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      1. It’s hard to stand up when “their” ‘unit’ has been taped up between “their” legs to fit “their” costume.

          1. V, if I’d been in that audience, I’d have laughed my ass off, loudly & proudly. A little public humiliation is good for the soul.

          2. Dumb
            In finland men in general are spineless twats, they are afraid to act like real men. When I was over there I joked with a store clerk, who was horrified that I did so, cuz their men done joke a flirt with strange ladies:-))))

      1. Hahahah … LOL … “because reasons”. Made me chuckle. How utterly sad and pathetic our culture is becoming

    1. No, that person cannot skate. There are millions, maybe billions, of people who can skate better than that, including some transgender people. What a joke. What a disgrace.

      Some idiot said “we need to find a transgender person and stick her/her/they/them/whatever on the ice, because we need to show how enlightened we are”.

      1. If Finland wanted to celebrate transgenderism, they would have found someone who could actually skate.
        This person is a complete beginner.

        It would be a weird way to market their (pl) skating school.

      2. It was something else that the powers that be didn’t want to talk about because reasons.

    2. It doesn’t matter whether they can skate. The evil is mocking us, with a clear slap to our face.
      It is not the trannies who have no balls, it is US. We are impotent to do anything about it. We just have to sit back and take it. We’ve no power to stop it.

      This is why this shit gets stupider every day. It’s just starting.

      1. Sadly prophetic. At some point in the future, eventually, a US president will nominate his computer (or calculator) to the Supreme Court and we will have to accept the choice,

        1. V
          At a tim’s near here there was a GUY with name tag Alice, the look I got when I called him HIM, and ASSHOLE was priceless. Haven’t seen him for a long time now!

      1. Emperors new clothes.
        If anyone disagrees with that spectacular performance, they are the dumb.

        And I cant but point out that lesson #1 for beginners is how to stand up. By yourself.

  1. Another first that’s not really a first at all.. Unless you count wearing a skirt and putting makeup on.. Bravo bravo said nobody at all..

    The idea behind figure skating is they symmetry between beauty and talent.. This “person” is lacking in both regards..

  2. Watched the first ten seconds of the big intro, didn’t even wait for the falling down part.

    IMHO, somebody decided to let that go on to punish somebody else higher up the food chain. I can almost feel the audience cringing.

  3. “We must organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization stink. Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat”
    Willi Munzenberg

  4. There were 50 ladies on the ice who could skate better than that. But none of them has a penis, and that’s what really matters.

  5. Clearly a Right Win Psi Op.

    I mean no one would unironically allow a fellow human to be utterly shamed in public, right?

  6. Over a 100 years of feminism wiped out. lol
    I thought appropriation in all its forms was a bad thing.
    Men appropriating the form of women’s bodies apparently is not one of them.
    Still waiting for the lesbo riots to start.

  7. “And here are the results…

    9.9, 9.9. 9.8, oh, a 10.0!, 9.9, a 7.2 from the Russian judge, 9.9 and another 10.0!

    With the difficulty factor, that score is going to be almost impossible to beat. She/it** has a lock on the Gold.”

    **Say it really fast ;o)

  8. Wow, what won’t the demented left do to show case diversity and inclusion? That’s just painful to watch, they can’t humiliate women often enough can they liberals?

  9. The correct response to this is pointing your finger and laughing.

    Laugh at Finland, the ISU, and the fat dude wearing the ladies dress.
    Share widely.

  10. I remember when we used to treat mental illness instead of glorifying it.

    Hundreds of 14-year-old club skaters in Finland could do a better job of representing the country than that shit-show. Even my toddler can stand up unassisted.

    Still waiting for the asteroid…

  11. Why aren’t necrophiliacs, furries, and other weirdos being celebrated by figure skating as well?
    Where is the love and acceptance?

    Why aren’t they celebrating and being accepting to (insert weirdest perversion you can imagine here) ?
    Why are they being so judgmental?

  12. Meh?
    It is figure skating.
    In fact I would consider paying to view the poor handicapped fool staggering across the ice,to the sound of Benjamin Wilde Esquire’s banjo.

    As noted above,the poor feminists.

    Back when I cared,I had a couple of very sincere feminist friends.
    Being raised in farm country,where talent,limited manpower and need trumped sex,I never did understand their conviction,but they believed..
    It did seem to be a big city religion.

    Now the theatre of the absurd has moved on,leaving women even more powerless in these defined groups.Victim of the moment.

    Funny,I told them years ago,learn to shoot and a useful skill,cause the herd has no brain.

    A society that does not put women and children first,soon is gone.

    Girls today,had better learn real skills,wear large hats with 10″ steel hat pins,or carry a shiv and a .30 super carry in your handbag.
    Cause in an insane society,to be seen as weak,is to be selected as a victim.

    Kinda makes all the tribal tattoos,self mutilation and metal accoutrements seem quite rational.

    The methods of our Progressive Comrades,is to see a thing of beauty and befoul it.

    This is what lies behind their raving hatred of women.
    Especially beautiful women in the bloom of health and youth.
    A beauty us men are programmed to appreciate.

    So this attack on figure skating.
    While not a sport,as I understand sport,it is a beautifully choreographed performance of youth,strength and beauty.
    Of course our self loathing losers will attempt to destroy .

    Could the “Harpie” of folklore be based upon Progressive’s?

  13. L – As noted previously, this is a pre-requiste of (Diversity, Inclusion and Equity=D.I.E.)
    Finland joining NATO; a former military hegemon, now running on the fumes of it’s former glory.

    Carrying a nation’s flag, held high into battle(competition), served historically to rally
    and inspire heroic acts of courage, skill and sacrifice. Shoe horn this video into that
    tradition, if you can.

  14. A take off on an old joke:
    (trans patient) Doctor, will I be able to figure skate after gender-affirming surgery?
    (Doctor) Yes, you should be able to figure skate after recovering from the surgery.
    (trans patient) That’s wonderful news, Doctor, I was completely unable to figure skate under my dead name.

  15. Who knew that cows on skates was a thing?
    Clearly, though, this represents a tremendous advance for Western Society and we are all now much, much better people.