20 Replies to “Truinnerashuvaduprezure!”

  1. This is beyond mere tripping over words. He is suffering significant cognitive decline and needs to step down.

    Right after he replaces the VP.

  2. Neither Biden or Harris are “in charge”.
    She might as well take his place.
    The puppeteers would be able to control her and hopefully gag her.

  3. Not to worry my fellow Americans … “there is nothing to fear but fear I hired 87,000 new IRS Agents, who don’t block abortion clinics, like the Global Warming I stopped by spending 8 hundred, uh, 8, er 80 Billion, million, trillion something … fear itself.” Fear personified. Fear incarnate.

    We’re screwed … we won’t survive 18 more months of this … followed by another fraudulent election

  4. Lied that “I was able to balance the budget” and screwed up his oft-repeated “I cut the deficit by $1.7-trillion” lie as just “$1.7-billion”! He’s so far gone he’s even forgetting his standard lies.

    1. Of course that statement is a complete lie, but the usual weasel words around that are “excluding debt servicing costs,” which I doubt.

  5. I saw the same verbal problems with my Mother. She would start talking and literally half way through her sentence she would forget what she was trying to say. Two years later, she often just keeps mumbling the same two phrases to herself again and again, “God help us,” and “Please Dad.”

    Alzheimers and Senility are awful diseases. This is tragic and straight up elder abuse.

    1. Elder abuse? How about Nation abuse!? People die … Nations get murdered by Evil people

  6. Fetterman most likely just has a hard time expressing his secular humanist world socialist thoughts trapped in his head post stroke.This guy on the other hand needs to go home and his family can be happy for him on a good day, if not Hunter can cheer him up with some of the goooood stuff.

  7. Where is his bib? I guess they get one on him as soon as he is done talking.

  8. I don’t think Biden is senile, he never was much or any brighter than we’re seeing now.

    And it’s a gain that he requires only forty seconds to get it all out. Used to be much longer instances of Bidenspeak.

    1. It’s both; he was never very smart (except for finding ways to grift), and he’s also clearly senile. He was clearly senile back in the campaign, but Orange Man Bad.

  9. With apologies to Hank…

    Goodbye Joe, you gotta go, me-oh-my-oh
    Time to pole your old asshole to the rest home
    Sniff Yvonne, the youngest one, me-oh-my-oh
    Son-of-a-gun, you’ll have big fun in the rest home