I, Napoleon

The women still showing up to compete are now the ones most responsible for sustaining this charade;

USA Powerlifting lost a two-year court battle this week after a judge ruled that it had discriminated against transgender athlete JayCee Cooper by banning her from competing in women’s competitions.

The ruling also mandated that the sports organization “cease and desist from all unfair discriminatory practices” because of sexual orientation and gender identity and that it revise its policy related to sexual orientation and gender identity within two weeks.

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  1. Unfortunately, the female competitors seem to want to be beaten, not cancelled.

    Good on them, they deserve to be humiliated.

  2. Rename the classes to XY, XX and Open. Require a genetic test for each class. Wait for the court to freak out because it didn’t get the result it wanted

    1. What people don’t seem to realize is that the “XY” class already is, and has ALWAYS been, the “Open” class in all sports.

      1. Indeed.

        Girls can play on:

        – girls teams
        – boys teams
        – mixed teams

      2. Well, in this context, I was thinking that Open means anything goes including PEDs and whatnot

        1. Sure.

          I can even envision an Oscar Pastorius type who will replace human legs with springs. No issue on my end, but the betting line might be wonky.

  3. We lost the Courts as a remedy for redress decades ago. When the Courts join the pretend world of “Transgenderism” … and then scold the doubters as anti-human … anti-caring … monsters … we are DOOMED as a culture and society.

  4. “A” judge.
    One individual, insulated and ensconced in Virtuous Wisdom, has the right to override the many, the great unwashed who see only what is in front of them.
    That is True Democracy, well worth defending.

    We need another Magna Carta to free the serfs from the elites.

    1. We need another Magna Carta to free the serfs from the elites.

      How about we just observe and enforce the US Constitution?

  5. I never follow wimmins sports except for the Playboy olympics… but seriously, if this crap is to continue it’s game over.

    Who would allow their daughter to participate in any sport that let a dude in a dress compete?

    FO and stay there.

    1. Gets worse: apparently, they are having a Drag Queen Bingo at the Canada Games this week…where there are actual children competing.

      And nobody told the parents.

  6. I’m a USAPL member. I compete as Masters athlete. I train at a facility that includes a number of top ranked US female competitors.

    I am beyond shocked with this ruling, but even more so is the response from the women in my gym.

    Those under 30 are all on board with this nonsense. Those over 40 are adamantly against it. Those in the middle are verrry quiet about where they stand.

    Funny, I can remember a conversation we had as a gym back around 2017, and I can see the schism even then.

    My lord, the hours we put into training, and to see a chemically enhanced lifter compete against me would have me livid. I can’t imagine how these women square this circle, having a biological male compete against them….blows my mind.

    1. “Those under 30 are all on board with this nonsense. Those over 40 are adamantly against it. Those in the middle are verrry quiet about where they stand.”

      Seems to be about the diving age between “TERFS” and “Gen XYZ”.

      The women who actually fought for women’s rights (whatever they are), are seeing those rights being mocked by men in dresses.

      See: “first” Admiral Potato Head, “highest scoring female on Jeopardy”, etc.

      If they want to change their genders, then they can have their birthdays changed, too. Wait, some are already doing that, bad idea perhaps. But then again: Admiral Potato Head would only be, what, 10? Way too young to be in government…

    2. Consider … there are a lot of really dumb women in this world. So don’t be surprised.

      As I see it, there is absolutely no way the women should stand by and watch men steal their sports.

      That is what is happening … I did say there were a lot of dumb women in this world.

  7. I’m guessing the judges on the court didn’t have the balls to make the right decision.

  8. So far as I can see, this is based on state law. USA Powerlifting should simply stop all competitions in Minnesota.

    1. That’s what people don’t get. Yes, there are activist judges, but if you believe the job of a judge is to apply the law as written that’s exactly what’s happened here. Soi-disant conservatives are perfectly fine with rejecting the rule of law and originalism when it’s their ox being gored.

  9. As alluded to elsewhere and as I proposed when this idiocy began, make all events “XX” and “open”. Second option, make all events invitational. Third, if an XY shows up for a women’s race, the women should arrange with the starter to have a first start, let the the XY take off and run gxrz’s race and the women start a few seconds later on the starter’s second signal so that everyone knows that they know what every sane person knows and they’re not going to play along with this absurdity.

  10. I would suggest that lots of male powerlifters should sign up for the women’s competition to expose this farce for what it is. They’ve just been told that there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them from signing up. These are the new rules, right? Play by the rules.

    If the trans athletes are ‘robbed’ of their women’s medals, they’ll stop showing up.

    1. John. I think God crushed a lot of them with His Sodom and Gomorrah action. I wonder where He is these days?

  11. Even though cases of men competing in women’s divisions are still rare, it sounds a clear and powerful message to girls — you can dedicate yourself to sports all you want, but it’s not going to be fair.

  12. Yep. Smash that glass ceiling all you want girls. They will just surgically alter it.

  13. Whenever you encounter men who think they are women or try to look like a woman … You don’t need to say anything, just turn around of go the other way. Those confused folks are not actually dangerous, but they make you feel weird and out of sorts and ashamed to be a member of the same world … Because they are so freakish and obviously mentally unhealthy.

  14. Sadly, those in favor of trans athletes have learned how to succeed. You eat a certain amount of crap, and the system rewards you. Don’t eat it, and things will be a lot worse, for a lot longer.
    Going forward, every authority figure they need to please will know they’re compliant and can be trusted to follow orders.

  15. I cannot think anything more basic than girl/boy. It’s not difficult to understand. Profound stupidity is required not to see the difference.

  16. If you’re a Tranny you’re a Loser. You got the mental defective gene(s). Sorry, but its true.
    If you’re a belly-ackin Wombman Hear-me-roar, you’re probably playing the Victim Card all-too-often because you got the XX chromosomes “and and but but Toxic Masculinity!”

    Title this: The Collision between Loser Culture and Victim Culture as Judged By Diversity-Inclusion-Equity.

  17. Women who actually allow themselves to be humiliated by competing against men are retards. As simple as it gets. 50 plus years of women’s lib was all bullshit. Now they let men dominate women’s sports. I hope they all enjoy it. They seem to have asked for it by putting up with it for one second. What would be wrong with refusing to compete while screaming that all men hate them? Like in the old days. Did I say retards?

  18. I think the way to make this “fair” is to insist that, since “trans-woman are women”, they should adhere to the standard for maximum testosterone allowed for the female athletes. Anything more should be considered doping and grounds for disqualification. Any trans-woman athlete that complains can be asked, well are you a woman or not?

    1. I’m not going to kiss anything BUTT there are advantages to starting out as male even if you eventually meet the testosterone limit. Like the champion cyclist who was 6′ 2″ or the 300 lb weight lifter. This isn’t a normal female thing. But I never interfere when someone is virtue signaling.

  19. If a man sincerely believes he’s a woman, and wants to compete with other women equally, I don’t have a problem with that. But I think it’s incumbent on him to demonstrate that sincerity before he competes. And there’s an easy way to ‘fix’ that. Voluntary castration.

    There’s a lot of farm people here. Surely castrating a man can’t be that much different than the steers, is it? By that I mean, while it will be life-changing to an extent, it’s not life-threatening. He’s not going to have a heart attack, or develop liver failure, or go blind because he’s a few ounces lighter. He’s just not going to produce 90% of the testosterone that he did before.

    Normal male level is 300-1000 ng/dl; female is 15-70. Take 10% of male levels, and it’s down to 30-90 ng/dl, or in about the same range as the women’s. Seems to level the playing field to some extent.