August 25, 2004

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

As much as I hate to concede a point to Kerry supporters, I have to admit this dog don't hunt.

"I have always had pets in my life, and there are a few that I remember very fondly," Mr. Kerry replied. "When I was serving on a Swift Boat in Vietnam, my crewmates and I had a dog we called VC.

"One day as our Swift Boat was heading up a river, a mine exploded hard under our boat," he continued. "After picking ourselves up, we discovered VC was MIA (missing in action). Several minutes of frantic search followed, after which we thought we'd lost him. We were relieved when another boat called asking if we were missing a dog."

Said Mr. Kerry: "It turns out VC was catapulted from the deck of our boat and landed, confused but unhurt, on the deck of another boat in our patrol." J.J. Scheele, program director of Humane USA, confirmed yesterday that her organization did, in fact, receive the above statement from the Kerry campaign.

No military records on Mr. Kerry's Web site, which aides say is a complete accounting, mention a mine exploding under his boat or any dog. The only report of a mine detonating "near" Mr. Kerry's PCF 94 was March 13, 1969, when Mr. Kerry says he was injured and a man knocked overboard."

However, doing a little googling, I found corroberating evidence.

And, eh ....

Suddenly the boat comes under an attack. Clean gets shot :

CHIEF "Chef, check out Clean ! Captain, hes hit, hes hit ! Clean's hit !"

LANCE "Where did the dog go ? We gotta go back to get the dog !"

Posted by Kate at August 25, 2004 7:34 PM

LOL! These days, though, I suppose Kerry hangs out with the Dalmatian that accompanies the Heinz company's eight-Percheron hitch. (If I recall correctly, the dog's name is Barbie, as in "barbecue".)

Posted by: Charles MacDonald at August 26, 2004 10:49 PM