19 Replies to “Learn to Code”

  1. The news business, you’re only as good until the next pretty or handsome grad out of broadcasting school. No brains required.

  2. And she retweets a recent Global wanted ad for her former position. Not sure why she’d do that but maybe it’ll dawn on her that Global wanted her gone.

    1. New hires work for less and are eager to please. She probably mistook herself for someone indispensable.
      I don’t watch TV news so I already don’t miss her contribution.

  3. Anyone who could tolerate that sickening vocal fry voice for more than five seconds deserves to swallow the bullshit message.

  4. Bye Bye, Rachel, you useless biatch. Maybe the rest of the so-called news team at Global can follow you down with the flush.

  5. The wife gets some news from Global so I often hear their version of events. Rachel is just regurgitating the official line at Global so I’m surprised she was fired. Why just the other day watching Global I found out the vaccines had trouble working because not enough people are fully vaxxed. 85% of eligible residents took at least 1 shot, while just a little over 50% of Saskatchewan residents eligible for the shots ended up taking the full 3 shots. That’s a pretty dramatic fall off rate.

    1. She was fired because she got Global sued by James Topp, and TikTok is getting flushed worldwide so her conduit was finished.

      Everything else that’s wrong with her, ie: insipid vocal fry and obvious lack of intelligence and experience, is tolerated by today’s woke corporates.


  6. In her defense she is competing with TicTok.. What a tragic format to be offering up bad health advice..

    So.. Lets ban FAMILY members because some dancing TicTok tart found a study?.. Well this hits close to home because my wife was invited to a family event and then uninvited after she said yes.. Seeing as she didn’t really want to go in the first place and they knew her vaccine status up front..

    We got some major hard feelings that are not going away any time soon.. If ever..

  7. Being fired or even resigning does not absolve one of culpability in these crimes against humanity.