Author: Brian Zinchuk

Wind in Sask produced an average of 1.3% of its capacity on Wednesday

Construction of wind turbines at Assiniboia in January, 2021. Photo by Brian Zinchuk

It turns out that the same day Alberta’s wind power flatlined, so did Saskatchewan’s. SaskPower delays its data reporting two days, which is why it took until Friday to find this out. Note that the 1.3 per cent output was the average for the entire day, meaning that it was even lower for part of the day.

Tuesday in Alberta – frigid cold, wind turbines produce squat, so does solar, and power demand goes through the roof

Did I forget to mention that price spiked at its maximum $1,000 per megawatt, again? And the province is shutting down its last exclusively coal units in a few weeks? The net result is Alberta, one of the most energy-rich places on the planet, just had its third ‘grid alert’ this month, asking people to reduce their power usage at supper last night.
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Some big policy issues at play with lithium development

This is the stuff used to pull lithium out of brine, known as Plix.

In its continuing series on lithium development in Saskatchewan, there’s some significant issues. The first is commercializing a process known as Direct Lithium Extraction, without which the whole idea is going nowhere. The next issue is primacy of rights when it comes to mineral development – whose rights trump whom? And then there’s the government response to the rights issue. But if we can work these things out, there’s serious potential for a multi-billion dollar industry here on the bald prairie.