5 Replies to “Saskatchewan’s top 10”

  1. I take it’s a monthly average oil rate? Excellent wells, obviously, but SK conventional HZ’s have steep declines and produce about half their reserves after one year (some tighter wells like those near Oungre don’t but also have quite a bit lower initial rates). Informative post. Thanks Brian!

  2. These are great posts. We all need more education on energy, and energy infrastructure – and I do not include wind farms in that category. The financial losses suffered recently by Gamesa, GE and Vestas demonstrate precisely how absurd it is to litter the prairies with pinwheels. Billions of dollars in subsidies will be followed by tens of billions of dollars in subsidies, just to keep these polluters operating.

    1. Electric transit buses next!
      Trolleys and streetcars worked ok.
      Feds&Dofo all in on EV’s everywhere all at once.
      Oh right , how are tyres, interiors, wiring, metals, bearings, heatpumps, windows, batteries made, without dirty hydrocarbons?

  3. The two wells in the top 10 that were drilled by Whitecap are in the Weyburn unit, which is under CO2 flood, and is where the CO2 discussed yesterday is to be injected.
    So far as I am concerned, that is the only sensible purpose for capturing and trading CO2; for oil production enhancement, and maybe also for greenhouses.
    Without the CO2 project, the Weyburn unit would be producing a lot less oil, and possibly undergoing abandonment by now. So the deal for the CO2 pipeline is worth pursuing, although taxpayers should not have to support it. It is still possible there will be a net benefit to taxpayers, considering the enhanced oil production and economic activity resulting from construction and continued drilling and production.

  4. It’s great to see this activity there, and the information here about it.
    Back in the 1980s I was a reporter in Sask and wrote about a technique called miscible flood, at least that’s what i remember it was called. I’m sure somebody here would know.
    Those stories got me a nice prize from what was then the Canadian Petroleum Association – some cash and two nights in Calgary.
    Trust me, I’ve been a paid stooge for the oil industry ever since, although it’s been forty years since that last payoff. Is this normal?
    I may go thunberg!