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And The Vaccine Will Manufacture Itself

Tristan Hopper;

Let’s go back to April of 2020. The world is still very much in the first wave of COVID-19, and governments around the world are scrambling to find some way to get back to normal. On May 6, the Government of Canada announces a deal with CanSino, a Chinese company that was developing what was then one of the world’s most promising vaccine candidates.
The arrangement was that Canada would conduct human trials for the CanSino vaccine and then, once it was approved, we’d manufacture it within our own borders.
But there’s just one problem. When CanSino tried to send Canada its first shipments of the vaccine, it was arbitrarily blocked at the border by Chinese authorities. Why? Probably retaliation for Canada’s arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou for extradition to the United States.
As a result it wasn’t until Aug. 5 that Canada could finally announce a contract with Pfizer and Moderna, makers of the two most widely used vaccines. The Canadian government has weirdly refused to publicize their contracts with these companies, but what’s emerging is that we are definitely not at the front of the line for these shots.
But wait, there’s more. Evidence is continuing to emerge that Ottawa repeatedly turned down domestic offers for vaccine production. PnuVax approached the federal government in mid-2020, promising that they could be cranking 1 million doses out of their Montreal facility by December. The feds ignored them, and decided to instead centre all of Canada’s vaccine production at an under-construction government facility that won’t be completed until next year.
Or there’s Calgary’s Providence Therapeutics, who had a vaccine candidate that was showing early success in mice. They petitioned the federal government for support to bring it to clinical trials, but they got no answer as well (they’ve since struck a deal directly with the Manitoba government).
Ever since this pandemic began, COVID-19 has cost 1,800 Canadian lives per month and at least $500 million per day. We’re so far behind the rest of the developed world that as of right now, it looks like we won’t achieve mass vaccination until SIX months later than everyone in Europe and the United States.

The Power Of No


International travelers arriving at Mississauga’s Pearson Airport are bypassing new government hotel quarantine protocols by simply walking out of the airport or by choosing to take a fine.
Peel Police have confirmed they are not detaining or arresting people who leave the arrival area. As well, others who refuse to take the mandatory COVID-19 test or book the quarantine hotel upon arrival, are opting to receive a fine that is cheaper than the quarantine cost and then are released to go home. The fines are usually in the $820 range while staying at an approved quarantine hotel could cost up to $2,000. […]
Police went on to say that unless there are serious aggravating circumstances involved, such as an offence under the Criminal Code, or any other demonstrated behaviour that places the individual or public in danger, they will not detain individuals who are non-compliant.

Scratch A Canadian TV Production

Seffi Kogen @seffikogen;

I think this is the most antisemitic thing I have ever seen in a TV show. For those of you unfamiliar with Jewish law, which puts precedent on healing and saving lives, there is no prohibition on the kind of bone graft in this clip. The writers made it up, dressed their actors in Jew-face, and put random extremist nonsense in their mouths.

Nurses is a “Canadian medical drama television series that premiered on Global on January 6, 2020”. (The writers and producers.)

From the comments: Did I hear right they called the patient Israel as well? Wow

Breaking: Tiger Woods Injured In Single Vehicle Rollover

The accident happened in an area of Los Angeles that I know very well.

Woods was the driver and only occupant of the vehicle, the statement said.
“Mr. Woods was extracted from the wreck with the ‘jaws of life,'” the sheriff added.
He was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment of his injuries, the statement said. Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg, told Golf Digest on Tuesday afternoon that Woods was in surgery for multiple leg injuries.

Wuhan Blues

Last week, I visited South Florida for four days, and what a shock: Everything was open. The beaches, the hotels, the restaurants (with some sensible safety and social distancing restrictions). The classrooms are full.
The other strange thing about being in Florida was that people were happy. They were playing tennis and golf. They were going to work and getting on with their lives. Florida is a Republican, can-do kind of place.
Then, there is New York.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”


Members of Parliament voted Monday to label China’s treatment of the Uighur Muslims a genocide, and to call on the federal government to formally adopt that position, without the support of the Liberal cabinet.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not participate in the vote. Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau abstained on the record while the rest of his cabinet colleagues were absent.
“I abstain on behalf of the Government of Canada,” said Garneau when he made his position known.

We Don’t Need No Stinking Giant Mirrors

Scientists unearth a consequence of solar panels in the Sahara…

While the black surfaces of solar panels absorb most of the sunlight that reaches them, only a fraction (around 15%) of that incoming energy gets converted to electricity. The rest is returned to the environment as heat. The panels are usually much darker than the ground they cover, so a vast expanse of solar cells will absorb a lot of additional energy and emit it as heat, affecting the climate.
If these effects were only local, they might not matter in a sparsely populated and barren desert. But the scale of the installations that would be needed to make a dent in the world’s fossil energy demand would be vast, covering thousands of square kilometers. Heat re-emitted from an area this size will be redistributed by the flow of air in the atmosphere, having regional and even global effects on the climate. […]
Covering 20% of the Sahara with solar farms raises local temperatures in the desert by 1.5°C according to our model. At 50% coverage, the temperature increase is 2.5°C. This warming is eventually spread around the globe by the atmosphere and ocean movement, raising the world’s average temperature by 0.16°C for 20% coverage, and 0.39°C for 50% coverage. The global temperature shift is not uniform though – the polar regions would warm more than the tropics, increasing sea ice loss in the Arctic. This could further accelerate warming, as melting sea ice exposes dark water which absorbs much more solar energy.

The Libranos: If Their Lips Are Moving

From the comments: Sabrina Kim is listed in the federal government directory as working in the prime minister’s office …James Fitz-Morris is the Director of Communications in the office of Anita Anand, the Minister of Public Services and Procurement… Emily Trogen is a “Communications Planner” in the prime minister’s office… Andrew MacKendrick is also a “Communications Planner” in the prime minister’s office… Colleen Lamothe is a “Senior Policy Advisor” in the prime minister’s office.

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