Sunday On Turtle Island

Woke Britain:  Patriarchal obsession.  And 100 genders.

Today In Islam:  Diversity in Austria (Jihad Watch).  Diversity in Switzerland (Jihad Watch).

China’s Canada:  Canadian general sues Trudeau.  Herr Trudeau looks for leakers.  A Pastor in Alberta.  The northern border.

China’s America:  The explanatory power of class.  There will be no soft landing.  The Biden crime family.  Old Joe tries to be funny.  Covid to SVB and beyond.  The Trump arrest.  Your morning meme.

Pervert News:  A book event.  And changing children’s gender.

13 Replies to “Sunday On Turtle Island”

  1. Sooo…
    Who wants to ‘volunteer’ to arrest President Trump?

    I can’t imagine how infamous that person would become…death threats would be a minor irritating factor…

    1. If some fool is stupid enough to push America into a civil war then go for it, it will be a faster destruction that what is happening now.

  2. “One wonders what other information the CSIS agents or journalists have in hand, but many now be  wary to publish.”

    Imagine the shit they have on Weirdeau.
    You don’t risk not just losing your job and pension, but going to jail if you think Juthtin and the Liberal Cabal are just a bit offside. There must be more.

    And its not his adultery (or drug use – I’d bet he’s a coke head) anyone gives a frig about.
    But getting rid of the POS won’t cure the rot of the nation and rid it of the Laurentian Elite, the Liberal Cabal or all the other putrid institutions.
    Bigger and more powerful names need to fall.
    But Juthtin is a good start.

  3. No soft landing? I’m prepared – I’ve got TWO wheelbarrows.

    Assuming there’s any cash to put in them, of course, or a loaf of bread available.

  4. Major General Danny Fortin sues Trudeau! Yes but I hope the money comes out of Trudeau Foundation! And everyone in the West should sue the Liberal government for ruining our economy!
    Free The West !

    1. The Trudeau foundation never should have been given $125 million of taxpayer money, that it uses to invest and pay for Trudeau cronies

  5. Ref turdo ‘looking for leakers’.

    CBC always said he was a watersports participant.

  6. I was saddened to read that tranny Rachel Levine had children before he /she/it/freak had the nuts removed. What are the chances those children will grow up normal?