Author: OJ

Sunday On Turtle Island

Woke Britain:  Don’t believe the lies.  Another eco-terrorist.

Biden’s America:  It pays to be a conman.  An examination of Hollywood and Communism.  A permanent prosecution.  And here we go again.

Trudeau’s Canada:  Justin Trudeau makes headlines.  Justin continues his world tour.  Today he throws money at French speaking dictators.

Global Warming Scam News:  Third world dictators are updating their Swiss bank accounts.  COP27 approves reparations fund.  I wonder how much Trudeau and Biden are going to flush down the toilet on this.

Saturday On Turtle Island

Global Warming Scam News:  CBC is excited about climate reparations.  A fossil fuel non proliferation treaty?  Another Just Stop Oil loon.

Trudeau’s Canada:  Three billion set aside for out of court settlements.  Communist Edmonton declares Christmas trees are bad for the environment.  Today Dear Leader has burned jet fuel to Tunisia. There he will accept in French, requests for money from third world dictators at the Phony Franco conference. Or whatever its called.

Biden’s America:  Twitter employee applies for a real job.  The decline of the American Empire and the fall of that empire.  American conservatives can’t run and hide.  The Biden family.  Your morning meme.

Today In Islam:  CNN producer praises Hamas.  The Jihad plot to bomb a church.  And Islamic outreach in Canada.

It’s Friday On Turtle Island

Woke Britain:  Diversity is our strength.  More diversity.  Some mental illness news.

Biden’s America:  The Proud Boys were crawling with feds.  Courses that will get you a good job somewhere on the planet.  GOP to investigate Hunter Biden.  Good riddance to Nancy Pelosi.  How to win the war on information.  Some deep thoughts from Kamala Harris.  This week in big lies.  Your morning meme.

Trudeau’s Canada:  Justin orders the CBC to trash Poilievre.  Our Dear Leader has a full day of photo ops in Thailand Friday. Then Justin burns jet fuel to Tunisia.  This is Trudeau’s favourite bank.  Russia! Russia! Russia!  Liberal MPs want to know how much money the Freedom Convoy received from Russia.  National security advisor gives advice to Justin based on tweets.  She makes $306,000 a year.  Deputy Finance Minister not quite sure if members of the Freedom Convoy are terrorists.

Today In Islam:  Israel has a new weapon.


It’s Thursday On Turtle Island

Biden’s America:  Woman trashes Trump at funeral.  Sexual orientation for small children in America.  How to get offended in 2022.  A funeral director arrives in Washington.  Missing the point for the World Cup.  An example of justice in America.  Your morning meme.

Trudeau’s Canada:  Union wants control of services to students.  Although they agreed to the wage increase, Ontario education workers to go on strike.  Justin’s CBC celebrates mental illness.  Shouldn’t the university change its name. Brock was a white, colonial, British officer.  Segregation comes to Brock University.  Justin is busy discouraging mining in Canada.  Its only money.  Bogus payouts totalled 5.3 billion dollars.  Freeland wanted to deny release of frozen funds, unless account holders reported to police.  Justin is having a wonderful time. Today our Dear Leader burns jet fuel to Thailand.

Global Warming Scam News:  Inconvenient facts about electric cars.  Coming soon to Canada.  Charge rage sweeps across UK.

Wednesday On Turtle Island

China Virus News:  Pfizer/Moderna conduct trials on possible harmful effects.

Trudeau’s Canada:  Rex Murphy applauds western premiers.  Trudeau pledges cash for third world countries.  Too many white girls in Girl Guides.  Indians want B.C. returned to them.  Everyone is going to die, because Doug Ford was unmasked in parliament.  Maybe the Star can write something now, about Justin barhopping in Indonesia unmasked.  Justin’s private security guards cost 43 million dollars.  The Liberal Party’s old submarines cost 3 billion in repairs.  Maybe they can give them to Ukraine.

Biden’s America:  And so it begins.  Some Republicans backtracking on investigations.  RINOS want cooperation with Democrats on choosing House Speaker.  Where was all the right wing violence during the election?  Why don’t these people ever go away?  The death of trust.  Your morning meme.

Pride News:  These people really are mentally ill.

Woke Britain:  Please don’t call Islamist terrorism Islamist.  Universities must teach that white people are evil.  I thought they already did that. They certainly do in Canada.

It’s Tuesday On Turtle Island

Today In Islam: Eventually coming to Canada.   Enforcement of Islamic law.  Its just part of their culture.  And Muslim outreach in New Zealand.

Biden’s America:  The Democrats and women.  This wasn’t an election.  The not so soft bigotry.  Schumer wants to meet with McConnell to ditch MAGA Republicans.

Trudeau’s Canada:  Justin admires their basic dictatorship.  Police charge Chinese spy.  Make Alberta Communist Again!  CBC explains that people in Alberta love Rachel Notley and want the NDP back in government.  Biden and Trudeau beclown themselves.  The Minister of Netflix.

Global Warming Scam News:  Its tough being a climate activist.  The electric car plan will cost 20 billion dollars.  Your morning meme.

It’s Monday On Turtle Island

Biden’s America:  The reason Republicans didn’t do well in the midterms.  The Lion King is racist.  Elon takes AOC’s blue checkmark.  Husky guy wins beauty pageant.  China Joe licks Beijing’s boots.

Global Warming Scam News:  The burping cows.

Woke Britain:  Trans people should have two email addresses.  Our tragic world leaders.

Trudeau’s Canada:  The Covid zealots.  The only houses of worship that have been burned down are Christian churches. Islamophobia running rampant in Canada.  Debt charges balloon to 53 billion dollars.  The Freedom Convoy was a mental threat.  Your morning meme.

Sunday On Turtle Island

Biden’s America:  Old Joe thanks the wrong country.  Toxic feminism at the midterms.

Trudeau’s Canada:  Teachers are allowed to wear big fake boobs.  Justin’s climate heroes throw maple syrup at painting.  After throwing millions of borrowed money around yesterday, Dear Leader continues his photo op tour in Cambodia  Today feminist Trudeau attends a number of meetings, including one promoting feminism.  He will also show up for a photo at the genocide museum. Perhaps he can lecture the audience on how genocide happened in Canada.

Pride News:  Transgender propaganda film.  Fascist China News:  Skynet

United(Islamic) Nations:  UN takes Israel to court.  Woke Europe:  E.U. should pay reparations.

Global Warming Scam News:  Globalists eat gourmet meats.  British PM doubles down on green agenda.

Saturday On Turtle Island

Woke Britain:  Maybe it should be called Black Fraud Matters, instead of Black Lives Matter  Lifestyles of the climate activists.  Wokeism and the British Empire.

Biden’s America:  The CIA and China.  Sponsor a liberal for just $8.00 a month.  Your morning meme.

Global Warming Scam News:  Another day, another nutcase glues himself to a painting.  Dementia Joe makes a fool of himself at COP27.

Trudeau’s Canada: Canada’s national Marxist magazine, celebrates the CBC’s transgender show.  The United Church promotes drag shows.  Rex Murphy explains the COP27 pyramid scheme.  Justin’s Woke Remembrance Day.  Dear Leader honours the brave women and men who fought and died for our country. And the military’s current efforts to fight the effects of global warming, as well as their support for Ukraine.  Today while your eating no name Kraft Dinner, Trudeau is looking forward to a gala dinner in Cambodia.

It’s Friday On Turtle Island

Biden’s America:  Jordan Peterson discusses narcissism.  Dementia Joe says Russia pulling out of Fallujah.  Single women should not be allowed to vote.  FBI contractor spied on GOP member of congress.  This week of big lies.  Your morning meme.

Woke Britain:  You can glue yourself to paintings, but don’t you dare sell mince pies during lockdowns.  Fly the pervert skies.  Some people are getting upset at Just Stop Oil.

Trudeau’s Canada:  The police and governor general have something in common.  Why Canada is not a serious country.  Two real journalists win court battle.

Today In Islam:  This week in Jihad.