A voice of sanity

John Campbell has been one of my “go-to” sources when it comes to information about Covid, and this interview covers a lot of topics in one convenient go. Neil Oliver engages Dr. Campbell in a discussion of his background and career and then delves into various aspects of Covid and pandemic policy.

Campbell is no conspiracy theorist, but approaches the topic of Covid by recognizing that there are degrees of evidence when it comes to analyzing the effectiveness and safety of various treatments. There is an unfortunate tendency, for instance, to treat the topic of adverse vaccine reactions as if the evidence is utterly conclusive (rare and always treatable) and we can simply close down the discussion. The same goes for Ivermectin and excess deaths, which are discussed in this interview.

Interesting to note that Campbell is no longer certain that, if he knew back then what he knows now about the vaccines, he would be inclined to take the shot.

Update: Robert here. I hope my SDA colleague, Dennis, doesn’t mind but this video directly from John Campbell, is directly related.

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  1. DR. Campbell is a good source for current info from reliable sources. He meticulously shows his work.

    1. is no longer certain that, if he knew back then what he knows now about the vaccines, he would be inclined to take the shot.

      N O — L O N G E R — C E R T A I N — ????


      Until now, I thought the man knew what was up with this scam. Now I am not so sure.

  2. I read the bottom first:

    Campbell is no longer certain that, if he knew back then what he knows now about the vaccines, he would be inclined to take the shot.

    I D I O T.

    1. That’s what’s so hilarious.

      Many who comment on this topic here consider Campbell to be a big supporter of their virulently (ahem) anti-vaccine position, but he’s really not.

      1. Certainly not!
        Nurse Campbell has been doing very VERY gradual limited hangout.
        I spent decades mercilessly mocking RFK Jr over his “anti-vaxx” activism; I am now a comfirmed unapologetic anti-vaxxer, tho I shouldn’t even use the word ‘cos nowadaze they ain’t vaccines and aren’t gonna be again.

        1. One definition of vaccine is “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.” COVID vaccines certainly do that.

          The vaccines do have a measureable propensity to prevent infection, and in the beginning they were quite good at this. But as the virus mutated, the vaccines became less effective at preventing infection, although they continued to be good at preventing serious symptoms.

          This was shown by numerous scientific studies, as this meta analysis shows:


          1. In other words, the “vaccines” were incredibly leaky and have lead to weakened immune systems and cranked out variants up the ying yang.

          2. Vaccines are like exercise. Over the first week or so they may well leave you in a weakened state, but over the long run your immune system is stronger.

            All vaccines work like that. You do know that, right?

          3. No…not all vaccines work that way….by the way, why did the FDA change the definition of “vaccine”? And learn the difference between sterilizing and imperfect vaccines. True vaccines stop transmission.

            As for your immune system being stronger, you really are a fool. If so can you explain why, in highly vaccinated New Zealand, the COVID death rate from the start of the pandemic up until January 1, 2022 was .086 deaths per day yet from January 1, 2022 (after vaccine programs) to yesterday, the COVID death rate jumped to 9.33 per day?

            Yeah, sure looks like those “vaccines” strengthened immune systems, didn’t it.

          4. “Can you explain why, in highly vaccinated New Zealand, the COVID death rate from the start of the pandemic up until January 1, 2022 was .086 deaths per day yet from January 1, 2022 (after vaccine programs) to yesterday, the COVID death rate jumped to 9.33 per day?”

            Sure. Because you’ve failed to specify what the denominator is. The .086 deaths per day were for the population as a whole, not the population who had COVID.

            Until January 2022, there was almost no COVID in New Zealand. They did a fantastic of keeping the virus out, presumably through stringent border controls, and in preventing its spread when it did appear — although at the cost of much loss of freedom. But eventually the virus did find a foothold, and people started dying.


          5. “No…not all vaccines work that way”

            I am not aware of any that don’t. Can you cite an example of a vaccine which does not work by inducing an immune response?

          6. KM

            They tried for decades to eradicate the EVER mutating Corona viruses..to absolutely ZERO avail.

            And they never will. Only due to the subterfuge pushed upon humanity that THIS one was a true NOVEL version…precipitated by utter lies and pure BS.

            Well, seems to me every season for the past 100,000 years has provided “novel” strains.

            Quite the PSYOP…no?

          7. Steakman: I’m not sure what your point is.

            That virus infections are forever a moving target that will likely never be fully eradicated? Sure. The fact that we need a different flu vaccine every year (and even then you might still get the flu) attests to that.

            But that doeesn’t mean vaccines are useless. If they can improve the situation then they’ve done their job.

          8. “The vaccines do have a measureable propensity to prevent infection”. No, they do not. That is the same trick they always use. They introduce a vaccine just as a virus is on the way down (as viruses naturally appear in waves — less virulent waves coming later. ) and then they claim that the reductions in cases, severity and deaths is due to the vaccines. They get away with it over and over again. There is no proof that the vaccines prevented even one case of Covid.

          9. If those studies were deeply flawed, would you be able to tell? Do you have the background in statistical methodology to spot obvious weaknesses?

            I do, and within ten minutes of reading I found three major problems with the methodology that makes the conclusions worthless.

          10. Daniel:

            Well do enlighten us then. I’m all ears. But be warned — I am a statistician, although not in the medical field.

          11. “They never worked. Zero efficacy. Idiot.”

            I have a choice between believing hundreds of research papers that studied their efficacy using large-scale randomized controlled trials, or some guy on the internet who calls people names.

            Tough one.

      2. You are absolutely hilarious….
        Really you don’t get to compare a novel treatment with a proven one.
        Or promote the vax and then say you don’t agree with the kids getting it, well many did , coerced at that.
        Peer pressure -that’s hilarious!
        So save your breath.
        By the way I know someone that got their mom vaxed with your wonder drug, and was burying her within 5 months, aggressive pancreatic cancer. Yeah she was old and it’s anecdotal. But one has to wonder if people had the fortitude to wonder? After saying it’s safe and effective etc etc etc…… I wonder?
        I never agreed with the lockdowns, the coercion, the kids getting it, and the lack of accountability, by all parties involved.
        Old people maybe if they wanted it.
        But that was never the case ….was it !
        Look in the mirror, at least Campbell had the courage to see he’d been had in some regards and made an apology he really in my mind never had to make.
        You keep being you though.

        1. “By the way I know someone that got their mom vaxed with your wonder drug, and was burying her within 5 months, aggressive pancreatic cancer.”

          The vaccines don’t prevent cancer. You know that, right?

          And “post hoc, ergo propter hoc” is a logical fallacy, not words of advice. One reason they do scientific studies rather than relying on anecdotes is to separate out what is truly causative from what is merely coincidental.

          Seriously, when your arguments are this weak you are in effect arguing for the other side.

          1. Good God you are arrogant. As usual you miss the point. There is gaining evidence that the “vaccines” actually fuel cancer growth. Funny how you yammer about “scientific studies”, but studiously ignore the data from countries showing high excess deaths after “vaccination”.

          2. They didn’t prevent covid either. And before you scramble to defend the whole ragged mess and the lies.
            Many big players from Presidents on down said it would and don’t even arrogantly and blindly try to defend what was said.
            OWN it.
            Thanks , have a lovely day.

          3. “There is gaining evidence that the “vaccines” actually fuel cancer growth.”

            Please cite scientific studies showing this. And no, some guy with a blog is not evidence.

          4. Mugs:

            Your response is typical of anti-vaxxers. Lots of unsupported allegations but no coherent argument or solid evidence.

          5. How do account for the myriad of cases whereby folks were completely free of cancer of one form or another suddenly diagnosed with the same or prior to, unknown cancers afflicting them..??

            Spare me your constant BS KM.
            Go bk to being a CTV hack, you’d fit right in.

          6. “How do account for the myriad of cases whereby folks were completely free of cancer of one form or another suddenly diagnosed with the same or prior to, unknown cancers afflicting them..??”

            About a quarter million people in Canada get cancer every year. About one in four Canadians will ultimately die of cancer. The COVID vaccine does not change that.

            Do you have evidence or studies showing that the COVID vaccine causes cancer, or even that the rate of cancer has increased in the last year? Present that evidence.

            Despite the fact that eveyone knows that anecdotal evidence isn’t worth crap, people still insist on resorting to it.

          7. KM can’t explain the roughly 20 to 40% excess deaths in heavily vaxxed countries. You can cite KM studies like I have and get nothing constructive in return. That’s not a debate. It’s just KM demonstrating themselves to be a simple bully. The answer is No. The jab is not a vaccine as viral spread was not prevented. Not even the slightest. Adverse effects include cardiac, reproductive organs, nervous system, brain, aggressive cancers, etc. etc. are occurring soon after previously healthy people are jabbed. And YES personal experiences matter. The vast number of people knowing others that have died suddenly, had a sudden onset of an aggressive cancer, missed work for weeks following a jab, etc shows that significant vax injury is not a rare risk. Insurance Companies are more than concerned. They’re scared. Why? To me KM is the worst sort of liar. One that parrots the Gov’t propaganda and ignores factual truth. Hell has a special place for such carpet baggers.

          8. “It’s just KM demonstrating themselves to be a simple bully.”

            So ten or so commenters are getting bullied by one commenter who likes to cite scientific studies and rarely throws an insult? It’s like a science geek bullying the entire football team.

            Personal experiences matter only when they are collected and analyzed in a systematic manner. Otherwise you can’t trust them, for they may be coincidences or one’s own biases and expectations. That’s what four hundred years of science has taught us, and it’s why modern medicine has delivered life expectancies is the high 70s.

          9. Hey KM, why do you comment so much? Someone paying you by the syllable? I’ve never seen such an active commenter here, and with nothing constructive to add. If you’re not a scientific FRAUD why don’t you actually make a real argument for the mrna jabs instead of bloviating about nothing? Dr Campbell has quoted studies that show there’s no risk-benefit to taking the jab for pretty much every age group – he’s built a fact based argument. Almost anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together would agree that a mrna jab with a risk of 1:800 of having a serious adverse event of special interest vs having to jab tens of thousands in most age groups to prevent one ICU hospitalization is stupid and harmful. Yet there you are beating the big Pharma drum. BTW saying that anecdotal evidence is useless has got to be one of the most dishonest things I’ve heard anyone say in the jab debate. It’s FACTUAL EVIDENCE of something that went terribly wrong. Huge numbers of people have been hurt or worse from sudden post jab events. I know of active people that suddenly dropped dead in the past few months that were looking great just a short time before. There’s a reason why so many sudden deaths are occurring now. But don’t worry – nobody here expects you to be honest about it.

          10. Martin B.:

            “Dr Campbell has quoted studies that show there’s no risk-benefit to taking the jab for pretty much every age group – he’s built a fact based argument.”

            And what are those studies? Please cite them.

          11. The jabs promote aggressive cancers. Mom got the booster in Jan 22. We just finished burying her at age 74. Thankfully she was 72 before the jabs came out otherwise we would have buried her a long time ago. She was being treated for early stage cancer with immunotherapy before the jabs and was recovering and every time she got jabbed the cancer was back and spreading. Many other cases like this out there so lets get that booster.

        2. Campbell is treading a bit too lightly to be a convincing anti vax warrior. Perhaps enjoys the notoriety more than the accuracy of his bleatings.

          I am not sure what side he comes down on, do you?

          No doubt about the Scotsman though.

  3. I’m nowhere near Mensa level….but it was beyind obvious to me and a number of my friends that something stank as early as Spring 2020.

    2 Ships – Quarantined.
    Diamond Princes
    USN T. Roosevelt.

    Near 10, 000 folks: 14 Elderly on the Princess – 1 out of 5500 on the Roosevelt…died…hardly a “pandemic”.

    All supposedly at risk of Dying FROM the dreaded CovSars2…the renaming of which, became part of the scam: A “novel” Strain.

    The renaming of CovSars2 to Covid19 all to confuse anyone who didnt bother looking at the definition of corona virus. I literally laffed at the suggestion this was a “novel” never before seen strain. Uhuh…seems to me that happens EVERY SEASON, No.,??…and why its impossible to vaccinate your way out.

    Then came the 8 month wonder potion – that the vast majority bought onto it, was unreal….as was the overt coercion to participate throughout the Western Hemisphere.

    I fully get folks taking the first 2 jabs simply to feed their kids, pay the mortgage….and it illustrated the complete absence of Any Govt, Media empathy for those who were, while calling us Pure Bloods to be literally annihilated. Ala Bergen Belsen, or Treblinka.

    The only thing I trust today is my sense of common sense. Am done with Socialized Medicine, Govt, Politicians of EVERY stripe, and I have a real hard on for the propagandists in this country…they should follow the PMO to the gallows..every last one of them.

    1. They’re not sure how many died on the Diamond Princess, but estimates are around 14, or about 2% of those infected.

      There was only one reported death on the Teddy Roosevelt, but that was a U.S. aircraft carrier, and its crew would mostly have been young and fit, with few serious prior ailments.

      1. That’s pretty funny……they aren’t sure how many died on a contained cruise ship, yet we are supposed to believe that governments know how many people died in the general population. Estimates for deaths on the Diamond Princess are from 7 to 14.

        The truth is quite simple…..COVID deaths are vastly overcounted and deaths from the “vaccines” are vastly UNDERcounted.

      2. Ptecisely my point.

        Ask yourself what demographic goes on a cruise in Feb/Mar..hmm..? sure as shit not the young n healthy, that much is fer damned sure. So 14 out of some 3750 mostly retired elderly is supposed to represent a freaking pandemic..??

        As fking if.

        Pull your head outa yer (_i_).
        Those that perished (14), totally in line with what might expect for an elderly population at anytime – anywhere.

        1. Steakman: Not everyone on the cruise ship got the virus. Only about 740 did.

          And not everyone one of those were elderly. Many were crew members. Of the passengers, probably most were under 70, where the mortality is fairly low.

          Of those over 70, the mortality rate of those who were infected was likely over 5%. Is that not high enough for you?

      3. I strongly encourage you and your ilk to get boosted as often as possible. Best to double up on those shots for optimal “protection “.

        1. First I don’t have an ilk. Some deer, a moose, no ilk.

          Second, I strongly encourage you to start basing your beliefs on as good of evidence as you can find, and not take your cues from your buddies on some blog site. And the best evidence, whether you like it or not, are scientific studies. They’re not perfect, but they are vastly better than some guy with a podcast and an attitude.

          1. Why? I don’t have that poison running through my veins. Watching the injected squirm and rationalize their stupid decision has me giddy. All I’ve got to do is wait.

      4. “There was only one reported death on the Teddy Roosevelt, but that was a U.S. aircraft carrier, and its crew would mostly have been [young and fit, with few serious prior ailments.]”

        And just like that, you shoot down *your own argument* that everyone should get ‘vaccinated’ to protect us all from the deadly scourge of COVID-19. Sweet.

        1. I have never said everyone should get vaccinated. EVER.

          I have repeatedly said that it’s probably not worth it for children, given that (1) there is some risk to the vaccine, (2) they are not at great risk from COVID, and (3) the vaccines are only weakly effective at preventing infection.

          Once again you did not check your facts.

          1. The mRNA Covid 19 shots are NOT a vaccine FFS.
            Its an experimental theraputic,used under emergency authorization , there is a MASSIVE difference.
            Get that ONE fact straight before spouting off and yes SHOW ME a scientific paper that SAYS it is a VACCINE , as in the definition of old before the CDC changed the verbage.
            If you cannot do that, then dont bother us with your propaganda.

    2. But, but, but … Steakman! CASES! For MOST of the pandemic we counted … CASES! Via testing and testing and more testing … CASES! Ohhhhhhhh Mommmaaaaaaaaa … more CASES

      What’s more FEARFUL than more … CASES

      1. Kenji

        Precisely. All predicated on a test procedure that was toltally flawed, all to gin up the numbers.

        BULLSHIT ad Nausea.

    3. In the case of Diamond Princess , here was an isolated test environment which could and should have been used for an extensive analysis of the risk and followup of all on board , but there was no interest at any level of government or medical bureaucracy to do anything other than use it to promote fear and stampede everyone to get jabbed. This was a huge red flag for me , but apparently no one in the medical community.

      Evidence is slowly building and I hope those at senior levels who perpetrated this fraud are prosecuted , but given the level of infiltration at all levels of government and medical authorities by Pharma and WEF/Globalists , it is only a faint hope.

      Witness the fact that Dr. Eileen de Villa ,Toronto Medical Officer of Health , whose husband is connected with Pfizer , (Dr.de Villa) attended the latest WEF meeting in Davos ! What was she doing there!

      Additionally Chris Wray (FBI) director also was in attendance. , hence my point about infiltration.

  4. Recently Campbell has been very critical of the drug companies’ original testing and of the government’s burying adverse reaction data and lack of excess death information.

    He is very careful about what he says because Youtube bans all criticism that isn’t expressly backed up by government sources. It’s a tough line to walk.

    1. The “original testing” was fraudulent….and the “approving authorities” did no investigation of their own….the entire reporting of the “safety and effectiveness” of the “vaccines” was done completely by the company with NO oversight by those “approving authorities”. It is fraud of the highest order.

      1. Not to be argumentative… or to suggest ANY of the COVID response has been anything BUT fraudulent … yet I find the following to be quite curious.

        The people screaming loudest about “the regulators” … the FDA … not doing their job with regard to COVID vaccine regulation and testing are the same people who also believe the FDA blocks everything else useful for American Food and Drugs … like QUACK vitamin supplements claiming cancer cures and whatnot. And regularly call for the abolishment of the FDA

        1. The FDA exceeds the authority granted to the feds by the Constitution, as does the ATF, both DOEs, the EPA, and no doubt many others.
          They should all be abolished.

          1. FDA was a good idea on paper, if you have moral people at the helm.
            But like all things made by Man, easily corrupted.

        2. ALL Those on the FDA and every other Health/Medical org in the Western Hemisphere for the most part were and continue to be fully bought n paid for…

          By PHARMA….most likely for decades prior to this plandemic….I include the multitude of Doctors who prescribe the drugs…mine most definitely included.

          1. All vaccines have risks. They are at all times a tradeoff.

            The reason that medical reseachers support the COVID vaccine is not because it’s perfectly safe — cause it’s not — but because the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.

          2. All vaccines have risks.

            However that’s where your conflation of honest TESTING for risks … and hiding, if not falsifying, tests bear no relationship to one another. We KNOW … through medical experience what risks are associated with established vaccines. And that risk is primarily an adverse reaction to some of the elements used to fabricate those vaccines. We can test for those sensitivities and adjust our medical advice accordingly.

            But Pfizer and the FDA/CDC … and TBF … Donald Trump’s unnecessary warp speed casting aside of established testing protocols deliberately INCREASED the risk of the COVID vaccine.

            There’s risk … acceptable, informed risk … and then there’s foolishness. And worse than foolishness … there is deliberate deception from HIDING the actual test data.

          3. Jenji:

            Whatever shortcuts that the pharmaceutical companies took initially — and they might have — there have been roughly ten thousand studies on COVID and its vaccines since then.

            So we don’t have to rely on those initial studies for anything. We can gauge the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines through these other studies.

  5. “Interesting to note that Campbell is no longer certain that, if he knew back then what he knows now about the vaccines, he would be inclined to take the shot.”
    In other words:
    Back then, I didn’t know didly-squat about it, so I had it injected into me.
    Now that I know about its adverse effects, I’m not sure if I’d have it injected into me.
    Spoken like a true urinalist.

  6. Campbell has been infinitely more valuable at zero cost than the billions spent on reptilian Bolsheviks and Jacobins masquerading as “public health” authorities along with their captured institutions and conforming practitioners.

  7. Sure by mid 2021, the adverse events were starting to accumulate, there were suspicious, even compelling correlations (see Ed Dowd),but Dr Campbell was looking for something a bit more empirical. He was spitting into the wind, the data is just too shoddy.
    It’s thanks to the FOIA requests for Pfizer’s internal documents that we got a handle on how hollow the testing was. The docs started emerging in March 2022, and realistically it took a couple of months to begin see the full import, namely the studies were a farce.

    1. Oh, yeah, I don’t remember when we learned that the RCT had been unblinded, obliterating the control group.

  8. It is absolutely astounding that we have come this far in this ‘pandemic’ and there are still so many people that will not analyze what the evidence shows. First off when this virus was ‘discovered’ we were told by modelling science that tens of millions would die, then we were told there was no treatment, we had to wait for a ‘vaccine’ to be discovered. Later it was learned that the models were wrong and that the average survivability rate was around 99.5%. Then drugs that had been approved for the last twenty-five or so years and had been administered billions of times with little to no adverse effects were effectively removed from the market. This paved the way for the undiscovered ‘vaccine’ to be rolled out before the requisite trials and tests, and we were all informed that it was an experimental ‘vaccine’ but to save the world and for the common good we all had to take it either voluntarily or by force and coersion, even though we all know that a vaccine takes five to ten years to prove its effectiveness. If these facts didn’t trigger a warning that something wasn’t right, then you weren’t paying attention. Now try and look up the average death rates world wide for the last half century and you are inundated and exposed to chart and graph of excess deaths over the last two years. Whisky….Tango….Foxtrot…. When are you going to wake the hell up and realize that you have been conned on a scale the likes we’ve never seen. But you go Buttercups and keep trying to prove to yourselves that the injections are safe and effective and all these athletes and young people that are unexpectedly dying are not related to the roll out of an experimental procedure that has yet to be proven safe. Perhaps the stress of walking around thinking they have a time bomb implanted in their systems is what is killing people or perhaps the roughly ten percent of the medical population that warned us at the very beginning of the ramifications of a mass injection program were right. At the very beginning it was a coin toss whether to get the injection or not but the real tell was when governments around the world implemented programs to force the injection on us.

    1. Antenor.

      Extremely well put..and in a nutshell.
      Concur 100%.

      We were and continue to be under the thumb of de-facto NAZI’s…

    2. Another covid FWIW

      “This One CANNOT Be Dismissed”

      “The author of the substack is pretty-much spot-on here. This is characteristic of an immune runaway response in the endothelium which we know is a problem with these jabs because it was demonstrated that direct endothelial damage occurred due to the presence of the spike protein even without any other part of the virus back in the fall and winter of 2020.”

      Much more at


      “The default position, given what we know at this point, is that everyone who took one or more of these jabs sustained some amount of this damage until it is conclusively proved otherwise. Over 200 million Americans, in short, must be assumed to have taken this damage as a direct and proximate result of the willful blindness and intentional misconduct of everyone involved.”

      I’m beginning to get the idea that every medical/pharma office notice board should have had a copy of the poster that reads –

      “THINK! It might be a new experience”

    3. You say look at what the evidence shows, but you seem far more interested in the political and policy missteps than the actual science.

      Don’t listen to the authorities or media if you wish, but do read at least the abstracts of scientific studies, which are publically available. They tell a very different story than what the anti-vaxxers are saying.

      1. The Cleveland Clinic study shows increasing Covid infection rates with each successive shot across all age strata in the study. That was 51,000 folks and I doubt you can attack their credibility?

        1. “The Cleveland Clinic study”.

          The Cleveland Clinic is a very large facility and has likely published countless studies. I believe I know which one you are referring to, but you should be more specific. Give a title. Provide a link. Something.

      2. “Don’t listen to the authorities or media if you wish, but do read at least the abstracts of scientific studies, which are publically available.”

        I’d love to, if I could find some scientists who haven’t been BOUGHT and PAID FOR by the pharmaceutical giants or the governments who work for them.

        ” They tell a very different story than what the anti-vaxxers are saying.”

        “Anti-vaxxers”? Grow up….you’ve likely never even met a real “anti-vaxxer” unless you live in Amish or Hutterite country.

        The people who are opposed to this mRNA concoction are not “anti-vaxxers”…that’s just a convenient pejorative invented by sanctimonious losers who were gullible enough to get jabbed and are now *terrified* that they will be the next ones to drop dead.
        I myself get regular tetanus shots. A REAL vaccine, that gives real results, is time-tested and perfectly safe.

      3. You’ll find that many of us are more of the “vax for thee, but not for me” bent than being against all vaccines, but carry on with the slur.
        I’m pro mRna treatment and strongly encourage anyone so inclined to take it, and as often as possible. We only ask that you leave the rest of us alone as we endure our second “winter of illness and death”.

    4. ” If these facts didn’t trigger a warning that something wasn’t right, then you weren’t paying attention.”

      Well said, all of it.

      The story changed too radically and too quickly to be taken as truthful….it was pretty clear they were just making it up as they went along.

    5. “then we were told there was no treatment, we had to wait for a ‘vaccine’ to be discovered.”
      That was the crucible. Everyone has to get it was Armageddon.
      I’m going back now to frozen pizzas.

    6. The actual survival rate with appropriate treatment was 100%. So the attempt to make a bioweapon out of a corona virus was a fail. They had to murder in the name of the vid as nobody died from the vid alone.

  9. But the data wrt vaccines is clear and conclusive: almost totally risk-free and strongly prevents disease and reduces transmission of pre-Omni strains while reducing disease in Omni.

    Similarly, a trial made clear that Ivermectin is not useful against COVID: https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2022-12-19/another-trial-finds-no-benefit-from-ivermectin-for-covid-symptoms#:~:text=The%20trial%20had%20previously%20tested,hospitalizations%20or%20emergency%20room%20visits.

    1. On Covid, you can cherry pick random “studies” to support any case you want.

      There are now a number of governmental level studies looking into whether there was deliberate distortion of “vaccine” efficacy, suppression of negative effects, etc.

      As an aside, You’ll remember that they had to change the definition of vaccine because Covid shots didn’t act like normal vaccines, indemnified the manufacturers from lawsuits. Add to this the funding of regulators by big pharma, the level of political contributions and the major media companies reliance on drug advertising.
      There’s plenty of smoke!

      1. 1) It’s not cherrypicking or random

        2) There was no change to the definition of vaccine, not that it would matter even if it was changed

        1. BS:
          They changed it, lest they be accused of false advertising about the efficacy of Covid “vaccines.”:

          Social media is calling bluff on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for modifying its definition of the words “vaccine” and “vaccination” on its website. Before the change, the definition for “vaccination” read, “the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.” Now, the word “immunity” has been switched to “protection.” The term “vaccine” also got a makeover. The CDC’s definition changed from “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease” to the current “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”

          Read more at: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/coronavirus/article254111268.html#storylink=cpy

        2. Hey UnMe,
          Here’s an authoritative peer reviewed study showing that Ivermectin is highly effective against Covid.


          Easy to find, just Google “Ivermectin effective for Covid” to get a bunch of these.

          If you Google “Ivermectin is ineffective for Covid” you’ll get a bunch of opposite opinions.

          You, nor I, are not qualified to judge the argument on it’s merits.

          Your case is ill informed, or malicious.

        3. They slso changed the definition of pandemic. Now a pandemic need not be particularly deadly– just happening in a number of places around the world.

    2. UnMe … please vaccinate all your children … including all boosters. Please. Can’t have any more of your type reproducing.

        1. @Kenji your wish for UnMe effective sterilization may just prove out…as the mRNA flames out fertility. Something Dr Byram Bridle flagged early on in the pandemic…

          Bergholz W, Steger K. Do COVID-19 RNA-Injections Affect Male Fertility? Latest Facts and Perspective. 2023 Jan 20; 4(1): 050-063.
          1International Standards Consulting GmbH & Co KG, Gerden, Germany
          2Molecular Andrology of the Department of Urology, Pediatric Urology and Andrology located at the Biomedical Research Center of the Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany*
          jelsciences /articles/jbres1648.pdf

          “Finally, science and medicine must liberate itself from political narratives. In this specific situation, scientists and medical doctors must realize that the active ingredient of “mRNA-based vaccines” is not simply a mRNA molecule carrying the information for the synthesis of a specific protein, nota bene an exogenous viral protein, but modRNA
          specifically designed for translational efficacy and longevity encapsulated in LNPs to bypass biological
          barriers and get access to all cells including heart and brain [36]. What is the underlying rationale when an
          originally healthy cell within heart or brain starts to synthesize a viral protein transforming this cell into a
          target to be attacked by our immune system? Finally, it has to be kept in mind that mRNA is also involved in
          the regulation of gene expression [72], which is why cells have mechanisms “at hand” to silence mRNA
          species not required. These protective mechanisms, however, will not work with modRNA [73].


          Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

          1st St Nicolaas Army
          Army Group “True North”

          1. The vaccine temporarily affects fertility, as does getting COVID itself. One might speculate that s*m*n production is sacrificed when the immune system kicks into overdrive.

            But the key word is “temporary”. They have found no lasting effect.

        2. 99.6% chance of survival of the Covid.
          Maybe you want to wish a car accident on him if you want to be so vile.

          1. Vile? just challenging UnMe to put his vaccines where his mouth is. Inject his children. Repeatedly. What’s vile about that? And sterility is simply a random chance he/she is taking … all scientific and whatnot.

          2. If you truly believe that something is harmful, you should never wish it on someone’s children. Keep the kids out of it.

          3. I believe sky diving is harmful. Probably nothing bad will happen. YOU can take that risk … I have no need. If you … through your own free will want to roll the dice? Who am I to stand in your way. UnMe clearly BELIEVES a. the clot shots will SAVE his (and his children’s) lives … b. there are no harmful side effects.

            I won’t stand in the way of his own free will or his role as parent. If you believe what UnMe believes … then where’s the harm?

          4. Killer Marmot.

            Maybe you haven’t noticed that UnMe believes it’s retarded for anyone at anytime to have kids for any reason whatsoever. The worst thing you can say about Kenjis remark is that it misses the mark.

            Your white knighting is just beyond prissy.

          5. KM,

            Pro tip- excessive faith in hypotheticals is bad for mental health.

            Kenjis challenge to give the booster to imaginary kids upset you more than the wish for death he received.

          1. “He probably won’t die though. You’re a craven pussy over a virus with a sub 1% IFR”

            I’ve already had it myself…about 10 days start to finish, and I’ve had far worse head colds.

            Much ado about nothing.

          2. Same. 36 hours the worst of it was gone and a fever at that. All in all about 8 days. And I’ve used your words to people verbatim “I’ve had worse head colds”.

          3. Don’t sweat about UnMe’s progeny. There aren’t any.

            He’s talking to us from his Mother’s basement.

        3. Hey Un, I caught Covid, I’m unvaxxed, and my immune system kicked it to the curb in a week. Now I have actual immunity, and my risk of Vax side effects is 0.

          1. At this point in time it has burned through the entire population on Earth , unless you were on a remote island.
            I dont see billions or millions dead from the so called worse ‘ pandemic ‘ in modern history.
            Peoples immune systems worked as they have since the Dawn of Man.
            KM and UnMe are gaslighting as usual.

    3. There are about 70 studies showing it is useful against Covid. Funny this is the one that gets published in USNews. Now the other funny thing is that you are forbidden from acquiring Ivermectin in Canada, even for your own use. For a drug that has not caused harm for 50 some years, seems very odd to prevent people from purchasing it for their own medicine chest. Seems pretty heavy-handed to me.

      1. ” For a drug that has not caused harm for 50 some years, seems very odd to prevent people from purchasing it for their own medicine chest. Seems pretty heavy-handed to me.”

        People who use Ivermectin don’t need ‘vaccinations’, and Big Pharma won’t tolerate the loss of revenue. Follow the money.

  10. Here is another voice of sanity.


    Thanks to BCF for posting as I sure as hell wasn’t going to credit the Red Star for the $0.35 to read anything they publish. The article is rampant with the Star’s opinion about covid and left to them they’d be the ones herding us into cattle cars. Nothing like disparaging a Canadian icon because she has another opinion.

    As for Jaimie all I can say is her stance is in line with her skating accomplishments and she will once again be proven the winner she has always been.

    1. Thx for the link. Good read. You go, Jamie!

      As an aside, the lighting in that photo of her is brutal & unflattering.

  11. I have a daughter, much like Campbell, who armed with her Biology degree, and her masters in same, now pursuing a Doctorate believed that the scientific world was much like her. Her, being honest, diligent, hardworking and forthright. She believed that pharmaceutical companies stacked with scientists would never lie. She believed medical data from practitioners was always true, and that no one would mandate a vaccine that was dangerous. People like Campbell reaffirmed her belief in the scientific method of painstakingly analyzing every detail. She never applied her mind to the subject because she believed others had already done it and were as meticulous as she would have been.

    Her brother and parents, while highly educated but not scientists, were much more involved from the very beginnning. Armed with degrees in mathematics and statistical analysis, it became apparent very early that something was not adding up. Overall deaths not rising, average age of deaths higher than life expectancy, deaths actually dropping in 2020 until the Government revised the numbers, other country comparisons, closure of 1/2 of ICU beds, shortage of vaccine development time, people killed by ventilators and Remdesivir, banning of harmless Ivermectin, handwashing for aerosol virus, knownly unhealthy mask program, lockdowns, fake videos, Kary Mullis (PCR), Robert Malone (mRNA), McCollough, 75 year data hiding, no trial data published, 32 page side effects, USNS Comfort unused, Field hospitals completely abandoned unused, no informed consent, coersion, mandates, threats, quack doctors in the lead, and on and on and on.

    Needless to say, there was a split in the family. One side which was qualified to analyze, trusted others to do their job, and the other side which was not as qualified did abundant research on the matter. Former became vaccinated, and the latter did not, thus the former ostracized the latter due to fear of contagion. But if you’re vaccinated, why fear it? This was because it had no longer become one of data, analysis, and information, but rather one of belief, commitment, and allegiance, in effect a cult. You’re either with us, or against us. There is no reasonable argument that can persuade in that situation. Any efforts are perceived to be heresy, and not tolerated. She had no problem visiting other people’s homes, going around the city, staying over at houses, seeing her boyfriend, but would not even hug or get near her brother or parents. In the end, she walked out of the house for not sharing her views, and has not returned in over two years.

    This was not a medical event that the government was trying to contain but as most here know, it was about power and money like most government intiatives are. Trying to wrap themselves in the flag of virtue, we know that they employed the least virtuous traits in whatever they’d hoped. I’ll never forgive what they did to our country, our families, our society, our commmunities, our neighbors, and our economy. They acted with malice, cruelty, vindictiveness, deception, and armed force, while looting the treasury for their own benefit. There is no longer any question, the government sees Canadians as peons and serfs, and we’re no more a consideration to them than what we render them to play with.

    1. Jane…it is that pride that is getting in the way for so many.
      Hope she will come around.
      Too many families suffered more heartbreak than illness during this scamdemic.

    2. Bottom line here Jane, is that a lot of smart people are actually quite stupid. I mean consider how many people think that the Rolling Stones are actually good musicians. It’s easy fool people, they like to be fooled because reality is too harsh and complicated.

      PS … The Rolling Stones are the most successful garage band in musical history. Simple songs for simple people … the Beatles, now that’s another story. Symphony Orchestras play their music. And will play it long after the the ‘Stones’ are forgotten.

      1. There are ‘smart people’ that have come to their senses.
        Dr Mulhatra and Dr Campbell are just two of many.

    3. IMHO … the most critical intelligence of all is … common sense. I consider common sense the ability to look at a bevy of macro datapoints … not micro, scienci, number crunching, and statistical masturbation datapoints … but real big picture elements of any problem. Macro analysis, née Common Sense should be the FIRST stop in evaluating problems.

      My Macro analysis during the most hysteric fearful time of the pandemic was to look at the statistics and data from my own community … the broad numbers. There were few cases, very few hospitalizations … and ALL of those from Nursing home infection. No local grocery store or shop employees (exposed to hundreds of people per day) were dropping like flies … none were … at all. The hysteric, hyperventilated insistence that this was … the most communicable virus in the history of viruses … even “studies” by MIT that “proved” the virus could live on surfaces for weeks! … didn’t add up with my own unscientific macro analysis of my hometown. Both things were unlikely to be true. So I never hyperventilated over the COVID.

      But I DID take the two jabs. Why? Because my daughter just had our first grandson … and she kinda insisted … and we had a large family trip to Hawaii scheduled and I couldn’t go to the islands without it.

  12. Criminal Charges Over Vaxxx Injuries Filed Against Swiss President

    By Dr. Judy Wilyman – February 4, 2023
    It has recently come to light that a banker, Pascal Najadi, has filed criminal charges against the Swiss President for the lack of informed consent surrounding the mRNA injections. This has come at a time when many governments including the Japanese Government are starting investigations into these genetically engineered drugs that have been promoted as ‘vaccines’.


  13. That “mere horse wormer again” (/s)

    “Another use for the substance the Leftists call “horse dewormer”.


    Published: 01 September 2022

    Integrated analysis reveals FOXA1 and Ku70/Ku80 as targets of ivermectin in prostate cancer

    In summary, our results indicate that ivermectin suppressed the AR and E2F signaling pathways and DNA damage repair capacity by targeting FOXA1 and Ku70/Ku80 to inhibit cell proliferation and promote cell apoptosis in prostate cancer. These findings provide insight into both the effects and mechanisms of ivermectin as an anticancer agent. This raises the possibility of broadening the clinical evaluation of ivermectin for the treatment of prostate cancer.”


    Nature has lost status but it isn’t yet “The Weekend Penny-Dreadful”

      1. “Whatever, but the evidence that it helps to prevent or treat COVID is poor at best.”

        In your opinion, but you have already demonstrated your biases here too many times to take that opinion serious.

          1. Ivermectin is the Gun silly rabbit.
            ZINC is the magic silver bullet.
            The 2 MUST be combined and at an early treatment stage to get the benifit.
            Ivermectin is a facilitator to help push zinc quickly into the cells blocking the spike from attaching itself.
            Zinc literally is the spark of life.

        1. @ Fred from BC

          Killer Marmot, UnMe et al. appear to desperately cling to the proposition that the vaccines were a great thing, when the preponderance of evidence show they were a mugs game or outright detrimental.

          It makes you wonder if these persons are sales marketing agents for mRNA or a paid plants… 🙂

          So one is just to flippantly cast aside all concerns for those who had myocarditis, pericarditis, Bell’s palsy, and a litany of over 1000 complications according to Pfizer’s own lame ass studies?


          Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

          1st St Nicolaas Army
          Army Group “True North”

          1. “Killer Marmot, UnMe et al. appear to desperately cling to the proposition that the vaccines were a great thing, when the preponderance of evidence show they were a mugs game or outright detrimental.”

            Show me this evidence.

            But do keep the evidence credible. Scientific studies are best. Then I’ll show what evidence I’m using.

          2. “It makes you wonder if these persons are sales marketing agents for mRNA or a paid plants”

            Absolutely correct. You got me. Big pharma is pouring millions into my bank account as we speak. I’ll be pricing out some Lambos next week.

            More seriously, one thing I find striking about anti-vaxxers is how little credible evidence they can marshall to support their position. Usually they can’t cite any at all, and what they do cite is often vague (“How about New Zealand!”) or unsupported (“Vaccines cause cancer!”), or fails to stand up to the mildest scrutiny.

            And I’m left with the question: why are so many people so certain when they have such poor evidence?

          3. “It makes you wonder if these persons are sales marketing agents for mRNA or a paid plants…”

            Or so ‘vaccinated’ and ‘boosted’ that they now live in fear for their lives. Even the mere suggestion that they may suffer an adverse reaction *at any time* fills them with dread, so they put on a brave face here and desperately push the “it’s totally safe, tested and effective!” line to anyone gullible enough to listen.


            To you too, Hans….been enjoying your posts for years…

  14. The moment politicians got their legacy involved with experimental gene therapy is the moment it had to be decorated with lockdowns and mandates.. They treated us like livestock and most of them made a lot of money doing it.. I still see maskers out and about.. I don’t feel sorry for them anymore..

  15. KM in 3,2,1….
    “Well show me the proof”

    You can’t handle the proof!!!
    A few good men and women have put their lives and careers on the line because of the truth and the proof, but KM and others have their minds made up.

    1. Why shouldn’t people be asked to back up bold claims with sound evidence?

      How else do you expect to arrive at the truth? I can assure you that gut instinct or going with the crowd are not reliable.

      If I make an assertion, you have every right to ask me to back it up. Should the same not apply to you?

      1. This maybe a wee bit beyond your ken, Marmot but try the document Pfizer Documents Analysis Report issuede by Naomi Wolf, if you can make it through the first few pages I’m sure you’ll find it enlightening. On the other hand if you dismiss it out of hand because Wolf put it all together, understand that she had thousands of experts in their fields help her assemble it, then you shouldn’t grace us with your opinions, biased as they are.

        1. You are absolutely correct. I wouldn’t trust Naomi Wolf if she told me water was wet. Her list of factual errors would fill a small book.

          And, let’s be honest here, neither would you if she wasn’t supporting something you happened to agree with.

          1. I surmised as much, you are so far up the governments ass that you refuse to even look at the other side of the coin. I have relatives and friends that are slowly coming to the realization that they have been had. Their growing anger is a sight to behold. Dolores Cahill is one of the experts that warned that two years into these ‘vaccines’ there would be massive evidence that the health experts were lying to us. We are just on the threshold of that time frame and already governments around the world are demanding a cessation of the injection program and an exclaimation of the damage that has been inflicted. But Buttercup you keep holding your hands over you ears and keep your eyes closed because you, like millions of others, don’t want to admit you’ve been had. I’d put your name forward for the Darwin Awards but there are millions ahead of you.

          2. First Naomi Klein, now Dolores Cahill. Dolores is a wackadoodle. This should be immediately obvious.

            She claimed that “anyone who’s over 70 who gets one of these mRNA vaccines will probably be — sadly die within about two to three years.”

            Well mRNA vaccines have been out for about two years and a half years now, and there is no evidence of that whatsoever. Her other utterances aren’t much saner.

          3. “You are absolutely correct. I wouldn’t trust Naomi Wolf if she told me water was wet. Her list of factual errors would fill a small book.”

            And yet you DO believe the bought-and-paid-for group of ‘scientists’ who MAKE THEIR LIVING pushing the narrative that their employers demand? You’re so precious!…

          4. Fred:

            Tell me then. What source of information do you have that is better than medical research?

    1. And yet I must say, when they get at it hammer and tongs as they do, the foaming at the mouth can get quite impressive in volume and texture.

  16. KM is waiting for the official study, published by Fauxci, Tam, Hotez and Henry, admitting the jabs didn’t work and are actually dangerous to one’s health. Anything short of that, and it regresses into paranoid, hypochondriac totalitarian mode.
    It claims to be a conservative, but it’s words and actions clearly show a socialist totalitarian tyrant.

    1. Why of course, everyone who disagrees with you about COVID vaccines is a socialist totalitarian tyrant. That’s obvious. Hardly bears mentioning.

      But I don’t claim to be a conservative. I never have, so you’re making stuff up there.

      I do claim to be is a classic liberal, a throwback to the 18th century.

  17. KM and UnMe,
    You’re at least a year behind Dr Campbell in evaluating the data points out there. Hopefully you’re able to do the same investigation and due diligence.
    Regarding ivermectin, most “official” studies use the wrong doses, wrong time (earlier is better) and wrong regimen.
    Here’s the greatest Dr Campbell video from a few days ago. He’s interviewing a medical professor from Durban. Skip to 17:15 if you’re in a hurry.

    1. I’m not impressed by the opinions of a single doctor, whether I agree with them or not. There are some goofy ones out there just like every other group.

      I am interested in formal studies, and those are mixed at best over Ivermectin. Here’s a relatively recent one from the New England Journal of Medicine:


      1. I’m more interested in not dying and not being lied to.
        I know know science, statistics and sinful souls. I also know ivermectin is safe and effective.
        Why did patients die when the ivermectin regimen was forbidden by the government?

        1. If you do not pay attention to proper studies, giving more weight to anecdotes like from that lady doctor, then your life expectancy is going to go down, not up. Anecdotes are valuable for suggesting lines of research but they should not be mistaken for research.

          “Why did patients die when the ivermectin regimen was forbidden by the government?”

          Because modern medicine does not know how to keep us alive forever. What a strange question.

          1. Billy Mike:

            I answered a vague and near meaningless question with an appropriate response. Take Impfen to task for asking it.

          2. If you would have watched 2 minutes of the video I was referencing, you would have realized I was asking a very relevant and specific question. There are safe and effective treatments for covid, but modern governments quashed them.

      2. KM, from the study you cite:
        “Patients who had had symptoms of Covid-19 for up to 7 days and had at least one risk factor for disease progression were randomly assigned to receive ivermectin (400 μg per kilogram of body weight) once daily for 3 days or placebo.”
        1) ivermectin did have slightly more favorable results (although not statistically significant).
        2) the timing was suboptimal (up to 7 days into symptoms means past viral infection and in the cytokine storm phase.)
        3) ivermectin should be used along with zinc and quercetin, and vitamin D.

        That’s just a very quick look at the study and I admit it’s not as ill-contrived as some I’ve seen.

        1. I feel sorry for researchers testing Ivermectin. No matter how they design their study, someone’s going to claim it wasn’t precisely correct so they got the wrong answer.

    1. “These studies say otherwise:

      Well paid to say so, no doubt.”

      Follow the money. It’s almost always about the money.

  18. KM,

    At one time, I would accept those arguments. But as climategate first exposed and Covid has exacerbated, journals have become almost entirely political, corrupted by things such as “pal” review, and in the case of Covid, money, so I don’t. The Lancet and NEJM have both had to climb down in the last year, but in both cases after the purpose had been achieved. Pfizer has corrupted the scientific review process at Journals, the CDC, the FDA and one can assume Health Canada.
    Dr. walker even went so far as to outline the revolving door between the FDA and Pharma and not biting the hand that feeds you. If Pfizer puts its seemingly limitless resources behind blunting or even discrediting that paper, it will be done, science notwithstanding.
    I do know that the western public health agencies have gone out of their way to bury and obsfucate any data which counters the “safe and effective” narrative, that is more than CYA, it is “show me the money”.

  19. “At one time, I would accept those arguments. But as climategate first exposed and Covid has exacerbated, journals have become almost entirely political, corrupted by things such as “pal” review, and in the case of Covid, money, so I don’t.”

    Absolutely agree. Only the truly gullible (or people deliberately spreading misinformation) would believe anything coming from such sources, since they have proven themselves to be liars.

    1. And FTX pouring money on anyone discrediting ivermectin wouldn’t affect the “science” . . . .

  20. “I answered a vague and near meaningless question with an appropriate response. Take Impfen to task for asking it.”

    This one:

    “What a strange question.”

    Not vague at all.

    How dare someone expect to be alive after following government orders!!!

    Now, convince me you’re not being deliberately thick.

      1. “https://www.factcheck.org/2021/05/scicheck-posts-distort-testimony-of-federal-health-officials-on-employee-vaccinations/”

        LOL at factcheck.org…

        Their bias (like all the other supposed ‘fact checking’ organizations) is so obvious that it is laughable.

        1. “Most “factcheck” organizations employ no one qualified, and are funded by Soros.”

          They also have no answer when asked why all their ‘fact checks’ are on conservatives or right-leaning people and organizations.