April 14, 2008

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Posted by Kate at April 14, 2008 1:12 AM

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to SDA Late Nite Radio. Tonight, for those who like to study music production stuff, here are three versions (two alternate takes followed by the one finally released on the Mercury label on February 7, 1946) of the great Mr. Albert Ammons performing the Swanee River Boogie:

Note that there are not three videos here, it's one video plus some stills mixed over three versions of the music. It's the close your eyes and listen to the variations part that we find interesting here in the studio, and I think you'll have to admit, the final version is subtly but importantly better.

There is no such thing as a free boogie ~ it takes work.

Posted by: Vitruvius at April 14, 2008 1:24 AM

Also for your listening/viewing pleasure may I suggest this Barbara Frum - Paul Watson Interview, 1978 CBC over at Hunter's place

Posted by: Ardvark at April 14, 2008 1:46 AM

Moscow, April 14, 1958 - American pianist Van Cliburn wins the first International Tchaikovsky Competition, originally set up to demonstrate Soviet cultural superiority.

Video from a 1962 return concert in Moscow:

Posted by: Eugene at April 14, 2008 1:56 AM

I will direct the listeners of the selection so graciously offered this evening by Vitruvius to pay heed to the differences in the left hand styles.

It is one thing to achieve velocity, yet it is quite another to achieve expression and delicacy at the same time. Furthermore, to accomplish this, in the left hand, while syncopated and flourished activity takes place in the right is a phenomenal accomplishment.

The dazzle is most accessible in the right hand work. But the left hand work has special rewards for the careful listener. It is down at that end that you will often be able to discriminate between the showman and the true virtuoso.

A most enjoyable excursion!

Posted by: shaken at April 14, 2008 2:26 AM

The Frum interview over at Hunters place as referenced
by Ardvark above is, in my opinion, excellent, at least for
those interested in the anatomy of fraud, in this case, those
who make money off of lying about Canada's seal hunt.

Posted by: Vitruvius at April 14, 2008 2:26 AM

I will direct the listeners of the selection so graciously offered this evening by Vitruvius to pay heed to the differences in the left hand styles.

It is one thing to achieve velocity, yet it is quite another to achieve expression and delicacy at the same time. Furthermore, to accomplish this, in the left hand, while syncopated and flourished activity takes place in the right is a phenomenal accomplishment.

The dazzle is most accessible in the right hand work. But the left hand work has special rewards for the careful listener. It is down at that end that you will often be able to discriminate between the showman and the true virtuoso.

A most enjoyable excursion!

Posted by: shaken at April 14, 2008 2:28 AM

I loved TNOYF ode to Richard Warman, Esq.

Also, Britain to scale back Afghanistan presence because they're worried they're killing too many Taliban?

Posted by: Fortitudine at April 14, 2008 2:29 AM

The Warman piece on MacLeans has been pulled! WTF?

Posted by: Freedom Fan at April 14, 2008 2:35 AM

Here's a good article about how Muslims are finally learning to accept criticism of Islam:

Taming Islamic Intolerance with Provocations by Alamgir Hussain on

Posted by: Freedom Fan at April 14, 2008 2:46 AM

Here's the text of an interview with Bush about the Pope's visit to the US next week. It's interesting.

Posted by: cconn at April 14, 2008 4:01 AM

The Dr. Seuss takeoff was brilliant. Does the fact that the writers are American preclude their being sued by the oh-so-sensitive Mr. Warman?

Posted by: batb at April 14, 2008 6:58 AM

Warman and Kinsellea sue Free Dominion AGAIN

"Celebrated Canadian ass-kicker Warren Kinsella has now joined his friend Richard Pieman in suing Free Dominion. Even by Warren's recent standards, this seems majorly lame. I wouldn't mind a chap suing over being called a Nazi were it not for the fact that Kinsella bandies Nazi accusations around so carelessly at anyone who disagrees with him - me, Ezra, Kate, Jay Currie, we're all Nazis. But, fortunately for him, we're non-litigious ones. So far.""

Posted by: WL Mackenzie Redux at April 14, 2008 8:31 AM

Dan's Canada: Why can't we all get along?

Dan's fed up with the SCREAMING* and wants you
be "respected".
"Dan Leger is director of news con­tent for The Chronicle Herald. The opinions expressed here are his own."
Dan says, "But then he [PM Harper] does nothing to tone down the jackals in his own caucus when one of their targets gets up to speak."
Jackals? Respect?

"Canada should be a place where citizens are respected because we want them to be, not because of some law or commission’s orders. We owe it to ourselves."
*Orally speaking.

Posted by: maz2 at April 14, 2008 8:46 AM

The debate over a handgun ban could emerge as a central issue in the next federal election. The Liberals and the Conservatives have opposing but clear positions on this and Toronto Mayor David Miller appears to have already started his campaign machine:

Posted by: Andrew at April 14, 2008 9:04 AM

The weather makes news: the "cold weather"; the "cold temperatures"; "freeze".

"Cold Temperatures Freeze Gardening Season
By Mark Geary, Reporter
MARION – All of this cold weather is freezing the start of the gardening season. Now, outdoor fans are eager for a warm-up.
"I'm 71-years-old and I've never seen spring come this late," Robert Ciesleck said."

Posted by: maz2 at April 14, 2008 9:18 AM

The Goremons.

Posted by: maz2 at April 14, 2008 9:26 AM

Amazing discussion at WSJ (Henninger, Gigot , Strassel and of the $45 Billion dollar looting by class action lawyers:

The best lines: "Lawsuit abuse affects the competitiveness of the marketplave"

"the lawyers got the bulk of the loot"

"the suits were in fact manufactured because the lead plaintiffs got paid to to it"

"the silence on the left is deafening"

Strike suit "stock fluctuations blamed on on executives claiming fraud"

Gigot- "The Senate is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Trials Lawyers. More powerful than the NRA or any other lobby in America."

Democrats claim to be representing the little guy dont they?

Posted by: bob at April 14, 2008 9:45 AM

Tesco slammed over 'bust booster' bra that targets seven-year-olds

Posted by: JM at April 14, 2008 9:45 AM

Zero sum or fuel.

Posted by: jcl at April 14, 2008 9:49 AM

Alberta Liberals want to give Albertans a chopshop auto insurance scam? "such as the system in B.C"?
As The Cat in The Hat says, Ohhhh! Yahhhh. Swing that booty.

[Alberta] "Possible insurance hike blamed on Tories"

"The Liberals are busily working on a plan to introduce a public-private hybrid system that will give Albertans the coverage they need in an affordable manner, said Blakeman.

"We feel the best possible system is a system that incorporates public administration and private delivery, such as the system in B.C.," she said."

Head of Insurance Corporation of BC quits amid car sale scandal
The Canadian Press, VANCOUVER - 4 Apr 2008
Taylor would not say where the job is, but said it keeps him in British Columbia. ICBC board chairman Richard Turner said Taylor's departure is effective ...-

Posted by: maz2 at April 14, 2008 10:22 AM

(Via CSP) Khalid Hasan, India to train Afghan army in counterinsurgency: report

Another sign of the growing alliance between India and Afghanistan that threatens Pakistan is the fact that the Indian Army will train Afghanistan’s army in counterinsurgency operations, according to Stratfor, a US news intelligence service.

While the Indian defence minister has ruled out any military involvement in Afghanistan, the increased co-operation between New Delhi and Kabul puts Pakistan in a weakened position with its neighbours, according to Stratfor. The Afghan defence minister, on a visit to India, spent time at the 15th Corps of the Indian Army headquartered in Srinagar...

Posted by: Charles MacDonald at April 14, 2008 10:36 AM

F. Stephen Larrabee, RAND Corporation, Turkey as a U.S. Security Partner

Turkey has long been an important U.S. ally, but especially with the end of the Cold War, the relationship has been changing. Divergences between U.S. and Turkish interests have grown, in part because of Turkey’s relationships with its neighbors and the tension between its Western identity and its Middle Eastern orientation. Further, relations with the European Union have also deteriorated of late. As a result, Ankara has come to feel that it can no longer rely on its traditional allies, and Turkey is likely to be a more difficult and less predictable partner in the future. While Turkey will continue to want good ties to the United States, it is likely to be drawn more heavily into the Middle East by the Kurdish issue and Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Consequently, the tension between Turkey’s Western identity and Middle Eastern orientation is likely to grow even more.

Summary or full document available in PDF format.

Posted by: Charles MacDonald at April 14, 2008 10:38 AM

David Pollock, Washington Institute, Slippery Polls: Uses and Abuses of Opinion Surveys from Arab States

For better or worse, yesterday's "Arab street" has merged with today's information superhighway. One can hardly pick up a newspaper, turn on the television, or go online without coming across the latest poll numbers purporting to show what Middle Easterners are "really" thinking. Even senior U.S. officials often give such polls pride of place when dealing with the region. All of this attention raises two basic -- yet largely unanswered -- questions: How reliable are these polls? And are their findings useful, or even meaningful?

Full report available in PDF format.

Posted by: Charles MacDonald at April 14, 2008 10:40 AM

Quote: "with the new proletariat placed in power at the top."
The vanguard party? Who are they? example: The Goremons, the Taliban Jacks, the Citoyen Dions, the feminazis, the Mao Stlongs, the UN, the etc. & etc. Yes, it's socialism's Pyramid Scheme.
The Vanguard Party will govern/control in the name of the "dictatorship of the proletariat".
The end result would be Stalin's Article 58: "Criminal Code of the RSFSR
In all truth there is no step, thought, action, or lack of action under the heavens which could not be punished by the heavy hand of Article 58."

"The idea of a vanguard party was developed by Vladimir Lenin, most prominently in What is to be Done?, a political pamphlet first published in 1902."

"Cultural Marxism
By Linda Kimball

There are two misconceptions held by many Americans [and Canadians]. The first is that communism ceased to be a threat when the Soviet Union imploded. The second is that the New Left of the Sixties collapsed and disappeared as well. "The Sixties are dead," wrote columnist George Will ("Slamming the Doors," Newsweek, Mar. 25, 1991)

Because the New Left lacked cohesion it fell apart as a political movement. However, its revolutionaries reorganized themselves into a multitude of single issue groups. Thus we now have for example, radical feminists, black extremists, anti-war ‘peace' activists, animal rights groups, radical environmentalists, and ‘gay' rights groups. All of these groups pursue their piece of the radical agenda through a complex network of organizations such as the Gay Straight Lesbian Educators Network (GSLEN), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), People for the American Way, United for Peace and Justice, Planned Parenthood, Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), and Code Pink for Peace.

Both communism and the New Left are alive and thriving here in America. They favor code words: tolerance, social justice, economic justice, peace, reproductive rights, sex education and safe sex, safe schools, inclusion, diversity, and sensitivity. All together, this is Cultural Marxism disguised as multiculturalism.

Birth of Multiculturalism

In anticipation of the revolutionary storm that would baptize the world in an inferno of red terror, leading to its rebirth as the promised land of social justice and proletarian equality-Frederich Engels wrote,

"All the...large and small nationalities are destined to the revolutionary world storm... (A general war will) wipe out all...nations, down to their very names. The next world war will result in the disappearance from the face of the earth not only reactionary classes...but...reactionary peoples." ("The Magyar Struggle," Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Jan. 13, 1849)

By the end of WWI, socialists realized that something was amiss, for the world's proletariat had not heeded Marx's call to rise up in opposition to evil capitalism and to embrace communism instead. They wondered what had gone wrong.

Separately, two Marxist theorists-Antonio Gramsci of Italy and Georg Lukacs of Hungary-concluded that the Christianized West was the obstacle standing in the way of a communist new world order. The West would have to be conquered first.

Gramsci posited that because Christianity had been dominant in the West for over 2000 years, not only was it fused with Western civilization, but it had corrupted the workers class. The West would have to be de-Christianized, said Gramsci, by means of a "long march through the culture." Additionally, a new proletariat must be created. In his "Prison Notebooks," he suggested that the new proletariat be comprised of many criminals, women, and racial minorities.

The new battleground, reasoned Gramsci, must become the culture, starting with the traditional family and completely engulfing churches, schools, media, entertainment, civic organizations, literature, science, and history. All of these things must be radically transformed and the social and cultural order gradually turned upside-down with the new proletariat placed in power at the top."

Posted by: maz2 at April 14, 2008 11:11 AM

Richard Landes (Augean Stables, Second Draft) has an interesting post up: Stanley Kurtz's review of McGill prof Carl Salzman's new book, Culture and Conflict in the Middle East.

Salzman on Tribal Islam: Insights of an Anthropologist

Seems to confirm many of ET's observations about the importance of tribalism in the long war, but perhaps with a bit more balance, seeing Islam as -- to use my own term -- a kind of turbo-charged tribalism. Leaves me with a far more pessimistic view of the prospect of democracy in the ME and also undermines ET's (bolsters my) view of the Arab-Israeli perma-war. Also has me shaking my head over ET's frequently proposed theory that tribalism is declining. The opposite, in my view.

Great insights into the dynamics of tribal culture and Edward Said's contribution to the silencing of discussion about tribalism's barrier to progress into modernity, perhaps due to his own shame about the dysfunctionality of "Palestinian" culture.

Posted by: Me No Dhimmi at April 14, 2008 11:46 AM

Bob Rae's ghost haunts Ontaio legislature

The Liberal rebranding is not sticking.

Posted by: bob at April 14, 2008 11:53 AM

More MJD, aka Mad Journalism Disease.

CIBC, CanPress, and Aunty-American, she of the skirts, have made it official; US recession.

But wait, there is more in the "report": "the report released Monday said America will slide into a recession in the first half of this year as a consequence of the worst housing slump since the Great Depression and tight money."

Ahh ... tha's better ... it's just a "slide".

"Canada to skirt U.S. recession, grow strongly in 2009; report

OTTAWA — Canada's in-demand commodities have given it a new measure of independence and enable it to sit out the U.S. recession, says an economic outlook from CIBC World Markets." (canpress)

Posted by: maz2 at April 14, 2008 11:58 AM

Taliban attacked by Unmanned aerial vehicle. Job carried out by Canadian Forces.

I'm assuming the UAV was American, considering it makes use of color video. At any rate, it isn't hard to see why Harper insists on acquiring UAV's for Canadian soldiers...

Posted by: Knight of Good Mr. Iron Man at April 14, 2008 12:07 PM

Yes, me no dhimmi, tribalism is declining. It's not going quietly; it's going out with a fight, but it cannot survive.

The 'error' that you are making, if I may presume to call your thoughtful remarks as such, is that you seem to consider the political mode a matter or choice. The people/govt, according to this perspective, can actually choose whether to 'be tribal' or 'be democratic'. I reject this. I don't think it's a matter of choice.

It's all got to do with the economy. Which in itself is also linked to the population size. You can't sustain a massive population in the millions within a non-industrial economy. And you can't sustain an industrial economy within the political mode of tribalism. Simple as that.

As for Israel-Palestine, I maintain my opinion. It had, right from the start, nothing to do with tribalism and everything to do with both Israel and the Arab States permitting and enabling a Palestinian state. None of this group (Israel and the Arab States) wanted a Palestinian state. Israel's settlements and adamant refusal to acknowledge Palestinians as a 'people' with any rights is a key problem. The Arab States, as tribal dictatorships, didn't want an Arab democracy in their midst.

But, back to tribalism. It has no functional future. It is unable to allow and develop a middle class. And an industrial economy rests on a robust middle class. The middle class must have the political and economic power; that's democracy.

Posted by: ET at April 14, 2008 12:19 PM

Just announced

David Miller's strategy for increasing prosperity in Toronto ....The Toronto Socialist/Communist Exchange program.

Two 'high-level' Toronto public servants to be sent to Beijing, while two 'high-level' Beijing public servants to work in Toronto.

To learn & exchange ideas........

Posted by: JM at April 14, 2008 12:21 PM

Given that so many in the west will not acknowledge that the foundationally violent ideology of Islam, especially their texts, are at the bottom of all historical Islamic conquest and violence - I have often scratched my head and wondered the same thing:

(from jihadwatch)

Has the world ever before witnessed cognitive dissonance on this grand a scale?

"Hamas MP and Cleric Yunis Al-Astal in a Friday Sermon: We Will Conquer Rome, and from There Continue to Conquer the Two Americas and Eastern Europe," from MEMRITV (thanks to Sr. Soph):

Following are excerpts from an address by Hamas MP and cleric Yunis Al-Astal, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on April 11, 2008.
Yunis Al-Astal: Allah has chosen you for Himself and for His religion, so that you will serve as the engine pulling this nation to the phase of succession, security, and consolidation of power, and even to conquests thorough da'wa and military conquests of the capitals of the entire world. Very soon, Allah willing, Rome will be conquered, just like Constantinople was, as was prophesized by our Prophet Muhammad. Today, Rome is the capital of the Catholics, or the Crusader capital, which has declared its hostility to Islam, and has planted the brothers of apes and pigs in Palestine in order to prevent the reawakening of Islam – this capital of theirs will be an advanced post for the Islamic conquests, which will spread through Europe in its entirety, and then will turn to the two Americas, and even Eastern Europe.

I believe that our children or our grandchildren will inherit our Jihad and our sacrifices, and Allah willing, the commanders of the conquest will come from among them. Today, we instill these good tidings in their souls, and by means of the mosques and the Koran books, and the history of our Prophets, his companions, and the great leaders, we prepare them for the mission of saving humanity from the hellfire on the brink of which they stand.

Posted by: irwin daisy at April 14, 2008 12:28 PM

ET: Well, naturally I defer to your erudition in the matter of tribalism and certainly see your point about economics. In fact, I've often opined to friends and acquaintances that "economics is everything" with a certain hyperbolic flourish.

Here's my current connundrum: While I see that the industrial mode is required to support huge populations, isn't it true that populations can decline rather than industrialism develop? See Russia where the birthrate is now barely above 1, where abortions now equal live births, where the population is estimated to decline by 50 million or so over the next few decades. And surely you agree democracy in nowhere in sight.

AND, doesn't the massive muslim immigration into the West in fact forestall that adjustment? Isn't it true that they are now fastening onto OUR industrialism rather than developing their own; that we are feeding their population growth from our "social capital".

Posted by: Me No Dhimmi at April 14, 2008 12:51 PM

Canadian Pless/MSM covers for Mao Stlong.

CanPless say, "seeing Tibetans allegedly killed".
Mao xay, Yetis kill Tibetans. Yetis plotect Led Tolch on Evelest.

"Rippel says some climbers passing through Tibet have spoken out about seeing Tibetans allegedly killed during recent uprisings against the Chinese and the latest clampdown may reflect attempts to muzzle those reports."
"Political blizzard engulfs team trying to scale Everest"

Posted by: maz2 at April 14, 2008 12:59 PM

Judge Deb/CTV have cast judgment. Martin is not guilty. Ex-Judge Gomery told us that already. What's new?

""I've seen the document that has all of the evidence and it's totally circumstantial and, in fact, in Canada she probably wouldn't have even been held overnight," Debra Tieleman, who spoke to Martin yesterday, told CTV's Canada AM on Monday."

Posted by: maz2 at April 14, 2008 1:09 PM

Obviously and without any doubt whatsoever, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is a leftard, LIEberal-supporting, statist organization suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome and part of "The Vast Leftwing Media Canspiracy" along with that socialist Harper-hating, anti-American rag National Post.

There is no other logical explanation for why they would think that we are or are heading for a recession. Right, everyone???

Posted by: Ted at April 14, 2008 1:13 PM

me no dhimmi, in part - I agree.

First, I completely agree that the Muslim immigration into Europe in particular is a parastic one that is feeding off the industrial and democratic infrastructure and not adding anything to it.
That's why I keep ranting against multiculturalism, a policy that effectively permits and enables this. It must be stopped.

Multiculturalism is, in a strange sense, a modern version of colonialism. The 'imperialists' in multiculturalism are the Leftist Liberals! The Leftists view 'others' or the main population as incapable of reason.

The population is understood to have developed v various 'beliefs and behaviour'. These beliefs and behaviour are viewed as not developed by reason, not open to reasoned analysis, and not meant to be changed by reason.

As such, the Leftist Liberals, who are in the bureaucratic government/education/press etc, consider these beliefs/behaviour to be irrelevant. You can keep them because they identify your group. You do not analyze them as having any validity within the modern world because they HAVE NO VALIDITY. They are simply group-based private irrelevant beliefs/behaviour that identify the group. Like skin colour. But they are not open to critical evaluation because as beliefs/behaviour - they are utterly irrelevant.

This suggests that these beliefs/behaviour developed outside of the use of reason (it's in their blood); are immune to critical evaluation; immune to change.

This suggests further that the main population have no capacity for thinking. Their beliefs and behaviour are random developments in their hereditary nature. Not open to reason.

Now - as for tribalism and the reduction of population - again, we can't revert in history. Our global population is too large for a non-industrial economy. The population may be slowing in Russia but it's not slowing elsewhere. And the global economy is networked. We can't go back in economic time.

Posted by: ET at April 14, 2008 1:14 PM

Ted, the CIBC has a lot to answer for themselves. Not so sure one could hold their point of view as the be all and end all.

"A river of red ink is flowing at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

The bank is paying heavily for its exposure to the U.S. sub-prime mortgage calamity, reporting it lost $1.46 billion in the first quarter, compared to a profit of $770 million a year ago.

"Our losses related to the U.S. residential mortgage market are a significant disappointment and are not aligned with our strategic imperative of consistent and sustainable performance," CIBC CEO Gerry McCaughey said in a statement."

...And the bank said the situation may get worse, warning that "market and economic conditions relating to the financial guarantors may change in the future, which could result in significant future losses."

Or from The Financial Post:

"...Still reeling from heavy write-downs on investments tied to U.S. subprime mortgages, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce shook up its upper management "

Posted by: BB at April 14, 2008 1:40 PM

Wouldn't loonies have been better?

Posted by: Spinks at April 14, 2008 1:40 PM

Yes S. Dion, it's time for an election.

Meanwhile pigs were flying in T.O.

Posted by: puddin and pie at April 14, 2008 2:00 PM

A former member of the Immigration and Refugee Board writes to the Star's editor:

"The right to keep the door closed"

Apr 14, 2008 04:30 AM
Re:Opposition raises discrimination fears

The federal government's amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to remove the government's obligation to process all visa applications is more than reasonable and long overdue.

I am a former member of the Immigration and Refugee Board and an experienced immigration and refugee lawyer. My late parents, my sister and I came to Canada as independent immigrants. I believe that Canada's immigration legislation should be premised on the best interests and needs of Canada, rather than formulated by the desires and expectations of millions of potential immigrants.

All countries have the right to set immigration criteria and limits based on their national needs and best interests. So why should Canada be any different. Canada, too, should select immigrants who best meet our economic, social and demographic needs.

Foreign nationals do not have the right to immigrate to Canada, nor should Canada be obligated to process all visa applications. It is a privilege that was transformed into an obligation under the act.

Do we as Canadians have the right to demand to immigrate to other countries? Do we have the right to demand that our visa applications be processed in a country of our choice? Do we have the right to use a foreign country's constitution or legislation to enforce our expectations to immigrate to that country? Of course not.

So why should that legislative entitlement fetter Canada's right to select immigrants who would benefit Canada?

Julie Taub, Ottawa


Posted by: irwin daisy at April 14, 2008 2:04 PM

MESH, Mapping Iran's Blogosphere

Social network analysis reveals the Iranian blogosphere to be dominated by four major network formations, or poles, with identifiable sub-clusters of bloggers within those poles. We label the poles as 1) Secular/Reformist, 2) Conservative/Religious, 3) Persian Poetry and Literature, and 4) Mixed Networks…. Given the repressive political and media environment, and high profile arrests and harassment of bloggers, one might not expect to find much political contestation in the blogosphere. However, we identified a subset of the secular/reformist pole focused intently on politics and current affairs and comprised mainly of bloggers living inside Iran, which is linked in contentious dialog with the conservative political sub-cluster. Surprisingly, a minority of bloggers in the secular/reformist pole appear to blog anonymously, even in the more politically-oriented part of it; instead, it is more common for bloggers in the religious/conservative pole to blog anonymously. Blocking of blogs by the government is less pervasive than we had assumed.
Posted by: Charles MacDonald at April 14, 2008 2:13 PM

Amateur financial analysts will get a kick out this at

"Which 'inning' of the mortgage crisis are we in?"

"One of the fascinating aspects of Wall Street is the ability of analysts to provide opinions without the faintest backing from evidence. Among the latest topics of opinion is how far this mortgage crisis has to go. Evidently, the idea is that the recession that these analysts didn't forecast is already over, and it is time to 'look across the valley' on the belief that most of writedowns are behind us."
"Clearly as we enter 2008, we appear to be quite early in the mortgage crisis, with only a quarter of the accumulative (mortgage) resets having occurred." - John Hussman

I like this one - 'the recession they did not forcast is already over', with millions of mortgages still to reset with higher interest rates. Many not affordable.

So where is Allstate when you really need them?

Posted by: rockyt at April 14, 2008 2:20 PM

Michael Rubin, AEI, Turkey's Turning Point: Could there be an Islamic Revolution in Turkey?

Few U.S. policymakers have heard of Fethullah Gülen, perhaps Turkey's most prominent theologian and political thinker. Self-exiled for more than a decade, Gülen lives a reclusive life outside Philadelphia, Pa. Within months, however, he may be as much a household a name in the United States as is Ayatollah Khomeini, a man who was as obscure to most Americans up until his triumphant return to Iran almost 30 years ago.

Many academics and journalist embrace Gülen and applaud his stated vision welding Islam with tolerance and a pro-European outlook. Supporters describe him as progressive. In 2003, the University of Texas honored him as a "peaceful hero," alongside Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and the Dalai Lama...

Posted by: Charles MacDonald at April 14, 2008 2:26 PM

Leninist/Stalinist/Maoist purges/liquidations/cleansings in Zimbabwe.
Socialism's natural end result: Murder; Death.

MSM repeats the Big Lie: "A police spokesman said that the death did not appear to be politically motivated."

MDC supporter dies [murdered] in new Zimbabwe violence (telegraph)

Posted by: maz2 at April 14, 2008 3:16 PM

Did anyone see some of the online polls that followed the Wall-Lukiwski video!! Over 66% of the responents said they wouldn't vote any differently after seeing the video. No need to ponder on who said (24%) they wouldn't vote Conseravtive or Sask. Party after looking at that awful anti-gay, anti-Ukrainian, anti-Liberal and anti-political correctivness propaganda. Shame on you rednecks!!!

Posted by: Jack B. Nimble at April 14, 2008 3:57 PM

Golbal warming/cc is dead. It's FCE.

Moon-UN, AssPress, World Bank have expressed a high degree of unanimity on this. Crank up the volume and listen to the echo when "Ban echoed Zoellick".
"world's bottom billion" are waiting.

"UN Chief: Food Crisis Is Now Emergency

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- A rapidly escalating global food crisis has reached emergency proportions and threatens to wipe out seven years of progress in the fight against poverty, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned Monday."
"Ban echoed Zoellick in warning that that the food crisis "could mean seven lost years in the fight against worldwide poverty.""
"The United Nations is at a midpoint in its campaign to reduce global poverty and improve living standards of the world's bottom billion. The Millennium Development Goals, adopted at a U.N. summit in 2000, include cutting extreme poverty by half by 2015." (asspress)

Posted by: maz2 at April 14, 2008 4:38 PM

Thanks for posting that maz2. I've been going on about this for a while. I'm glad to see the media is coming to the party, albeit somewhat late. Maybe they feel a little guilty for having rode, even driven, the global warming bus for so long. I doubt it.

The global food shortage, and the related inflated prices of the basic foods much of the world survives on, is, I believe, the biggest crisis facing mankind right now. Much of the problem is being caused by farmers replacing food crops with bio-fuel crops, due to the phony global warming crisis.

'some ministers told him that using foodstuffs to make fuel amounted to a "crime against humanity."'

"If nothing is done, 100 million people will be shoved deeper into poverty"

Does this make David Suzuki and his ilk guilty of crimes against humanity? Of course not, but he'd best wake up and see what the real consequences are to his actions.

Posted by: Jimbo at April 14, 2008 6:49 PM

Berlusconi out "stumping" (which apparently means something entirely different in Italian politics) for votes prior to his third victory.

Posted by: ward at April 14, 2008 7:11 PM

"“Food vs Fuel” Argument is False

Here is some interesting data that shows that the food vs fuel argument is false."

"Note the bottom line. AFTER corn crop removal for ethanol production the US produced a net of 9.7 million bushels in 2002, 10.4 million bushels in 2006, and 12.2 million bushels in 2007.

Thus despite the growth of the corn ethanol industry (or actually because of it, as I’ll explain below) the net corn food product of the USA increased 17% between 2006 and 2007, and 26% since 2002. Overall, US farm exports are up 23%.

The reason why this is so is because agriculture is not a zero sum game." (more)

Posted by: maz2 at April 14, 2008 7:32 PM

"China 'world's worst polluter'"
Stlong Mao say, "Description of the most beautiful scenery: to be clear day, see red-wrapped equipment, particularly photography."

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"expert" suppliesed. He can't just recant. He will be summoned to the Goremons' Tabernacle; there he will have his knuckles-dragged, his neck reddened, his ...-

"Global Warming Researchers Reverse Stance on Storm Intensity

Author of the theory that global warming breeds stronger hurricanes recants his view

Noted Hurricane Expert Kerry Emanuel has publicly reversed his stance on the impact of Global Warming on Hurricanes. Saying "The models are telling us something quite different from what nature seems to be telling us," Emanuel has released new research indicating that even in a rapidly warming world, hurricane frequency and intensity will not be substantially affected.

"The results surprised me," says Emanuel, one of the media's most quoted figures on the topic." (dailytech)

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Complaint filed at the Canadian Human Rights Commission against a Montreal imam

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