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  2. No way in hell are the Trudeau Liberals going to allow an independent inquiry. They’re in **it so deep with China….

    “Elections Canada’s database shows that between October 2014 and September 2016, B.C. donors sent more than $224,000 across the country to Trudeau’s local re-election fund. Eighty-two of those donations, worth $118,774.55, were dated between Aug. 7, 2015 (5 days after the start of the Federal Election) and Oct. 30, 2015 (two weeks after Trudeau’s Liberal majority win).”

    “In 2015, the year before real estate investor Yuan sent money to Trudeau’s riding association, the former member of China’s People’s Liberation Army made cash buy-ins totalling $4.19 million at River Rock Casino in Richmond, British Columbia, according to a Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch report. In January of this year, Yuan appeared on-stage at a River Rock Lunar New Year banquet in his role as president of the Canada-China Friendship Promotion Association.”


    1. Cris, thanks for this. Last week an alert SDA reader posted that rather shocking revelation, along with a story of the researcher being tailed by Chinese agents. So I researched the data from Elections Canada, pasted the numbers into an Excel spreadsheet, and sent it to my media contact at a large Toronto-based outlet. She replied to me that her media outlet already had the information, and was studying how best to write up the story.

      So yesterday the Journal de Montreal published the essentials of the Chinese funding most of Trudeau’s riding campaign in 2015, and in the non-election 2016 year as well. The paper’s story was picked up by Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves Blanchet who framed this emerging scandal from a Quebec nationalist perspective. True North news also picked up on the Journal de Montreal story:

      which Kate has posted elsewhere in today’s news.

      So early this morning I emailed my media contact, saying to her “you have been scooped”. It’s funny that the English-speaking media are too reticent to spill the beans on China subterfuge, afraid to be called “racist”. Leave it to the French media to break the scandal to the public.

      This is the story of the decade, and this latest news will force Trudeau to resign.

  3. Before that there was Big Star. If you like Cheap Trick, you’ll love Big Star. Cheap Trick covered a Big Star song, “In the Street”, for That 70’s Show. Big Star’s Alex Chilton, you may remember, was the singer of The Letter with The Box Tops.

  4. No link but Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA) is once again spewing its BS on the tax payer dime. Only in Alberta do public sector inions get to buy advertising with tax dollars.

    For the leftist trolls, these unions get their dues 100% from members who are paid with tax dollars. So don’t go saying they have the right to free speech. They do but it’s morally wrong to make taxpayers pay for it.

  5. Rick Nielsen was once on American Pickers with lots of cool Cheap Trick and other memorabilia. They purchased a fair amount of the articles he had collected.

  6. The AUKUS [Australia-United Kingdom-United States] Defence Pact deserves Canadian’s attention.

    The AUKUS Defence Pact is very much about politicians of different political stripes and Governments with different political priorities making a strategic decision to create significant deterrents against aggressive totalitarian regimes.

    Canadian politicians need to take notice. We need to see a coalescence of political positions on national defence. When you cannot distinguish between the Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Bloc position on national defence Canada will be ready to join our allies. Until then we remain an adolescent among the adult nations.

    U.S., Britain, Australia to move ahead on defence pact with nuclear submarine announcement

    1. There is no difference between the parties’ defence policies. None have done anything constructive. All have gone along with mediocrity and decline.

    1. Largs, this video should be sent all around the world. Cut the head off the Education Snake!!!

  7. Mark Zuckerberg has written a letter to his employees, saying that Meta Corporation will be “cutting the size of its team” by 11,000 emploees:

    So there’s another phrase to use instead of “lay off”. I love the word “dehire”, but after all Meta does have a “team”. Anyway I recommend the film That Social Network. It describes Zuckerberg beautifully.

    1. LMAO he’s as credible as the Iraqi information minister. He’s also a convicted pedophile.

    2. “This is the most passionate even he has ever been … ”

      … since that encounter with an Iraqi 11 year old boy?

    1. What was put into her porridge this morning? Really. I call for regime change in Canada.

  8. More on Chinese funding of Trudeau’s Papineau riding. Here’s an anti-Trudeau opinion piece (from Joseph Facal) from Le Journal de Montreal, dated March 1, 2023:

    Mid-way through the article the author mentions that Chinese from out of province donated the bulk of Papineau Liberal riding’s revenues, in 2015 and 2016. l couldn’t find the original Le Journal article, but since this op-ed was published March 1, the story has been known if for some time in Quebec.

    (I can’t believe read or speak much French, but the English translation pops up on most tablets). So our Toronto media must have known about this story of the decade for a few weeks. It you can, tune into today’s Question Period.

  9. My guess is the libranos know it’s game is over for the Bong. The big media outlets may have sent him a list of questions that they are seeking answers on. The PMO will know from the questions that the media has the evidence to sink Bongo. I think it’s bedtime for Bongo.

    1. Actually a good reason to declare Black Sea and Ukraine a no fly zone. It is time to press the orcs, they got nothing left and begin enforcing it.

  10. Kenji:

    Looking for travel advice. Best, safest (for two women), inexpensive way to get from Double Tree Inn by Hilton to Chase Center? They were talking BART but I wonder about safety. Also, anything else in the area worth visiting?