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Can ‘None of the Above’ Be Added to a Ballot?

The past decade of relative stability in BC Politics appears to be returning to old form: corruption & never ending scandals.
The Liberals: Former solicitor general Kash Heed is alleged to have improperly used $6,000 in public funds to pay campaign workers. More here from Kim Bolan.
The NDP: Leadership candidate Adrian Dix is accused of violating party membership rules, with application forms entering in one box and money coming in another.
CKNW’s Gord MacDonald & Sean Leslie discuss the latest.

Why the Left Hate Sarah Palin – Part 2

This earlier post generated a lot of interesting discussion about the venomous hatred so many on the Left feel towards Sarah Palin. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with not liking her or not supporting her running for POTUS one day, but what’s occurring in the hearts & minds of many Leftists is much, much more than mere dislike.
In the earlier piece, Evan Sayet explained his theory about the hatred. Now “Robin of Berkeley”, a self-proclaimed recovered liberal, gives her take, very much from a female perspective. It’s a fascinating read.
h/t ‘lookout’
Update: Victor Davis Hanson shares his thoughts.   h/t ‘ET’

Why Does the Left Hate Sarah Palin So Much?

Evan Sayet, arguably most famous for this video, has a new piece out entitled Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin.
Incidentally, the feelings of many on the Left towards Palin is clearly not just mere dislike but absolutely is hatred. If she were African American, what would be a good term to describe those with such feelings?

Update #1: An interesting take on the recent outburst of hatred towards Palin comes from Dana Loesch, a radio talkshow host out of St. Louis, whose show is also simulcast in Indianapolis.
Update #2: Here’s the full clip of Sarah Palin talking with Sean Hannity last night.    h/t ‘G’

Last Gasp of Affirmative Action?

Talk with any Leftist who actually understands his own belief system <insert your own joke here> and you’ll soon find out that a key value on the Left is “Equality”. But dig a little deeper and you’ll learn that they’re not referring to Equality of Opportunity but rather Equality of End Results.
Meritocracy is an anathema to Leftists. They absolutely abhor the idea that the smartest, strongest, or hardest working person should prevail. This is why, for example, that in a pure union shop everyone of a given “class” gets paid the same. Sure, there are different classifications of employees but one’s ability to move up through that structure is solely based on time worked and “official” educational certification. This gives the illusion that pay is based on experience & competency but does not allow for the possibility of better/smarter/faster work affecting pay.
Affirmative Action first came into being in the United States in 1965. Here in Canada it’s called Employment Equity. The impetus for this idea was a good one: end discrimination and provide equal opportunity for everyone. But as is almost always the case with Stage One Thinking of the Left, it was soon realized that Affirmative Action was penalizing some individuals while artificially promoting others. The hilarious TV show, Modern Family, recently illustrated how absolutely absurd this has become.
A new article by Eileen Toplansky explains that Affirmative Action may soon be on its way into the dustbin of history. Long overdue in my humble opinion!

Now is the Time at SDA When We Juxtapose

Shining a Magnifying Glass onto the Lunacy of Politics in BC
Nov 29, 2010: Hopes & Dreams: I Am NDP video
49 days later . . .
Jan 17, 2011: Reality Bites: Discussion on CKNW (begins at 6:00 but listen to Norman Spector’s thoughts starting at 8:00)
“. . . I think what’s going on is that the NDP are afraid of the kooks that’ll join the race. I mean, there are a lot of kooks on the Left and, you know, we see it on the Internet everyday, we see it on the comment boards, and we’ve seen it in a microcosm in the Cannabis candidate. So I think they’re trying their best to ensure that these kinds of people don’t get into the race. But the downside is that there are all kinds of people on the Left who are potential recruits, and will be available to vote Green because they’ve been shut out of the system. They’ll want to vote anti-system. There’s a huge anti-system vote in this province and the NDP are not mobilizing those people.”

Half a Decade of Harper

The Iceman has an interesting roundup of commentary on Stephen Harper’s tenure as PM. Well worth a read. Here’s a snippet:

“… it is remarkable how effective Stephen Harper has been at his job. One thing you don’t see the Liberals playing these days is the “hidden agenda” card. He has been our Prime Minister for 5 years and guided us through an incredible economic recovery. The hidden agenda message just don’t bite anymore.”

Will There Be a Canadian Federal Election in 2011?

This video, shot 4 days ago, makes me wonder.
Do you think there will be one? If so, what’s your prediction about when it will occur and what issues do you think the Liberals will try to make the election about?
How will Michael Ignatieff answer this question, if asked: “If the Conservatives win the most seats but are unable to form a majority government, will you negotiate with the other parties to take control via a Coalition?”
Open Question: At 0:46 into the video, just after Ignatieff mentioned John Baird’s name, a man’s voice can distinctly be heard saying something. What words do you hear? (h/t Simon)

A Bilingual Tutorial on Why Competition is Good

In a previous SDA thread we were all “enlightened” by a Ph.D. Socialist that capitalism is a terrible thing and socialism is the answer to all of our problems.
Some beg to differ. So does history. For our friends on the Left, here’s a little tutorial:

Incidentally, for the record, conservatism does not support monopolies nor corporate welfare. Just because this lie is endlessly repeated in the Leftist Bubble Chamber doesn’t make it true.

“No Competition” – More Brilliance from the Left

Just when you thought more dumb ideas couldn’t come to the foray in our education system, enter from stage left, Alfie Kohn. Claiming his views are “supported by research”, he is pushing the concept of “No Competition” in Canadian schools. Roy Green spoke with him Saturday.
Update: On his Sunday Show, Roy Green interviewed Chris Wejr, principal of Kent Elementary School in Agassiz, BC. You can listen to it here (beginning at 11:00). Wejr is a big supporter of Alfie Kohn’s “No Competition” philosophy.
Here’s a pertinent and related article. And here’s the e-mail I sent to Green about Mr. Wejr:
I’m in absolute disbelief at what the “educator” has just said. He clearly has no grasp of the modern reality that Canada is in a fierce competitive battle with nations like China & India. In those nations hundreds of millions of children are pushed to strive to be better & work harder. Here we appear to strive to not push too much. If we translated this to a hockey match, our team would lose every game 20 to nothing.
If your guest’s words were played for parents in Asia they’d be convinced that it was satire such as we’d see in The Onion. Frankly, so do I!

On a personal note, may I share with you that a few years ago I dated a lovely woman from mainland China who had relocated to Vancouver. I’ll never forget a conversation we had early on in which she said that in many ways Canada is more socialist than China. Of course, the patriotic hairs on the back of my neck immediately jumped up! But then she explained about private health care being widely available if you want it, much more of a competitive spirit in education, and a whole lot of other examples. The views of Mr. Kohn and Mr. Wejr vividly reminded me of her prescient observations.
Incidentally, in contrast to Kumbaya Central (aka Kent Elementary), here’s a recent editorial from a Chinese-American mother who is almost certainly representative of the mindset in households in Asia. She has already received Death Threats. Likely from those “hateful conservatives” who would adamantly disagree with her, eh?! You know, the same folks who despise competition, hard work, and accountability. 🙂

Different Muslims, Different Views

Earlier today Roy Green held a round table discussion on his radio show about Muslims & Islam in North America. The four guests were:

You can listen to the entire segment here.
It seems very clear to me that there is great division within the Muslim community in North America and this discussion exemplified that. I’ve heard Zuhdi Jasser countless times on both Roy Green and Dennis Miller’s programs. I think he’s a rock solid conservative and is trying to reform Muslims in America, not altogether different than Bill Cosby has tried to do within the African American community. Tarek Fatah, though he seemed off his rocker (read “beyond illogical”) about Sarah Palin this past week, was nevertheless very much echoing what Jasser was saying in this discussion.
I’m not very familiar with Naseem Mahdi but Ahmed Rehab sounded like a nasty piece of work, which is par for the course with any past interviews I’ve seen with CAIR representatives. Here’s some background info on Rehab and here’s an interview he had with Laura Ingraham about 6 months ago. He excels at first insulting anyone he disagrees with rather than discussing the topic at hand. In other words, he’s just a typical Leftist.
Anyhow, please do listen to the segment and share your thoughts!

Not a Good Time to Be a Socialist in America

A new poll reveals that only 9% of Americans surveyed are in favour of raising taxes. 77% want spending to be cut. The big question is “where” and there appears little consensus on that front.
Related: In the first part of this Ricochet podcast, there’s an interesting discussion with rookie congressman, Chris Gibson, focusing on what it’s like to be in charge of deciding what cutting must be done.
Translating this to a Canadian perspective, what are your thoughts about the general mood of the public in our country on the subject of Cutting Spending vs. Raising Taxes?