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Why “Progressives” Should Always Remain in Quotes

Here’s a most educational video from a recent “progressive” rally in Palm Springs, California. It was sponsored by Common Cause, The Ruckus Society, Greenpeace, Code Pink, the Progressive Democrats of America, and others. Watch the peace & love spew forth:

“Progressives” say the darndest things don’t they? It’s interesting how, when you let them open up their hearts & minds, you too often find absolute darkness and unparalleled hatred towards all who disagree with them. Plus, the added bonus of being a “progressive” is that you never have to say you’re sorry for … anything! Undoubtedly, if any of these folks were called out for what they’d said, they would have been “joking” and wondered why YOU don’t have a sense of humour.

Interesting Insight into the Situation in Egypt

Marshall Stocker is a most interesting and extremely well spoken American who runs a company called Freedom Economics. He has been living in Egypt but just returned to the U.S. a few days ago. Yesterday he was on Dennis Miller’s radio program and elucidated the audience with a first hand account of what has been happening in Egypt. It’s well worth a listen.
Related: It’s not easy being a journalist in Egypt these days.
Live video feed from BBC News
Update: I received a link to the following Facebook group from an Egyptian friend. Some of the photos & videos are quite disturbing but most interesting to see nonetheless.

Dick Morris: Teachers Unions are Directly to Blame for America’s Failed Education System

As a final post at the tail end of my guest blogging gig I would like to share this video I put together from a discussion yesterday between Dick Morris and Dennis Miller. Most of it is focused on America’s Failed Education System but I think there is direct relevance to what’s going on here in Canada. It seems that barely a week goes by when we don’t hear of one provincial teachers’ union or another doing something that is clearly not in the best interest of the students. In the interview, Morris pulls no punches in his disdain for American teachers’ unions and provides example after example why.

Related: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie proposes forfeiting raises and losing tenure for the worst unionized teachers. My opinion: A good start but in the REAL world NO ONE should have tenure.
A big thanks to Kate for the opportunity I was given and much thanks to all of you, the regular participants here at SDA. The conversations were most enlightening and I learned a lot. A pretty good way to start 2011, I think!

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach Exiting Stage Left

Fast Eddie is leaving the scene before the door hits him . . . you know the rest.
Here’s his official resignation (oddly, in point form). In his comments notice that he couldn’t help himself from taking a [very unfair] shot at Danielle Smith and the Wildrose Alliance

• There is a profound danger that the next election campaign will focus on personality and US style negative, attack politics that is directed at me personally.
• The danger is that it could allow for an extreme right party to disguise itself as a moderate party by focussing on personality – on me personally.
• This type of US style wedge politics is coming into Canada, and it comes at our peril.
• Albertans deserve to have better level of public debate on our policy options.

If he had stayed, do you think the Conservatives would have been defeated by the Wildrose Alliance? Now that he’s going, can the Conservatives regroup and salvage a win?
Live Twitter comments about his departure can be seen here.
Update: Interesting follow-up discussion between Charles Adler, Ezra Levant, and Kevin Libin.
Also, one of SDA’s most eloquent writers (and speakers), Gord Tulk, shares some very insightful analysis, far superior to any of the usual dreck one gets from the MSM!

Example #52,349 of Why Intelligent People No Longer Trust “Statistics”

A new “study” by the “Centre for Addictions Research of B.C.” at the University of Victoria claims that private liquor stores are directly responsible for increased deaths associated with alcohol. Here’s the official press release on the “study” and here’s the actual document (h/t & thanks to langmann).
The lead “researcher” on the “study”, Tim Stockwell, was interviewed on CKNW this afternoon. You can listen to the interview here, beginning at 6:00.
I was most curious why he kept on interjecting “private” before “liquor stores” so I sent him this e-mail:

On your recent appearance on CKNW, you appeared to state unequivocally that the increase in deaths due to alcohol was directly related to the fact that the increase in liquor stores in the province were private, as opposed to public.
I am most curious to find out how you proved that the same number of deaths wouldn’t have occurred if all of the private liquor stores had instead been public ones. Could you direct me to the section in your study that proves this?

No response as of yet but I will post it if & when he writes back.
Incidentally, a month ago Mr. Stockwell was advocating for higher booze prices for the general public but free alcohol for homeless drunks.
Update: . . .

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Cognitive Dissonance of Aussie Greens

If you followed the Australian federal election last year then you’re aware that the Greens elected one person to the House of Representatives (though admittedly have a significant percentage of the popular vote). But because of the makeup of the current Parliament, they hold much more power than their numbers would suggest.
In a new damning article, Miranda Devine explains how the policies pushed by the Greens are very much at the heart of the recent flooding.
Here’s some recent video. Incidentally, one lie being pushed by the Leftist media in Australia is that these floods are unprecedented. Historical facts tell a very different story.
h/t Australian Climate Madness

Is the Sun Soon to Join CO2 on the Outlawed List?

Just when you thought the messages coming out of the non-trans fat pie holes mouths of Lefties couldn’t get any more ridiculous, comes this story from Reuters.

“A U.S. conversation group has sued the federal government over its approval of a major solar power plant in the California desert, the latest in a string of challenges to the nation’s renewable energy goals from the environmental community.”

I Hate The Media shares their thoughts.
Ban The Sun

Snapshot of America: The Welfare State vs. Black Families

In an interview with Walter Williams, he describes what must change in order for Black Americans to move forward. Here’s a snippet:
During Reconstruction and up until the 1940s, 75% to 85% of black children lived in two-parent families. Today, more than 70% of black children are born to single women. “The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery couldn’t do, what Jim Crow couldn’t do, what the harshest racism couldn’t do,” Mr. Williams says. “And that is to destroy the black family.”

Pleasing your enemies does not turn them into friends

When George W. Bush left office we were assured by everyone on the Left that the Dawn of a New Day was near. We were promised that a conciliatory approach to international relations carried out by intelligent people (ie. not Republicans) was sure to resolve every diplomatic problem in the world.
Now, 2 years later, how has that worked out? Not very darn well it appears. The problem, of course, is that Barack Obama followed closely to what the Leftist ideologues were urging him to do. This course of action failed. Miserably. He refused to show any real sign of support for the brave, freedom loving citizens in Iran. Now many of them are dead or imprisoned.
More recently, he abandoned the democracy loving citizens in Lebanon and the government there fell, in no small part to the forces of Hezbollah, a proxy of the thugocracy in Iran. No one is sure what will happen next but there are great fears that things will be bleak. One thing all* Lebanese are in agreement about is that Barack Obama and America have abandoned them.
Fouad Ajami has a comprehensive new article about all of this. Definitely well worth a read.

A Weapon of Last Resort: Endless Mockery

When a person goes so far beyond any semblance of reasonable discourse, often the only thing you can do is . . . well, mock them:
Here’s a sampling from the brilliantly devious mind of Iowahawk:
Mr. Hector Gutierrez
Gutierrez Bros. Landscaping
Arlington, VA
Dear Mr. Gutierrez:
Nothing could have prepared me for the shock that awaited as I exited the front door of my home early Wednesday morning, where I discovered that your lawn crew had cut a swath of environmental destruction across my yard so horrifying that it only can be compared to the Rape of Nanking. I can scarcely bring myself to describe the killing fields that are my North azalea beds and the brutal degradation and torture suffered by the bluegrass around the locust tree by the rear patio.

Defunding NPR: A Good Example for Canada

In this piece, Byron York writes about a plan this year to stop all federal public funding of National Partisan Public Radio (NPR). Hopefully Conservatives in Ottawa are following this very closely with respect to the CBC.
If you’ve ever wondered how on earth the CBC wasted consumed $1,017,587,000.00 last year in taxpayer dollars, take a look at the number of producers for The Current, a little radio show on CBC 1.

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Are You a Liberal?

In this video Dennis Prager echoes what I’ve thought for a long time, namely that many people who call themselves “liberal” are actually not. I’ve taken the time to discuss individual issues with close friends of mine who consistently vote Liberal/NDP/Democrat and lo & behold it quickly becomes apparent that they have mostly conservative views. Unfortunately the MSM has been so successful at brainwashing folks into voting far afield from where their views actually reside. This, by the way, is why I think so many on the Far Left are incredibly scared of the emergence of Sun TV News onto Canadian televisions in a few months.

A Thorough Primer on the Current Politics of BC

David Berner was a talk show radio host in Vancouver for many years but about half a decade ago he left the airwaves for what he thought would be for good. But he is returning now with a half hour TV show in the format of Charlie Rose, which will be broadcast on Shaw TV Vancouver (Cable 4).
I had the great privilege yesterday of photographing the first episode of Berner’s show. He is a personal friend of mine and though politically we appear to be on opposite sides of the political spectrum, on some issues we are very much aligned. For example, there is no greater critic of the misguided, destructive, failed drug addiction policies of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside than him. Plus, we (and millions of other British Columbians) share a very legitimate, and wholly logical, cynicism towards the current political class in our province!
You, the fine members of SDA, get a sneak preview of the premiere episode of the David Berner Show, as it won’t appear on TV in Vancouver until next Tuesday. This first episode, entitled “Candidate Soup”, features Berner talking with the Globe & Mail’s political columnist for BC, Gary Mason. They carefully examine every leadership candidate for both the NDP and the Liberals. Depending on who gets elected, there is every possibility of a polarized battle later this year. If you need a visual, just think of two simultaneous cage matches and then the two winners/survivors going after one another . . . all while the citizens of the province shake their collective heads in disbelief, and frequently disgust.
Without any further adieu, you can now view Parts 1 and 2, plus a behind the scenes vignette by yours truly. If you’re a member of Facebook, feel free to join the show’s page.
Gary Mason and David Berner