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Seven Year American Recession Watch Remains On High Alert

CNN Money;

– The National Association of Realtors says pending home [sales] rose 7.4% from July to August, an unexpected piece of positive news for the battered U.S. housing market.
The group said Wednesday its seasonally adjusted index of pending sales for existing homes rose to 93.4 from an upwardly revised July reading of 87. The reading was the highest since June 2007.

Higher demand brought about by lower prices. Who could have predicted such a thing?
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The Mouse, the Frog, and the Hawk


A mouse and
a frog struck
up a friendship. They were not well mated, for the mouse
entirely on land
, while the frog was equally at home on
land or in
the water.
In order that they might never be separated,
the frog tied himself and the mouse together by the leg with
a piece of thread. As long as they kept on dry land all went
fairly well; but, coming to the edge of a pool, the frog
jumped in, taking the mouse with him, and began swimming
about and croaking with pleasure. The unhappy mouse,
however, was soon drowned, and floated about on the surface
in the wake of the frog. There he was spied by
a hawk,
who pounced down on him and seized him in his talons. The
frog was unable to loose the knot which bound him to the
mouse, and thus was carried off along with him
and eaten by
the hawk.


More Leftogyny

From CNN:;

Trying to set up the fact Sarah Palin would be meeting with 9 top world leaders this week (including the heads of Iraq, Afghanistan and Georgia) the CNN video related Palin’s schedule with “speed dating”.
It was a crass and demeaning analogy clearly sexist in its context and message. No one claimed Obama was “speed dating” with world leaders in is most excellent world tour this summer. And the impression is not to be glossed over. The term speed dating conjures images of desperation on the part of a woman. Clearly, with her family situation, Sarah is not in need of speed dating anyone. It was a gutter-level swipe at women in a man’s world.

More at Newsbusters

Forget Danny, we’ve got Wall.

So the other day
the Premier
released figures
stating that the Liberal Green Shaft
would cost users of SaskPower (everyone) an extra $230 a

Goodale questioned the figures. Fortunately for Ralph, Bob
Rae was in town and he took the role of attack dog calling
out the Premier.

“Premier Wall better just be ready for it. If he’s going
to get in as a leader of the Sask. Party and get into a
partisan debate, then he can expect the same in return. If
he wants to get into the ring, he should get into the
ring, and we’ll take him on,” Rae added.

And there ladies and gentlemen is the difference between the
Liberals and the CPC. Prime Minister Harper in Newfoundland and
Labrador limited his comments about Danny to, “He’s only
one vote.”

It would appear that Premier Wall is quite fine with being
called out.
Equates Green Shift To NEP

I guess Bob Rae is too busy trying to keep his leader from
putting both feet in to come
to Ralph’s
aid today.

Update: The Star Phoenix story:

“If we could build a time machine and go back in time before the National Energy Program . . . if you asked Mr. (Peter) Lougheed this question or others involved in politics at the time, maybe Mr. (Allan) Blakeney, if they could go back and try to draw attention to the fact that this particular policy would not just harm the West but harm the country’s economy, people would take that chance, people would want to be proactive with respect to that policy. I think we ought to be on this.
“We ought to be saying very clearly to the people of Saskatchewan, here are the impacts of all of these initiatives,” he told reporters outside his legislature office.


A Brilliant Choice

I have to say when Sarah Palin was first picked as VP candidate I was pleasantly surprised, but didn’t think it would have much impact. I appreciated her frontier conservatism but historically VPs have been almost entirely irrelevant to election campaigns.
But who could have guessed that we’d witness such a media meltdown? The more they churn out unhinged rants like this:

Like many people, I thought, “Damn, a hyperconservative, f***able, Type A, antiabortion, Christian Stepford wife in a ‘sexy librarian’ costume — as a vice president? That’s a brilliant stroke of horrifyingly cynical pandering to the Christian right. Karl Rove must be behind it.”

the more enjoyable it is to see it generating results like this:

Sarah – Just Plain Popular
A solid majority of voters (54 percent) say they have a favorable opinion of Palin, while 27 percent assign unfavorable ratings. This gives the 44-year-old GOP vice presidential nominee the best ratio of favorable to unfavorable responses (2.0:1) of any of the four candidates tested in the survey.

The Hypocritical Right?

Several liberal and “progressive” bloggers are gleefully pointing out the supposed hypocrisy that Sarah Palin represents because she believes in abstinence as a means to battle teen pregnancy.

“It didn’t work for her daughter, did it?”, they point out.

I won’t jump on the fact that they’re using a single point of reference to belittle a society-wide education plan, that’s neither here nor there. What I will question them on is if they believe that education is the be-all, end-all to combat teen pregnancy?

I ask, because on Page 25, (pdf, 6.7M, 145pp) of the State of Alaska, Department of Education & Early Development, Content and Performance Standards for Alaska Students (Revised Mar 2006) it says this under Skills for a Healthy Life:

7) understand the physical and behavioral characteristics of human sexual
development and maturity; and
8) understand the ongoing life changes throughout the life span and healthful
responses to these changes.

I’m guessing that abstinence isn’t the only piece of the system that failed in the case of Bristol Palin, eh?

Update: Damian is on the education theme too.


No, I couldn’t possibly make it.

“I’m busy. Schedule is full. Sorry, Mr Harper, I’ve no time. See, Jack and Gilles are busy too.
Oh, wait. You aren’t serious about that election thing are you? Dat is unfair! I have the power! I’ve been saying it all year.
What? Gilles and Jack made it, but they said they weren’t going to be available!
How about Monday? I really want to make this government work.
As Wells said earlier, “fiddles”.
Dion waited for Duceppe to take the lead and decline the invitation . . . then jumped aboard that train, declining even a phone call. That was the bait.
The NDP’s position is consistent, no help. PM Harper went all in by keeping the GG at home, releasing one new commercial, and having people drop all the right hints to the media. Now, “election” is all anyone is talking about.
Liberals are not happy with The Green Shaft and aren’t ready for an election . . . even though they’ve been saying “fall” all summer.
Game, set, match to the Prime Minister.

“What also caught my attention, was all the Crown advertising in it.”

From a reader;

Regarding the link in the Catholic Insight posting:
This July, I happen to be in a family restaurant here in Regina, and my daughter (11) handed me this newspaper called “Prairie Dog”. I was going to just toss it…..because it is just an NDP/Union mouthpiece piece of garbage.
But I decided to have a peek (luckily my daughter didn’t). As per the attachments, you can see I was disgusted with the contents (also, this piece of garbage is left out in the open where everyone, including my daughter, or any other minor, can just grab it and read it).

Two of those attachments are here and here. (NSfW)
More on Heritage Canada’s new interest in Catholic Insight’s content;

The 1st two jpegs are the complainants letter to Heritage Canada decrying their slow pace of action on the Catholic Insight file. The second letter again in jpeg format was sent by Scott Shortliffe Director, Periodical Publishing Policy & Programs Department of Canadian Heritage in which he thanks Father de Valk for agreeing to comply with Heritage Canada’s request that Catholic Insight provide copies of each issue of their periodical for “monitoring purposes”.
So there you have it, in Heritage Canada’s moral universe, pedophiliac wish dreams and Gay Porn are considered a wise cultural investment, while Father de Valk is threatened with having his funding cut off for having the nerve to support traditional values and communicating church doctrine. Nope, no double standard here.

And The Racist Is… Then Again, Maybe Not

Spanking John Ibbotson at the Globe And Mail;

The Bull from Canada writes: Do you see the irony of these statements, back to back?:
“Sadly, Mr. Obama’s race could also be a factor among these voters.”
“The turnout of both young and African-American voters is traditionally less than their actual percentage of the population. But both groups are powerfully committed to Mr. Obama.”
Why didn’t he say, “Sadly, African-Americans are powerfully committed to Mr. Obama.”

Why not, indeed?

Y2Kyoto: Will Someone Please Shut Ralph Up

Before we all end up freezing to death?

“There will always be skeptics, like President George W. Bush, who simply deny every problem, but the hard evidence is compelling.”

And here’s some of that hard evidence, courtesy of the deniers at the Canadian Wheat Board (June 12)

A cool spring, with temperatures three to five degrees below normal, has also caused concern over crop development, elevating the importance of receiving normal or above-normal heat this summer. Wheat, durum and barley crops are currently one to two weeks behind normal due to the cold weather. “A continuation of cool weather could lead to delayed development and increased risk of frost damage this fall,” Burnett said.

… and there’s no end in sight.

The Canadian Wheat Board issued an updated forecast Thursday that shows the dip in July temperatures has delayed crop development by two to three weeks over last season. […] “We need warmer weather in August to ensure crops can mature before the first fall frost,” said wheat board CEO Ian White.

Not even the hot air from Wascana is having much effect.
Here’s an idea. How about we begin demanding our provincial politicians represent Saskatchewan’s interests in this debate for a change? And I’m not talking about carbon sequestration or clean coal technology. Saskatchewan could use a few more frost free growing days each season. If they really believe that rising C02 results in “greenhouse warming”, then that’s to our net benefit. The elected representatives in this province need to sit down and ask themselves just who the Hell it is they think they’re working for?
From the comments – Global warming detours around BC fruit growers. I blame Gordon Campbell.