Tuesday On Turtle Island

Biden’s America:  The Covid fraud.  Life in California.  Being angry about socialism.  I’m sure they just want to improve education in Delaware.  The J6 cover-ups.  A look at the Hunter Biden texts.  The most influential man in China.

Global Warming Scam News:  A green fail in Scotland.  The Department of Net Zero.

Today In Islam:  Muslim rapes underage girl.  Your morning meme.

Pervert News:  The Grammy Awards.  And Satan is not impressed.

Trudeau’s Canada:  Police in Ontario schools is white privilege or something (Warning: CBC link).  More on Justin’s censorship bill.  Liberals spent 139 million dollars on China virus propaganda.  The shuttle service to Canada.  Justin’s election year ads hit 141 million dollars. Don’t upset China. Spy hunt must be “sensitive.”

21 Replies to “Tuesday On Turtle Island”

  1. Re: Socialism,

    I think socialism is great as long as I get to be a multimillionaire like those other socialists. 😉

  2. From the FrontPage text:

    “I am going to Canada for the safety and future of my girls,” she said. “I only ask God that everything goes well and that Canada is not like the United States.”


    No, it’s worse way-worse. No one in fed gov said anything, something like: “what’s up with this crap, NY State? Why th you’re offloading illegals to Canada?!?”
    With the Chinese spy-balloon, the same thing – Canadian media doesn’t care. At least in US they talk a lot (why wasn’t shut down before entering Alaska, Xiden=dereliction of duty etc) but in Canada no one is asking ShinyPony&co why that thing wasn’t shot down when in Canadian air space. No, only the rat Mendicino uttered some BS that they “worked” with their counterparts in US. Same pathetic crap they always do: they “work” or “continue to work” or the scary one – “all options are on the table” (from these clowns must be all options of Tim Horton coffee and donuts).

    1. ask Lieutenant-General Christopher Coates what his orders were when the balloon entered canadian airspace

    2. If they have lived in the US for a decade and even raised families there, how bad could the US be?

      Rather, they were going to be deported and now WE are stuck with them.

    1. Still in contemplation…of…What popped the Weasel?
      Internal gas combustion…plugged up…AK47…anchor with a deep water area…

  3. WRT the Scottish green fails, the Spanish have spread their wings to run other countries utilities along with The 407. Capitalism lives! As long as you’re a rich socialist.

  4. “On one side is the party of far-right, election-denying, coup-supporting, anti-democracy, environment-destroying, racist sexist homophobic transphobic gun-worshipping proslavery “Handmaid’s Tale” Ku Klux Klan fascists who are literal Nazis; on the other side is the party of extreme radical leftist, anti-family, anti-border, pro-rioter, criminal-coddling, tax-raising, economy-wrecking, godless un-American Communist baby-killing groomer pedophile sex perverts. The choice is yours, voters! ”

    “Hilversum, Netherlands… Citizens post notes on the window of the National TV Broadcaster NOS… they have the names of the deceased with the date they died from the vaccines… a reminder to the roll the media played in this mass poisoning…”

    Pithy comment:

    “Try attaching the notes to BRICKS…”


  5. re J6;
    Just wondering why the Majority Republican House don’t reopen a J6 committee, release video footage of Capital security helping to open gates fences and doors for those who entered the Capital. Grill the F bee eye on how many plants they had among those that entered, and what their purpose was? Did F bee eye agents damage the Capital? etc. etc. etc.
    to correct the narrative.

  6. “Justin’s election year ads hit 141 million dollars”. Why?

    A: #1. To buy votes.
    A: #2. To pay off the corporate broadcast media.

    Money and power count for a lot.

    1. But WHERE did he get the money?

      Is there truth to the rumour that Chrystia asked Biden for a loan?


    Y’all shpuld have a listen to that Dave Rubin vid…Unfreakin unreal.

    If I heard him correctly, the US Govt gave out some 5 TRILLION Dollars in “COVID AID”…a third of which went to Global Crime Syndicates, Cyber criminals amd all over the planet.

    Zero oversight…done on purpose with similar insane money printing throughout the Western Hemisphere.

    Did the “big guy” get his cut…??

  8. Since Thatcher, the Conservative Party has only been Progressive. Must be a Labour plot to tank the country and return it to the EU Dictatorship.