September 20, 2010

But Glenn Beck Is The Crazy One

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Posted by Kate at September 20, 2010 7:51 PM

Tides Foundation? Is that not a Soros front group?

Posted by: gordinkneehill at September 20, 2010 9:36 PM

Hitler once told an opponent they could debate all day but there was no way his opponent would be heard. The brownshirts would make enough noise and disruptions that no one would be able to hear the other side.

Fast forward today, the fascists are still trying to use this tactict. And, the news media is only too willing to do its part.

Tonight, CTV news did a pep rally for Iggy, Taliban Jack and their fascist gun registry. Nothing about the reason to get rid of it.

Posted by: Mike T at September 20, 2010 10:03 PM

Thoughts running through protester's brain box,

"They just handed me this sign, I don't have a clue what it means..........mmmmm donuts........"

Posted by: AtlanticJim at September 20, 2010 10:04 PM

Bet those people never held an American flag before, and would only willingly do so as a prop, which is precisely how it was used.

Posted by: Mississauga Matt at September 20, 2010 10:04 PM

Andrew Breitbart is amazing so much of the time. He does not back down and more often than not makes the others look so foolish. I for one am glad he's on "our" side.

Posted by: ex-VanIslander at September 20, 2010 10:14 PM

Hot damn Breitbart is a wrecking ball!

Posted by: Dante at September 20, 2010 10:26 PM

Wow! What a patriot. It takes a lot of fortitude to stand as one guy and make every one of those people look foolish enough they all had to leave. That was excellent!

Posted by: CanuckInMI at September 20, 2010 10:39 PM

Breibart's a hero. A very brave man, in that video singlehandedly challenging the mob.

He singlehandedly brought down ACORN.

Somehow he reminds me of our Ezra.

I value him more than Beck, frankly.

Posted by: old Lori at September 20, 2010 10:40 PM

Wanna bet these morons got paid . . . minimum wage no doubt.

Posted by: Fred at September 20, 2010 10:46 PM

Andrew Breitbart
Has chutzpah

Now thats a picture of a man standing up to thugs.
We should all be questioning liberals or progressive this aggressively. For to long folks like us have let them get away with lies, mixed with deception. Call em out!

Posted by: Revnant Dream at September 20, 2010 10:46 PM

The tactics that Mike T mentions @ 10:03 are exactly the tactics that were used against Ezra Levant this last Friday in Saskatoon.

Posted by: Ken (Kulak) at September 20, 2010 10:47 PM

About a decade or more back, Chicago's Mayor Daly had an event to support gun control. The media was directed to the many kids and youth holding placards/signs.....then the entire exercise came apart at the seams. A few hungry kids, were the spark and the power of suggestion then had all these kids suddenly howling for the food, they had been promised for getting bused in etc.
Daly's thugs(cops) had a problem...rioting kids they couldn't hit/club while the media was was really golden...

Posted by: sasquatch at September 20, 2010 11:09 PM

Andrew and Ezra are a lot alike. Good on both of them!

Posted by: Eskimo at September 20, 2010 11:11 PM

Breitbart knows he is dealing with cowardly fools....
Evidence is there for all to see.

Posted by: OMMAG at September 20, 2010 11:15 PM

I am sick to my stomach watching these "protestors". I don't know why since this is a common occurance of sheeple just doing what they are told. The left wing in the US has a lot in common with the Liberals and the NDP'ers in Canada. The leaders can whip people into a frenzy get them to speak out on the mainstream media about the social evils the conservatives are trying to foster in our society. And if you as these left wingnut protestors why they are there protesting, or why they are speaking out against the conservative voices they cannot come up with an answer. Speaks VOLUMES

Posted by: tigerpants at September 20, 2010 11:21 PM

I vociferously applaud Andrew Breitbart for confronting this perfect example of "astroturfing". In this particular case the protest group were meant to look like independent religious activists. In point of facts they're a union backed organization called Arise Chicago. Look at their agenda and tell me if that looks remotely like a religious organization to you!

Posted by: Robert W. (Vancouver) at September 20, 2010 11:33 PM

Breitbart sends chills up my legs, oooooooooh

Posted by: Soccermom at September 20, 2010 11:45 PM

Posted by: Eskimo at September 20, 2010 11:11 PM

Naw, Breitbart is a lot classier.

Posted by: set you free at September 21, 2010 12:05 AM

The real news story was the unmasking of the astroturf SEIU Acorn fake dissent.

If the lamestream media did not cover that, they are nothing more than jourNOlist agitprop automatons

What a huge chasm between them and a colossus of integrity like Breitbart shows himself to be.

Posted by: trappedintrudeaupia at September 21, 2010 12:09 AM

Once he started questioning them they scurried like cockroaches lit up by a 6-cell MagLite flashlite in a dark room.

Posted by: Dan at September 21, 2010 12:36 AM

He is inspiring. I don't know how he keeps the energy up, but I hope he can continue to do so.

Posted by: Pongo at September 21, 2010 12:46 AM

Wow, that was awesome! I wish I was as good as Andrew Breitbart!

Posted by: Simon at September 21, 2010 1:04 AM

OK, but he could have sunk the knife in deeper by being more polite to the woman at the end of the video, and also to Mr Winkler. People may say it's a war, take it to them etc etc, but that's my opinion.

Posted by: Erik Larsen at September 21, 2010 1:40 AM

[quote]In point of facts they're a union backed organization called Arise Chicago. Look at their agenda and tell me if that looks remotely like a religious organization to you![/quote]

That’s a hard question but if you drop an “I” the name is ARSE...What evidence suggests they drop letters [quote] With knowledge that the basic tenents of all faith traditions support the rights of wokers [/quote} add a I and remove a R.. That may explain why the High Priestess.. Nancy can't say know the invisible hand…

[Quote]In just six years, Arise Chicago has helped workers recover $4,600,000 in wage theft[/quote]

Of course it’s religion The Witch’s brew includes one of the devils most cunning Arse's.... "Lawyers"

Posted by: Phillip G. Shaw at September 21, 2010 1:50 AM

Amazing scene when Breitbart asks a "protester" a simple question, the unprepared neophyte gets this blank look on his face.

A look that says" I musta left my brain back at home ... with my stash.

More than once, you could see this occured, amazing.

Posted by: eastern paul at September 21, 2010 2:05 AM

Reminiscent of Lemieux undressing Bourque.
(you know, the one where Lemieux makes Bourque look like he belongs in a beer-league. A classic.)

Here's a link, just in case you've forgotten (poor quality video, but good enough to spark your memory):

The only difference is, Breitbart did that to the whole team, the whole game.

One could only hope that at least one of those people went home, and, feeling completely humiliated, decided to do a little research, and discovered the truth.
(more likely, they went home, checked their email, and found one from "Organizing for America" suggesting they actually read the talking points the next time they are paid to protest)

Maybe I'm asking too much.

Regardless, I will forward this video to everyone I know. It's just too funny.

Posted by: blametrudeau at September 21, 2010 2:52 AM guy. The roaches scuttle.

We need more of those "one guys".

Posted by: Jay Currie at September 21, 2010 3:00 AM

These protesters remind me of...

Posted by: Sera at September 21, 2010 3:40 AM

We could 've used Andrew up here during the G-20 protest. He's a cops wet dream when it comes to crowd dispersal.

Posted by: pkuster at September 21, 2010 5:15 AM

That is how you do it.

Posted by: rick mcginnis at September 21, 2010 7:10 AM

Like a candle to a dark room is Truth to this rally. Breitbart shines the light for a brief moment and the darkness dispels. Incredible. Inspiring, even.

Posted by: Mark Peters at September 21, 2010 7:18 AM

AMAZING. Well, not really.

Stop a leftard and ask for an accounting of what they're chanting, mantra-ing, accusing, allegating, yada, yada, yada, and they'll run a mile, while looking backwards to yell insults.

They don't like to be called out.

BTW, Eugene Winkler, the first guy to look stunned and not be able to answer Breitbart's question about what "hate" he was protesting, was a Christian minister of some description. That red "scarf" he was wearing was a liturgical stole made in Guatemala:

Dr. Eugene Winkler is Retired Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple and served as a chapter representative for the Illinois branch of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Uh huh.

Posted by: batb at September 21, 2010 7:29 AM

I am in love. What a man. One guy can make the SEIU run. Love it.

Posted by: Jenn at September 21, 2010 8:03 AM

Andrew Breitbart is my new hero! If only we had leaders like him in Canada.

I always wondered what Astroturf looked like ;-)

Posted by: Jim Pook at September 21, 2010 8:12 AM

From Breitbart's website, about the video:

PROOF: DNC and Team Obama Are Targeting Tea Partiers and Top Conservatives

With one-in-seven Americans living in poverty, with unemployment at record levels, with an unprecedented national deficit, with foreclosures up and businesses down, you’d think the Obama Administration and Democratic National Committee (DNC) would be focusing on the economy. You’d be wrong.

Instead, the Community Organizer in Chief and the radical left is focusing its energy on stalking and harassing top conservatives and tea party patriots.

On Saturday, September 18th, Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart headlined an event entitled “Right Nation 2010,” held just outside of Chicago, Illinois. When Andrew Breitbart arrived at the Sears Centre west of Chicago, he was met by an angry mob of radical protesters who were “praying” for an “end to hate” while also hurling insults and homophobic slurs toward the targets of their enmity. One of the prayer leaders at the event and the lead organizer, C.J. Hawking, is also a noted socialist from the Chicago area.
In the following video, posted at Big Government, Andrew Breitbart brought the protest to a complete halt by cleverly asking sign holders to do the impossible: explain the placards they were carrying. In the end, the frustrated organizers abruptly ended their protest and left in their busses.

This is an amazing video of leftist thugs attacking Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and tea party activists:


And, notice that the ad is “Paid for by the Democratic National Committee.”

The DNC says the host for the project is the Accountability Project. Guess what? They’re sponsored and paid for by the DNC, too. It’s posted at the bottom of their page.

So, rather than focus all energy on the economy and the suffering of the American people, Barack Obama and democrats are stalking, protesting, and harassing top conservatives and tea party patriots.

Why are we not surprised?

Posted by: Jim Pook at September 21, 2010 8:31 AM

Astroturf is officially dead as a political tactic. A couple of handicams and some sharp questions, boom baby.

I can hardly wait until people start flying little 'copter-cams over these "demonstrations", to show just how few people are really there.

At the "more" link I love how the astroturf organizers get identified and linked to Obama almost in real time. This is AWESOME work by Brietbart.

I think one of the things that has failed to penetrate the Lefty consciousness is just how few real supporters they have. I'd wager a donut that more than 70% of the "non-partisan undecided" would be seriously p1ssed if they knew what the Left has been doing these last 30 years, and understood the tactics they use to do it.

Those of us who do know are at last in a position to rip the sheets off and show everybody in the world who the Left is, what they -really- are up to, and how they do it.

Andrew Breitbart is The Man Who's Doing It.

Posted by: The Phantom at September 21, 2010 9:33 AM

LOL once again a sane person shows the progressive left they are such stupid gullable people. The wave slogans and when challenged they can't prove their smears.

Posted by: Rose at September 21, 2010 9:46 AM

So Barry 'Xerxes' has about '300' of his 'warriors' again'st 1 spartan and they all retreat...LMAO!

Who wants to bet that B.H.O, again'st his advisors, watched the Breitbart tape and is now fuming mad...He is childish and twisted enough to send in more 'resources', just like Xerxes in 300 did; even at the cost of more embarrassing audio/video exposure which through the new media will fuel the growth of the formidable T.E.A Party movement even more.

It's going to be an interesting fall (This Autumn)...he!he!he!

Posted by: Right Honourable Terry Tory at September 21, 2010 10:37 AM

What I fail to understand is why the appearance of protest affects peoples opinions so much. Personally, my opinion on things does not change after viewing polls, nor seeing protests; but I digress.


What do you call 100 or more brotha's buried to the foreheads?

Posted by: Indiana Homez at September 21, 2010 11:24 AM

Why could they not answer why were they there? Why was what were they trying to say so irrational? Were they projecting with their visceral slurs? What was the purpose of such emotional public outbursts?

"“Modern liberalism's irrationality can only be understood as the product of psychopathology. So extravagant are the patterns of thinking, emoting, behaving and relating that characterize the liberal mind that its relentless protests and demands become understandable only as disorders of the psyche. The madness of modern liberalism is a massive transference of neurosis acted out in the world's political arenas, with devastating effects on the institutions of liberty.” – Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter from “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness - (Paperback, 2010)

Manipulative agitator groups like SPLC have no problem recruiting unhinged neurotics to these causes. Many of these obsessive compulsives put themselves on lists to be bused in for protests because it is a substitute for group encounter session therapy. They feel less deranged in a crowd of other neurotics acting out their neurosis publicly.

Posted by: Dim Reaper at September 21, 2010 11:25 AM


Posted by: Indiana Homez at September 21, 2010 11:25 AM

briefly, "What was all that about? Care to explain?"

briefly, all that crap you just said was a bunch of BS to cover up the video evidence of your side astroturfing a conservative event. Oh, and lots of hate-speech from your side, which -your- side claims to abhor. Calling Breitbart a fag, I believe it was.

Something wrong with being a "fag" we should know about, underpants boy?

Just wondering.

Posted by: The Phantom at September 21, 2010 12:56 PM

brief Union brothas. Racist.

Posted by: Speedy at September 21, 2010 2:31 PM

From "BTJ" to "brief"?...Why not "Fruit of the Loom"? Or "Liberals are incapable of distinguishing between ethnic jokes and racism" ("LIDBEJR")?

"Afroturf"...You know you gotta laugh at that crack! Unless you are a miserable liberal that is.

What's the matter brief? Feeling lonely these days?...Are you also "exhausted" defending your idol, Barry Soetoro?
Let me guess, I'm also a racist for using Obama's other name.

Posted by: Right Honourable Terry Tory at September 21, 2010 2:49 PM

More like fruit of the loon.

Posted by: Rogerwilco at September 21, 2010 4:47 PM

Yes ... they 'know' ... because they were told it is so.

Ant colony half wits of the left.

Posted by: OMMAG at September 21, 2010 6:33 PM

Underwear missed the point that, regardless of anything else Breitbart may have done in his life, THIS time he showed up a bunch of hired, bought and paid for Democrat astroturfers.

Still no comment on the astroturfer use of homosexuality as a slur either, I note.

Furthermore Mr. Underwearhead,

Shirley Sherrod IS a frickin' racist as we know from watching the -complete- video and hates rich people as well,
Glen Beck's opinion of Obama is Glen Beck's opinion of Obama (which I share, incidentally, based on Barry's 20 year attendance at Rev. Wright's House O' Hate) and Katie Couric can go pound salt,
and Dr. Laura didn't say anything on her radio show that a sane person could object to, so I have no problem with Sarah Palin exhorting her to forge on through the BS.

Posted by: The Phantom at September 21, 2010 7:30 PM

I'd like to see footage of their "prayer service" to see if it actually happened and what was said. Was she truthful or not? With that lack of evidence, I will not call her motivations into question. Seems like selective editing again.

But, I don't truly believe she was there for a prayer service....

Posted by: Geoff at September 22, 2010 8:30 AM awesome. What courage.

He's gay "because of the way he talks" *who are the rednecks now?*

Posted by: Michael H Anderson at September 23, 2010 8:04 PM

Nice job! They got called out and stomped. Why did they all looked unwashed??

Posted by: Ownshook at September 24, 2010 3:23 PM