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Are we on the brink of a Republican Civil War?

Telegram is a replacement for WhatsApp. Donald Trump has an account on it and today released something very interesting:

The Republican Party can never again be respected or strong with political “leaders” like Sen. Mitch McConnell at its helm. McConnell’s dedication to business as usual, status quo policies, together with his lack of political insight, wisdom, skill, and personality, has rapidly driven him from Majority Leader to Minority Leader, and it will only get worse. The Democrats and Chuck Schumer play McConnell like a fiddle—they’ve never had it so good—and they want to keep it that way! We know our America First agenda is a winner, not McConnell’s Beltway First agenda or Biden’s America Last.

You can alternatively read it here.

Would a Canadian Election Change Anything?

In her most recent column, Tasha Kheiriddin suggests that a “Covid election” is necessary in Canada:

As the polar vortex tightens its grip, the temperature isn’t the only thing dropping across the country. So is faith in the federal government’s management of the COVID-19 vaccine roll out. According to the latest poll by Abacus Research, the number of Canadians who think the federal government has done a good to excellent job on ordering vaccines has declined by 15 per cent since early January. Meanwhile, Nanos Research found that one in two Canadians do not believe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise that we’ll be vaccinated by September.

Not surprisingly, this has put a chill on Liberal party fortunes, with the party now polling neck-and-neck with the Conservatives for voter intention at 32 and 31 per cent, respectively.

An interesting idea but isn’t it rather pointless, akin to moving around the deck chairs on the Titanic?  Does anyone actually think that the Canadian voters sheeple will vote any differently? Expect a huge rise in mail-in ballots … and we know where that leads.

They Hate You

Just accept it and act accordingly;

It’s easy to understand why DeSantis would be so popular with conservative Republicans who aren’t in the mood for the GOP to backslide and start capitulating to the Democrats all the time. He doesn’t do much of that.
OK, any of that. […]
That’s precisely what the Republican party needs — leaders who don’t fall for the false promise of respect from the mainstream media. It was bad enough before Trump won in 2016. The MSM hacks would dangle carrots for witless Republicans. If the Republicans in question did what they were told — like back stab other Republicans — they’d be treated slightly less awfully in the press. As soon as their service was no longer required, it was back to crap treatment as usual.
All of the biased media malpractice was more veiled and coy before Trump made everyone involved rip off their masks and expose themselves for the cancer that they are. That the insidiousness of their ways is now a fully known commodity and there are still so many Republicans who want to play into their hands is rather disturbing to those of us who found Trump’s media battles such a refreshing change of pace. Decades of watching Republicans like Mitt Romney and George W. Bush gleefully submit to being whipping boys for the MSM had left us searching for reasons to stick with the party.

There’s a lesson there for Canadian Conservatives. They’ll ignore it, of course.


In The Future, Everyone Will Be A Terrorist For 15 Minutes

Because you just never know when they might take down a plane: While Blair could not provide specific intelligence gathered that led to the inclusion of the Proud Boys on the terror list…

Reaction: After initially reading the NDP’s online petition calling for Tarrio’s Proud Boys to be banned and designated a terrorist organization, I admittedly had to scratch my head and wonder: was this really the same group Taylor had told me was more of a drinking club than a force of destruction?

It’s a stupid reaction, but he gets the conclusion right.

Remember, in Canada we offer $10 million dollar prizes for this stuff.

Worse than a CINO

It’s not really clear what Boris Johnson’s political beliefs are but he sure isn’t a real conservative. This latest revelation is truly shocking:

The Covert Human Intelligence Source is currently before the parliament in the UK and will return to the House of Commons after the House of Lords added an amendment to curtail the use of children in spy activity.

The Prime Minister has come under fire from his Conservative colleagues with The Telegraph reporting Mr Johnson is facing a major party revolt over the bill.

Mr O’Neill told Sky News the development is “pretty shocking” and highlights how Boris Johnson has been a “fairly disappointing” prime minister especially on issues of liberty.

The British Columbia Stasi Have Arrived!

The Lives of Others should be mandatory viewing for all students, to see how terrible things can get in a totalitarian regime.  Under the dark realm of East Germany, citizens were encouraged to report on their neighbours.

It appears that B.C. police agencies are taking a big step in that direction:

Police say they issued tickets and broke up gatherings in several places in B.C. on New Year’s Eve in keeping with COVID-19 safety rules.

Vancouver police say they responded to 34 calls for gatherings and issued four tickets of $2,300 each to event organizers, including one to the owner of a restaurant near Granville and Davie Street found hosting a private party with around 100 people in attendance, and serving alcohol at 11 p.m.

Open letter to AB Premier Jason Kenney

Dennis L. Modry BSc, MD, MSc, FRCS, FACCP, FACS is the Clinical Associate Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery at the University of Alberta. He is also the Founder and Director of the Heart, Lung and Heart-Lung Transplant Program and was the Director of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (1984 – 2015). He recently sent a letter to Alberta Premier Kenney:

The evidence that you provided for this lockdown is both suspect and incomplete and does a disservice to Albertans who deserve more from you. A major tenet of the Hippocratic Oath that physicians like myself ascribe to is “First Do No Harm”, which is ignored by this imposed lockdown.

I acknowledge with reverence those Albertans who have passed on from COVID-19, just as I acknowledge many others like Jerry Dunham who have died because lockdowns prevented their access to healthcare for very serious non-COVID-19 illnesses and conditions. I acknowledge the many with despair who have died from suicide and drug overdose. We now know that lockdowns are more lethal than COVID-19, and must learn from what has transpired to ensure we do not continue to make the same mistakes. Were you not informed of these facts, or did you simply ignore them?

h/t Beever

What Do the Woke Left and White Supremacists Have in Common?

Some have called this recent podcast episode by Sam Harris the most important podcast segment in the history of the Internet. It’s long. He has nothing nice to say about Trump. But his message for reasonable people on the Left is critically important. This would be a brilliant link to send to all of your Left-leaning family & friends and encourage them to listen to it to the end.

(Seconded by Kate. It’s an important podcast and people like Sam Harris, no matter their partisan leaning, need our support.)

Rewriting history is not a “start”

Democrat mouthpiece Kirsten Powers has some ideas that are not too far afield from those of historic totalitarian takeovers of democracies:

Most Americans were reared on whitewashed fairy tales about the United States’ history with race. I wish we didn’t have so much ugliness in our history to contend with, but we do.

It’s time for us to grow up as a country and face the whole truth.

Many white Americans seem to be waking up to this fact. But there is an element on the right committed to pretending that they are the ones being victimized by the changes sweeping the country. These changes challenge the one-sided narrative of America crafted by a select group of white men.

If this mayhem is being coordinated, what’s the end goal?

I don’t usually subscribe to conspiracy theories but something very nefarious seems to be happening in the world, especially in America, this year. First there was Covid-19. It came out of Wuhan, China. Not clear if it was accidentally or deliberately released. Not the first time a virus has broken out and definitely won’t be the last. But the reaction to it is like nothing the world has ever seen before. A reasonable person can accept that, early on, many politicians were freaked out and didn’t know what to do. So most imposed lockdowns of their citizens. We were told initially that this was simply to flatten the curve so as not to overwhelm the healthcare systems. Fine. But as the weeks, and then months, passed the messaging changed, as did the timelines. Suddenly it was no longer enough to just flatten the curve. Now we had to wait for a vaccine – that might be available in a year, in 18 months, ever? Massive unemployment occurred, small businesses shut down, most non-Covid-19 healthcare was stopped. A shaming campaign flourished both online and in real life. An army of Karens were empowered over night to scold and report on their neighbours.

Then on May 25th a black man died in the hands of the police. Did he deserve to die? Of course not! Did most people in America and around the world feel terrible for him and his family. Of course! Did the actions of the police cause his death? Only time and a trial will tell. But a video of this event, amplified by the news media, social media, and politicians caused violence and looting and arson to almost instantly erupt all over the country. The Radical Left Antifa members appear to have fanned out across the country to stir this all up well beyond the initial intentions of the protesters. When Antifa was called out for their actions, their comrades-in-spirit in the media insisted that they were completely innocent and all the trouble was being caused by white supremacists. Uh huh.

The Black Lives Matter protests intensified, almost always seemingly surrounded by more violence, looting, and arson. Various politicians and police officers tried to appease them but it was mostly for naught. When asked what tangible changes they were seeking, there was a deafening silence. Then came the calls by “woke” politicians to disband all police departments across America. And replace them with … what??? Then came surreal videos of mostly white Leftists kneeling on the ground before black people, apologizing for their white guilt and begging forgiveness: new levels of cringeyness that we had never seen before!

Have you been able to pause for a moment to view all of this from the 50,000 feet level?  What exactly is going on? First, all of the public was made to feel insanely frightened and overly compliant by a new, unknown virus. Then half of the public was stirred up to feel violently angry, which prompted the other half to very likely feel insanely frightened and bewildered by what appears to be a massive societal revolution taking place; one with a religious-like fervor where there is absolutely no room for dissent.  Even neutrality is no longer an option. Now what’s next?

Expect events this summer to stir up the anger amongst middle of the road and conservative citizens. What recently happened in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho may provide a clue. As does the reaction to the Mayor of Chicago.  What would happen if these law abiding citizens with firearms were prompted to defend themselves in coordinated attacks against them?

Extremely naive politicians such as the Mayor of Minneapolis and the Prime Minister of Canada provide examples of simpletons who think that all citizens are going to sit back and let themselves and their families be harmed, their property and savings destroyed, and their freedoms canceled.  Expect a growing anger from the silent majority.  This will almost certainly be expressed at the ballot box in America in November.  Still much doubt if the Democrats will allow fair elections to occur.  In the “blue” cities and states, where too many sheeple have been infected with Woke-flavoured Kool-Aid, expect a large exodus to smaller communities and redder states.  Change is coming but it likely not what the protestors on the streets right now are expecting.

Showing Up To Riot

Why I am in the House today

Before I deny unanimous consent to the motion which will be introduced in the House of Commons today (and also to leave a record, in case the Government behaves responsibly and eliminates the need for me to do so), I think I ought to go onto the public record, explaining my reasons for denying my consent to the motion which will be presented today when the House begins its emergency sitting. I ought also to outline the changes which would have to be made, in order for me to give my consent.
Moreover, I need to explain why I turned up in the House of Commons at all today, despite a request from the Whips of all parties that their members stay away from the House of Commons, and notwithstanding the Prime Minister’s admonishment that Canadians “go home and stay home.” This second explanation will follow, after I have dealt with the first item.

@Kady has the legalities.

He says this as though it’s a bad thing — Scott Reid wants to be the Rand Paul of Canada.

Updates below.