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NY Times: Spinning the News to Fit their Narrative

Davey Alba is an apparatchik a technology reporter at the New York Times. She recently tweeted this:

Scott Adams has thoughts (language warning).

P.S. While watching the video, you might also enjoy this earlier portion on the Democrats insisting that “Trump should be replaced by an elderly dementia patient with credible #MeToo accusations”.

Creepy Joe Biden

The torpedoes the Democrats put in the water for Trump keep circling backWhen I first saw claims this morning that Biden surrogates and media supporters were going back to delete their Brett Kavanaugh tweets in order not to have their Believe-Women standards invoked against their candidate, I assumed it wasn’t true. But it seems clear now that it is…

Democrat Debate: Two Angry Old Men

I forgot this was on, and after coming up empty for an official livestream, found this private feed a few minutes ago. (Dead now)

Stephen Green is liveblogging as is the tradition.

Clock Test: Discussing Coronavirus Response, Sanders Accidentally Calls it Ebola and Biden Accidentally Calls it SARS.