104 Replies to “Predictions on the Trump Arrest?”

  1. A landslide in the next federal US election.
    Much more serious pushback from the MAGA people, who for the most part actually know how to shoot straight. While the other side doesn’t know which washroom to use.

    Also, don’t talk about that $850k that Bill Clinton paid to have Paula Jones go away.

    1. In April 2020, there was an agreement between the 2 factions of the Uniparty (Reps & Dems) to drop Trump. In exchange, the Rep faction got the Presidency in 2024 as long as their nominee is not Trump. Therefore, they came up with scumbag DeSantis. Yeah, he is a scumbag, he was silent after the MAL raid, he is silent now. Scumbag! No wonder his campaign chief is a Zelensky whore. All scumbags!

      1. Though I don’t necessarily buy into your narrative, I’m curious about the specific mention of April 2020. What happened? Is there a URL you can share about what you’re referring?

        1. In April 2020 the Uniparty and the Deep State decided that Biden had to beat Trump and Obama ordered all the Dems running against Biden to withdraw from the race.

          1. You just repeated what you wrote earlier. Can you provide at least one link to support this assertion?

    2. He won in 2020 so saying landslide in the next election is suspect. And the people who hate Trump are visceral in their hatred. The mug shot will fuel their Democrat base. Any legal merit to the case is secondary. They Democrats have consolidated institutional power and now are removing the opposition.

      Having said that law of unintended consequences may have something to say.

    3. Whoever the Republican winner is, it will be a landslide. Then they need to eliminate the FBI, root and branch. Then the same for about 1/2 of the various agencies and departments of the executive branch.

      Government has been politically weaponized. This needs to be absolutely crushed so that it never happens again.

      The swamp needs drained, then it needs permanent drainage systems and spillways installed. Finally, large portions of it need to be filled in and paved over.

    4. “Also, don’t talk about that $850k that Bill Clinton paid to have Paula Jones go away.”

      Or the fine that Hillary paid the FEC over illegally using campaign money to fund the fake Russian collusion dossier…no arrest necessary.

    5. The Manhattan and other collectivists are flinching mightily today with revelation they’re actually helping Trump with their negligence.
      They can’t even get a Trump hating totally biased NYC Grand Jury to give them the indictment they desperately desire.
      They’ve been shown the man, but still don’t believe the crime found for them by the disbarrable one; to be sure they want to, but can’t.
      Which shows how weak this expired misdemeanor cum felony Stalinist show trial tactic this really is. J6 redux – stupider and more futile.
      Along with DeMarxist credibility with a foreign agent George Soros supported DA reducing violent felons to misdemeanor and release.
      Who offend again. One big embarrassment of a giant socialist sucking sound of the air going out of their partisan so-called case.
      The worm is turning because something stinks in New Holland and elsewhere. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving, disgusting bunch.

  2. It’s the end of america. I mean if you can arrest your opponent for being your opponent that’s the definition of banana republic. When Trump gets sworn in again he’d better arrest Clinton, Biden and Obama and execute them all. New rulez.

    1. Regardless of the outcome, I am watching who will stand with Trump and who won’t.
      That will be an eye opener in itself.

        1. “DeSantis could shine here…but his silence us telling.”

          He has also been pretty silent about the many childish name-calling attacks on him made by Trump, going back to before the midterm elections.

    2. Remember Hillary’s rant — “if that man gets in, we are all going to swing.” Trump did not deliberately go after these crooks. I think he was treading cautiously to avoid major political upheaval, but also he was busy fending off Russiagate and other outlandish attacks. Maybe next time he will get serious about cleaning up Washington.

    1. Then why is DA Alvin Bragg wasting his time? Sorry, your response is silly on its face.

      1. “Then why is DA Alvin Bragg wasting his time?”

        TDS (and the exploitation of it for political gain)…

  3. Btw how likely is it that Trump has a pocket pardon? I think that’s what the raid was trying to find.

    1. I consider it highly unlikely that Trump issued a pardon to himself prior to leaving the White House, while it has never been done in the past (at least to my knowledge), I have serious doubts that it would withstand review by the Supreme Court.

      In any event, what is currently threatened is prosecution for crimes under New York state law. A presidential pardon would have no validity with regard to state law.

  4. I was a Trump supporter. But now I think they should arrest and cuff the little brat.

    Long pst expiry date

    Annoying and divisive.

    The idea that this will catalyze a 2024 win for him is idiotic wishful thinking. It will be his end and thank goodness.

    1. You say you were a Trump supporter.
      What exactly did Trump do to earn your ire, and why he should be arrested?

      1. For me it is his continued praise and promotion of the mRNA ‘ vexcines ‘ in the face of reputable evidence that they are causing harm plus death.
        He needs to say he made a bad judgment call on them and reverse his opinion.

        1. So despite all the good he’s done you wouldn’t vote for him?
          Is Biden your man? Or perhaps some obscure libertarian?

          1. So better the Devil you know ?
            Look , Trump is not perfect , no one is but when a product like these ‘ vaccines ‘ are killing and maiming people he needs to step up and do something, anything .
            And I didn’t say I wouldn’t vote for him , it’s this that has got my guard up about him.

      2. “You say you were a Trump supporter.
        What exactly did Trump do to earn your ire, and why he should be arrested?”

        He should not be arrested, but I no longer support him after his childish, unnecessary attack on Ron DeSantis *before* the midterm elections…there is no telling how many votes that cost the Republicans.

    2. I’ve heard that song before.
      Someone goes to a site that supports a person or policy that they hate and posts how they’ve had a change of heart.
      Anyone who thought Trump was a better choice than Hildabeast or Xiden didn’t change their position because a stripper got some hush money.
      Nice try.

      1. It’s comments like this that degrade this site. I like Trump and this whole arrest thing is a sham. But when people like this have nothing to say but insults then it turns this site to a gong show. Show a bit of respect and understand that lots of people have different opinions.

        1. It’s GYM. It will never change. Civility isn’t one of it’s strong suits. I wish we could do something to stifle it, but GYM should be able to say whatever it wants to say, no matter how crud and/or vulgar. It’s up to the adults in the room for us to recognize plants like GYM for who and what they are, and just try to ignore it, but be ready to call it out when it goes too far, and DOXING another SDA poster certainly went too far.

          Not only did GYM dis Mann for his unpopular opinion, but it also dissed the entire province of New Brunswick — in ONE SENTENCE! That deserves some kind of recognition, even for someone like GYM.

          Yes, I’m avoiding using binary pronouns (he-him/she-her) when referring to GYM, because I don’t know what GYM is. It’s certainly not behaving like anything human, so I refer to it as “it.”

          1. You make a good case for a law suggested a few years ago, by a Liberal MP if I’m not mistaken, that people on blogs be required to use their real names.

            If anyone has an opinion, why would they be afraid to put their name to it?

          2. fc
            says the boi who brags about being a memeber of the pedophile church
            you support for the RCC is far more damaging than anything I say in here

          3. donny moreASS
            the guy who said election fraud was very difficult to do in Canada.
            But now we see just how wrong you were/are
            Time to STFU already

          4. There’s a handful of posters here that are transparently the same person using multiple handles.

            Personally, I think repeatedly insulting other posters on threads that poster isn’t even participating in ought to be ban-worthy. It’s just axe-grinding on someone else’s blog. Doubly this if the drive-by posts comprise more than 25% of the comments on the thread.

            Responding directly to another poster with childish vitriol is at least giving them the opportunity to respond, and I appreciate Kate’s light touch on the banhammer, but there are some posters here who have seriously worn out their welcome.

    3. Sure you “were” Mann.
      Now you support the incestuous corruption that Mr Trump exposed..instead?
      For resistance to our kleptocracy is crazy..”Annoying and divisive”..

  5. The loose cannon populist is now most useful in demonstrating the banana republic nature of the US “justice” system by being a permanent target and distraction.

    1. From Richard at Vladtepesblog.

      ” Richard on March 19, 2023 at 4:14 pm said:
      The Biden administration needs something to knock the banking crisis and Hunter’s crimes off the front page. Arresting President Trump will do this. The Dems don’t understand what the people on the right are capable of. We are doing our best to solve this problem at the ballot box, we are doing this because a large percentage of us know what happens in a civil war. We have seen them in other nations and don’t want one in our nation. This doesn’t mean we have forgotten how to be violent, or that we won’t resort to violence to remain free. Sadly the left doesn’t understand this and is acting like they are going to go full Communist in the next election.

      The purposed arrest of President Trump.

      The bailing out of foreign depositors in large banks while saying Americans in the small banks are on their own.

      The attempt to force us into Electric Vehicles that won’t let us travel.

      The destruction of the Justice System by switching from investigating crimes to investigating people to discover crimes.

      The COVID scam that has destroyed so many jobs and lives.

      The attempts to elevate perversions to virtues and demote virtues to evil acts .

      The destruction of the US military by switching from a war fighting force to a social justice force.

      The perversion of science and morality to allow the mutilation of children’s sexual organs.

      The planned destruction of the world’s economy.

      All of the other attacks on freedom and individual rights say it will probably be impossible to solve this crisis at the ballot box. This doesn’t mean we aren’t going to try, violence is the last resort. When the violence starts the snowflakes the left has created will discover what reality is, what the true price of freedom is.

      Remember the people in flyover country are the descendents of the pioneers. We are the people who enlist because that is part of our culture. We are the people who don’t want big government. We are the people who want to be left alone.

      Keep your musket clean and your powder dry. Keep your bugout bag packed and watch your six.”

      Yes distractions from the real problems being created by our Rulers.

  6. Watch for what they have planned for Monday or Tuesday, using the arrest as distraction,.

  7. I think its a big distraction so that some German can takeover Trump Tower and steal the bearer bonds.

    1. Hans – you’re an arsehole. Bearer bonds have serial numbers and would still be stolen property. The issuer of the bonds would not pay out on presentation of stolen bonds at maturity because the owner would have reported them stolen and likely obtained a court order. Bearer bonds are long kaput.

      1. I got into a big beef about this once.. Somebody practically yelling at me how he’s going to cash a bearer bond at a bank, because IT’S MINE. Basically what I tried to tell him: no, you just say it’s yours, now turn it into $$$ in your hand.

      2. Stop confusing me with facts! And don’t expect Bruce Willis to save Trump this time.

        1. When my wife brought a baby home from hospital she gave me a list of movies that was headed by Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. I am not sure if she was sending me a message.

          1. Well, don’t feel bad, at least it wasn’t Das Boot.

  8. They put all those people in jail for the January 6th “insurrection” on zero evidence, and they gave a medal to the mutant that killed Ashli Babbit.

    I see no reason why they won’t arrest Trump and run him through a show trial, just to see the look on his face when they chuck him in jail. this is what they’re doing these days. It’s unbelievably stupid, but they’re still doing it.

    What happens afterward? 90%, nothing happens, because Normies do be sleeping through a shuttle launch in their own back yard. 10%, well it could get interestin’.

    1. Just need 3% for it to get real interesting.
      That’s what it took for The American Revolution to kick off.

      1. JB, yeah but the British weren’t nearly as deeply entrenched as the so-called “deep state” is today.

        I doubt they’ll arrest Trump, but if they do it might inspire every pissed off American to get out and vote for him in ’24 . I just hope if he IS arrested, he won’t hang himself in jail like that unfortunate Jew.

    2. Personally, I’m with the “false flag” crew – I think this is a distraction so they can take everyone’s eye off either some other big move happening or so they can claim another Insurrection.

  9. Smarter people than I (including Dershowitz) are saying that there is no legal basis to arrest Trump. However, many also predict that he’ll get convicted based on the infected New York “justice” department, left wing jury pool and corrupt judges.

    His chances on appeal would be excellent.

    In the meantime, this would guarantee an acceleration in the Republicans’ effort to tie the Biden crime family’s lucrative influence peddling crimes to Joe. It looks as though they are getting close. Even CNN is reporting on this.

    Worst case scenario (or best, depending on your viewpoint) they could become cellmates!

    1. Do you think the Repubs will do that? Dream on, they are in the same club as the Dems.

  10. False Flag.
    At least in sane times..
    Ok,that means Trump will be arrested for sure.
    For the insanity of Demonically possessed Oxygen Thieves seems to have no limit.
    Negotiation is over.

    After the non stop lies,lawfare and abuse of constitutional rights..against Trump and every legal citizen,there is no low,too low,for our Progressive Comrades to go.

    The Non Tool Using Parasites have declared WAR, upon the productive.
    Once you recognize that..All bets are off.

    They really are that stupid.
    Wallowing in delusions of adequacy,these fools know they shall command everyone else..

    Evil is compounded stupidity..
    We condone stupidity because we are all cursed with it..
    There is no cure.
    But acceptance and blessing stupidity leads to todays conditions..

    Time to set ourselves higher standards and strive to rise above the banal insanity of our own stupidity..
    Leaders less stupid than ourselves,might be a good start…
    However do such persons exist?
    And would we not be insanely stupid to defer our own affairs to such..if they did exist?

    Like sheep we follow the goats.
    And Dread Covid Theatre sure showed us all what sheep we have become..

    Trump was right.
    They are not after him,they are seeking to destroy everyone who supports the idea of a Trump.
    And this will backfire..for it already has.
    Exposed in their panic,to destroy/defeat MAGA,The Tea Party and the tax paying citizen,the Statist Thugs have no credit left.
    So naked force and intimidation is their current tool.
    As they destroy the public faith in the institutions,they become ever more exposed and under threat..
    Because those institutions have protected a whole class of mediocrity for far too long.

    Look at our Liberals.
    Do you trust Canadian Institutions?
    After finding out,what our “helpers” are willing to do to stay in power,do you still trust their integrity?
    Burn Loot Murder..
    Pure theatre and financed by a nasty bunch of scum..
    Fanned on,in “Safe Demon Rat controlled enclaves” all across North America..
    Praised by politician and their media scum…
    Still trust what you are being sold?

    Ain’t no cure for stupid.

    Having wandered off topic.
    Trump has been investigated,framed and slandered to a level unprecedented in decades..
    And they still got nothing!
    They must be using the Global Warming Science technique..
    100% wrong ..

    Could any of our Progressive Comrades stand up to the level of scrutiny Trump has been subject too?

    And why should Trump not go nuclear on these idiots?
    They declared war.
    We would just be saying “OK..I believe you”.

  11. Only the democrats could turn a New York real-estate billionaire into a sympathetic character.. That’s no easy task..

  12. After scanning through Zeigler’s report on the Biden laptop:


    it is blattently obvious that the two tiered justice system in America will attempt to incarcerate Trump before the next election. The fact that Trump has been the most investigated President in American history speaks volumes of the fear that the Democrats and indeed some Republicans have for this outsider. The media have been in the bag for the Democrats since before Obama and that allowed the complete takeover of the American political scene. The mechanizations that has occurred involving the FBI, DOJ, IRS, CDC, ATF, and the rest show that the Shining City on the Hill is nothing more that a conjured illusion. Behind the smoke and mirrors the entrenched bureaucrats of the alphabet agencies and their political eunuchs have subverted the greatest governmental achievement of mankind. There isn’t one Democrat on the horizon that could ensure the position of “dog catcher” in a free and fair ballot only election in 2024. As for the Republicans, they had better get their act together and show support for the man that the populist movement is going to be behind should his arrest take place on Tuesday. Any Republican that opts to run against Trump is only a pawn of the political establishment.

  13. Of course they’re gonna arrest PDJT on Tuesday. Because the Deep State … both Dem’s and so called Republicans are petrified at the prospect of Trump restoring America to our pre-RESET days. The global warming cabal will do ANYTHING to stop him from reversing Bidinh’s energy insanity.

    Bragg is a tool. If this all goes south … as it will for these extra- constitutional actions … he’ll be tossed on the scrap heap of useful idiots like Robert mumbles Mueller. Just another FAILED attempt to smear a still-popular President.

    And … silence … from RhondaSanitss. Silence. He said nothing as the FBI raided Melania’s underwear drawers … and he’ll say and do nothing about an illegal extradition of Florida citizen Trump. Rhonda is being run by the GOPe … who are desperately hoping for a great MAGA defection. Hence … they will help facilitate every sling and arrow of outrageous fortune possible against Trump. Pro tip: it won’t work.

    President Trump will receive even MORE votes in 2024 than he did in 2020 … when he received 10 million MORE votes than in 2016. And if you actually believe Bidinh or Kamelalala or Gavin are gonna receive 81 million votes again … you’re sadly mistaken. And no … Rhonda won’t be anywhere near the 2024 Presidential election. Nowhere near it. Mr. irrelevant.

  14. Will the police separate President Trump from his Secret Service and private security when they arrest him?

    “Will no one rid me of this troublesome politician?,” say the Democrats and 90% of the Republican politicians.

  15. Keeping the facts straight. Bragg isn’t going after Trump because he paid Stormy Daniels hush money. Bragg’s excuse is Trump allegedly committed Fraud by commingling (I think that’s the term?) personal and business expenses.
    FFS; 1/2 the population would be in jail if that was strenuously enforced. In any case, up here at least, you get a hefty financial penalty and likely some interest to be paid. Nobody goes to jail for petty Income Tax fiddling. ( Oh, and your Tax Returns will be getting close attention down the road…)
    I’d love to see ‘some’ politicians getting that kind of scrutiny.

    1. I thought it was still over Trump showing that his lender’s appraisers are incompetent because they overvalued his properties granting him a beneficial lending rate, which showing that the State’s appraisers are incompetent because they undervalued his properties for tax purposes, allowing him to pay a lesser amount of property taxes…

      or have they given up on that line of attack?

  16. At this stage of the game what would keep them from arkinciding him if he is placed in their custody?
    “He was just septuagenarian with a dodgy ticker.”

    1. Exactly.
      They are that stupid.
      Murder is one of the Demon Rats favourite tools..
      Just ask the Sherman’s.
      Or those “Capitol Police ” who ‘suicided’ after January 6th..
      Do they go on the Clinton File,or a separate ledger?

      Trump cannot risk being jailed.
      The Demon rats cannot survive his “Accidental Death” in custody..
      But they are truly too stupid to know this.

  17. Trump invented the vax like Gore invented the internet. He’s going to wear it. He went from first to last so fast no one cares anymore.

  18. The second he is charged he should have $100 million lawsuit filed for malicious prosecution. The evidence of such prosecution is overwhelming and public. People ran for office promising to charge Trump with anything and everything. Hell, make that a $ billion.

  19. I don’t know myself, but I’m sure the workaround for this will be either removal of President Trump’s Secret Service protection by imperial Biden (and D.O.J.) fiat, citing that it is done re alleged criminality; and/or ensuring that any Secret Service personnel assigned to President Trump are dems on side with whatever finality is planned for him…

    President Trump will not be allowed, or around, to run again, ever…

  20. I’m quite fuzzy about this…but see a number of basic variables.

    1. The totally corrupt cartel that has taken over the Democratic Party -and is running under the title of the Democratic Party but is essentially a private cartel, which has also taken control of key federal institutions such as the FBI, DOJ – and entrapped the media which incorrectly views these people as similar to ‘The Old Democratic Party’…

    This is not the same as the Washington Swamp – whicih is made up of second rate politicians and bureaucrats of both the GOP and Democrat tribes – who are comfortably embedded in Washington. …Swamp People are isolate, ignorant ; ’modestly corrupt, ie, using funds to pay relatives, insider trading, mixing personal and business expenses like the rest of the world.. etc, but nowhere as insidious as this Cartel- – and are used by this Cartel as a front. Senile Joe Biden…is among this Swamp group.

    The genuine Democrats have long ago been sidelined and blinded by this Cartel and have no power to ‘take it out’ on their own.

    2. Trump is their arch enemy – since he is a New York Street Fighter – AND – views being President as the CEO of a large corporation – with ALL citizens [regafdless of skin colour, religion, blah blah] as shareholders. That is, he isn’t in this for himself or even, for any political party. But- he views it, the USA, as a business, which he wants to make a robust and successful business.. And he sees the Cartel very clearly for the totalitarian corruption that it is.

    3. The Cartel, as I said, was setting up an imperialist governance – via first Obama, to be succeeded by Hillary – both of whose election victories were to be viewed as ceiling-shattering ‘moral victories by the Democratic Party [rather than being installed as front guys for the Cartel ]…to emotionally entrap the population and ensure the perpetual governance of The Democratic Party.

    Trump blew this up – and they’ve been trying to take him out since…with all their tactics…which get rather tedious..but,they control the FBI, DOJ and so on. After all, the instant of his election – huge riots emerged; then, we saw the spurious claims of ‘He’s a Russian ‘agent’, and the Mueller Investigation, with its daily news drippings; and, two impeachments – both failed; and the Jan 6th ‘insurrection with its even more ad hominem daily drippings [ which also saw CNN which focused on this, lose its viewers].
    Their Mar-A Lago ‘classified documents!!!’…which they probably set up to enable them to criminally prosecute Trump – was destroyed by the GOP gleefully finding classified documents in Biden’s garage. Sigh.That didn’t work.

    4. Now- this – and I wonder if it’s really to divert attention from the GOP defining Biden as a criminal in himself, a stooge of China, and with totally corrupt financial ties to China…..They have to stop this GOP investigation!!!

    Ths Cartel has no-one else other than Biden to put in as president; he’s senile, malleable, a perfect puppet…They can ‘political sanctimonious political babble’ over all the problems [border, inflation, crime, foreign..they blame it all on Trump anyway]..but they need a puppet in the WH…They don’t want Newsom at the moment – if ever. The Cartel isn’t ready to give up power.

    I don’t see DeSantis in this at the moment..but as I said – I’m fuzzy about it all. I don’t see that DeSantis ought to have commented on Mar-A Lago or indeed, on anything. The way I’m seeing this at the moment is that it’s not about the GOP. Or the Democratic Party. These are two political parties. Admittedly, th4e Democratic Party has been swallowed by this Cartel – but – the way I see it, it’s more structural, more elementary than politics. It’s about two mythic giants, in a way. There’s Trump..and..the Cartel. Neither should operate as a government. I’m a fan of Trump’s policies – all excellent but not of him, the Ego. But I think his policies could be carried out in a political way – by a politician, ie, DeSantis. And the cartel is also not a political party – but, is pure machiavellian Evil. Hiding behind emotive fallacies of climate, gender, equity – all of which are outside the bounds of logic or reason…

    So- is this too fuzzy for an analysis?

    As for Canada and Trudeau and Chinese interference – Trudeau is Teflon – and the ‘inquiry’ will exonerate him, gently chastise everyone…and then -nothing.

    1. ET
      But you said a while ago that the legal and voting process should be used to cure this problem, are you still of that mind?
      As to your “cartel” comment, there is statistically a disproportionate number of Jewish people in that cartel. And there appears to be a “emotional ” element in there. Could it be revenge on the “christians” who spent more than 1500 years demonizing, and trying to destroy Judaism?
      And the Jewish cartel sees capitalism and democracy as a white christian thing, and therefore they are trying to take revenge by their actions?

      1. Dealing with this infrastructure corruption has to be done legally; otherwise, the situation becomes diverted into red herring ad hominem etc. And – in these cases – the bad guy wins. That is, eg – going after the Biden family corruption has to be done both via the courts and public opinion. Not politically – because these actions and people hide behind the political party.

        I’ve no idea what you mean by ‘a disproportionate number of Jewish people in the cartel’. I haven’t defined the full set of the members of this cartel and therefore have no idea of YOUR List – and the agenda of the cartel has nothing to do with religion – but is about political and economic power! What ‘Jewish Cartel”? I’ve never heard of it.
        I disagree that the Cartel is ‘revenge by the Jews vs the Christians’ . Such an assertion is so ambiguous and mythic that it can’t be taken seriously. There is absolutely no evidence for such an assertion. Not only is there no empirical evidence but such a claim is illogical. And your claim that the Jewish Cartel sees capitalism and democracy as a ‘white Christian thing’ is equally without evidence or any logical base.
        Both capitalism and democracy have nothing to do with any religion but are based in population size and economic mode. What both Judaism and Christianity contribute to a democratic society is their focus on the responsibilities and morality of the individual.

  21. Using the courts to try to dispose of a politicsl opponent will not did well with most Americans– even Trump haters who value fairness. In addition, it crosses a line that really does reflect the methods of banana republics. The Dems may do this, but I think it will bacķfire. I also think Trump will likely get elected again and the politically motivated arrest will help his cause.

    1. If Bragg has a lick of sense, even if he was intending to arrest Trump on Tuesday, he’ll hold off just to prove Trump a liar. I have no idea why Trump went on record as predicting a Tuesday arrest knowing it was never going to happen, guaranteeing it wasn’t going to happen as a matter of fact.

    2. “My prediction: nothing will occur on Tuesday.”

      Mine too. Political suicide for anyone dumb enough to try it.

  22. If there are large enough protests, they may insert antifa types and cause riots. Then they will declare martial law, and game over. They can then use completely different rules to try Trump. And he will be convicted no matter what.
    And that may cause the start of the civil war I predicted a couple of years ago.

  23. Trump made a fatal mistake recently when he committed to planting himself and his Art Of The Deal insecurity in the middle of Ukraine. That didn’t compare favorably to what adults like DeSantis and Greg Abbott had to say about the war. To be fair, governors have the advantage of not living in a bubble, and Trump did prove himself to be way smarter than Chris Christie and that total idiot Mike Pence.

  24. This move is for one thing: Division.

    Similar to the 2021 Canadian election where mandates were introduced in order to split the right, this move is to sow deep division within the GOP.

  25. Trump’s health will take a sudden turn for the worse. He will soon be a non factor.

  26. He’ll get indicted, and some federal body, likely the Senate, will take it upon itself to therefore declare that Trump is no longer eligible to run for or hold office. The RNC, which hates Trump as much as any Democrat, will gleefully go along, proclaiming that since Trump is under indictment and the Senate has declared him ineligible, they will therefore not permit Trump’s name to appear on any Republican primary ballot.

    The trial isn’t even really the point. Blocking him from office is.

    Not that it matters, as there’s no path for any Republican to reach 270 EC votes. The swing states are too corrupted by mail-in ballots. The White House is a Democrat sinecure at least until the 2030 census if not longer.

  27. Protest?
    I don’t think so.
    Regardless whether Trump is arrested or not. We have already seen what happens to the people who protest the puppets of the Globalist Cabal; the progenitors of “The New World Order”, the men who meet in rooms with no windows.
    No, the time is nigh for assassins.
    It will be curious to see, with all the strings cut away, what, if anything, our current leaders will say.

  28. Didn’t the whore in question say later that she was lying? So if Trump paid her, it was to get her to stop lying.

    And this is what they propose to jail the man for doing? For stopping a paid agent of disinformation from continuing her election-distorting activity? No wonder they want to punish him.

    Meanwhile, look at the real crimes of leading Democrats and their close associates. And when will those come to the attention of the U.S. injustice system?

    Never, apparently. The imbalance is showing. Will “swing voters” respond? Their votes are easily cancelled by fraud anyway.

    As to a prediction, if they are crazy enough to go ahead and try this arrest, it will backfire on them. There is a lot of anger simmering just below the surface already. This could tip the scales. But perhaps more significant, it could release more energy into the anti-globalist movement, at some point that energy is going to have a result.

  29. If they go through with it, they’ll isolate him, murder him, and call it a suicide. All the video cameras will mysteriously malfunction.

    1. If they wanted a civil war, they would do that perhaps. It would certainly bring one much closer to reality. Almost nobody would believe Donald Trump would commit suicide over a brief jail term that he would figure on reversing on appeal.

  30. Has it ever happened that a past president was arrested after he was sitting in office??

    Never! So will it happen on Tuesday?? I doubt it. Whether he deserves to be arrested or not, the mathematical odds are against it. Especially not for an offence that has no relation to his presidency. Stormy Daniels was a ship in the night. Let it go!!

  31. Or will they arrest him,convict him and very “judiciously ” forgo jail time for a hefty fine and contend he is not eligble to run because of the conditions imposed by the court and senate?

    1. “Or will they arrest him,convict him and very “judiciously ” forgo jail time for a hefty fine ”

      They can’t give him jail time without having to explain why Hillary wasn’t jailed for doing worse things.