May 12, 2005

Live Blogging Goodale

First an intro with Rawlco Radio (650 Saskatoon) host John Gormley, in which the issue of the confidence motions was raised. He gives the party line - "a majority" of experts back the government interpretation that they lost procedural votes only. (Would this be like the "expert" Liberal-friendly Ernst & Young audit selective review performed on Liberal Party books?)

Dallas: On the spending spree - you've had 12 years to bring this, and you seem like pranksters - the guy with the 100 bill on the end of the fishing line, jerking the line away at the last minute. ...throwing money around into the day care money pit.

Goodale: defending daycare, "can't put that in the category of last minute"

Gormley points out most of the announcements have been last minute..

Goodale: They were already referred to in budget.

Gormley: So why reannounce them?

Goodale: just defining them... Pine beetles... extra assistance for mad cow... one thing that is new - arrangement with NDP, as I said before 3 principles that had to be adhered to.. a) no deficit b) debt reduction had to continue c) any spending would have to fit within the flexibility that we've got and on priorities preiviously identified. ed, health, foreign aid, environment. .... just changed the "profile" of spending.

Stephanie: Is Calvert getting an energy accord?

Goodale: We had good discussions, details to be worked out, not there yet. constructive point of view, he has a panel that will decide about the formula for future. Can work on eduction and environment in the meantime. We'll keep working.

Stephanie: "That sounds like a no."

Goodale: Issues are complex... you can't scribble down a number on the back of an envelope... or you can get "serious:....

(Did he just say that? Back of an envelope? That's going to come back to bite him.)

Gormley - Can Calvert get that now?

Goodale: "there's work to be done... made progress... we've made terrific progress... $710 million in extra equalization.. "

(Looks like we have to take flags down.)

Gormley - he doesn't have an equalization deal yet.

Goodale throws decision making authority back to "the panel" and says he'll will work on other things.

Joyce: "Government coffers must be already empty by now. How are you going to get the money back from that Liberal "take away"?"

Goodale is talking about surplus provisions worked into budget plan.. which isn't what she was asking about... finally gets to Gomery.. two things: started proceedings to recover funds from wrongdoers. 19 legal actions to recover money. some given back voluntarily. (That would be the PQ, Ralph, not the Liberals).

New safeguards built into the system? (Who is he kidding? With the tightening of freedom of information and watering down of whistleblower legislation?) reporting of every contract on internet. (So what? Where is the cash filled envelope, judgeship reward program tracking system?)

Larry: Going back to opening remarks about the conduct in parliament - defending the Conservatives "hissy fit" - points out that they are entitled to be angry about corruption and government refusal to step down.... throws the "back of envelope" remark in his face - "Liberals use envelopes full of cash"..

Asks if Martin has been found to be wrongdoing, what happens then?

Goodale: Martin is clean. (Did anyone else mention he was specific about Gomery?)

Caller: "How many million in a billion." He tells her 1,000. " How many billions of taxpayer money to buy Librano votes? " ... She doesn't want any political doublespeak ... "All I want is a number."


Goodale: "incremental" amount just over 9 billion.

Cindy: "When you were minister of natural resources, were you aware of sponsorship program?"

(This sounds like a set-up ...)

Goodale: No... Well, everyone knew the program existed. Didn't know the wrongdoing.

(.... and it is.)

Cindy: "So why would an ad agency in Vancouver be responsible for sending a $50,000 advertising contract in Saskatoon.

Goodale: Well, this was the problem with the program... he began to investigate when he was in Public works. He suspended program, fired those ad agences.. etc... blah blah blah.

Gay Nor[?] - "See on SPAC we are now giving 170 million to Darfur. Where was Canada a month ago? You're raping and torture these people all over again for one vote - for David Kilgour's vote. Just to keep yourself in power."

(These people are playing hardball.)

Goodale: lowers voice... serious now, relying on Romeo Dallaire.. Clearly this plan for Darfour was not devised in the last week or two.

(Clearly he's full of shit.)

That's it, and he's gone. Next time he'll learn to stretch out his answers even further than he did today. Stammering eats up valuable seconds. He's not as good at it as Paul Martin, but he had his moments.

Gormley: and there were callers even "meaner than those ones waiting in the wings." (Like me.)

Nice job, Saskatchewan!

( correction - Aaron Braaten tells me the Ernst & Young reference is in error - it was Deloitte & Touche and Price Waterhouse Coopers)

update - TZ also live blogged the interview.

Posted by Kate at May 12, 2005 2:13 PM

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"(Would this be like the "expert" Liberal-friendly Ernst & Young audit selective review performed on Liberal Party books?)"

Nope, because it was Deloitte & Touche and Price Waterhouse Coopers who did the audit. ;)

Posted by: Aaron Braaten at May 12, 2005 2:46 PM

Dear Mr. Kilgour,

Thank you for standing up for the innocent victims of genocide in Darfur. It is too bad that you have to deal with Liberals who for years have deprived the Canadian Armed Forces of tools equipment and resources needed to do a real job. We need to send and support at least a battle group of 1500 troops – which we don’t have, medium lift helicopters – which we don’t have, via aircraft – which we don’t have and using sealift capabilities – which (surprise !) we don’t have. I could go on. I served in the CAF – both the Reserves and the Regular Forces and I am appalled at what the Liberals have done to the Forces.

If Paul Martin was serious about the Darfur situation, he would have been making a huge stink at the UN, at NATO and other international forums for the last year +. He has not done so. Darfur was of no consequence to him until your vote became critical to his political future, but I am sure you know this. It will be of no consequence to him should you vote for him and leave him to govern.

I am sure that you are also concerned that an election now will help the Bloc and hurt Canada. I must say that, having lived in Quebec for four years, I have a strong sense that their anger is not toward Canada - it is toward the Liberals. Not having an election will see this anger fester and harden into long term, residual, resentment. Yes, an election now will result in more BLOC MP’s, but not having one means that the next provincial election will result in more PQ getting elected . . and that is the problem. Anger can be dealt with. Resentment leads to catastrophe.

I have no faith in Paul Martin’s promise to call an election 30 days after Gomery’s report is tabled.

Gomery will be like the Krever Blood Scandal report – held up in legal wrangling for years – and Paul Martin knows it. We may never see the report.

Please vote against the confidence motion and give us an election where the voters can decide. The damage being done to this great nation now is too great to wait for months, let alone years before we can vote.

For the good of the country.

Posted by: fred at May 12, 2005 2:50 PM

Any chance of obtaining a transcript from the station or getting an audio copy to transcribe? Sounds as though people came out and ripped the schmuck a new one. Hopefully this bodes well for the chances of getting this sycophant out of office.

Posted by: Shawn at May 12, 2005 2:55 PM

Mr. Payola Martin has cancelled a scheduled trip to New Brunswick intending to ink a payoff there. However, the N.B. government has said there is no deal to sign. Dithers has scurried back to Librano$ headquarters, wherever that is.

Rideau Hall (Home of G-G and her consort)?
Next to the whine cellar? To meet with the sommelier, name of Alfonsoh? To taste the bitter lees of defeat? To kiss the feet?


Toast to New Brunswick.

Posted by: maz2 at May 12, 2005 3:08 PM

I stand corrected.

Posted by: Kate at May 12, 2005 3:29 PM

Hey Kate, check out Heart Of Canada for an interesting post about Sudan. She reposts something she wrote during the last election. It seems PM's Sudan policy is pretty new. What they are doing now was not being considered last year.

Posted by: soup at May 12, 2005 3:34 PM

I find it interesting - Stephen Harper correctly points out the possibility that Martin is delaying the vote hoping that a couple of Conservatives might not be able to attend - and for that he gets crucified in the media. David Kilgour makes this hateful statement about Darfur: "If these were white families, would we even be having this debate?" - basically saying our government is a bunch of racists - where's the Liberal/media outrage over this comment?!

Posted by: John Brown at May 12, 2005 3:34 PM

There's $170 million for Darfur? Is it in the same place as the $415 (?) million for Sri Lanka?

"Yep, got the money right here, nice and safe - most of it in my closet, some of it under my bed. All the Sri Lankans and Darfurians have to do is emmigrate to Canada and I'll hand the money out and they can spend it."

Posted by: Jay at May 12, 2005 3:53 PM

One of the most effective methods to confront/confute the liberals is with cold, hard facts. Watch/listen to them squirm.

Cold, hard facts, such as:

"Canadian family incomes decline" Statistics Canada.

GoogleNews canada.

We await your reply, Mr. Goodale.

(Watch/listen to him squirm).

Posted by: maz2 at May 12, 2005 4:22 PM