned following Erin O’Toole’s decision to fire the Yukon candidate.

Ted Laking, who was the Yukon National Councillor resigned his position Friday morning, according to multiple sources within the party speaking to The Counter Signal off the record.

Jonas J. Smith, the Yukon candidate for the CPC, was booted out of the party by Erin O’Toole on Thursday after rumours spread that he was personally opposed to vaccine mandates and passports.

It was widely expected Smith would win the Yukon race.

The Democratic Republic Of Erin O’Toole

With all the smartest people in the room predicting a Trudeau majority, this is our opportunity to burn the Conservative Party to the ground.

Jonas J. Smith announced his candidacy on July 13. He was acclaimed as the Yukon candidate. He ran in the 2019 election and was nearly successful, narrowly losing to Liberal candidate Larry Bagnell by less than one per cent of votes.

The decision to end his candidacy came down from the party’s “central campaign” according to Smith, who said he was informed of the decision early on Aug. 12 — his statement on the end of his candidacy went out late that afternoon. […]

“This comes as shocking news to me, my family, my local campaign team and my thousands of supporters across the territory,” said Smith in his press release. “With an election call imminent, this is devastating news for the conservative movement in the Yukon and I fear will have repercussions across the country.”

Smith said he was told the reason for his disallowment was his “opposition to calls for implementation of mandated workplace vaccinations and vaccine passport requirements in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Federal conservative leader Erin O’Toole has been vague in comments around mandatory vaccination policies, although he has been strident in encouraging vaccination for all Canadians.

Don’t blow it.

h/t Sean M.

Empress Walensky and the Feckless Republicans

The people behind the scenes, pulling the strings of Biden, Harris, and everyone else in the corrupt pyramid of power must be killing themselves laughing how most everyone is focused on Creepy Cuomo’s sexual exploits and completely ignoring the fact that the Rule of Law no longer exists in America.

Republicans, where art thou? Might your handlers have told you that trying to help landlords get their money would be spun against you? Asking for a friend. Actually, several hundreds of millions of them.