June 11, 2008

Cartoon Of The Week


Next, the Letter of the Week, addressed to the MacKenzie Institute from a Canadian apparently offended by the stereotyping of Muslims;

Your lifetime is over. September 11th is the beginning of you death. You have extended the mission in Afghanistan until 2011. You men will definitely return home after three years, but not alive, but in coffins. You don’t need to worry about the military wife if her husband dies because she will cry for two days, but the third day; she will marry another man. This is the life here. You have given a name to everybody such as: Dirty Arabs for us, Negro for Africans, Parki for South Asians. How about you? We give you a name from now on as SHIT because you don’t wash your ass after you shit. When you call other people by those dirty names, you remember the word SHIT, OK



By reprinting that, I have surely exposed at least some people to a little hatred and contempt.

And finally, the Roadkill Of The Week - a private investigator reportedly sent by Canadian Human Rights Commission lawyer Giacomo "Serenity Now" Vigna has been harrassing Ezra Levant's parents;

Vigna has been sending a private investigator to my parents' house again and again, demanding to see me. My parents, who are far more polite than I am, keep telling Vigna's hired tough guy that I don't live there anymore. I did when I was a teenager. But that was in 1990.

The last time Vigna's hired muscle came to my parents' house, he refused to leave. My parents said he had a Bluetooth phone device in his ear, and seemed to be taking instructions from someone -- Vigna himself? -- who told him not to go until he had found me. In the end, Vigna's enforcer must have lost his serenity, too, because he threw some papers down at my parents feet, and stormed off.


Nice people, these.

Fire. Them. All.

Posted by Kate at June 11, 2008 9:35 AM

Dear Mr. Letter of the Week,
You can call me "shit" I have no problem with that but I hope you won't mind if return the favor and call you "a target".

Posted by: c.j.g. of eroticalee at June 11, 2008 10:32 AM

Kate, I was just going to link to this story, your fast girl.
Can you believe the balls or lack of; these CHRC "employees" using strong arm tactics on Erza's parent? This is just insane. Fire them all, maybe time for some charges for harassment.......

Posted by: MaryM at June 11, 2008 10:33 AM

How does a subliterate like that even find the 'Mackenzie Institute' on the web? I swear that somewhere in some mother's basement in Scarborough or Surrey, there are fifty really undersexed pissed off muslims working away at computers trolling the web, just looking to be offended.

Posted by: RobertJago at June 11, 2008 10:38 AM

"Alah is the only God in the Earth."

So Alah is IN the Earth?. In some others faith, the Devil is IN the Earth. Oh well!

Speaking of kangaroo, found this here:

Kangaroo Meat

By Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani
Posted: 11 Zul Qa'Dah 1428, 22 November 2007

Q.) A number of Muslim brothers and sistes in Australia have informed me that Kangaroo (Australian native anima) is halal. The reasoning they have provided is that it eats plants and grasses and does not eat other animal meat. Is this the only criteria in determining whether an animal is haram or halal? I have also been aware that the type of foot the animal has also determines that halal or haram status of animals?


A.) Kangaroo is a halal animal because there is no basis for its prohibition. The only condition is that it should be slaughtered with all necessary conditions of Islamic slaughtering.

Posted by: Grind a Grit at June 11, 2008 10:40 AM

Does anyone know the cost to taxpayers of any/all of these HRC Kangaroo pens ?

The $1B wasted on the CBC might not be the biggest flush of our money after all.

Posted by: Fred at June 11, 2008 10:41 AM

So, I am wondering - since it seems that we are starting to have a Roo problem, can we now adopt the aussie solution and attached large grills to our vehicles and run'em down??

Not Fire. Them. All

better to Grill. Them. All.

And save the environment at the same time, what with all the sh*t (hence methane) they produce!

Posted by: Frenchie77 at June 11, 2008 10:45 AM

Agree - Fire.Them.All.

In addition, stand up to the ignorant and arrogant who try to dominate other peoples - such as the Islamists.

The letter of the week is scatalogical juvenile trash talk. Heh- what about his definition of a terrorist as 'people who invade other people's land or people who try to impose their lifestyle on other people..are terrorists'.

Heck, isn't that exactly what Islamic fascists are doing? In the Sudan? In Afghanistan? In Iraq? I believe those actions are invasions. The West is trying to help those people repel Islamic fascist invasions.

Isn't that what they are also doing - trying to impose their lifestyle on the West, with their demands for Sharia law, with their insistence that we follow the rules of Islam (eg, no pictures of Mohammed..).

His talk about the riches of the West pales to nothing when one thinks of the riches of Saddam Hussein's palaces - gleaned from Oil-For-Fraud, the Saudi wealth - gleaned from Western technology extracting a raw resource, etc.

Meanwhile, our kangaroo HRC courts become more and more of an international farce. In Canada. Our Charter Rights are being destroyed by a bunch of gov't appointed political activists.

Posted by: ET at June 11, 2008 10:50 AM

Don't they have laws against trespassing and littering in Canada?

Posted by: MarkD at June 11, 2008 11:03 AM

ET, according to psychotics like the letter writer, as long as you are doing Allah's will, anything goes. Even though Muslims invaded nations, enslaved people, that's OK, because apparently God allows contravention of commandments for special purposes, like enslaving the world in medieval Islamist fascism.

Comme d'habitude, they want it both ways, to accuse infidels of "crimes" while calling themselves martyrs when they target civilians for the express purpose of killing them; that is their objective, their "mission."

Posted by: Shamrock at June 11, 2008 11:08 AM

RobertJago says "I swear that somewhere in some mother's basement in Scarborough or Surrey, there are fifty really undersexed pissed off muslims working away at computers trolling the web, just looking to be offended."

Maybe...but it is more likely they are searching for something else on their computers. A relative of mine has spent some time in Libya and has gone to a couple of internet cafes frequented by locals...he checked the history on some of the computers....what are they searching for? Porn.

Posted by: John Luft at June 11, 2008 11:09 AM

[quote]Meanwhile, our kangaroo HRC courts become more and more of an international farce. In Canada. Our Charter Rights are being destroyed by a bunch of gov't appointed political activists. [/quote]

First you have to prove that you "had" Charter Rights... before you can claim a loss!

Posted by: Phillip G. Shaw at June 11, 2008 11:09 AM

I wonder when all the HRC employees start up a bunch of "Car B Que" events across the land?

Burning down your freedoms from sea to sea!

A Mari usque ad Mare ("From Sea to Sea"), Canada's motto, was derived from Psalm 72:8, which reads in Latin "Et dominabitur a mari usque ad mare, et a flumine usque ad terminos terrae," and in the King James version, "He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth."

Aren't cartoons a good reason to engage in all out war and intimidation?

But what the "Hell or Highwater" wars have started for less.


Peace. Order. Good Government. All brought to you by the Constitution Act 1867.


Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht
Commander in Chief
1st Saint Nicolaas Army
Army Group “True North”

Posted by: Hans Rupprecht at June 11, 2008 11:12 AM

"The face of tyranny arrives as a mild-mannered clerk." -- from comments to Kathy's piece at

Posted by: EBD at June 11, 2008 11:16 AM

With all the kookiness surrounding human rights complaints, I wouldn't be surprised if the kangaroos themselves didn't lodge a complaint after being 'defiled' after being associated with the HRC as depicted in the cartoon. I know that kangaroos are marsupials and not humans but HRC legislation seems to be broad enough these days to be all encompassing.

What gets me about the whole MacLeans/BCHRT thing is that the book from which the excerpt was, er, excerpted, is all around us in our homes, our book stores and our libraries. If MacLeans is indeed found in contempt of HR legislation (a given of course) then what of the source of its contempt? Do we then rip the book 'America Alone' from public places? Perhaps this is the complainants' end-game? A scary prospect.

Posted by: PhilM at June 11, 2008 11:17 AM

Tues-les tous, Dieu Redonnatdea les sein!

Posted by: James Pawlak at June 11, 2008 11:24 AM

In the words of Charlie Brown, "Good grief".

Give 'em hell, Ezra.

Posted by: Eskimo at June 11, 2008 11:26 AM

So "Alah" is "in the Earth"?

I know these folks go all batshit crazy when you merely attempt to depict "the Prophet," however reverently.

Whaddya suppose the religious penalty is for misspelling his Diety's name AND implying that said Diety is dead and buried?

(As, indeed, we'd all be better off if the terrorists were?)

Posted by: Fred Pennsylvania at June 11, 2008 11:28 AM

Canada has gone round the bend that Socialism takes when it gets nasty, as it inevitably does.

Posted by: DirtCrashr at June 11, 2008 11:34 AM

For the $ costs of Human Rights Commissions by province:

google on: Sheldon Chumir Foundation - click on publications - scroll down a bit and click on Analysis of Human Rights Commissions ....

A very interesting read.

Notable also is that the new AB Department of Culture and Community Spirit (HRC located here) was recently given a cool $100M, yes million, to encourage Albertans to make donations to charities.

Premier Ed is also looking for a new Chief Roo - salary a cool up to $184K - but who knows, maybe after the recent pay increases this has also gone up. Must be a lawyer though.

Posted by: Calgary Clippper at June 11, 2008 11:36 AM

"We give you a name from now on as SHIT"

Well, at least he has the correct definition down. The actual word Kaffir equals excrement. It is literally the most dehumanizing and lowest of the low words for a non Muslim. Even the best of Muslims are taught that the Kaffir is unclean and vile from the youngest age.

This example is simply another first generation Toronto Muslim, ripe for terrorism, amongst hundreds, if not more.

The ideology does not become less lethal from initial immigrant to the first generation born here. Even the law school educated sock puppets are a testament to that.

End Islamic immigration now. It is not worth the risk, the insults, the added security, vigilance, hassle, sedition, or enormous cost.

Posted by: irwin daisy at June 11, 2008 11:57 AM

Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like kangaroos, they are a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

Posted by: richfisher at June 11, 2008 11:58 AM

I realize that I will likely be flamed, but I believe that sprinkled throughout the spittle-flecked diatribe are little nuggets of valid points.

As a couple of examples:

- "one man's terrorist is another man's patriot"...there is a point to be made there, depending in part on the actual tactics used (i.e. if "terror" was actually used, as opposed to just armed resistance)
- past colonialism and conquests by first world countries of other "less-advanced" countries can NOT truly be justified in many cases...colonialists were aggressors against "innocents" and did many unkind things to the natives/locals

However, as civilization has advanced (and I will attribute this in large part to the judeo-christian influence), these past "practices" have been dismissed as being many years, decades, centuries, millenia are we to be subject to guilt for the past uncivilized behaviour? And each civilization has, in turn, been aggressors against others, so who can truly claim themselves to be ONLY victims?

Flame away.

Posted by: Eeyore at June 11, 2008 12:01 PM

This HRC stuff is
Getting noticed!

Posted by: OMMAG at June 11, 2008 12:06 PM


This is kinda like Rosie O’Donnell's, "in the history of the world, fire has never melted steel."

Now I'm not saying that the Islamist struggle is for freedom, but reading up on the history of the 1st & 2nd Punic Wars kinda demonstrates that not all struggles for freedom go undefeated.

Of course, having Allan in the earth is kinda like having a hole card to whip out when you get caught with your pants down while shampooing your butt.

Posted by: Oz at June 11, 2008 12:08 PM

There is such poetic justice pairing this little Islamist Neanderthal's histrionics with Giacomo Vigna's histrionics:

"We came here from hot climate countries to live in this cold weather. Every single minute, we are dying."


"Sorry. Mr. Chair, I don't have the flu but I don't feel in a serene state of mind to proceed with the file today. I don't feel very well. I feel dizzy, I feel anxiety, and I am not in a serene state of mind to proceed with this file today."

The young Muslim immigrant's screed can be taken for what it's worth, he's probably a pimply faced anti-social teen, but, try justifying this adult lawyer's behavior, representing the state no less, captured in a public transcript. It's a no brainer as to whom is the bigger menace to Canadian society.

Posted by: penny at June 11, 2008 12:09 PM

Barb..., er uh,
Barbra, (Please excuse my spelling)

Roo's At The Gate!

Posted by: richfisher at June 11, 2008 12:17 PM

Ezra's parents should call the cops; their property is being trespassed and they're being harrassed.

Of course, that's what law-abiding citizens used to do. 'Only problem, now, is that our laws are so pc, and often unenforceable, that you don't know anymore whether the police are friends or unintended foes...

What a world...


Posted by: batb at June 11, 2008 12:18 PM

True, Eeyore.

However, we did move on. Their ideology is still as savage as it has ever been. Past western colonialism is not an excuse for so-called Islamic victimization, whatsoever. The Islamic ideology of violent conquest has not changed from their initial rape, butchery and plunder of all the lands they retain now and their current day behavior. Muslims brutally wiped out whole advanced civilizations and cultures. 80 million Hindus alone.

Posted by: irwin daisy at June 11, 2008 12:19 PM

Goebels Vigna should have the RCMP visiting him.


Posted by: cal2 at June 11, 2008 12:39 PM

Wait, shouldn't Warren Kinsella be having a fit over this letter in the same way that he has fits over a bit of graffiti?

Posted by: TJ at June 11, 2008 12:41 PM

Who told this guy crackers don't wash their butts? I suppose you 'd better wash your butt after you go #2 since you can seem to find the shower.

What about washing your hair? I'm sure your women love that, and getting their fingers tangled in your back hair, and the snack you bring to bed hidden in your beard.

This guy thinks insulting our women is some kind of burn. We don't take ourselves so seriously, I suspect this guys momma is so ugly that when she smiles here face hurts. That's why she won't show it in public.

These people are imbeciles, we should be making jokes not war. The collective finger from all of us cuts so deep that we should use it. We need to make fun of their cloths, language, food, music(that won't be hard), momma's and their foolish beliefs. This will beat them into submission, or at least "cut the grass so the snakes will show".

Posted by: Indiana Homez at June 11, 2008 1:11 PM

I disagree with the relativist definition of a terrorist as, depending on which side you are one, either a terrorist or a patriot.

I think that there are objective definitions of a terrorist; namely, the sustained use of violence against a civilian population to, by virtue of instilling fear, impose an ideology on another people(s) - who don't want that ideology.

Equally, colonialism is greatly misunderstood. It was indeed one society moving into the territorial base of another society, but what is usually ignored is that this was both a political as well as an economic mode that moved in.

In the case of the West, advanced agriculturalism and democracy as an economic/political mode moved into areas that were economically primitive, operating within hunting and gathering or peasant horticulture - and within tribal modes. I don't think enough attention is given to the facts of different economic modes and how, when they overload the 'carrying capacity' of their current geographical domain, they must expand.

irwin daisy, who probably knows more about the history and texts of the Islamic realm than most of us here, can outline the pillaging and violence by the Muslim tribes vs the west.

Posted by: ET at June 11, 2008 1:13 PM

Shit is so passe there muzzie boy. Let me help you with a few names,
Mic,wasp,kraut,frog,whop,box head,limey,paddi,polak,dego and probably many more so take your pick.

Posted by: Shawn at June 11, 2008 1:15 PM

Dear Irwin Daisy
you sound jewish extremist who read book about Islam word and translate that by using christian( extremist) dictionary

Kafer in Quran means the person who are not bleive God ( Alllah) and the person who belive god is not the one we have one god not three

Monafeq is worth than Kafer used for people has two faces they are look nice but their heart is evil the danger of Monafeq is you can not recognize them they talk nice but they do act evil and satan way that is reason islam said Monfaq are worth than Kafer since you can realize thei person is Kafer . We have this numer of Monfaeq too many in all religion they siad I am chrstian or I am Muslim but they go kill innocent by satan heart

Mortad is used for people who are Muslim and change their religion become christian or Jewish

islam call Jewish and Christian as " ahle e book'
means you are god beliver and your prophet has had holy book by god order

Mohamad is last prophet God send as last messanger

ahale- ailbait is used for Mohamad and his daughter called ( Fatemeh) even some group said they saw Fatemeh in Italy may refer to same Fatemeh who is daugheter of Mohamad

ahal-e bait is refer to Muslim also who are Muslim but sinless because Islam said you can human but you can be sinless this sinless is not used only for prophet of god

when you talk about prophet Mohamade

you can say Mohamad
you need to say
Hazrat e Mohamad salah alahe

before word of Mohamad you need to say with respect and after use name of Mohamad you need to say with respect
like you say senator Obama
you can say Obama
but whey you officaly talk about Obama he is professional before his name

In Islam tongue is important how to say and how to use it for resepct and how to say or write it for respect

before worst person still keep the respect
while today Muslim culture mix with Muslim law

like Islam did not say mary virgin but Muslim cultuer made some change to it for more exteremist
but having this is again differne bettween adultry in west in translation to Muslim

you need to know islam law first
then you need to know Muslim culture
then you can debate Muslim culture can change Muslim or Islam law as well

you can not talk or lable every Muslim just saying I am muslim to lable islam is bad or theorty of Islam said by prophet Mohamd is bad

Muslim who just born Muslim like west culture 100% but not obey any law of Islam only may not eat pork ) second group of Muslim in west 75% like west they are not wearing hijab or do mostjob except they are praying god 5 times per day and not drink ) third muslim are group who know theory of Islam and like west 50% and follow all law and have some kind of power in politic and mostly like west science and financialy part of it) 4th kind of Muslim are group who you call them extremist while we call the judge in Islam they have power over poltice and Islam law and change few with contemporary situation main frame of Islam can not change bu some smal law can change they order if some one talk too much about this quran they have right to give order these group like 25% west idology and not go to universit too much but they are go to islam university) 5ht group are the group who are you call them terroust they hate west and 0% and like to fight west for ever

do not put one stick to punsih all muslim with it you need to knwo who you fight with and how you can prevent this fight to communication
when you sent helocoptor in top of city to go and kill Mulsim this is unfair war since you can kill innocent too
there fore war shoudl cnhang to communication and police force not from top militry
war is wrong and never war could do anything
stop the war
Irwin guy you are so slander Muslim and Islam too mcuh you are noteducated person stop gosip

christian and jewihs are not Kafir they are
'ahle e book' in Islam referenc to them
therefore you do not need to be worry Muslim get order to kill christian or jewish
as you can see they live in Muslim country free

Posted by: haye at June 11, 2008 1:26 PM

"her" face hurts (typo)

Posted by: Indiana Homez at June 11, 2008 1:28 PM

To the writer of the scatological missive of thread topic:

You are a Persian shoe.
You write like you can't see through the panties on your head.
Eh, eh? How'd ya like those insults.

You son of a motherless goat.

Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

Posted by: Oz at June 11, 2008 1:35 PM

when you talk about prophet Mohamade

you can say Mohamad
you need to say
Hazrat e Mohamad salah alahe

before word of Mohamad you need to say with respect and after use name of Mohamad you need to say with respect
like you say senator Obama

And from the original hatemail

Alah is the only God in the Earth."

Why pick on Irwin Daisy Haye?

Posted by: richfisher at June 11, 2008 1:38 PM

until the HRC is stripped of its power, do not contribute to the Conservative Party....

as for Vigna and his goons visiting Ezra's parents, have them call 911 the next time an uninvited guest comes calling
but not before taking a few photographs which can be posted on-line...

it seems we are now reminded on a daily basis that Canada is no longer a democracy
and the failure of the Harper government to address this slide into oppression and anarchy
is an indictment of their own integrity

Posted by: Brad at June 11, 2008 1:41 PM

You spelling is atrocious. In order of errors
a) Mick
c Squarehead

You're welcome.

Posted by: Malcolm Cross at June 11, 2008 1:49 PM

I saw face of Ezra Levent guy he look Jewish and talk Jewish too me i do not knwo what religon he may have but He born jewish i can guantee he is not eating Kosher food I bleive

for me his face when he tlak abotu Muslim has kind of anger underneath of skin he grow with hate Muslim fore ever no matter what for any cost

unfortunaly people like me look very smart man
and has some kind ofpower inbloggs but never in his life met any Muslim I can guretee that too

who hate Muslim : angry jewish man
sexy picture blogs : sexy Kathy sheidle
Mark Styen dear act like German nazi freedom
hitler like to free to do
Hiter has one wish to be free to kill all people except German white generation if you were german jewish also kill by Hitleer
you donot need to do anyting wrong to kill by free man Mr. Hiterl guy
you only need to be Jewish to kill by free man Mr. Hitelr guy

if you see all politiciain what profession they
have they talk and they write Englsih well and they convince peopel to go and kill other people
if you listen to all dictortorship nad their leader and theri history tehy are similar in htis end

I think freedom has limit nd pen has boundary

this is your home if this is your home you can not tres pess to your home
if this is Islam law you can trespas and humulite Islam
just stick with boundary you can talk
vendolization of pen and pencil and media and violance is not freedom
talk what you like who you like is not freedom
if some one not like to talk to you such as Muslim some group not lik to act liek nonMuslim just leve them alone

taht kartoon guy in finland Mentally ill
some army who got paid promise high slary go and kill Mulsim

some dogmitisim or ignornact Canadain live in country not in city people who live in city of Trotnto are not racist or at least majority ofthem you can find most in new browsick country area in ontario and some edmonton
some white bulling Americna freind - america alone

now if we can human right comison did so much help for jeiwsh but now once one thing went to hrc abotu Muslim

tell Ezra guy just stop gosip Muslim and say sorry to Muslim communitee and finsih this game he and his body Mark Stye grad 9 studnet never finish his diploma started

but I see both Mark and Ezra are smart in destruction not in construcive way about Muslim
most likely thy got paid by Jewish to talk abou Muslim ahd hate them for ever and not have right in anything in anywehre for them

if we talk the same word about jeiwhs I am sure Ezra dear freind are not come and talk proudly

I agree fired them all but who
these feel both way think the same thing toward ech otehr how about just live seperate life and not to work to each otehr to fire each other
if you arenot work togeher you do not need to fire each ohter
if you do not talk abut Muslim you do nto fire anybody in hrc or hrc may come nd fire too many bloggs soon

I was witnes or read history soon too many of thise free media will get elimiate and work with law nd lawyer we need law and we need lawyer who can teach bloger what is theri limit they can talk
we give freedom but not hate crime

Posted by: haye at June 11, 2008 1:51 PM

hey, haye, you who are the fraudulent Muslim and also, a fraudulent ESL. Stop pretending that you aren't fluent in English. You are; your spelling and grammar betrays you. Stand up and be accountable.

And stop telling other people what to do. We don't have to refer to Mohammed in any particular way. Or to Allah. Or to anything. Do you know why? Because we aren't Muslim. Your rules apply only to Muslims.

Equally, when Muslims send in their suicide bombers into our buildings, into our trains and subways, into our the name of their religion ..we have a right to criticize your religion for supporting such vicious immoral behaviour.

When Muslims kill other people because those people don't want to live under Sharia Law - as was done by the Taliban in Afghanistan, as is being done in the Sudan, as is being done elsewhere in the world - we have a right to criticize such vicious immoral behaviour.

When Muslims, both as imams and in their newspapers and websites, openly call for the death of people in the West regardless of their religion or lack of religion - we have a right to criticize you and your religion for supporting such vicious immoral behaviour.

Islam is a religion. The individual either accepts it or doesn't accept it - and that includes its belief. I am an atheist; I don't believe in god; I don't believe in religion. And do you know what, haye? That's my right. Why is it my right? Because I'm a human being - and I'm endowed with The Capacity-To-Think-And-Reason.

I don't accept beliefs 'just because'. You do. That's your problem.

Now, haye, stop pretending, and above all, stop telling other people how to live and what to believe. We are free. Do you understand that term?

Oh - and you may like living in the West..but did you know that all the benefits and comforts of the West come from the free-thinkers of the West. Islam hasn't had a scientific thought or technological innovation since it began. Why? Because Islam rejects Reason; it rejects individualism. It requires instead sheep-like passive behaviour of its followers. So, you like the comforts of the West - yet you didn't invent them. Hmmm. Think about that, haye.

Posted by: ET at June 11, 2008 1:54 PM

Kate on haye - give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves :)

Posted by: ron in kelowna at June 11, 2008 2:00 PM

"We came here from hot climate countries to live in this cold weather. Every single minute, we are dying."

Hey could you pick up the pace a little.

Posted by: audjlizard at June 11, 2008 2:00 PM

"We came here from hot climate countries to live in this cold weather. Every single minute, we are dying."

We're all dieing.
It's a part of living.

Unless you're talking about Batik with the dying thing.
Those colours can look pretty cool on a hot day.

Posted by: Oz at June 11, 2008 2:25 PM

According to the AP:

"Muslim Leaders Urge Western Governments To Condemn Acts That Insult Islam"

KUALA LUMPUR: A Muslim political leader urged Western governments Monday (9 June) to hit out more strongly against acts that are offensive to Islam.

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary-general of the 56-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference, warned there seemed to be a growing “campaign of hate and discrimination” against Muslims by a small number of individuals and organizations.

In a speech to a conference in Kuala Lumpur on improving ties between Muslims and the West, Ihsanoglu praised Western nations for criticizing acts such as the recent release of an anti-Quran film by a Dutch lawmaker, but said more should have been done.

“Mere condemnation or distancing from the acts of the perpetrators of Islamophobia will not resolve the issue, as long as they remain free to carry on with their campaign of incitement and provocation on the plea of freedom of expression,” Ihsanoglu said.

Posted by: irwin daisy at June 11, 2008 2:27 PM

As you can see turkey said they are Muslim countries and forece to tell woman take thier scarf out means again they knwo that is law in Islam if you seat in class room to take the lecture it does not matter you seat half naked or cover up

again you made misteak that you confuse between
religion and Islam with goverment and act of people

becasue Okalama city was bombed with christian American you did not made war to go and kill inside America but when sep 11 you go and kil any muslim and talk about all the muslim with not know what you are talking about

I am sorry to tell you in you are ethiest then you are call Kafer means you disblieve God

but most people who said I am ethiest or not belive god or komonist or hindo are budeism are no bleive god are Kafer
Kafer only means group who not belive god is exist

but some gorup like to say I donot belive god to do anything they want and be free to do and not go tochurch and think they are free if not link with religion
religion is food for mind
ad you need food to be healthy
you need religion and you need god to keep you happy and mentaly healthy

as your body need excercise

history show people who have money not link with religion are not happey people
peopel who are not belive god are not happy people

god made you free of link with money which you need but not think you are slave of you boss you are free when you have god in your heart

just trust god since god creat human then god knwo what is good for you and what is bad for you

some one creat human and earth that is god
if you ignore that fact then who creat all these around you
just look around yourself se the bird see the smal ants walk in floor they are ceate by some thing that is god

you have law to keep your call Caanda
look at l aw in nature that is god who made all law and run look at how human born how propeht got bring taht holy book taht was not job of human

then ifyou ignore the big fact you are ignorance

I pray for you that god come back to your heart

I am not stick to Irwin guy i just see the word he refer to Muslim relgionis wrong I try to explain for him real meaning of Kafer for him

he has not idea what he is talking about

you can notstop criminal in Canada you can not stop crime in Middle east but you try to say that is relgion asked them to go to kill others

if you seat in your home and some on put bomb on you for 50 yeaars then you are not see Islam or christian as you can see som many group in lebanaa are christian fight Isreal

the violance made crime and all attack west not Islam
when some group steal their land then his creat crime and hate crime

you need to study how war started that was not god order that was criminal mind

why some one called in usa go and put bom in Okalhama city why? taht was hate to their govement and revenege it in innocent people

this is criminal mind you must fight itnot relgion of person and put bomb in oklahama city
goverment building

tah is media of us and CNN try to brain washyou bleive the fact is their relgion
whie that is not

you see things simple not have brain to anlysis right

again free country I just clear some thing in word of Islam for you
you do not like god up to you Islam said when you die your tonge your hand and your body will answer to god what you did when you were alive

I am not worry what you bleive I am clear some wording in Islam that you think correct while it is incorrct if you are not blieve me do more reserch about it.
stop the war and stop gossiping

who cares who you are and what you do anyway!!
do what you wish for !!!!!!I am not police or hrc or scholare to catch anybody

richfisher only hate muslim sound more racist to me not have right Muslim come up I am sorry may not liek my opinion but you donto need be rud
that is my opinion you may like or dislike it too
have a nice afternoon

Posted by: haye at June 11, 2008 2:28 PM

haye is a fraud. A complete, total, distasteful fraud. Also, from the some of the things she-he-it
is saying, "sh-it" could legitimately be brought before the HRC.
Be careful, haye, you're treading on dangerous ground. You don't know who trolls Kate's blog to discover hate-mongerers and jew slanderers like yourself.
But, haye, Jesus loves you, and so do I.

Posted by: gellen at June 11, 2008 2:31 PM
"...becasue Okalama city was bombed with christian American you did not made war to go and kill inside America..."

Actually, I seem to recall that they guy responsible for the atrocity was sent to hell for it.

They didn't go after Christians because a) the guy wasn't acting as a Christian, but as a guy who hated his government; b) Christians haven't behaved like that en masse since antiquity; and c) Christians rose up as one and condemned him.

In all your rambling -- which I suspect is an affectation -- you haven't once referred to the fellow who wrote the original missive to which Kate linked. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on that vile expression of genuine hatred. Actually I wouldn't, that was just a rhetorical device.

Posted by: Darrell at June 11, 2008 2:38 PM

Come now. I'm sure the letter reads much better run backwards in that squiggly writing with all the extra dots. Or spoken in that language where you work up a bit of phlegm before starting off.

Posted by: bour3 at June 11, 2008 2:47 PM

The Muslim supremist wants to rule the infidel
The Jewish supremist wants to rule the gentile
The Christian supremist wants to convert the pagan
And the horse shit continues.

Posted by: Shawn at June 11, 2008 2:54 PM

Actually, our Government at the time covered up the Oklahoma Bombings as Islam was most definately involved.

I believe Clinton was CIC at the time, the male one.

Posted by: Ratt at June 11, 2008 2:55 PM

Awwww no hat tip for the cartoon?

Posted by: allan at June 11, 2008 2:55 PM

haye - you are a fraud. Stop pretending you are not a fluent speaker of English.

Your 'errors' in spelling are only the easy words; you continue to spell the more difficult words correctly. That's a big 'give-away' that tell us that you are a fluent speaker and writer of English.
Your grammar in the difficult modes is correct; that's another 'give-away'.
So, grow up. Be accountable.

If I spell 'atheist', then, don't pretend by spelling it 'ethiest'. You saw how it was spelled; and mispelling it means that you did so DELIBERATELY to pretend that you are not fluent in English.

Again, grow up and be accountable.

Rubbish - we did not go and kill 'Muslims' because of 9/11. We invaded Afghanistan because it would not hand over Bin Laden, the perpetrator of 9/11. Oh, and we also invaded Afghanistan because the citizens were enslaved by the Taliban. By force. Against their wishes. The citizens of Afghanistan didn't and don't want to live as slaves of radical Islam.

You state- religion is 'food for the mind'. That's your opinion. It isn't mine. And I have the power and the right to THINK. Remember that, haye, I can think. You refuse to think.

And don't try to say that Islamic fascism is due to 'Israel'. Don't you know anything about Al Qaeda and Islamic fascism? Heck - it started LONG before WWI, long before Israel. Don't be so ignorant of history, haye - learn about the origin of both Al Qaeda and try to understand the basic causes of Islamic fascism - which is the dysfunctional tribal mode of governance in the ME.

So, why don't you stand up and stop your imams from their tirades against the West and its freedoms? Why don't you stand up and denounce those imams who spit at other religions and insist that only Islam ought to be allowed, and that Islam ought to be dominant? Who do you think you are? You, and Islam, are just ONE way of thinking. There are other ways - and you have no right to declare that your way is 'the best'.

Stuff it, haye. Grow up. Stop pretending that you don't know English. Boy, you sure can understand what is written - and then, you pretend to us that you can't even write it! Hah. And stop behaving like the egoistic schoolyard bully who says that he and his way are The Best.

Again, I don't believe in 'god'. So, stop with the preaching. And stop telling other people what they should believe in or do. Remember, we are free. We reject Islamic ideology because it rejects: Reason; it rejects freedom; it rejects democracy; it rejects science.

You like the results of reason, freedom, democracy and science, don't you? So, stop behaving like a bully. Grow up. You say 'who cares what you wish for'..etc. Right. Who cares. Therefore, haye, stop harassing people here and telling us how we should think and behave.

Posted by: ET at June 11, 2008 2:56 PM

Unless of course, ET, haye is actually 'someone else' wink, nudge.

Maybe Kate can trace this little troll. My guess would be either a pseudo musician or perhaps a litigous sissy.

Posted by: Eskimo at June 11, 2008 3:12 PM

Keep your eyes out for "Alah" if he/she/it's the only god on earth he should be easy to spot.

Meanwhile we just gotta stop all immigration of Kaffirs/Kafurs/Kaka's,and SHITS from all Muslim states. We sure don't want them stinking up this country.

Haye,stop with the pretense, you can do much better with the English, you're fooling no one.

Posted by: Liz J at June 11, 2008 3:14 PM

"Photographed from above, the body bags looked empty. They seemed to lie flat on the ground, and it's only when you peer closer that you realize that that's because the bodies in them are too small to fill the length of the bags. They're children. Row upon row of dead children, over 100 of them, 150, more, many shot in the back as they tried to flee. The Beslan massacre, pupils of a Russian schoolhouse, taken hostage and slaughtered in September 2004. And the very last thing they heard as they departed this world was the voice of their killer screaming "Allahu Akhbar!" God is great." (America Alone pg. 145). Is this your god haye? Is this what you pray to 5 times a day? Jesus loves you haye and your sick religion. I on the other hand am not so kind and I despise what your sick religion stands for.

Posted by: kelly at June 11, 2008 3:15 PM

"before word of Mohamad you need to say with respect and after use name of Mohamad you need to say with respect"


Rational non-Muslims, familiar with the deeds and sayings of your beduin prophet do not respect him. He is a monster deserving nothing less than absolute disdain for the brutal crimes and perversions he committed. Not least of which is being the initial author of such an insatiably blood thirsty political ideology, cunningly veiled in religion.

You are brainwashed Haye, you cannot recognize what is written in your own texts, what your prophet did, or even what is going on in the world today. For example:

"therefore you do not need to be worry Muslim get order to kill christian or jewish
as you can see they live in Muslim country free"

That statement doesn't even need to be challenged, it is such an outrageous lie.

"Irwin guy you are so slander Muslim and Islam too mcuh you are noteducated person stop gosip"

Of course, this is the typical charge of Islamists - desperation when confronted with the truth. I quote from your texts, from your scholars and from factual history about your ideology. Kindly learn that a factual counter argument, requires exactly that.

Haye, expertly displays the effects of dualism as taught from the Quran and the other Islamic texts. They can switch between two completely opposite "truths" at will, depending on the subject. Unfortunately, though, the violent Medina verses abrogate the Mecca verses in true Islam, ie: Q9:5, which abrogates some 125 less violent and non-violent verses.

Posted by: irwin daisy at June 11, 2008 3:19 PM

Et you are harrassing Muslim and people who bleive god
then if you are not belive god
there is not need to talk to me any more
we are from main seperated
I belive god and you harrass me to belive youre belif aht I do not believe god
therefore we have nothing in common to talk about

I am not talk with peope who ignorance and refuse exist of god
may be you need to go and live in Moscow then
leave Canada free of your new belief
again as I said I am not interest to talk with
Kafer do not talk to me

I did not disrespect Jewish i am talking about Hitler as symbol of with criminal mind and kill Jewish while they were innocent

on the same way Jewish who belive or say they are jewish I belive they are racist mind like to kill Muslim for land
this is the same act Hitler kill their neighbor andall world to tak land of them
thisis he same act Sadam attack Kewit to take ther land

stealing land is like you go and take some one from their home saying I am better than you and kill them for their bleifa nd their land

I am condemn illegal killing of Jewish as well as I am condm illegal killing all terrorst to made horror to kill innonce people

unfortunaly when i say Jewish liek word Black is not good credit word I do not use word jewish in bad way I used it that teh news peopel saying i am jewish let kill I am Muslim let kill nonmslim must stop
all at once
one wrong can not cancle with other wrong act
again jewish are ahle e book and get respected by Islam law
but Jewihs are not better than christian or Muslim though

I read the leter said in Msulim said I am not agre with majority of thing the guy said it
since Muslim law is diffenret that Muslim culture is

Muslim law are not said all those or agree with that letter

but again

look what you talk about Muslim
if some one think taht way if it is wrong we need to expalin for that muslim correct solution

he same of Irwin said so many slander which is wrong in he same
you are see otehrs and Muslim and not see your offence in Muslim

jusitce need wight and two plate to scale it
you can not hear one and not hear respond to it to made final judgment

chilrden are see tehri parenst are suffer may say some thing but not accountable
you need to talk with scholare to know teh real thought about Islam not me or Irwin guy

I am nobody to judge peope I am know some information to pass it to you to not hate Muslim absolute that is wrong

all medai and war most muslim are not like nonMuslim is not religion is mostly is war
stop the war all problems will resolve
think with logic and anlysis not with hate
stop hate crime speech

I do belive people who bleive god by teir heart never go and kill or heart others I saw so many good jewish and Christian and so many good Muslim

people who hate otehrs do crime
I do not have time to respnd to post
be poliete when you see critics not all people has the same brain one may smarter than others
with no insult
God is the greatest

Islam law is difficutl and not every Muslim follow Islam law like not all Jeiwish eat kosher food or all Christian go to church once a week
if you can be good christian or jewish or Musim
at least act like human and respect human right

Posted by: haye at June 11, 2008 3:21 PM

This letter sounds like it came from the pen of an unemployed and unilingual Concordia U student.

Posted by: Howie Meeker at June 11, 2008 3:27 PM

I wonder if Haye's IP number will be traced to a government computer???

just censor this assh*@# Kate - "Haye" is clearly an agent provocateur

Posted by: Brad at June 11, 2008 3:50 PM

Darrell: "Actually I wouldn't, that was just a rhetorical device."

Oh dear, now you've stepped in it. If Steyn's use of sarcasm is a hate crime, a rhetorical device must surely call for the death penalty. Turn yourself in immediately.

Posted by: Kathryn at June 11, 2008 3:59 PM

"I did not disrespect Jewish i am talking about Hitler as symbol of with criminal mind and kill Jewish while they were innocent"

Haj Amin al-Husseini, the grand Mufti of Palestine was one of Hitler's chief strategists for the extermination of the Jews. He personally arranged and recruited the Muslim/Nazi brigades in the balkans - SS mountain brigades - as well as in the ME.

He was also Yasser Arafat's mentor.

"again jewish are ahle e book and get respected by Islam law"

According to shariah and Islamic jurisprudence, Jews in Muslim lands must convert or submit to Dhimmi status, being worth one tenth of a Muslim, paying Jizya, and all the other horrible treatments.

Posted by: irwin daisy at June 11, 2008 4:00 PM

still Muslim waiting to see result of
Mark Styen and Ezra guy

do not worry about my ipp number
I love police in Canada
it is better you becarfull
in mater of fact you asked by human right not me

another Ensligh bully woman we saw too many of them here

I understand you do not like to cover your body and hair nobody asked you to do so

I notice most English men recently marry
french woman or Chineese woman
not wonder why

Posted by: haye at June 11, 2008 4:05 PM

still Muslim waiting to see result of
Mark Styen and Ezra guy

do not worry about my ipp number
I love police in Canada
it is better you becarfull
in mater of fact you asked by human right not me

another Ensligh bully woman we saw too many of them here

I understand you do not like to cover your body and hair nobody asked you to do so

I notice most English men recently marry
french woman or Chineese woman
not wonder why

Posted by: haye at June 11, 2008 4:07 PM

Howie, so does haye, most likely a little white boy troll that's keeping this lame Granny Muslim shtick alive.

Let's see, I'll reverse a consonant here, screw up the tense there, rearrange the five stock phrases I think an angry Muslim poster would say and go bait those evil whingers......

Sound about right, haye?

Posted by: penny at June 11, 2008 4:08 PM

A polar bear dies - anyone for barbecued pb ribs?

Kangaroo court eh - good one Kate!

The Letter of the week - what is it with these guys and their fixation with sh_t?

Vigna -- yoube a tool.

Posted by: Orlin at June 11, 2008 4:15 PM

The guy could be a professor of multiculturalism at any Canadian university.

Posted by: Mystery Meat at June 11, 2008 4:18 PM

yes, penny, haye is indeed a fraud. He just reverses consonants and puts in the wrong tense, and makes spelling errors in the most simple words.

Such as believe:, which he spells: bleive, belive.
Or 'the', which he spells 'teh'

But heck, he spells the difficult words correctly. Such as: 'recently, notice, understand, nobody, another, kosher, resolve, information, thought, respected, condemn..etc.
And note, he even spells 'judgment' correctly. Many of us mispell it as 'judgement'. But our fraud, haye, who is pretending to be illiterate, spells it correctly.

Heh, haye. You really blew it, didn't you?

Again, stop telling us what to think and do. And for heaven's sake, try to THINK. I know that Islam rejects thinking. I know also that leftism (and that's what I suspect you really are) also rejects thinking.
But, to claim that 'most English' marry French or Chinese' is not valid. Do you know why, haye? It's because you have to provide factual evidence for the term 'most'. Otherwise, it's empty lacks THOUGHT.

Thinking rests on evidence; thinking requires logical connections. Your rants, haye, lack both evidence and logic. They're just vapid, specious opinions of someone pretending both to be illiterate and Muslim.

Yes, I think someone should trace haye's address.

Posted by: ET at June 11, 2008 4:26 PM

My uncle roasted a kangaroo,
Gave me the grizzly end to chew.
Was that a very nice thing to do?
To give me the grizzly end of a kangaroo
to-oo chew!

Posted by: The Phantom at June 11, 2008 4:32 PM

Let's see now....

Prophet #1 (pi$$ be upon him) wants you to kill on his behalf, is a documented pedophile and murdered untold thousands.

Prophet #2 Lived a pure life, never harmed anyone and surrendered his life for the salvation of his followers.

Seems like a no brainer to me, but then again a religion based on ignorance, tribalism, envy and mudererous bloodlust....well, draw your own conclusions.

Posted by: Eskimo at June 11, 2008 4:38 PM

Hey, I resemble some of those remarks!

50% WOP - father born in Italy and moved here in the 50's

37.5% MICK - Irish immigrants who settled in NS in the 1780's

12.5% *******(fear of lawsuit) - my great grandmother was Miqmaq from the maritimes

Feel free to use any of those words to describe me, any time you like, as I do alllllllllll of the time.

Sticks and stones ............


PS. Can I be charged with a hate crime for insulting myself?


Posted by: kingstonlad at June 11, 2008 5:10 PM

...when you talk about prophet Mohamade

you can say Mohamad
you need to say
Hazrat e Mohamad salah alahe

before word of Mohamad you need to say with respect and after use name of Mohamad you need to say with respect

No, YOU do, because it's YOUR religion.

As a non-Muslim (or kaffir, in the lovely idiom of your faith) Big Mo means nothing to me, and I need show no respect for him.

Posted by: mojo at June 11, 2008 5:34 PM

ET, you have analyzed haye's English to a 't'. As "only a secretary" in a school, it was obvious from the beginning that he is faking it, and not well - or maybe too well.
What I want to know is, why are we bothering with she-he-t? It doesn't benefit anyone, unless we should see just how far this insane rhetoric will go in the hopes he crosses a few more lines.
But, wouldn't we all just love to see what we are dealing with, and in which office (or basement closet) the computer is.

Posted by: gellen at June 11, 2008 5:42 PM

C'mon get real, you can't be charged with a hate crime for insulting yourself. That would take a third party complaint by someone they felt offended by you insulting yourself. Better hire a lawyer, buddy.

Posted by: Shamrock at June 11, 2008 5:58 PM

Hey Kingstonlad, I'm with you!
Half Limey, quarter Drunken Scot and the other quarter Mick! My wife is total Wop and my daughter is married to a total Chink!
So... the grandkids are half Chink, eigthth Limey,
eighth Scots ( I forget the slur for Scotsman-if anyone can tell me, It's appreciated ),eighth Mick and.....well... maybe thieving Welsh.
Ain't multiculturalism grand!

Posted by: Malcolm Cross at June 11, 2008 6:04 PM

It almost looks like haye is running his/her posts through one of those online translators starting from English, to another language, and then back to English again. Switch the odd pair of letters here and there, like was mentioned earlier, and you can easily duplicate haye's writing style.

Posted by: haffee at June 11, 2008 6:13 PM

Free Dominion: Our mediator is Richard Warman's co-worker??

Canadian Forces Grievance Board (CFGB)
Muriel Korngold-Wexler

Grievance Analysis and Operations
60 Queen Street, 10th Floor Room 914
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5Y7
Telephone: (613) 944-4646
Fax: (613) 996-6491

Ottawa Roster of Mediators
Korngold-Wexler Muriel (613) 237-7897 (613) 237-6819

Posted by: glasnost at June 11, 2008 6:18 PM

"C'mon get real, you can't be charged with a hate crime for insulting yourself."

Actually, one of the first prosecutions in Canada for wilfully promoting hate was against two Franco-Ontarians who circulated a facetious handbill about their own ethnic group...

The Alberta HRC forced "Hunky Bill" to stop marketing his perogy maker...

Need I go on?

Posted by: Charles MacDonald at June 11, 2008 6:23 PM

WARNING: Some of the material in this post may disgust some readers.

I worked at a call centre which employed many Muslims (as well as people of every conceivable race, hue, or religion). One of the women working with me told me the following (nearly unbelievable) story:

Apparently, Muslim women need to wash themselves after having a bowel movement before they can pray. Also, since they are afraid to sit on the seats because the toilet may have been "contaminated" by an unbeliever, they stand on the seat when they have bowel movements. By reports, their aim is none too good, as many women have reported entering a stall to find human excrement on the floor. After relieving themselves, the Muslim women then wash their hands in the (hopefully flushed) toilet bowl. If there is not sufficient toilet paper to dry their hands, they wipe them on the stall walls.

The woman telling me this story said this is not a "one-off" experience; it happens once or twice a month. She said she came near to vomiting on one occasion when she entered a particularly disgusting stall. It got to a point where the HR department actually had to post signs in all the washrooms, male and female, regarding expected behaviour when relieving oneself. And now, these people are calling us filthy?

If I ever meet haye, I'll be sure to offer him an apple or some grapes, but only with my left hand.

Posted by: KevinB at June 11, 2008 6:50 PM

KevinB But only with my left..............hand!
And now, these people are calling us filthy?

Ha, ha, ha, ha

Ha, ha, ha

Ha, ha


Posted by: Orlin at June 11, 2008 7:34 PM

I finally figured out the affinity between the CHRC cult and racical Islamists...they're both anal.

Obsessed with anus politics

Posted by: WL Mackenzie Redux at June 11, 2008 7:36 PM

No, actually, when it comes to idiotic leftards, nothing would surprise me.

My brother, who has down's syndrome, was once chewed out by an eavesdropping hippy c@#t because she overheard him calling himself retarded.

Needless to say, said hippy was physically removed and warned not to insult my brother again.

Arrogant leftarded moron thought it was her business.

Posted by: kingstonlad at June 11, 2008 7:38 PM

pierre elliot twadles charter has destroyed our freedom............ peroid.

Posted by: old white guy at June 11, 2008 7:42 PM

This sounds like a job for Barney Miller.

Posted by: Abe Vigoda at June 11, 2008 7:55 PM

Is the problem that Muslims think they have a right to be honoured and when this naturally does not come from non-Muslims they believe they are hated?

No, I don't hate you or your religion, I just don't respect your religion. Lack of respect is not the same as hate. Dis-respect is not hatred. You have no right to be respected. Safe yes, but not respect. If so I want everyone to start respecting my Roman Catholic beliefs and community. First we must cancel Robot Chicken and South Park ... I'll make a huge list of the people and groups that hate me for not respecting me. Just kidding, go ahead and dis the Church, Christians believe in earning respect ... and if you look at all the institutions, inventions, and discoveries by people in the last 500 years they are disproportionately Christians (and by population, Jews). How about that!

Posted by: Tim Timmy at June 11, 2008 7:58 PM

I have a suggestion for KevinBbb who said awful thing about Muslim:

[deleted. Shorten your posts, or get your own blog. ED]

Posted by: townn at June 11, 2008 8:26 PM

what is it that the muslims have a facination with $hit?

visit one of those countries and see first hand. they live in it.

Posted by: cal2 at June 11, 2008 8:29 PM

KevinB @ 6:50PM, the shite everywhere in the bathroom likely has to do with the direction a Mohammedan may or may not face (I dunno which) while shiteing.

Posted by: kelly at June 11, 2008 8:40 PM

What is it with the retards posting War ands Peace on here while pretending not to understand English properly? People who have bad English post -short- posts, you morons.

Nobody is reading your crap, and nobody here gives a rip if you're a Muslim or a freakin' bi-sexual trans gendered transvestite Wiccan. Speak sensibly or shut the hell up.

And if you're actually a committee from the HRC, I'd like to take this opportunity to say "KISS MY A$$."

Posted by: The Phantom at June 11, 2008 8:45 PM

So, townn, just to keep our troll Rolodexes up to date can we scratch "haye" off?

Posted by: penny at June 11, 2008 9:19 PM

Haven't bothered reading more than two lines of haye's tripe before I get nausea. Just keep scrolling to the next post and you'll be fine.

Posted by: FedUp at June 11, 2008 9:20 PM

The 'haye' fella was on here a week or so ago,using the same fractured english,but I think he was using a different name. Definetly someone who lives under a bridge.Towwn,writes ok,except for the sticky fingers. Niether speak for the muslim community,though they do touch on the psychosis that passes as normal for the 'religion of peace'.

Posted by: wallyj at June 11, 2008 9:40 PM

AND it has a constitution protecting religious rights;
AND it does NOT NEED a Human Resources Commission;
AND is the 'world's largest Muslim democracy,'

"His deeds have hurt the feelings of Muslims, who make up the majority of this country's population. Moreover, the defendant doesn't seem sorry for his actions, as shown by his defence statement which cited the reason for establishing the sect. He was arguing, not repenting."
.... Judge Zahrul Rabain
.... at the sentencing of Ahmad Mushadedeq (leader, Al-Qiyadah Al Islamiyah sect)
.... to FOUR YEARS for alleged blasphemy.

"This verdict is unconstitutional. The Constitution has guaranteed freedom of religion. This court does not have the right to pass a guilty verdict."
.... Ahmad's lawyer

The wicked "crime"
Ahmad allowed his faithful to skip some of the 5-times-daily prayers, and to disregard fasting, which all too often results in scenes of utter gluttony as soon as the 'fast' time runs out.

Posted by: [X] OTHER (Canadian) at June 11, 2008 9:54 PM

"In the end, Vigna's enforcer must have lost his serenity, too, because he threw some papers down at my parents feet, and stormed off."

That would be a process server, attempting to serve Ezra on Vigna's defamation suit, or a court server, for the same purpose...

Posted by: Skip at June 11, 2008 10:24 PM

I will ignore the looong and lengthy dribble.

Their aim is to cause nasty feedback and make Kate*s blog look suspect.

Dark comments the rooos can collect and then say . . . *see, look at this.*

Regretfully, they could easily be the * young liberals* raising hell again. = TG

Posted by: TG at June 11, 2008 10:27 PM

All Provincial Human Rights Commissions should be shut down leaving the Federal one left. There is only one Charter, the provinces have not adopted the charter with amendments, it's the same across the country.

Then delete section 13 regarding hate speech which is covered already by criminal courts.

And finally impose the same rules of evidence and presumption of innocence as all other courts with qualified adjudicators.

Posted by: LEDA at June 11, 2008 10:44 PM

The letter from the middle eastern mind is not really shocking. This is a common thought in the middle east and among those that live here, though have some family affiliation with Arabia.
It is boastful in a middle eastern kind of way, like ‘the mother of all battles’. What mother? What battles? They just turned around and ran. Obviously the writer has some inferiority complex issues.

As for Giacomo, what can one say. It is clear that he represents precisely the set of short of serious thought, feeling people that is attracted to the “human” rights commissions.
Levant should sue the pants of that character, the guy is unbalanced.
Who knows, one day, he just may go wacky in the kangaroo court and do some damage.

Posted by: Lev at June 11, 2008 10:54 PM

SDA should block that idiot Muslim impersonator for wasting page space. It takes too long to scroll over it to the readable comments.

Posted by: Knight 99 at June 11, 2008 11:14 PM

This is good, via the binkmeister,

Posted by: kelly at June 12, 2008 2:00 AM

This is priceless too.

The video where Levant makes the all powerful ABHRC government shill squirm with great discomfort.

had this Vid on YouTube, but Googles pulled it so. . .

Here it is on LiveLeak . .

Now THAT IS squirming! Ezra, applies the *thumbscrews*. = TG

Posted by: TG at June 12, 2008 2:07 AM

Now the heavey's appear. Next will it be special prisions for hate crime offenders? Just ask crime stoppers. This is a new low with scary implications. When they go after your family its war. How much of a hate crime is that I ask you threating your parents by not leaving there home?
Just for court he should get an official restraining order.

Posted by: Revnant Dream at June 12, 2008 2:18 AM

"The face of tyranny arrives as a mild-mannered clerk." -- from comments to Kathy's piece at

"All fundamentalists have the same message, which is a message of intolerance. I'm sure if there's a new fascism it won't come from skinheads and punks. It will come from people who eat granola and believe they know how the world should be."

- Brian Eno (the producer/musician/renaissance guy), 1985

Posted by: Dudley Morris at June 12, 2008 11:11 AM

"All fundamentalists have the same message, which is a message of intolerance. I'm sure if there's a new fascism it won't come from skinheads and punks. It will come from people who eat granola and believe they know how the world should be."

Lucky for us these people are a bunch of P******. A collective back hand while saying "B**tch better have my money" will take care of these fools. Alls what we need is a national "Kick some leftard ass day" and that should do it.

It's a long weekend for me and my wife's gone. Perhaps I'll get drunk tonight and find some lefty to smack around. I will comment next week and tell you how much fun I had.

Posted by: Indiana Homez at June 12, 2008 12:29 PM

I wish ALL the religious nuts of this world would just move to greenland and let us normal people live in piece and prosperity.

Posted by: morningstar at June 12, 2008 2:18 PM

I live here in california and one time my father wanted to move to canada im glad we stayed in the USA its becomming too liberal in canada

Posted by: Spurwing Plover at June 12, 2008 3:04 PM

Tarek Fatah: Islamists who have a problem with free speech should leave

.....Referring to the media, Khurrum Awan of the pro-shariah Canadian Islamic Congress, said, "You might be liable for a few million dollars."....

.....Why can't we tell the Bin Laden fan club in Canada: "You are free to migrate to Iran or Saudi Arabia... How can we help you?”....

Posted by: JM at June 12, 2008 4:06 PM

Keep shining a light on these cockroaches. They can run but don't let them hide.

Posted by: Mullah with the Moolah at June 13, 2008 1:35 PM


Posted by: summom bonum at June 15, 2008 11:36 AM