Author: OJ

Sounds Like Canada

Although it might be because of BoJo’s falling popularity, England is dropping China virus restrictions. However loosening restrictions on Turtle Island continues to be a battle.

In totally unrelated news, I’m taking one of my cows to the abattoir today. It will be interesting to get his take on the food supply issue.

When is Canada getting new submarines?  Israel signs deal with Germany for new subs.

Your children belong to the State. Ontario judge orders father not to say anything negative about the federal vaccination program.

One of my favourite presidents has been cancelled by the Woke mob.  Statue of Theodore Roosevelt has been removed.

Woke Wednesday

Justin’s Canada is being examined. What should we do with Canada?

We must cancel maps and science. Captain Cook was a colonial racist or something.

Mentioning terrorism is Islamophobic.  Sick and tired of terrorists being known to authorities.

I’m sure its nothing to worry about. Soros general demands purge of the military.

We don’t need parliament in Justin’s Canada.  Questioning the Liberal government is a security risk.