August 23, 2008

A Little Foreshadowing Perhaps?

For some reason, this reminded me of the current US presidential campaign and what I believe will be the end result come November 04th/2008.

See if you can pick out the "Obama" fighter and the "McCain" fighter.

Posted by The Greek at August 23, 2008 12:22 AM

Yeh, I think that is exactly what will happen to Mr. all mouth and no meat.

Posted by: Western Canadian at August 23, 2008 1:04 AM


Posted by: Doug at August 23, 2008 1:05 AM

That was f***'in funny!. Good one Greek!

Posted by: Eyeguy at August 23, 2008 1:12 AM

hehe saw this "one shot" at Pat Dollard's site earlier.

Howz that saying go again? "We will leave strategy to those with egg on their hats"
or something like that.

A blow out for the old' battleaxe McCain would be pleasing.

Posted by: lilli marlene at August 23, 2008 2:10 AM

I fail to see the funny, this is not Kate calibre stuff.

Posted by: PiperPaul at August 23, 2008 2:18 AM

Piper, that's would be because the poster isn't Kate. Read her message, go enjoy the weekend and save the rest of us from your critical eye.

Posted by: lance at August 23, 2008 2:44 AM

This video should be BANNED!

There is not one visible minority to be seen in this media production other than the loser who was punched out!

Without a visible minority somewhere in the peripheral of this documentation a full CHRC investigation should be launched on all participants of this event.

Yes both distributor and consumers of this non racially approved production should be held liable of solicitation of non politically correct viewing of senseless media entertainment not involving hired minority personal to allow the impression that minority personal are important to non important issues!

WHATEVER you need to pay us, dipshit! Enjoy the show……………

Posted by: Knight 99 at August 23, 2008 3:34 AM



Joe Biden is not going to help.

Posted by: Jay Currie at August 23, 2008 5:46 AM

Most of that damage will buff right out.

Posted by: SDC at August 23, 2008 5:48 AM

In my youth, I certainly didn't spend my Friday nights going to places like that. Sheesh?

Youth today simply have too much time on their hands. IMO...

Posted by: PhilM at August 23, 2008 7:00 AM

Guy with the long hair's a typical moonbat.

Jumps, pirouettes and all that crap to try to dazzle his opponent, but in the process totally loses his concentration and opens himself up to the single knockout blow.

The conservative-looking guy maintains focus and awaits the moonbat's approach, seeing his opening and taking it, ever so calmly.

Contest over.

Not only is it like Obama-McCain, but it's also going to be like Dion-Harper. Dion's handlers are going to have him making a fool of himself whilst Harper simply proceeds to pulverize the hapless geek and win the whole contest. Too bad for the awkward, klutzy professor that it won't be over just like that- the punishment and humiliation will drag on for a whole month!

Sheesh, the Liberal membership is sooo cruel for choosing Stephanie Dion to be the one to suffer the beating in the next election. Then again, none of the Liberals can mount anything more than a weak defence.

Posted by: Canadian Sentinel at August 23, 2008 9:02 AM

Too funny Greek: I have been working down south and listening to Hannity and U.S. talk shows and yes without a teleprompter this Obama fellow is just another liberal fool. Great pick. tells the Obama story in 2 minutes for any stupid liberal to watch. This current spawn of "audacity" will to be sent to the John Kerry Fat Albert liberal dung heap of time.

Posted by: bartinsky at August 23, 2008 9:04 AM

Nice pick Greek, I lol'ed.

Posted by: WTF? at August 23, 2008 10:15 AM

Heh heh too much! He really got his bell rung. But even Dion can't dance around like that. Dion's more like one of those gym punching bags for Harper to practice on. I would wager Rae or His Igginess would fulfill that role nicely...

I watched the next video available in the series - the black boxer who got knocked out but was still throwing punches somehow...?? One didn't know whether to laugh or hope some one called a doctor...

Posted by: Agent Smith at August 23, 2008 10:35 AM

Exactly!!! I called it for McCain 2 months ago. Wasn't that Clint Eastwood?

Posted by: David at August 23, 2008 10:36 AM

Couldn't help but laugh. Too funny.

Obama's a bit of a sneaky charlatan, so I feel little pity when he is made fun of.

Posted by: TJ at August 23, 2008 11:12 AM


I think Kate would have put that clip up in a second. You must be new here.

Good one Greek!

Posted by: John V at August 23, 2008 11:26 AM

Thanks for making my day!

Posted by: Paul at August 23, 2008 11:44 AM

"Not only is it like Obama-McCain, but it's also going to be like Dion-Harper."

Never underestimate the stupidity of the average Canadian. Dion may win a small minority if we're not careful b/c Canadians vote along party lines. 1/3 of the country supported corruption in 2006 and 40% in 2004 and it'll happen again.

As for McCain, yes he can.

Posted by: Ace at August 23, 2008 11:48 AM

Reminds me of a fight that happened almost 50 years ago in Canso NS. The local Irish tough guy got challenged by a fellow known as the flying frenchman. Supposedly, the frenchman was good with his feet. He did a few jumps and spins, then tried a real kick. The Irishman sidestepped, and waited for the guy to land, then landed one right hand. That was all she wrote.

Check out the other video where the boxing referee gets KO'd. That's Willie DeWitt fighting the Cuban who threw the punch. The referee is Burt Lowes from Vancouver. He had that punch coming for many years. It didn't help him though, he was still a dick.

Posted by: dp at August 23, 2008 12:09 PM

I thought that was Paul Wells being decked by Kate.

Posted by: Hannibal Lectern at August 23, 2008 12:14 PM

This is a scene from 'Never Back Down' shot by a extra in the stands.

Think Fast and the Furious meets MMA


Posted by: Rednik at August 23, 2008 12:49 PM

Want a funny one punch knock out?
Watch this.....

Posted by: Renik at August 23, 2008 12:59 PM

"Not only is it like Obama-McCain, but it's also going to be like Dion-Harper. Dion's handlers are going to have him making a fool of himself whilst Harper simply proceeds to pulverize the hapless geek and win the whole contest. Too bad for the awkward, klutzy professor that it won't be over just like that- the punishment and humiliation will drag on for a whole month!"

On behalf of Geeks everywhere, I'm offended that you would associate Dion with us. Geeks are valuable members of society (who else is going to get your grandmonther on the global hyper compunet?). Dion just sucks life from valuable members of society.

Posted by: Adam at August 23, 2008 1:30 PM


Obama shouts that he can lower the oceans and heal the planet. He displays a fake presidential seal. His followers create a "salute" that signifies an opening in the body. All of this is pure Monty Python.

Next up in his campaign will be a dead parrot. Oh, too late. Heeeeeres Joe Biden!

Posted by: westerncanadian at August 23, 2008 1:47 PM

Perfect. Couldn't depict the Obama/McCain bout any better.

Posted by: Liz J at August 23, 2008 2:41 PM

This happened to me once at a country dance, many years ago. Some young 125 pound city slicker punk was dancing around just like the clown in the video, showing off his new kick boxing lessons, trying to pick a fight with us local country boys.

He got pretty close to me, slightly grazing my chin. I faked turning away from him then with a solid right to the bridge of his nose I sent him off to Mr. Sandman. Nothing like a shot to the bridge of the nose - when landed squarely it produces two distinct black eyes lasting weeks, serving as a reminder to not mess with the big dogs!

Wow, that was 25 years ago!

Posted by: Eskimo at August 23, 2008 3:07 PM

So true! He flips, dances and somersaults and the crowds swoon and chant "Yes he can!!"
Then ...bam!


Posted by: bluetech at August 23, 2008 4:49 PM

Eskimo- Many years of coaching has taught me that the best kids to walk into the gym are the Cowboys and the Indians. The farm kids are already strong, and learn quickly. The Indians usually have lots of fights under their belts already. Only the gangster city kids showed off like the guy in the video, and most of them quit training when they found out it's not like on TV.

Posted by: dp at August 23, 2008 5:20 PM

Very "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

Posted by: Lista at August 23, 2008 5:32 PM

Truly LOL. God I love this blog.

Posted by: glasnost at August 23, 2008 5:48 PM

A very good clip and good analogy to Obama/McCain.

Posted by: Merle Underwood at August 23, 2008 5:50 PM

McCain is just Biden his time, then OBAMMA!, your out.

Doesn't McCain make french fries in Canada?


Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

Frankenstein Battalion
2nd Squadron: Ulanen-(Lancers) Regiment Großherzog Friedrich von Baden(Rheinisches) Nr.7(Saarbrucken)
Knecht Rupprecht Division
Hans Corps
1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group "True North"

Posted by: Hans Rupprecht at August 23, 2008 6:34 PM

the Barack Hussein Biden Obama ticket. anyone besides me have a problem with that????

Posted by: kelly at August 23, 2008 8:05 PM

On the button...

Posted by: mark peters at August 23, 2008 8:35 PM

inflated resume , sounds like Obama's twin

It turned out Biden had also borrowed passages from old campaign speeches by Robert Kennedy and had inflated his academic record. But oratory has a long tradition of borrowing and even "heavy lifting," as speechwriters call it, so Biden stayed alive in the presidential race. The last straw, however, came when it turned out that twenty years earlier Biden had received a failing grade in a law school course for plagiarizing a legal article (he'd given a single footnote while lifting five full pages from the article). Biden said he'd been unaware of the appropriate standards for legal briefs, but the public was unimpressed. His campaign collapsed and he withdrew from the race

Posted by: cal2 at August 23, 2008 8:58 PM

I thought for a minute it was Ramon Dekkers,the first "foreigner" (read whiteboy)in history to be crowned Muay Thai fighter of the year.

Here's a good video( you can turn down the soundtrack volume of that wigger cRapper Eminem)

Posted by: Mr.g at August 23, 2008 9:49 PM

Oops,here's a better vid

Posted by: Mr.g at August 23, 2008 10:04 PM

I watched all video and I am glad I found my answer

the exactly the reason McCain will loose is he likes war and punch the face as you love watching that show and Obama are gaining of not like or loose the war you do not get it yet or atleast that is his weakness is as main so far like Bush only red neck bully racist who discriminte people are loving war and get angry so quickly because they are not smart or not know solution to resolve the conflict so far quickly

but red neck Canadian who are racist and only love McCain or Harper or Bush for fighting so much energy while thre is other solution is exist that is ignore by you.

by study of conservative party and study of your father Stepeh Harper war and Your belove
Mr. Bush and future Mr. MCCain who love also
WAR for solution for any thing

Now by looking at this group who love watching war or puncing each otehr face and viloence
in game, in hockey sport or so many other sports
as fans in footaball and soccer team over obesseion of who win and who loose
and for any thing see their anger under skin
and see their anger in punch and war

Now we can conclude where you come from
I will call you form now on red neck
consevative war and punch face fighter lover.

sorry the solution is not always fighting

as conservative bleives:

while the solution is so extremist and lefty to act and deal with it by war Now I do nnot belive none of his senence and every thing clear for me.

Tackling Crime and Strengthening the Security of Canadians

Canada was founded on the principles of peace, order and good government. This is the birthright of all Canadians; yet Canadians feel less safe today and rightly worry about the security of their neighbourhoods and the country. There is no greater responsibility for a government than to protect this right to safety and security.

In the last session, our Government introduced important and timely legislation to tackle violent crime. Unfortunately much of this legislation did not pass. That is not good enough to maintain the confidence of Canadians. Our Government will immediately reintroduce these measures with a single, comprehensive Tackling Violent Crime bill to protect Canadians and their communities from violent criminals and predators. This will include measures on the age of protection, impaired driving, dangerous offenders and stricter bail and mandatory prison sentences for those who commit gun crimes. Canadians expect prompt passage of this crucial legislation.

Our Government will go further with a Safer Communities strategy to deal with the critical intersection of drug, youth and property crime. Our Government will strengthen the Youth Criminal Justice Act to ensure that young offenders who commit serious crimes are held accountable to victims and their communities. Our Government will introduce tough new laws to tackle property crime, including the serious problem of auto theft. New measures to address elder abuse and to curb identity theft will also be introduced. Our Government will implement the National Anti-Drug Strategy giving law enforcement agencies powers to take on those who produce and push drugs on our streets.

In addition to tougher laws, our Government will provide targeted support to communities and victims. It will help families and local communities in steering vulnerable youth away from a life of drugs and crime, and the Anti-Drug Strategy will help to treat those suffering from drug addiction. It will again ask Parliament to repeal the wasteful long-gun registry. Our Government will also ensure effective law enforcement—starting with resources to recruit 2,500 more officers to police our streets.

The concern of Canadians in protecting our communities extends naturally to protecting our country against threats to our national security: those who would attack the peaceful pluralism of our society through acts of terrorism. Canada has experienced the tragedy of terrorism before. The report from the public inquiry into the Air India bombing will be an important contribution to safeguarding the lives of Canadians in the future.

Our Government will address Canadians directly on the challenge of protecting our free and open society with a statement on national security. The Government will introduce legislation to make sure that Canada has the tools it needs to stop those who would threaten our cities, communities and families, including measures to strengthen the Anti-Terrorism Act and to respond to the Supreme Court decision on security certificates.

I do not trust this work really mean what they said it that:
The Harper government has delivered:

Strong economic management including significant tax cuts for working families;
An aggressive crack down on crime with tougher sentences and more police;
Unprecedented family support including the Universal Child Care Benefit and Disability Tax Credit;
Real action to clean up Canada’s air, land and water including Canada’s first emission targets for greenhouse gasses; and
A vigorous defence and advancement of Canada’s sovereignty and interests on the world stage.

In conclusion:

Bush = McCain is republican are loosing
adn most likely Obama Democrat are wining
while I do not like or care of any of them
I believe that people have dramatically underestimated how much damage George W. Bush has done to the Republican Party. A new survey out today begins to show the extent of the damage. In 2002, the number of people who identified themselves as Republican or Democrat was the same. Both parties had 43% of the population on their side.
In 2007, that number has become 50% for the Democrats and 35% for the Republicans. That is an enormous lead for the Democrats. The Pew Research Center says that is the biggest lead either party has ever had since they have been asking the question.

Posted by: new at August 23, 2008 10:41 PM


"Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.......(ad infinitum)"

Seriously - did anyone read what that dip$hit actually wrote? LOL

Good one Greek - very funny!!

Posted by: Finn at August 24, 2008 12:08 AM really need to move on from this typical 3rd world dipsh*t philosophy you're packing around...

we were cruising along more or less fine at this end until you showed up...

Posted by: raise the drawbridge at August 24, 2008 5:09 AM

I thought that was Paul Wells being decked by Kate.

Posted by: Hannibal Lectern at August 23, 2008 12:14 PM

That's a valid comparison, too. While Wells may seem calm and cool on the surface, you can tell by what he says and writes that he's not quite so, inside. The arrogance and dogmatism, the "Look at me; I'm so lucid, so tight-assed-serious, so rational that, of course, I'm right, period" needs a good, stiff uppercut of humility-imparting intellectual superiority from someone who's demonstrated genuine coolness.

Sheesh, Paul, just because you're paid for your opinion and you're famous as an opinion imparter, getting to be on TV and everything, doesn't mean you're necessarily right! Such a comically large head only makes people snicker internally at you...

Posted by: Canadian Sentinel at August 24, 2008 6:27 AM

He he,,, nevertheless I'm going with JObama by 5% ~regards ;)

Posted by: esin at August 24, 2008 8:01 AM

Is metaphor, punch face fighting. Obomba he is big all talking and say lots of thinks have nothing for use on task at hand. Is like fighter bounce like Mexican jumping bean in hot frying pan for to show off acrobatics vithout mean.

Is McCain like fighter watch jumping bean, figure out vat is about while show off jumping bean, old guy think and watch carefully and vait stupid showoff make mistake.

Zen drop heem like sack of hot air he is and deserve.

Myself not like fight sport, but gratifying to see flashy charlatan drop like rock to ground as not he is expect.

Posted by: philmon at August 24, 2008 11:11 AM

I don't care if anyone wants to compare this metaphorically to the presidential race, this thing is funny just by itself.

How do you come across this stuff?

Posted by: GreyOne40 at August 24, 2008 12:27 PM

To raisethedraw bridge:
because you need suddenly some stopped of false enjoyment as you went too far of punch the face and war for your conservative party idea of win and loose is to winner of killor hurt face of some one else.and you never see different idea you are eating like cow eat back the food to its stomack and believe you know alot and otehrs are dumb.liberal are talking and communicating and conservative are punching gays you went above bridge line now.

I can not understand criminla law in Canada that Harper dictate it to his criminla court to fight youth and then when police bit up small kids then charge teh kid to treating of police offficer and automatically the youth get have criminla charge for rest of his life
if police see you with bat even before you fight your youth fridn can charge you with " weapn danger" simple or if police asked you come back home 9 and you come 10 you get failer to recognition and anotehr criminal court and when asked to not see your best freind for a 2 years if you see him you will anotehr easy caked criminal charge Now as criminal court simpley give charge to poor hopless youth easy criminla charges as Harper directed this to them!!

On other hand you are allow to punch with stick and with punch to face in hockey game and that woould be fine and not criminal charge so far given to any brokend theath in Hocky instead even Harper clap for this fight still.
Next when you arrested for pucnh he face of your freind as youth then what!! you should bail next day with your family member and that time DUTY counsel who are in house lawyer in criminal court give all favor to police with or without documetn to release you with money or so many promise with automatice belive police is right and you have not right and as you can see behind all big guys and drugs are seen police arresting nobody youth never so far reduce today problems in Canada but also made it worht
and next is you must hire a lawyer when you punch the face in youth fight but (Not in hockey game or any viloence sport you called it!)
suddenly you are facing " assult charge as well and antoerh criminal charge only for youth not for big guys . then youneed to hire lawyer if you are minortiy never go near big but lawyer in Enlgish genertain sicne you arenot pay them well they will always you become guilty unless you are big companyand p ay big money for big bud lawyer in canada to help you if you choose big bud Enlgish lawyer.

if you choose now minorty look lawyer like balck or indina hindu lawyer thens till you will get half cahrge sicne tehy are not get too much paid by legal aids to fight and not think you desreve fight to come out of criminal systme of pucnh the face of some one else unless you be polic Enlgihs to pucbnh face of miniorty still you are the one charge for death police treath why because they ahve power and can do wahttheylike to do and if some minority arrested by police never come out of this game soon unless know the sysmes and fight it back.
therefore do not trust anylawyer you are hiring since they have degree in law butnot necesaary are care or maylike or like to p ut time for you to win you or advice you get yout out of this systmes.
the bigges part of mistake is hiring bad lawyer or trust your lawyer to do anyting he or she want to do for you that time the problmes will arise alot. do not support any fight in any shape in any place in any war for hur some one body or enter in any war orkill any innocent or enjoy bothering and bulying them.
while i let you enjoy watching your fighting this time of this punch game to know what I mean no more please fighting fun but
McCain and harper will loose and Obma and Dion will come up even if he has not quit right in
his tax energy he is nice look and nice hear and caring and not punch face men to save Canada.
Stop Violence in Hockey and soccer & etc. please

Posted by: new at August 24, 2008 12:32 PM's obvious we're talking completely different languages here...

the canada i live in shouldn't be this complicated...

and therein lies the problem...

Posted by: raise the drawbridge at August 24, 2008 12:49 PM

raise the drawbridge....I don't know if you are new here so I'll give you some is either a HRC scumbag or someone who doesn't get out of his mom's basement enough,Anyways most of us just skip over his crap,don't bother trying to decipher his garbage,he's not real.

Posted by: h.ryan at August 24, 2008 2:05 PM

thanks h.ryan...will keep that in mind...

Posted by: raise the drawbridge at August 24, 2008 2:31 PM

If assumption of momy's basement and hrc is not true then what else or other execuss for you to talk clap for puch the face and war

I really love to work for hrc to do above 12 years old kic as but I do not have time hrc are not tough in Canada in comparison with amount of hate seen in racist in Canada becaue hrc is not well organized to stop people like h.ryan or as he said " his crap"

the best answer for h.ryan is just stay silent taht is my best answer to you because when you are dealing with so many people who are not smart who think they are somebody whiel they are nobody here in this country to direct this country to hell and we need to stop those soon
and we will jsut new government changed or update

Posted by: new at August 24, 2008 3:11 PM

raise the are welcome,he's a fraud as evident from his b.s. spelling errors,pretending to be someone else,and doing a pretty pathetic job I might add.

Posted by: h.ryan at August 24, 2008 3:44 PM

I am suddenly reminded of of a quote:

"When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk. "~ Tuco (Eli Wallach) The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

When you have to fight, fight--don't dance.

Posted by: Dennis Mahon at August 24, 2008 4:20 PM

My brother-in-law once got into it with a bully who was much bigger than he. The guy was lipping off with his hands in his pockets when my brother in law hit him square between the ears. When the guy was whining about it later, he was told that it was his problem, not anyone else's.

I really enjoy these stories. They're a great source of life lessons for young folks.

Posted by: dp at August 24, 2008 5:12 PM

Since YouTube is blocked at work, I'll watch the video later. I can note, however, judging by the posts that liberals only laugh at Bush slams.

HR, you must have hit the nail on the head. The next post was abbreviated. I'm thinking mom's basement.

Posted by: iowavette at August 25, 2008 2:44 PM