June 27, 2005

"Nothing Comes Between Me And Your Bordens"



Posted by Kate at June 27, 2005 3:01 PM

Ewwww ewww ewww!!! ;-) And don't you think Brooke Shields has taken enough crap lately from Tom Cruise that she deserves a break?

Posted by: Dave J at June 27, 2005 3:17 PM

How am I supposed to do any work after viewing that totally nauseating image? And I have to look at it everytime I visit SDA until it disappears into the archive.

Thanks a bunch Kate.

Posted by: Shaken at June 27, 2005 3:19 PM

Taking pictures at a Navy watering hole, were ya?

Posted by: old squid at June 27, 2005 3:22 PM

He, he, he, he, haw - that's a good one (like the currency pants!)- better get your laughs in now folks, pretty soon "Dear Leader" Martin's gonna make ridiculing him a felony (sorry, indictable offense)...why not, he's already dispensed with the requirement that the confidence of parliament be maintained?

Posted by: SEchappe at June 27, 2005 3:25 PM

lol... That's a whole lot of ugly.

Posted by: Warwick at June 27, 2005 3:30 PM


Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions

How to claim a balance


Unclaimed balances. Get it before the Librano$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ get it.

Posted by: maz2 at June 27, 2005 3:31 PM

Easy on the "ugly" part. Have ya never been to sea, laddie? You know, that's probably the Admiral's missus!

Posted by: old squid at June 27, 2005 3:47 PM

Kate you have found your calling in life, political satire re: graphics and imagery.

Posted by: Brian Walsh at June 27, 2005 5:09 PM

Who's handiwork is that, Kate? I just gave my sinuses a coffee bath. That's almost too funny.

The one-percent stat in the asterix-accessed graph, though, is really disturbing. Even the most ardent anti-Liberal could never have imagined. Wow. That is amazing.

Posted by: EBD at June 27, 2005 5:12 PM

Sooooooo what ya’al wearing to the Live 8 do??? My mate, Sir Bob Godawfull(The new Minister of Foreign Affairs and Finance) from who I take my que.) said I needed to get a new look – something that resonated with the urban latte sipping left. And the spoil-sport also said I am going to have to do something about the Mercedes.

Said it could be misconstrued by the dirty unwashed citizes and cause a bit of a back-lash from the rabid western rednecks.


Posted by: Peter at June 27, 2005 5:36 PM

This one is all mine.

Posted by: Kate at June 27, 2005 5:39 PM

Did any of you click on the image, that's even more discusting.... 99% donating to the Librano cause, this countries screwed...

Posted by: rob at June 27, 2005 5:39 PM

This nation needs to be taken apart and reassembled according to the standards of a western democracy. 99% of the Board of directors at the Bank of Canada are Liberals?

Southern Ontario has got to go.

Posted by: EBD at June 27, 2005 5:55 PM

Just clicked on the image.

From what I saw on Taylor's site, I would want to see the looks on the faces of those sitting on the Boards of those Crown Corp's when the Tories win a majority. Revenge'll be sweeeet. Looking forward to all those heads rolling!

BTW, ewwww! From moi aussi. Mon dieu!

May I suggest, Kate, that your next graphical satire be based on the movie, "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", but starring Paul and Jean?

Posted by: Stephen McAllister at June 27, 2005 6:05 PM

Always click on the picture!

I seldom put up these images as stand alones unless there's a link behind them.

Posted by: Kate at June 27, 2005 6:09 PM

Stop it! You're freakin' me out!

Posted by: Paul of York at June 27, 2005 6:23 PM

OT - ROFLMAO, an MP with a sense of humor. Via Monte:

"Jack Layton was absolutely stunning in his pink cowboy hat at the gay pride parade in Toronto. And why not? He had every right to look happy and gay after winning that $4.6 Billion in Lotto Liberal."

Posted by: rob at June 27, 2005 6:32 PM

Gomery not backing down
OTTAWA (CP) - Lawyers for Judge John Gomery say Jean Chretien should bring on his charges of bias and have them decided in court, rather than leaving them to hang like a cloud over the sponsorship inquiry.


Here come the Judge. Sic 'em, Judge Gomery.

The numero uno klepto: Jeancula.

Must be contagious, this kleptomania. In their genes, perhaps?

Posted by: maz2 at June 27, 2005 6:37 PM

For the love of god, make the bad man go away!!

Permanently ;-)

Posted by: Zip at June 27, 2005 10:15 PM

Kate cheated! She simply drove down to 20th street in Saskatoon and snapped a digital pic of one our more "lovely" street walkers. Come'on Kate... own up!

Posted by: Debris Trail at June 28, 2005 1:05 AM

Kleptocrat Jeans from the makers of Kleptocracy!

Kleptocracy: (sometimes Cleptocracy) (root: Klepto+cracy = rule by thieves) is a pejorative, informal term for a government so corrupt that no pretense of honesty remains. In a kleptocracy the mechanisms of government are almost entirely devoted to taxing the public at large in order to amass substantial personal fortunes for the rulers and their cronies (collectively, kleptocrats), or to keep said rulers in power. Kleptocrats typically use money laundering and/or anonymous banking to protect and conceal their illegal gains.

If the jean fits........... ;-)

Posted by: Wlyonmackenzie at June 28, 2005 1:44 PM

Kleptocrat isnt that the same as Liberano?

Posted by: FREE at June 28, 2005 3:09 PM