April 4, 2009

"There is a four-second delay before Obama starts speaking"

The British - doing the job the American media won't do. Transcript from the notoriously right-wing rag known as The Guardian;

Barack Obama: "I, I, would say that, er ... pause [I HAVEN'T A CLUE] ... if you look at ... pause [WHO IS THIS NICK ROBINSON JERK?] ... the, the sources of this crisis ... pause [JUST KEEP GOING, BUDDY] ... the United States certainly has some accounting to do with respect to . . . pause [I'M IN WAY TOO DEEP HERE] ... a regulatory system that was inadequate to the massive changes that have taken place in the global financial system ... pause, close eyes [THIS IS GOING TO GO DOWN LIKE A CROCK OF SHIT BACK HOME. HELP]. I think what is also true is that ... pause [I WANT NICK ROBINSON TO DISAPPEAR] ... here in Great Britain ...

Posted by Kate at April 4, 2009 2:31 PM

I'll bet Brown was thinking about that DVD set Obama gave him, when he swivelled his chair to let Obama go first . . .

Posted by: grok at April 4, 2009 2:55 PM

"Normally word perfect"

Only when TOTUS is in the room. Off the cuff, not so much.

The financial "crisis" has been in full swing since September - you'd think he would have come up with an answer by now. Even "it's Bush's fault" would have been than that gibberish.

Posted by: Kathryn at April 4, 2009 3:05 PM

It's pretty clear that unlike many of his African American peers, Obama could never ever be a er .. ah ..what .. uh .. oh ya ... fluent rapper.

We might say, Obongo is an articulate, olympic lever teleprompter reader and a potential special Olympics rapper.

Posted by: Momar at April 4, 2009 3:09 PM

Oops, forgot a "better" between "been" and "that".

Posted by: Kathryn at April 4, 2009 3:10 PM

Coulda used more cow bell.

Posted by: 1talkinghead at April 4, 2009 3:14 PM

You'd think he'd have at least a sequence of meaningless platitudes in response to such foreordained questions, given the last few months.

The man's pathetic.

Posted by: Tenebris at April 4, 2009 3:17 PM

The Guardian -Right Wing? Heh. Only if you are driving on the left.

And, as we see, Obama has no capacity to think, understanding thinking as the capacity to causally link two realities, such as 'If it rains, then my car will get wet'. It's really fascinating, to watch someone respond to questions..and realize that they have absolutely no capacity to link A and B. None.

Obama can say 'it is raining'. He can say 'my car is wet'. This is a descriptive ability. But he cannot, on his own, causally and logically connect the two. Someone else does that for him.

So, he'll tell Americans who complain that spending all our future money won't stimulate the economy...he'll tell Americans that 'spending equals stimulus'. He'll repeat this mantra because Pelosi and Reid wrote the Big Spending Stimulus Bill, but he himself has absolutely no idea that this phrase is pure nonsense.

And that's why he answered the question above with meaningless blather. He, himself, can't connect and think through something analytically.

Watch - we'll see more and more of this, although his BackRoom Boys will try to ensure that all Press Meetings are totally controlled, with preset questions, no reporters allowed to ask unvetted questions - and the ever-present Teleprompter.

Posted by: ET at April 4, 2009 3:18 PM

Last night I did a post in which I discuss this very topic.

The Anatomy Of An Obamanian Answer

Some of my remarks:

This is what happens when Barack HUSSEIN Obama doesn't have his trusty teleprompter handy. You see, he's intellectually handicapped. Without the crutch of the teleprompter, he's pretty much useless as a speaker. He's great with words, big, fancy words, but utterly devoid of any underlying intelligence and substance beyond that which the teleprompter feeds him to so masterfully, Svengallianly, Pied-Piperly, propagate.

You see, when Obama doesn't know the answer or knows that the truth is too inconvenient to the agenda of his neoCommunist puppetmasters, he automatically turns into a practically-automated verbal diarrhea factory... Kind of, like, you know, the CHOMSKY-BOT. (To get new paragraphs out of that thing, simply click your browser's reload or refresh button). See, it's just like Obama!

You know, I can do that if I want, give people the proverbial verbal diarrhea. But I've found that when I do that too much, people get annoyed and stop listening to me. That's reality. And Barack HUSSEIN Obama isn't immune to reality any more than am I.

So one can expect people to tune Obama out, more and more, the more he spews that verbal-diarrhea gobbleddygook.

And, if he continues to do so, and he definitely will, as he's programmed to be more of a mere word factory, a human thesaurus if you will, than a logical, rational, knowledgeable thinker, then his future Republican challenger will be listened to instead, as Republicans tend to answer more questions properly, and without as much of the verbal butt-whooshery.

Posted by: The Canadian Sentinel at April 4, 2009 3:29 PM

OBAMA, THE, er, uh, wha, hmm, pause, GREAT AND TERRIBLE ...

Right, er, left.

Posted by: batb at April 4, 2009 3:37 PM

No, he's not intellectually challenged. I believe his problem is that when not speaking off the teleprompter, he's not sure what his Master's policy position will be on the topic at hand.

The hesitation is the Manchurian candidate's real time processing to second guess Master's words when the teleprompter goes blank.

This is painful to watch.

Posted by: Shaken at April 4, 2009 3:49 PM

Harvard sure has a lot to answer for - he graduated? Hard to believe. I know farmers in Saskatchewan and Northern Alberta who could out think and verbally disect him. They have experience in a real world. He should have honed his debating skills in a crash course at one of our local coffee shops with people who actually know what they are talking about. Give me a man/woman with working experience over this foppish community organizer. What a colossal bore. Yawn.

Posted by: fernstalbert at April 4, 2009 3:52 PM

I was channel surfing (TV) the other day, and came across the delightful 1960's era movie,"My fair lady". The scene I surfed in on was of Rex Harrison trying to teach elocution to Audrey Hepburn, and it struck me that somewhere, Obama has a Professor Higgins, who did a very good job with his "Eliza".

Only trouble is where Ms.Doolittle only had to learn manners and how to make polite conversation, Obama has to think on his feet, actually make sense to boot!

Those hours he spent with Rev.Wright learning how to speak,(deeper, Barry, your voice has no resonance,more bass")polished his style to where he could make a good living as a televangelist.

It's too bad somebody else decided to make him into a President, instead.

Posted by: dmorris at April 4, 2009 3:56 PM

canadian sentinel - exactly. Excellent outline.

But - remember, Obama's 'handlers' are going to be very careful not to let him be put in a position where he has to answer unscripted questions. And they are going to play up his Performance Image to keep people enthralled. That's his job - to enthrall, mystify and blind the people to what is really going on.

There are, however, some really good Republicans coming up - people who are clearly thinking, analyzing...people like Paul Ryan, Mark Stanford, Bobby Jindal, Judd Gregg..and Newt Gingrich..and the conservative MSM like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Charles Krauthammer.

Posted by: ET at April 4, 2009 3:58 PM

Cut Obama some slack, he could be suffering from nicotine withdrawal.

Posted by: Liz J at April 4, 2009 4:01 PM

Europe must be thinking about now that Bush was a genuis compared to the "Community Orginizer".

Posted by: Revnant Dream at April 4, 2009 4:02 PM

Europe still loves The Big Owe.

It will take several years' worth of this kind of performance to make them finally see the reality behind the teleprompter — and by that time, it might be too late to matter.


Posted by: Garth Wood at April 4, 2009 4:13 PM

You know, keeping the Obama matter in mind, I also pointed out on my post last night that Mikhail (Iggy) Ignatiov is a lot like Obama, in that he'll say stuff without realizing what he's saying. Later he'll either flipflop or outright lie about what he'd said earlier. I'm beginning to think that, in fact, like Obama is a puppet, so is Iggy. Who, then, do I believe to be Iggy's de-facto puppetmaster of sorts? He Who Eats Meat of Cat, that's who, our good buddy Warrin' Kimsheila! Yep, the Warrin' Boy, I suspect, pretty much tells Iggy what to say because, outside of his ivory tower and mass-indoctrination chamber (normally called a "classroom" or "lecture theater") he's obviously lost.

When Iggy has to wing it, and fooks it up, Kimsheila comes to the rescue with damage-control talking points for his puppet. No wonder Iggy is increasingly looking like just any other old Librano don!

Posted by: The Canadian Sentinel at April 4, 2009 4:47 PM

O and the "Austrian" language:

"I don't know what the term is in Austrian".

""It was also interesting to see that political interaction in Europe is not that different from the United States Senate," said Obama, a former senator. "There's a lot of — I don't know what the term is in Austrian — wheeling and dealing, and, you know, people are pursuing their interests, and everybody has their own particular issues and their own particular politics.""

Posted by: maz2 at April 4, 2009 4:53 PM

PM Harper seems to be doing well. He doesn't speak Austrian.

Posted by: Liz J at April 4, 2009 5:16 PM

So... maybe his "joke" about being in the Special Olympics wasn't really a joke afterall.
Listening to this man attempt to speak without his teleprompter is an exercise in frustration.

Posted by: DWT at April 4, 2009 5:50 PM


"While Obama Dismantles America, The World Laughs Behind His Back"

In other foreign affairs,

Rufus T. Firefly, named himself president/dictator of bankrupt Freedonia today. President Firefly, aka Otis B. Driftwood, aka Doctor Hugo Z. Hackenbush, immediately declared war on neighboring Sylvania over ..."
(H/T Duck Soup)

Posted by: maz2 at April 4, 2009 6:09 PM

The Great Orator? Get real if you say "Hi" to the Big Owe he's stuck for an answer.

Posted by: Joe at April 4, 2009 6:14 PM

On another thread, I pointed out some of the Big Owe’s incorrect English usage: “ there have been times WHERE [vs “when”] . . .”

So I checked out his gobbledygook answer at this thread. If The Guardian article has quoted Super [Oba]Man correctly, he ended it like this: “I'm a great believer in looking forwards than looking backwards.” Wouldn’t that be: “I'm a great believer in looking forwards RATHER than looking backwards”?

When speaking off the cuff, the perfect president’s tendency to make mistakes in really simple English usage—including noun/verb and noun/pronoun agreements—demonstrates a marked lack of fluency, as does the constant umming and ahhing.

As I noted before, this guy’s a pretender from top to bottom. That so many are unable/unwilling to see it is truly frightening.

Posted by: lookout at April 4, 2009 6:24 PM

I think that you have pegged Mr. Owe; ET and Canadian Sentinel. The new President is so enamored with himself that he can't get beyond how he 'looks' reacting to any question with only his appearance in mind. He has an obsession with himself and any other reaction he has is pure acting...and it shows. The new president is aware of his brilliant smile and the reaction people have to that dazzling smile (like Brad Pitt). The American people have made a terrible mistake; they have elected a movie star lightweight as President of their country. This reflects the overwhelming influence of the media on the people of USA. George Bush is a very good-looking man, IMO, and he has a great grin but it is a very masculine grin, the new president has that preppy school boy dazzle (Robert Redford and Brad Pitt type; the latter are in show biz) and he is always playing a 'role'. "Being President' is a role for the Owe and he is capable of reading the lines (he is a good actor) but he could never go beyond reading the lines because he has no real commitment to his country (that has been apparent many times in his actions and his reactions: if he had any real desire to be a good President he would have produced a valid birth certificate and he would have explained WHY he ran around with the likes of David Radler, Rev Wright etc). I am very afraid of the radicals pulling this guy's strings because like any actor he is only reading the lines written for him by someone else. Who is that 'else'?

The Owe probably really enjoyed the Czech Republic as he could smoke in public and inside public and private buildings there. The Czechs do not trust 'bans' and they have a sane non-smoking President who says he lived long enough in a Communist state where all free actions of citizens were abbreviated with a "NO" - the Czech President says it is up to individual business owners to set their own rules re: smoking. The Owe will not understand or agree with anything the Czech President says but he can comfort. He can smoke in public places in Austria also. The Owe is not a man who would NOT ban smoking for the regular citizen but, like the Queen and the British parliamentarians he would expect to smoke and to allow smoking among his elitist pals. Mr Thompson (who ran for the Republican Candidate), our Prime Minister and Mr Vaclav (President of Czechoslovakia) have an aversion for bans for the sake of prosecuting business and citizens.

Posted by: Jema54 at April 4, 2009 6:27 PM

Some of my friends, good hearted, though they voted for Obama, are already seeing through him.

That's excellent progress, in my eyes.

Posted by: Kyla at April 4, 2009 6:33 PM

Can you say - single term disaster?!

Posted by: Beer and Popcorn at April 4, 2009 6:51 PM

re. dmorris 3:56 -

The vain
unable to maintain.

Posted by: Black Mamba at April 4, 2009 7:00 PM

Charles Adler posted this article from SDA on Twitter. The circle of life is complete.

Posted by: kdl at April 4, 2009 7:20 PM

At what point do you think he figured out there was more to this job than the job that Bob Barker had on the Price is Right? Or do you think he has yet?

Looks like the line on him was correct - great campaigner, great smile, great speaker and speech writer, no experience in creating policy, way to far left for America.

Posted by: Beer and Popcorn at April 4, 2009 7:33 PM

Algore invented the Internet

Owebama invented teleprompter rap

and on a serious note, I have to think the likes of Wright and Ayers are laughing their asses off at their coupe

Posted by: GYM at April 4, 2009 7:40 PM

ET, he will be wearing a, very small, ear piece to his "word-prompter".

Posted by: RW at April 4, 2009 7:50 PM

IPODTOTUS: I-Legal Quagmire.

"iPods, First Sale, President Obama, and the Queen of England
Commentary by Fred von Lohmann

President Obama reportedly gave an iPod, loaded with 40 show tunes, to England's Queen Elizabeth II as a gift. Did he violate the law when he did so?

You know your copyright laws are broken when there is no easy answer to this question.

Traditionally, it has been the job of the "first sale" doctrine to enable gift giving -- that's the provision of copyright law that entitles the owner of a CD, book, or other copyrighted work, to give it away (or resell it, for that matter), notwithstanding the copyright owner's exclusive right of distribution.

In the digital era, however, first sale has been under siege, with copyright owners (and even the Copyright Office) arguing that it has no place in a world where "ownership" has been replaced by "licenses" and hand-to-hand exchanges have been replaced by computer-mediated exchanges that necessarily make copies. But it's precisely because first sale is central to everyday activities like giving an iPod to a friend, selling a used CD on eBay, or borrowing a DVD from a library, that EFF and others have been fighting for it in case after case.

So, how does President Obama fare in this? It's nearly impossible to figure out. If he'd simply purchased a "greatest hits" CD of show tunes and given it to the Queen, the first sale doctrine would have taken care of it. But because digital technology is involved here, suddenly it's a legal quagmire. (And, for the remainder of this discussion, I am going to set aside the Presidential immunity issues and the UK copyright law issues, which make it even more of a quagmire.)

First, let's imagine that the President (or his staff) bought the 40 show tunes from the iTunes music store. Do you "own" the music that you buy from iTunes? The nearly 9,000 words of legalese to which you agree before buying don't answer that question (an oversight? I doubt it)."

Posted by: maz2 at April 4, 2009 8:08 PM

Notice the MSM still falls for the BS that he is otherwise a great speaker. Even when presented with the evidence they still try to cover for the Great Ogabe.

Posted by: Slim at April 4, 2009 8:16 PM

ET, he will be wearing a, very small, ear piece to his "word-prompter".
Posted by: RW at April 4, 2009 7:50 PM

--I'd expect that to happen, if it hasn't already.

Wouldn't be surprised if, someday, Barry loses his earpiece, someone finds it backstage, puts it in their own ear to find out what's coming out of it, and, holy feck, hearing George Soros saying, "Barry, Barry! I just told you what to say, you big dummy! Say it!".

While Barry wings it... Hmm... maybe that's what he was doing when responding to that BBC guy's question...

Kind of reminds me of Stephane Dion, you know... except Barry can actually speak excellent English, albeit sometimes broken-with-pauses-and-stalls, excellent English.

Heh... just had a little lightbulb go off over my head... it sounds to me, when Obama wings it like that, that he's having a whole series of periodic, like hiccups, brainfarts!

He's kind of like the ancient 2.2-liter Chrysler engines in my first two cars, which frequently skipped a beat, sometimes causing a stall...

Posted by: The Canadian Sentinel at April 4, 2009 8:23 PM

When searchers finally found the centre of the universe a number of people were disapointed to find it was not in their immediate vicinity.Obama was surprised it took the searchers so long to find out that it was him. (Apologies to Mark Twain)

Posted by: Bob Wood at April 4, 2009 8:30 PM

What makes this doubly satisfying is that the BBC and "Toenails" Robinson's default position is to suck up to Brown/Obama. They must be sick as a parrot that they revealed their idol to have clay feet.

Posted by: LT at April 4, 2009 8:54 PM

Go back and reread what Obama said without the sarcastic comments and it isn't too bad. Of course he was careful not to offend the English or European Union for something that we Americans are mostly at fault for.

The Author is incorrect to think that Obama's acknowledging the USA made mistakes would not sell well back at home. We know we screwed up and we are madder than &#@$ about it.

Personally I would like to disown New York City. Perhaps you all would be interested in a trade, say Vancouver for NYC, banks and all? No? Then maybe if you would be willing to give up $24 in beads and trinkets ......

Posted by: bsneath at April 4, 2009 9:17 PM

notoriously right wing rag known as the Guardian

ET: "right wing? Only if you're driving on the left"


That, dear ET, is the sound of a joke 35,000 feet over your head.

Posted by: KevinB at April 4, 2009 10:14 PM

Austria speaks Austrian?
and Swiss in Switzerland?
Iranian in Iran?
in Britain -British.

what do they speak in the Netherlands , neanderthal?

remember when Stockwell Day said that the Niagara river flowed south , the brilliant press was all over him like a fatboy on a twinkie for days.

this empty suit is the de facto head of the free world. time to set up the bunker again.

Posted by: cal2 at April 4, 2009 11:25 PM

Just back from a dinner with Sen. Mike Duffy.

Amongst the many gems he shared, I thought this one was interesting:

He entreated us to look up Michael Stickings and as I did, I discovered this:

Is The Guardian making a *slight* right turn of late?

Posted by: Gen. Lee Wright at April 5, 2009 1:08 AM

Obama may have said something that a left leaning core of about 40% agree with, but he said it like a drooling idiot. The sarcastic comments were to fill the pauses and ums and ahs that just begged to be filled with something.

Unless you are somehow under the impression that his words were as smoothly delivered as if read from a teleprompter before a friendly audience.

Posted by: tim in vermont at April 5, 2009 11:08 AM

Im surprised Letterman is still on after breaking ranks

Posted by: cal2 at April 5, 2009 1:20 PM

thanks tiny otherwordly doggie and catties
[and turtles]
just a big american hi [is there really 'nother way] haiku
to you
hope u

daddies big..uhh..dreams...
uhh..europe is so..uhh..nice..
michelles big triceps

Posted by: pdbuttons at April 5, 2009 8:09 PM

i'm a...sorry for big fat country..
kind of...mmm yes..kind of ahhhh..attached..
we[pause]..we are...[long pause]...
good friends and i wanted to um thank u you..uhh for [long pause] didn't magaret trudeau go out w/ one of the..beatl..stones... ahh yes...
is there any better band that uhh- brings us quite together like the rolling ...uh ..stones?
a true united ..uh..rock world we..[pause] live in

haiku to small dead animals/
daddys had a..dreams..
ahh..europe is so-umm..nice
michelles big triceps...

[aside-tried to make post earlier/ if double-post/ sorry/ if deleted
i get the message!] thank u small deads/ i read u ..uuhh-twice a week/ or so
thanks again

Posted by: pdbuttons at April 5, 2009 8:21 PM

1talkinghead @ 3:15

I got a fever and the prescription is....more cowbell.

Posted by: BoomNoZoom at April 6, 2009 11:29 AM

May I just say, hahahahahaHA! Forrest Gump is one dimensional and tiresome. So is TJ. I was watching Fox & Friends this morning wondering if they were providing BO outtakes for my viewing enjoyment only to discover that he was seemingly speaking in tongues as part of his presidential address to the Turks. There were so many halts and "uh's" that I was mystified as to the ultimate intent of his sentence. It did make for compelling television but not in a good way. At least with "W" it was clear what he was saying even while the grammar or pronunciation was a trifle fractured.

Posted by: Anna Mac at April 6, 2009 5:48 PM

Couple of interesting writes ups...

Posted by: westerngirl at April 6, 2009 11:59 PM