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VDH: Wokeism Is a Cruel and Dangerous Cult

Highly recommended read:

Wokeism has been described by its critics as the omnipresent use of race—and to a lesser extent, gender—to replace meritocracy and thus ensure equality of result. What follows from implementing that ideology are reparatory actions to reward those of the present by atoning for the injustices done to others in the past.

Some see it as an update of 1960s cultural Marxism fads. Others scoff that it is just a return to 1980s-style political correctness.

Still more see it as the logical successor to 1990s-type race, class, and gender obsessions—albeit with a shriller and more dangerous Jacobin, Soviet, and Maoist twist. Wokeism’s hysteria also invites comparisons to the Salem witch trials and McCarthyism.

But few have described wokeism as the cruel creed that it is.

Masked Lives Matter

Just when you thought things could get any more insane, we now watch two elderly white women hit a black man in an elevator and then the women yell “Black Lives Matter”, as if this is some kind of magic incantation to forgive what they just did.

Note: Title changed from “Deranged Leftist Cult Members” to the new version courtesy of Bob Daye’s hilarious comment!

January 25, 2022: Reader Tips

This evening our thoughts & prayers go out to the noble truckers who are making their way to Ottawa. It should not escape anyone’s attention that 87 years ago a different On-to-Ottawa Trek was held by another group of of disgruntled Canadians. It didn’t end well for them.  For the record, no one is remotely suggesting that the 2022 truckers are “being led by communists” like a professor in the video suggested of the 1935 trekkers!

Given that the current Canadian PM has proven that he has zero wisdom, and that he has already “othered” anyone who dares disagree with him on the topic of mandatory vaccinations, does any reasonable person think that he would pause for a second before unleashing incredible violence on these truckers?

Your most timely tips are much appreciated!

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Near future historians, if they’re allowed to write & speak, will severely condemn those who didn’t speak up against the tyranny being installed right now.

January 24, 2022: Reader Tips

Anyone who’s been part of a ball team will recognize the guy eulogized in this song by James Frazer. Written for Bernie, the heart and soul of the GC Chronics, and dedicated to all the boys of summer who are drinking in a better place. R.I.P. Hepp.

Submitted by James’ wife, Denise.

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Last week I spent 4 days in Florence, Alabama (next door to Muscle Shoals) and then 2 days in Birmingham. Consistently met wonderful people throughout my travels. Got back to Pensacola late yesterday afternoon and captured some photos just before sunset. According to my 4-year old [Canadian] “niece” in Walnut Creek, California, this blue heron’s name is “Six-Six”. I assume she saw the stick-like legs and altered the pronunciation a little.

Unrelated: Check out the real estate listings in Florence. I stayed in an AirBnb in a well appointed 4-bedroom / 2-bathroom home in a great neighbourhood. It’s listed for just $146,000! Got me thinking . . .

Florida vs. Quebec

Steve from Rockwood shared an interesting story in last night’s Reader Tips:

During my visit, I saw some customers shake hands with their waiter, as if to say: “Thanks, I’ll have some germs for dessert,” Josh Freed writes.

While Quebec is in full confinement mode, Florida is Cowboyland, where you barely know COVID is happening, despite much higher new case and hospitalization rates than ours .

It’s lunacy by Canadian standards, but an eye-opening experience. For starters, everyone’s out and about, filling bars, restaurants, movies, gyms, and jam-packed sports arenas.

Stores and supermarkets don’t require masks but some cashiers and customers wear them, though often under their nose or chin — Florida-style. It seems a way of announcing: “Look — I’m masked!” when they’re not.

As a Canadian currently staying in Florida, I have more than a little personal insight into things here, arguably much more than the author, Josh Freed. IMO Freed is either a germaphobe and/or suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Can the Montreal Gazette not afford some psychological counseling for him?

There are clearly two very different approaches to dealing with something like Covid:

  1. Lock down everyone forever, removing their humanity by insisting they wear masks over their faces whenever they exit their homes.  This is Safetyism on steroids.  It’s also emblematic of the most extreme selfishness on the part of adults who are clearly wrecking the childhoods of the youngest cohort of society.
  2. Or, treat adults like … wait for it … adults and let them make their own choices.  This is known as a concept that seems to have disappeared from the minds of most Canadians.  Let me refresh your memory: It’s called FREEDOM!

The smugness of many of the comments to Freed’s piece are par for the course of countless Canadians I’ve met over the decades: “We Canadians are better. You Americans are stupid.”  Yawn.  Boring.

Polls seem to indicate that the majority of Canadians are frightened beyond belief and fully support never-ending lockdowns.  This is clearly a different crop of folks than stormed the beaches of Normandy in 1944.  It’s a group of Canadians that I choose to have nothing to do with because supporting the Permanent Victimhood of people does NOT help them.  Good luck on your chosen path to a sub-human existence for the rest of your miserable lives!

The McCarthy Era Redux

Glenn Greenwald reports:

In its ongoing attempt to investigate and gather information about private U.S. citizens, the Congressional 1/6 Committee is claiming virtually absolute powers that not even the FBI or other law enforcement agencies enjoy. Indeed, lawyers for the committee have been explicitly arguing that nothing proscribes or limits their authority to obtain data regarding whichever citizens they target and, even more radically, that the checks imposed on the FBI (such as the requirement to obtain judicial authorization for secret subpoenas) do not apply to the committee.

As we have previously reported and as civil liberties groups have warned, there are serious constitutional doubts about the existence of the committee itself. Under the Constitution and McCarthy-era Supreme Court cases interpreting it, the power to investigate crimes lies with the executive branch, supervised by the judiciary, and not with Congress. Congress does have the power to conduct investigations, but that power is limited to two narrow categories: 1) when doing so is designed to assist in its law-making duties (e.g., directing executives of oil companies to testify when considering new environmental laws) and 2) in order to exert oversight over the executive branch.

Gems of Truth

There are some interesting revelations in this brand new interview with Israel’s vaccine chief, Professor Cyrille Cohen, including around 9 minutes in:

Note: Don’t forget that all of the SDA trolls know MUCH MORE than this Professor does about viruses, immunology, and Covid. Just ask them and they’ll tell you so!